Club History

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Orienteering was incorporated into the curriculum of the Marine Corps Physical Fitness Academy at Quantico, Virginia in the summer of 1967. Soon thereafter Marines at Quantico from outside the Academy took up orienteering primarily to form teams to compete against other military services as well as in international military orienteering competitions. In 1970, the Quantico orienteers organized into a club and included interested parties from outside the base. Gradually the club evolved into a community based organization and severed its official ties to the Marine Corps Base, Quantico. It is now a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The club name remains because of its rich tradition as the leader in the founding of the United States Orienteering Federation.

Club Presidents

From-To Name
1970-1971 Ray Velasquez
1971-1972 Bob Thompson
1972-1974 Norm Smith
1974-1977 Robert Turbyfill
1977-1978 Phil Menagh
1978-1979 Howard Whitfield
1979-1980 John Knepley
1980-1981 Kristin Beecroft [Harrison]
1981-1983 Don Davis
1983-1984 Marit Beecroft [Davis]
1984-1985 Bob McKinless
1985-1987 Hilary Cane
1987-1990 Sidney Sachs
1990-1993 Alan Petit
1993-1995 Julie Weeks
1995-1997 Kristin Harrison
1997-1998 Kathy Weber
1998-2000 Diana Todd
2000-2002 Fred Ayres
2002-2004 Tom Strat
2004-2010 Greg and Kathleen Lennon
2010-2014 Jon Torrance
2014-2020 Jody Landers
2020- Don Fish

Volunteer of the Year

Year Name
1989 Keg Good
1990 for the 1980's Davis/Beecroft Family
1991 Glen Brake Family
1992 Alan Petit
1993 Francis Hogle III
1994 Jane Jellison
1995 Kathleen Weber
1996 Street Thoma
1997 Ken Walker Family
1998 Julie Weeks
1999 Mike Brooks
2000 Bob Rush
2001 Ted Good
2002 Sidney Sachs
2003 Dave and Heidi Onkst
2004 Valerie Meyer
2005 Greg and Kathleen Lennon
2006 Jon Torrance
2007 Tom Strat
2008 Nadim Ahmed
2009 Dagmar and Jan Merka
2010 Mike Newman
2011 Gary Smith and Karla Hulett
2012 Sam Listwak
2013 Amy Louden
2014 John and Jody Landers
2015 John Baker
2016 Tom Nolan
2017 Daniel Heimgartner
2018 The Jepsen Family
2019 Charles Carrick & Bill Wright