Turkey Run Ridge

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Participants in Sunday’s Turkey Run Ridge day event were treated to seasonably mild temps and good visibility in the woods, with no rain. Over 165 orienteers came out to give Matt Smith’s challenging and fun courses a try. For a change of pace, Matt included both a Short and Long Yellow, giving some beginners a chance to stretch their legs. Mike Kholodov designed and set his "Fox O" radio direction finding (ARDF) orienteering course, for those looking to expand their navigation skills repertoire. Kathleen and Greg Lennon set up the pop-up shop for QOC jersey fit checks. Notably, Matt Smith also led a highly informative Orange course discussion and map walk with 11 orienteers, focused on key skills, mindset, and techniques for progress on intermediate through advanced courses.
A big MAHALO goes out to a fantastic crew of volunteers for the event! Thanks to Valerie Meyers, Amy Louden, Sandy Fillebrown (DVOA), and Aaron Linville for map prep and e-punch throughout the day. Thanks to the check-in team of Harry Jones, Jana Seidlova, Kristen Peters, and Curry Wright, who welcomed all with a smile. A special shout out to our morning control setters Laura Linville, Aaron Linville, Charles Carrick, and Mark Thomsen who ensured courses were ready to go. Many thanks, too, to our beginner instructors, Ginny and Gary Quam. Thank you to all who helped with clean-up and pack-out including Gary Quam, Kristen Peters, Ginny Quam, and Curry Wright, and Kathleen Lennon. Charles Carrick played a key role throughout, and I appreciate his coordination with PWFP Chief Ranger Brendan Bonner and Resource Management for QOC’s use of the TRR campsite and training room as our event center, permitting, and course approval. Finally, my thanks go to a dedicated team who stayed to pick up controls: John Organek, Jane Legget, Ginny Quam, Greg Lennon, and Charles Carrick.
-John Baker, Event Director


Course Length: 2.5 km

Course Climb: 80 m

Number of Controls: 12

1Balogun BorieQOC51:02
2Harry JonesQOC58:56


Course Length: 2.9 km

Course Climb: 105 m

Number of Controls: 9

1Marcus Carpenter & Bob & Desmond & Emmett53:07
2Randy Jones & Luke & BakerQOC56:17
3Nicole AleksievaQOC56:46
4Gabriel LawrenceQOC57:08
5Jonas LawrenceQOC61:22
6Todd Hildebrant66:28
7BSA Troop 969 Rinaldi & Evan & Levi81:35
8Doug Silk & Dax & DukeQOC102:39
9BSA Troop 969 Jovene & Connor & Michael & Sam104:50
10BSA Troop 969 Rinaldi & Daniel & Dawson & James110:13
11BSA Troop 969 Bodamer & Johnathan & David & Topher116:49
12Louis NovakQOCMP (83:23)

Yellow Long

Course Length: 5 km

Course Climb: 165 m

Number of Controls: 15

1Liam SmithQOC67:41
2Matyas MinarQOC72:33
3Jackson Davis & Emmy92:26
4Alexander HoughtonQOC112:03
5Heather Niemela117:52
6Suzanne SheldenQOC138:10


Course Length: 5.6 km

Course Climb: 160 m

Number of Controls: 11

1Lexie BrownQOC91:07
2Luke Kovacs & AnkurQOC99:32
3Benjamin LierniLoudoun NJROTC101:34
4Hector MartinezQOC109:35
5Einar OlsenQOC113:19
6Megan IntronaQOC118:46
7Reiko RagerQOC119:05
8Karina MartinezQOC123:03
9Connor QuinnLoudoun NJROTC129:53
10Zachary HoughtonQOC132:21
11Addison LarrowQOC137:50
12Michael Noah & Oliver & Troop 706155:00
13Chris Stephenson & SophieQOC156:18
14Xiaofang Hataye & Jason & Meilynn & KeiraQOC161:32
15Jenny KuenzQOC170:32
16Charles GregorskiQOC173:00
17Candace Carlisle & WilliamQOC256:00
18Karen Ostlie & MichelleQOCDNF
18Logan deLadurantayeLoudoun NJROTCDNF (43:11)
18Tucker BoosLoudoun NJROTCDNF (43:15)
18Sydney DixonQOCDNF (57:39)
18Claire WinchesterQOCDNF (184:09)
18Robert Stephenson & LeaQOCDNF (190:18)
18Kristen Kucko & JayQOCMP (199:32)


