Pohick Bay

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After the rainy week, this weekend we got very lucky with a such beautiful weather. The clear sky and temperatures over 45F attracted more runners than usually – we had 283 starts with total 361 orienteers on the full set of courses!! What a success! We had many people coming for a very first time. We also had a great number of runners from the Loudoun County, Calvert, Patuxent, and Governor Thomas Johnson NJROTC units training for their 2020 NJROTC National Orienteering championship coming up in March as well as scouts from BSA Troops 1983, 496, 754 and 688.
For those of you wondering about the course distances, we have confirmed that the distances previously posted and also printed on the map were incorrect, due to a scale error. The correct distances for all courses are now shown below.
Big thanks to Daniel Heimgartner for designing of all 7 courses, and to Paul Morris and Keg Good (especially!) for spending hours and hours to set all courses. This a tough responsibility and they all did a great job there! Thanks to Charles Carrick for taking care of park permits for Pohick Bay Park and Meadowood park and for helping me with multiple questions I had prior the event.
The day would not have been possible without a wonderful support of many other great volunteers:

  • Morning setup: Dasa Merkova and Matyas Minar
  • Morning registration: Dasa Merkova and Lenka Kralova. Afternoon shift: Chris and Mike Bianchetta
  • E-punch: Valerie Meyer and Amy Louden
  • Beginners’ instructions: Alexis Merka and Jan Merka
  • Parking management: Louis Nowak, Charles Carrick and Timothy McCormick
  • Road Crossing guards: Harry Jones and Scott Sharp
  • “Jr.” fun course: Boris Granovskiy and Alli Brown
  • Control pickup: Charles Carrick, John Organek, Will Chesarek, Gary and Ginny Quam, Matyas Minar, Scott Sharp, Tim McCormick, and Eric and Amy Hoffman.
Many of control pickup volunteers stayed till the end and helped with the site closing and cleanup. There were probably many other people who just helped throughout the day!
Thanks to all who participated and helped to make this event great and successful!
-Jana Seidlova, event director


Course Length: 3.1 km

Course Climb: 95 m

Number of Controls: 10

1Matyas MinarQOC30:39
2Luke BeaupreLoudoun Co NJROTC40:35
3Will Avdellas52:32
4 Sharp58:01
5Kenneth McCoy & Noah & Jackson59:33
6Rainbow Kitty ClubQOC65:14
7Harry JonesQOC67:18
8 BSA Troop 1983 & Matthew Seigne & Jack Estes82:46
9Emma Tolley & Claire Collings83:25
10Ana Mejia & Michael Calderone85:08
11Charles Lund & Carrie & John Marshall87:31
12 BSA Troop 496 & Andrew Fraser88:12
13Georgia Deems & Nathaniel Blount95:54
14Sarah Blumberg98:14
15Luke OliverQOC102:37
16 Troop 754 & Andrew & Adam130:31
17Maxwell WilsonQOC131:58
18Rose WilsonQOC132:11
19Michael BianchettaQOCDNF
19Sharon Drumm & Alicia McGruireDNF (146:39)
19Christi BishopPatuxent NJROTCMP (76:31)
19Valy BennettMP (86:26)


Course Length: 4.2 km

Course Climb: 110 m

Number of Controls: 11

1Hayden CrowellCalvert NJROTC36:56
2Ariel WalcuttQOC47:22
3Rebecca Burton & ElizabethQOC47:37
4Larry Krepp51:09
5Lisa DreisigmeyerQOC51:17
6Chyll CortezCalvert NJROTC58:36
6Brandon AddradeLoudoun Co NJROTC58:36
7Debbie FugateQOC59:23
8 BSA Troop 688 E & Royce & Riley59:25
9 BSA Troop 688 A & Mike & Michael59:32
10 BSA Troop 688 D & Adam & Bastian64:43
11 BSA Troop 688 C & Jeffrey & Cody69:18
12Rachel EdgarLoudoun Co NJROTC69:36
13Ashley WhicherCalvert NJROTC69:40
14Jessica AdissiLoudoun Co NJROTC70:09
15Lorelei MurphyLoudoun Co NJROTC70:58
16Will Avdellas71:10
17 BSA Troop 688 B & Matthew & Paolo72:53
18Tim McCormickQOC76:44
19Dakota ClaytonCalvert NJROTC81:31
20Joseph Barrett & SarahQOC84:20
21 Nichols Family 3QOC84:31
22Amy & Eric Hoffman & Baby92:42
23Nicole DobiesLoudoun Co NJROTC92:51
24Ella BruceLoudoun Co NJROTC93:12
25David Karcher & Mary95:13
25Sandoval Ignacio & C. Young95:13
26Seneca HonzakQOC98:45
27Angela LierniLoudoun Co NJROTC100:24
28Veronika Taranova102:46
29Brent Heilman Family 4107:04
30Brien & Colin MacKendrick107:12
31Alen & Xander Wagner107:22
32Inara GranovskyQOC108:41
33Rebeca Vernon & Dan & Boris & Pepper & Ali & Inara & Poppy109:02
34 Mitre Group of 6110:02
35Emily SchumacherLoudoun Co NJROTC112:00
36Amy LoudenQOC113:17
37Smith JosiahLoudoun Co NJROTC114:12
38Emily HennardLoudoun Co NJROTC117:49
39Michael Hobson & Evelina & Sophia126:37
40Valentina TcipnjatovaQOC132:37
41Keira Hataye & XiaofangQOC141:22
42Big Rock Candy Mountaineers Grp 5149:48
43David Wall & Ramsay & Maddie Rose150:01
44William BryantQOCDNF
44Cole ChristensenCalvert NJROTCMP (46:37)
44Hunter KlotzCalvert NJROTCMP (76:54)


