Field Checking

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Quantico Orienteering Club (QOC) will compensate QOC club members for the time spent doing field checking (not drafting, not traveling, and not for time preparing to get ready). Compensation will be $10 per hour spent field checking up to a maximum club amount as defined in that year’s operating budget. Once the club maximum is reached for all mappers, no further compensation will be paid unless approved by the QOC Board of Directors. Payments will be made in the order invoices arrive.

To be compensated: The mapping efforts MUST BE PRE_APPROVED before work is started. Pre- approval can be attained from the relevant QOC Vice President of Events (VP/VA or VP/MD) or the Mapping Director. An individual cannot pre-approve their own request so pre-approval for the Vice Presidents or Mapping Director requires QOC Board approval. To request approval, send an email to the approver(s) including your name and the map/area to be field checked. Approvers may then ask for additional information.

For accounting purposes: QOC will need a current W9 form from each mapper so one needs to be provided if it hasn’t already. W9 forms can be sent directly to the Treasurer, or included with pre-approval request.

Mappers must provide invoice(s) that includes the map and the hours spent field checking. Invoices should be emailed to the Mapping Director who will forward it to the Treasurer. How often invoices are submitted is up to the mapper but should be done in the same budget year. Invoices need to specify how to be paid. Options are check, PayPal, and Zelle. If by check, please include to whom the check should be payable and at what address. If by PayPal or Zelle, include the appropriate contact info including the name of the payee, and either the phone number or e-mail address connected to their

QOC assumes no liability for the mapper during the field checking, and mappers are responsible for any financial considerations (e.g. taxes). Paid field work becomes the property of the QOC and all rights remain exclusively with QOC.

Mapping pre-approval is based on potential usability of the finished map to the Club. In most cases, if field checking is for a map used for a regular season club event it will be approved. Maps must be QOC owned maps, or provided free of charge to QOC, to meet pre-approval criteria.