Course Length: 4.8 km

Course Climb: 145 m

Number of Controls: 9

1Nadim AhmedQOC68:04
2Michelle WilsonQOC80:34
3Charles CarrickQOC83:53
4Robert FawcettQOC85:26
5Gary QuamQOC88:19
6Justin BrownQOC89:49
7David RagerQOC91:49
8Mary SnieckusQOC93:52
9Boryana Peeva & EvgeniQOC97:21
10Helen DohertyQOC98:15
11Gary SmithQOC98:31
12Daniel LathropQOC103:32
13James FotouhiQOC108:27
14Max AhmedQOC109:48
15Paul HessionQOC118:58
16Sandy FillebrownDVOA121:16
17Mark MaceQOC122:19
18Dan BuckleyQOC125:46
19Brendan Donovan & Holly & Bascombe129:49
20Robert BriberQOC129:55
21Mark McLamb130:03
22Craig SheldenQOC130:09
23Franklin FishQOC130:40
24Ginny QuamQOC133:11
25Molly HanrahanQOC134:36
26Tavia SullensQOC155:39
27Cecilia LandersQOC156:09
28Jane LeggettQOC158:01
29Grace Conlin164:15
30Kristina LundbladQOCDNF
30Sidney SachsQOCDNF
30Mark LundbladQOCDNF
30Elina BretonDNF (57:24)
30Tucker BoosLoudoun NJROTCDNF (79:55)
30Logan deLadurantayeLoudoun NJROTCDNF (82:09)
30Wendy WroblewskiQOCDNF (91:45)
30Dennis BorieQOCDNF (99:38)
30Luke KovacsQOCDNF (161:20)
30Blake BrobstLoudoun NJROTCMP (173:44)
30Safiya BorieQOCMP (192:54)


Course Length: 5.9 km

Course Climb: 180 m

Number of Controls: 11

1Dennis DohertyQOC70:45
2Peggy DickisonOK74:47
3Jana SeidlovaQOC80:14
4Tom WellsQOC80:43
5Kim JepsenQOC86:41
6Tom NolanQOC86:54
7David DohertyQOC87:45
8David OnkstQOC89:40
9Jennifer FauthQOC117:26
10Francis HogleQOC118:33
11Heidi OnkstQOC120:43
12Justin GreenQOC122:08
13Jody LandersQOC126:43
14Paul CollinsonQOC128:41
15Scott SharpQOC128:42
16John LawrenceQOC135:14
17Martin HoughtonQOC141:32
18John OrganekQOC150:39
19Casey MotonQOC152:42
20David LevineQOC153:40
21Angela HuesmanQOC166:52
22George HornbergerQOC166:53
23Jamison Spicer & Bryan240:38
24Christina MacLaughlinQOC248:53
25Jason NisslyQOC249:03
26Adelaide NolanQOCDNF (78:41)
26Greg PalardyQOCDNF (129:47)
26Lydia AndrewsQOCMP (115:22)


Course Length: 7.9 km

Course Climb: 230 m

Number of Controls: 14

1Jonas Hoijer100:46
2William Hubsch104:47
3Aaron LinvilleQOC110:42
4Adam SmithQOC114:27
5Videlin AleksievQOC120:59
6Patrick FarleyQOC139:47
7Jared SilkQOC144:02
8Matthew KnightQOC147:28
9John CumingsQOC162:31
10Andrew WilsonLoudoun NJROTCDNF (174:08)
10Fred ClareyLoudoun NJROTCDNF (203:08)


Course Length: 10.7 km

Course Climb: 320 m

Number of Controls: 14

1Joseph BarrettQOC78:57
2Jon TorranceQOC103:41
3Benjamin RobertsQOC175:31
4Howie WeinsteinQOC211:57
5David Ashley & ShelleyQOC238:03
6Mary FosterQOCDNF (175:27)
6Samuel PrestidgeQOCDNF (175:28)
6Carlos Rodriguez-FierroQOCDNF (206:17)


1David RagerQOC93:51

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).