QOC Code of Conduct

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The Quantico Orienteering Club and all events and activities held under the auspices of the club are organized, staffed and operated by volunteers, for the mutual benefit and enjoyment of club members and event participants. All event attendees are expected to show respect for the volunteers, event leaders, land owners and managers, park officials, other park users, journalists, spectators and other competitors, as well as the residents of the competition area; and to respect the environment.

All persons taking part at an orienteering event are expected to demonstrate a high degree of fairness, sportsmanship, cooperation and honesty and to comply with the rules regarding event registration, starting time limitations and finishing times (especially the requirement to check-in at the finish by the time specified in the event notes), and to render assistance to other participants who request help subject to the fairness rules, or who are injured out on the course.

The Meet Director is responsible for assuring that all competitors behave in a manner consistent with the expected attitudes and behaviors stated above. The Meet Director is authorized to enforce the code of conduct and rules for all participants and has the right to ask event attendees to leave the orienteering venue. Repeated or serious infractions of the code of conduct and/or event rules may result in the suspension of member/participant benefits and persons may be prohibited from participating in future club sponsored events.

In adopting this Code of Conduct, the QOC Board of Directors hopes to assure that all members, volunteers and participants have a safe and enjoyable orienteering experience.

Adopted by the QOC Board of Directors, July 2016