Membership Types

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QOC has two membership types, Individual and Family. Each is explained below, but feel free to contact us with membership questions. Printed member sign-in sheets used at events will generally reflect all recorded changes to the member database within a week.

In addition to receiving discounted entry fees at most QOC events, members are eligible for benefits including travel grants (from the QOC Aid Fund).

Individual Membership

For an annual fee of $25 an individual may join QOC. Membership benefits at events, such as reduced event fees, apply to the individual when that person participates on their own in a QOC event. Head to our Member Portal to join or renew.

Family Membership

Annual fee $35. A family is defined as a group of one or more persons, related by blood, marriage or function of law residing in the same household. Family memberships shall consist of at most two responsible adult contacts and all dependent children residing in the same household. Head to our Member Portal to join or renew.

Student/Youth Group Membership

NOTE: This membership type was discontinued March 1, 2020.

Annual fee $50. “Student/Youth Group” is defined as an organized group of people who are functioning under the supervision/guidance of a responsible adult leader and who are either (a) under 21 years of age as of December 31 of the current year, or (b) enrolled as a full-time student in a school, college, university or military academy. Examples of groups qualifying for Student/Youth Group Membership are: students from an individual school, school program or club, individual JROTC groups, or individual Boy or Girl Scout Troops. The group must have at least one responsible adult leader and may have up to 4 adult leaders, but the majority of the group’s members must meet one or both of the eligibility requirements stated above. The adult leader must be authorized to sign the QOC Waiver of Liability on behalf of all group participants who are not old enough to sign a Waiver of Liability on their own behalf.

In order to qualify for reduced member meet fees, the Student/Youth Group Leader must register in advance of the meet in which the group wishes to participate, by completing and submitting the Group Waiver Form that is posted on this website. The form must indicate the courses the juniors plan to run and the number of e-punches and compasses to be borrowed. The Group Waiver Form must be submitted no later than the Wednesday prior to the meet, to either the Meet Director listed on the web site or to our epunch Director. The group leader shall be responsible for remitting the full payment for the group on the day of the meet based on the actual number of members participating in the event. For more information on Groups go to the Group Leaders webpage.