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Fountainhead 2020

The weather was great for January and the turnout was excellent - 160 starts - though we surely missed our cadets! We had many new people participate, some simply walking over to see what orienteering was all about and then going out on a course.
I’d like to thank Jon Torrance for designing a great set of challenging courses. Besides putting out the controls, he also ported 15 gallons water out to the water points, several of which were located quite deep in the woods, a pretty important consideration when the temperatures suddenly spiked. Today was also Jon’s birthday—Happy Birthday, Jon!
Our registration crew was outstanding and I would like to thank them for the great support they provided. This is a hard task with very little opportunity to take a break and I want to thank Daniel Heimgartner who continued to help even past his shift. His advice was valuable, providing great help to me and Gavin Weise, two ‘newbies’ when it came to registration. We were well backstopped by Sid Sachs who has been a QOC stalwart and a great ‘go to’ person for years and years! The second shift of Jana Seidlova and Paul Hession continued the high level of excellence. Jana will run the next meet at Pohick Bay and we can be sure it will run flawlessly if today was any indication. I want to thank the registration crew for the truly fine job they did. We are lucky to have such dedicated volunteers.
A very special thanks today to Chuck Ferguson and Rick Oliver for the fine work they did with instructing new people on orienteering. We had a greater-than-normal number of people requesting instruction and both Rick and Chuck were busy throughout the day. Many of us probably don’t notice the ongoing instruction during the meets, but if you do have some time either before or after a run, your help would be greatly received.
Besides tough courses, Jon has a knack of putting out a large number of controls, a situation that requires a really dedicated and experienced control pickup team who have to drag themselves into the woods once again, after a hard run. I want to thank Jon Torrance, Charles Carrick, John Baker, and Bill Wright, for adding another hour to pick up the controls and the water points. Today, one of the two water points that Bill Wright had to pick up had two unused gallons of water—not too bad when the points are strategically located near a road, but in this case, they were in the deep woods, where Jon had transported them.
And very special thanks to Valerie Meyer and Amy Louden for their great support handling the ‘electronic’ portion of the meet, and for continuing to ‘glue’ the various operations together. It is to easy to not realize the vital role they play to make meets a success, often having to put up with some very challenging environments, but yet producing the flawless results we have become used to.
Finally, this meet would not have been successful without the excellent coaching—and patience—that Charles Carrick provided, as well as taking care of a myriad of details that made this a great meet. Perhaps it is not the Super Bowl nor the Olympics, but a lot of volunteer effort goes into staging a meet like this. But if you had a great experience, you made it all worthwhile! Good Job!
John Organek, Meet Director


Course Length: 2.7 km

Course Climb: 105 m

Number of Controls: 10

1Nicole AleksievaQOC61:12
2Enrique Cobas86:27
3Greg WhelanQOC90:09
4Kenneth McCoy & Bella & Noah & Jackson96:28
5William PottQOC101:07
6Colin Stebbins134:56
7Michael Ignacio136:29
8Gavyn Stebbins138:31
9Siddha Bambardekar & BSA Troop 761159:54
10Inara GranovskiyQOCDNF (59:17)
10Ekaterina Khoreva & Hanna Schmittat & Nivanjau DineshQOCDNF (70:36)
10Booker WilsonDNF (71:33)
10Amy LoudenQOCDNF (82:09)
10Hannah Kennedy & RachelQOCDNF (85:47)
10Matt WilsonQOCDNF (88:48)
10Jon BertheussenQOCDNF (98:29)
10Andrew Fraser & BSA Troop 496MP (98:47)


Course Length: 3.4 km

Course Climb: 130 m

Number of Controls: 11

1Meghan & Liz Hadley53:41
2Ariel Walcutt70:15
3Elizabeth Kubacki & Rebecca BurtonQOC70:26
4Boryana PeevaQOC74:00
5Lorelei Murphy82:06
6Patrick HessionQOC82:48
7Evgeni PeevQOC83:36
8Radka HerndonQOC84:51
9Debbie FugateQOC86:17
10Ken FugateQOC87:30
11Lisa & Jamie DreisigmeyerQOC89:58
12Manuel Torres & Alica McGuckian105:52
13Jillian Allen & Andrew Kojzar115:44
14Linkin Dicola123:20
15Don AmesQOC124:44
16John & Nancy ForresterQOC126:27
17Virginia WhitestoneQOC162:48
18Christy Nichols & IanQOC164:47
19Pamela CommerfordQOC165:12
20Keira Hataye & XiaofangQOC188:02
21Jesse McLeanDNF (84:36)
21Joshua Aisen & Stefka & Yitzhak & Aryeh & BenjaminDNF (106:48)
21Michael BianchettaQOCDNF (214:26)


