Cabin John

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November 20

Shadowing Pre-registration is required for this event, opening Monday, Nov. 14 at 6pm and closing Saturday Nov. 19 at 12 noon.
There will be no day-of registration except for forming relay team members from pre-registered people.

Welcome to QOC’s first Movin On Up to Orange event at Cabin John Regional Park. Instead of the usual full slate of courses, this event will focus only on Beginner and Intermediate courses. It is a great opportunity for those of you who normally do White or Yellow courses to make the jump up to Orange either on your own, or with the help of an experienced QOC orienteer to coach you on your course (for those trying an Orange course). Coaches will offer as much, or as little advice as wanted or needed. And for those who'd like to orienteer on a Beginner course (i.e. White or Yellow), feel free to do so. The day will wrap-up with a set of fun relays for orienteers of all abilities.

Whether you plan to take the leap and move up to Orange for this event or would just like to volunteer as a coach/guide, make sure to register so we can be sure to have enough coaches on hand for all who want one. We encourage you to arrange for a coach/guide on your own, but if that’s not possible, we will find one for you.

In order to be prepared to make the most of this opportunity, please check out our Moving Up to Intermediate Courses webpage. It is loaded with helpful information that will help you succeed on your first Orange orienteering adventure.

Normal fees are in effect for those doing W/Y/O courses. There is no charge for coaches, and relays are free for everyone.

Check-in and map distribution are at Pavilion A near the playground parking lot. This is also where you will meet your coach/guide or receive beginner instruction if needed. You will then walk approximately 500 meters to the start area on the north side of Tuckerman Road, where you will check in with the epunch team. As a condition of our usage permit, QOC must follow all park regulations (see photo to the left): No Crossing

Tuckerman Road is busy and has limited sight lines. DO NOT J-WALK to cross it! It only takes 3 additional minutes to use the nearby crosswalk. Consider it part of your warm-up.
Bring your camp chairs and refreshments to the start area to rest and socialize between completing your course and running in the relays.

Free Beginner Instruction will be available. Make sure to check out our Your First Event and For Beginners web pages; if you don’t find the answer to your questions there, use our Contact Form and ask away!

Group Leaders:
Even though you will be pre-registering your group online, please reach out to the Event Director so we can plan accordingly. And be sure to visit our For Group Leaders webpage if you are leading a youth or large group for more details on what to expect.

Junior Training: We are planning to offer junior training at this event. Please contact coaches Adam Smith, John Cumings, and Alex Merka if you have a child between the ages of 10 and 21 who has already been orienteering on their own and would like to improve their skills. [Junior training is an ongoing program and is separate from beginner training, which is designed to get orienteers of all ages out on the trail at that event.] If you have any questions about Junior training, just contact any coach (by clicking on their names).

Volunteer SignUps: While most volunteer slots have been filled, if you'd like to help out at this event just click here. You can also contact either of the event directors (listed below). Advanced Orienteers Willing to Coach: please make sure to register online - thanks!


  • QOC will continue to use pre-registration as the ONLY method of signing up for our meets. There will be NO day-of, on-site registration. Refunds are paid only in the case of event cancellation. We are unable to handle cash transactions at the event.
  • Masks are optional at all locations connected with the event. Please continue to minimize clustering at and around the check-in, e-punch, start and finish areas.
  • There is no water to drink on the course. Participants are responsible for their own hydration. A very limited supply of bottled water will be on hand for emergencies only. Please come prepared!
  • There are no snacks provided by QOC.
  • For this event there will be 15-minute check-in windows from 9:45 until 11:30, when we shift to preparation for the relay starts.
  • To ensure success for both parts of the event, we’re organizing starts as follows:
    • 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM Beginners and Intermediates (with advanced-level coaches)
    • 12:30 PM – 3:00 PM Relays.
  • Note that Control Pickup will start promptly at 3:00 PM.
  • Pets are allowed but must be on leash at all times.


Cabin John Regional Park, Playground Parking Area, Bethesda, MD (WYO & Relay)

RegistrationRegistration for this event will open at 6pm on Monday Nov. 14 via this link. Registration will close at noon on Saturday Nov. 19. Pre-registration is mandatory for everyone (WYO orienteers *and* all shadows/coaches).

Who's registered? Check by clicking here. Sorting by column is possible too - just click on the column name. [Note: this form does not show coaches/shadows who have registered.]

