QOC Clothing & More

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QOC Jackets

New! QOC Jackets - of two types - are now available to order! Come try them one at our Rosaryville and Quantico Marine Base events. Both designs are made with full sublimation printing for longevity, and both come in seven unisex sizes (XS to 3XL).

To order a jacket, click here. Orders must be placed by 11:59pm June 21, 2024 to be in this batch order.

Trace, a lightweight training jacket (basically a windbreaker), is made of anti-static breathable fabric, with a water-repellent finish and wind-proof functions; the cost (incl. shipping) is $65. This jacket also includes stretch fabric under arms for movement, front zipper pockets, sleeve cuffs and adjustable drawstring.
QOC Trace Jacket

Mena, a 3-layer softshell jacket, offers high thermal insulation, breathability, and a high waterproof rating; cost incl. shipping is $105. The outer layer is waterproof, the middle layer breathes outwards and blocks wind, and the inner layer absorbs moisture and regulates temperature. This jacket includes a hood and front zipper pockets.
QOC Mena Jacket

QOC Jerseys

Interested in a QOC Long-Sleeve Jersey? We don't have sufficient interest to fill a batch order - yet! - but we'll get there quicker if you're someone who might want one AND you register your interest via this form.

Our QOC jerseys are made of a 100% polyester technical fabric designed for active sports and using Scotchgard Protector, a sweat-wicking technology. Designed for maximum comfort, easy washing and quick drying, all are short-sleeved* and include a neck zipper. Unisex jerseys are available in 7 sizes (XS-3XL), and women's jerseys are available in 6 sizes (XS-2XL); sizing charts in both imperial and metric units are in this PDF. [Note: we recommend sizing up if you're between sizes, and maybe even if not. These run small!] Most importantly, these are the best looking and most comfortable orienteering jerseys we’ve had yet!
*note: see below

The Designs: Designs are fully sublimation printed for longevity.

Classic Design

The Styles: Both unisex and women's styles (cuts) are available. Here is the design in the women's style; unisex is shown above.

Classic Design

The Side Panels: Want more breathability? Choose the mesh side panels! Here are both shirts with mesh side panel choices.

Classic Design

Classic Design

Long Sleeve jerseys (below) have been $55/ea. with the new design, in both unisex and women's styles. Sizing is as for short-sleeve jerseys; mesh panels are not available. We are not anticipating placing another order for long sleeve jerseys until enough people express interest via this form, so if you're likely to want one, please use that form.

New Design Long Sleeve Unisex

New Design Long Sleeve Womens

Orienteering Gear Vendors

Orienteering pants as well as other clothing and accessories are hard to find, but we've listed some recommend online vendors below. Note that navy blue pants match the QOC jerseys and jackets best.

QOC Maryland License Plates

QOC MD License PlateAs the first orienteering club in the world with this privilege, QOC members with vehicles registered in Maryland are able to show their enthusiasm for orienteering with QOC's own custom license plates. All it takes is one form plus a check for $25, sent directly to the Maryland MVA, and they will mail you the next available number as your very own set of QOC tags along with new registration stickers. To receive the form, just request an application kit from our Club President and of course feel free to ask any additional questions about this exciting program.

P.S. Many of you have asked why QOC only has specialty tags from MD, and not VA. The reason is that the requirements vary by state, and VA's minimum first order is 450.