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Volunteering is a way to help the club that often benefits you too: meeting others, improving your orienteering skills, and even taking a nice tax deduction for any (unreimbursed) expenses you incur while helping us are perhaps the most obvious.

Not surprisingly, given that we are an all-volunteer nonprofit organization, there are many opportunities to do so, only some of which are discussed below - but the possibilities are only limited by your ideas and imagination. Contact our Volunteer Coordinator today!

Help at an event

Volunteer Photo
Most local events need the following; no experience necessary:

  • Registration - Greet folks, collect fees, give out clue sheets and advice
  • Start/Finish - Depending on event
  • Refreshments - Preferably taking season into account
  • Parking - Depending on event
  • Experience helps when it comes to these roles:

  • Meet Director - Sign up with the appropriate VP (Maryland or Virginia)
  • Course Setter - Sign up with a VP, but also, consider attending a Course Setting Clinic
  • Beginner Instruction - Assigned by Meet Director
  • Control Pickup - Coordinated by Meet Director; a great way to study terrain and map
  • E-punch Management - Techies are welcome to help man the laptop(s)!
  • Help make us better

    Here are just some of the roles you might consider:

  • Create and donate photos and videos
  • Spread the word to neighbors, co-workers, colleagues and both nonprofit (youth, running, Boy Scouts) and for-profit (team-building anyone) organizations
  • Use your professional skills on our behalf (accounting? GIS? legal? smartphone app development?)
  • Help recruit sponsors and acquire donations
  • Be an exhibitor (OK, booth bunny) for QOC at expo's, festivals and the like
  • Reach out to government agencies or other nonprofits (help with invasive plant removal, trash cleanups)
  • Help us with design (jerseys, logos, printed materials, website)
  • Coordinators for activity types (MTB-O? Canoe-O? Ski-O?)
  • Coordinate social activities at events as well as any other time
  • Serve as a club officer or member of the Board of Directors
  • Help everyone have more fun

    Anytime you've got a great idea for a way we can better spread the word about orienteering or make the experience even more fun, just contact us. We're waiting to hear from you!