Start TimesStart times will be by windows from 9:45 – 11:45am for Beginners and Intermediates (with their advanced shadows).
Relays will start at 12:30pm and end by 3pm.
ScheduleSunday, November 20
10:00 am - 3:00 pmWYO & Relay:
Event Director:Don Fish
Event Director:Michelle Fish
Course Designer:Nadim Ahmed
Location Details

WYO & Relay
Cabin John Regional Park
Playground Parking Area
Bethesda, MD
Google Map

From the East: Take I-270 North from the I-495 Beltway, exit at Old Georgetown Rd (going north), and then immediately work your way left on Old Georgetown to turn left on Tuckerman. Turn left into the park after the underpass. From the South: Take I-270 North from the I-495 Beltway, exit at Democracy Blvd, going west. Turn right on Westlake (at the Exxon/Shell station), then eventually left on Tuckerman. Turn left into the park very soon after the left turn onto Tuckerman. From the North: Going south on I-270, exit at Montrose Rd (west). Turn left to go south on Seven Locks, then eventually left (east) on Tuckerman. Turn right into the park before the second traffic light (and before the underpass).
Google Maps Link
Apple/iPhone Link
Course DetailsWYO & Relay
Course NameLength (km)Climb (m)No. Controls
Intermediate Leg 2 1.9506
Medium Advanced Leg 3 2.6757
White 2.1509
Yellow 2.1557
Orange 4.412012
Advanced Leg 1 3.2859
Course NotesWYO & Relay

Bring a dry pair of socks/shoes. All courses except for white and 1 leg of the relay will cross the Cabin John Creek.
General Map Notes
This is the first time we will use the northern section of Cabin John for White, Yellow, or Orange courses. When initially mapped, the park was envisioned to be best suited for Beginner and Intermediate orienteers. There are many trails, so participants are rarely far from one. Since the area was mapped, invasive vegetation has thickened, slowing off-trail travel. It's generally faster to stick to the trails where possible. Runners venturing off-trail may encounter low vegetation and thorny vines or bushes, so gaiters are advised. But some open forest areas still exist and taking advantage of open woods can be key to having a competitive racing time.

Cabin John Creek bisects the park flowing north to south, and it can be deep to cross in some places. In others, one may cross and stay dry by walking on stones or sand bars with a bit of hopping, so pick your crossing spots carefully. Choose to cross where there is a trail crossing when possible. There is a large campground on the north side of the park. If campers are present, please do not to disturb them. There are a few rock features, but generally, mapped boulders are less than a meter tall. Mapped marshy areas are best avoided.

White and Yellow maps are 1:5,000 scale, and Orange will be 1:7,500.

The Courses
The White and Yellow courses are planned as regular Beginner courses. These will follow linear features such as roads, trails, or streams. Controls/Checkpoints for White Courses will be on the linear feature. Yellow course controls/checkpoints will be either on or near linear features. Going off trail is allowed for either course, but legs on the yellow course may be set to encourage it. Note that many controls will be in close proximity and that the codes should be checked to ensure that you're punching the correct control.

Relay Teams and Courses
Normally there is an elaborate point and handicapping system in place for relays, but since this event is for fun, runners may form their own teams or ask to be placed on a team. Details on relay rules and procedures will be announced at the event.

Each relay team will have three members, each of whom will run one leg. Teams may decide among themselves which member will run which leg.

The three legs will be of varying difficulties:

  • Advanced
  • Beginner-Intermediate (Yellow-Orange)
  • Intermediate-Advanced (Orange-Brown)
All final team rosters need to be determined and turned in to the relay coordinator by noon.
  • Pre-Relay Start instructions will begin at 12:20 PM.
  • The actual relay racing will start at 12:30 PM.
Everyone must be out of the woods and back at the finish area by 3:00 PM, when we will begin picking up controls. Remember to download at our e-punch station even if you did not finish. We want to ensure everyone's safety and status.

Entry FeesFor This Event, WYO orienteers pay normal fees (see below), while coaches (i.e. shadows) are free. Relays are free to all (morning) participants.

Individual Entries

Note: juniors = under 21

Club Member, adult Club Member, junior Non-Member, adult Non-Member, junior
$10 $5 $20 $5

Group Entries

Participants are welcome to orienteer together as a group (up to the maximum for that event; usually 4). Each member of a group is charged their individual rate as shown above, up to a group total of $30 (maximum), and each receives a map. A group receives one epunch. Individuals or groups desiring to compete on a second course after completing their first can do so for a reduced fee of $2/map subject to approval at the event by the Event Director.

Important Notes
  • If you wish to become a QOC member you should join online in advance via this webpage (which also explains the member benefits). Membership is completely optional.
  • Most of our events use an 'epunch' timing chip for electronic timing. Individuals or groups without their own epunch will be loaned one for that event. Loaned epunches that are lost incur a $40 replacement fee. Epunches (also known as SI-cards or finger sticks) can be purchased from online vendors as described here.
  • Former QOC members who have let their membership lapse pay non-member fees.
  • Compasses are available at no charge, but if lost incur a $15 replacement fee.
  • Please provide collateral (such as car keys) when borrowing a compass or epunch.
  • In addition to free on-site beginner instruction if needed, beginners are encouraged to watch relevant videos such as this one created by QOC's instructional guru David Onkst