Course Length: 4.5 km

Course Climb: 210 m

Number of Controls: 9

1Josh NicholsQOC77:24
2Lewis FaulkQOC101:26
3Arthur CantrellQOC110:26
4Reiko RagerQOC112:03
5Roy & Noah DraaQOC112:12
6Stephen Kabler & Robin Boggess119:26
7Beatri BennettQOC120:45
8Heather WalshQOC135:10
9Ayden BeckerQOC140:47
10Chip BeckerQOC142:17
11Bill & Mandy GibsonQOC142:53
12Ginny QuamQOC143:36
13Justin Levine & Oghale Otiede & Nicholas Otiede156:42
14Meilynn Hataye & JasonQOC157:04
15Louis NovakQOC179:15
16Allen Wagner & Xander & Elet209:34
17Emma Tolley & Alan210:23
18Jeff GodowskyQOCDNF
18Enrique CobasDNF (60:43)
18Nicholas TurzaQOCDNF (79:46)
18Clifford LapetodaQOCDNF (87:02)
18Donna Ferguson Grp of 2QOCDNF (152:44)
18Barbara Gusack & Kim & CathyDNF (187:08)
18Elyssa Klett & Alex WrightDNF (188:33)
18Judy CritzerQOCMP (135:12)
18Charles LundMP (198:41)
18Jane AlonsoQOCMP (205:21)


Course Length: 4.3 km

Course Climb: 180 m

Number of Controls: 11

1Jay GelmanQOC42:58
2Greg LennonQOC62:11
3John BakerQOC64:31
4Allison BrownQOC68:52
5John CumingsQOC72:29
6Kris BeecroftQOC74:00
7David RagerQOC74:43
8David PatrickQOC78:13
9Paul HessionQOC78:55
10JP LandersQOC81:01
11Bob FawcetttQOC83:03
12Bill WrightQOC85:13
13Edward EnsonQOC88:13
14John LandersQOC89:25
15Davd McIntireQOC90:26
16Rob BriberQOC92:20
17Steve Van WinkleQOC98:33
18Kevin LearyQOC98:40
19Nyall MeredithQOC100:57
20Mark MaceQOC102:51
21Emily Atwood & CyrusQOC102:56
22Mary SnieckusQOC107:34
23Helen DohertyQOC109:11
24Tegan MortimerQOC111:58
25Stephen DohertyQOC113:37
26Penn FaulkQOC114:46
27Casey MotonQOC117:02
28Bobbie VerdegaalQOC133:42
29Steve MonesQOC139:00
30Tavia SullensQOC148:05
31Heather Niemela169:45
32Beth Ann StasiowskiQOC170:33
33Cecilia LandersQOC212:40
34Sidney SachsQOCDNF (34:54)
34Virginia DeBonsQOCDNF (91:11)
34Richard BriggsQOCDNF (132:25)
34Boyan OnyshkevychQOCDNF (139:00)
34Howell DesiertoQOCDNF (181:26)
34Scott SharpQOCMP (94:38)


Course Length: 5.9 km

Course Climb: 270 m

Number of Controls: 15

1Dennis DohertyQOC76:11
2Jana SeidlovaQOC81:29
3Martins JonassQOC84:06
4Tom NolanQOC85:54
5Tom StratQOC88:04
6Addie NolanQOC89:59
7Tom WellsQOC93:28
8Charles CarrickQOC98:02
9Rob WhitestoneQOC98:41
10Justin GreenQOC101:10
11Christopher SilvaQOC101:47
12Jody LandersQOC102:17
13Greg PalardyQOC107:10
14Inigo AhedoQOC108:33
15Heidi OnkstQOC109:07
16Bill ViennaQOC113:49
17Gary SmithQOC117:45
18Todd Trapp128:39
19Chris ZbrozekQOC129:44
20Michelle SvobodaQOC139:42
21David LevineQOC144:46
22Sami SfeirQOC150:08
23Sarah Sorenson & Matthew ManopoliQOC160:46
24Suzanne SheldenQOC180:40
25Craig SheldenQOC180:45
26Philip RossQOCDNF (100:31)
26Neal AttfieldQOCDNF (107:51)
26Anne JepsenQOCDNF (110:27)
26Teresa Abney & Hilary MarchQOCDNF (126:03)
26Blake CambeyQOCDNF (158:36)
26David SimpsonQOCDNF (206:51)
26Nadim AhmedQOCMP (79:46)
26Wendy WQOCMP (125:06)


Course Length: 8 km

Course Climb: 355 m

Number of Controls: 18

1Rick OliverQOC86:08
2Gavin WeiseQOC100:37
3Diana AleksievaQOC103:05
4Kim JepsenQOC121:28
5Hideharu TanakaQOC135:15
6Matt HolmanQOC137:22
7Patrick FarleyQOC160:53
8Maureen Donlon171:18
9Victor LinQOCDNF (98:13)


Course Length: 9.8 km

Course Climb: 470 m

Number of Controls: 19

1Joseph BarrettQOC81:41
2Ted GoodQOC103:27
3Glenn PastelQOC106:02
4Sam McAleeseQOC112:41
5Matt CymanskiQOC132:40
6Howie WeinsteinQOC136:46
7Chris AmmonQOC138:46
8David OnkstQOC142:08
9Michael StasiowskiQOC150:48
10Ben RobertsQOC151:10
11John MillerQOC159:07
12Francis HogleQOC232:00

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).