Course Length: 4.5 km

Course Climb: 115 m

Number of Controls: 9

1Tyler CunninghamPatriot NJROTC57:17
2David DohertyQOC61:18
3Lewis #NAME?QOC61:27
4Duncan SanteereCalvert NJROTC62:42
5Samantha WalkerQOC64:22
6Luke BeaupreLoudoun Co NJROTC64:38
7Luke Bosek65:27
8Travis SiehndelQOC66:33
9Aidan LundbergCalvert NJROTC71:29
10Matthew JiangCalvert NJROTC74:46
11Emily Atwood & CyrusQOC75:24
12Molly Anderson75:48
13Dominik HonzakQOC77:27
14Caleb GrahamLoudoun Co NJROTC77:32
15Luka RoderickLoudoun Co NJROTC78:12
16Daniel YoungLoudoun Co NJROTC78:53
17Fred ClareyLoudoun Co NJROTC79:20
18Bryceson SaraviaCalvert NJROTC80:38
19Reiko RagerQOC82:12
20Andrew Bennett82:30
21Damien HondaCalvert NJROTC84:59
22Emma SchrinelLoudoun Co NJROTC87:20
23Liam and adam SmithQOC87:34
24Nolan HutchisonLoudoun Co NJROTC90:50
25Dwight ReedQOC91:15
26Gregg SessoCalvert NJROTC91:33
27Edgar TrellesCalvert NJROTC93:13
28Kenna FlintPatriot NJROTC93:15
29Ariel Walcutt93:28
29Rebecca Burton & Elizabeth K.93:28
30Ken FugateQOC94:13
31George Hornberger Grp 695:40
32Nicole AleksievaQOC100:43
33Zoe Huesman109:45
34Hannah SmithCalvert NJROTC110:22
35Ian InmanPatuxent NJROTC110:38
36Patrick BrownQOC111:36
37 Murphy FamilyQOC112:14
38Erika GiggeyCalvert NJROTC114:24
39Lilly SusallaPatuxent NJROTC117:25
40Johnnie PfalmerLoudoun Co NJROTC120:17
41Jane AlonsoQOC123:57
42Shawna Barry123:59
43Madyson JonesCalvert NJROTC124:11
44Elizabeth LightfootPatuxent NJROTC131:33
45Becca MorrisPatuxent NJROTC133:22
46Mack TreadwayPatuxent NJROTC133:24
47Christian PattersonCalvert NJROTC135:19
48Boyan OnyshkevychQOC135:42
49Meilynn Hataye & JasonQOC136:26
50Katie MeekLoudoun Co NJROTC138:33
51Bonnie Meyer140:03
52Jeremy MorganPatuxent NJROTC143:37
53Angela Huesman145:16
54Chris AlvaradoLoudoun Co NJROTC156:31
55Harper Greer & Joshua165:58
56Pamela CommerfordQOC168:33
57Tom & Karen Osterhoudt168:58
58Katerina ZambranaQOC191:23
59Ron MorrisPatuxent NJROTCDNF
59Heather Niemela & Wendy WickhamDNF (121:00)
59Chris Mullen & Isaiah & RaharaDNF (130:31)
59Alex Lord & JessalynDNF (151:46)
59Gabe VelasquezPatuxent NJROTCDNF (159:08)
59 Team DonnaLoudoun Co NJROTCDNF (177:54)
59Patrick HessionQOCMP (109:53)


Course Length: 4.9 km

Course Climb: 165 m

Number of Controls: 9

1Mark ShounQOC70:04
2Elliott HamiltonQOC71:28
3Kathleen LennonQOC76:52
4Rob BriberQOC78:50
5Ryan MooreCalvert NJROTC79:16
6Mary SchmidtPatriot NJROTC81:23
7David RagerQOC82:50
8Mark HicksQOC83:16
9Charles CarrickQOC83:31
10John CumingsQOC86:45
11Matt Strube90:22
12Luke McMullenLoudoun Co NJROTC92:07
13Tegan MortimerQOC92:38
14Payce MaddenQOC96:26
15Daniel LopezPatuxent NJROTC97:51
16Valerie MeyerQOC100:44
17Helen DohertyQOC101:45
18Halie HartCalvert NJROTC102:27
19Edward EnsonQOC102:30
20Tom NolanQOC104:39
21Casey MotonQOC107:01
22Kelly CoulbyCalvert NJROTC109:09
23Elena Semenova & Yeugeniy Semenov111:24
24Gabby WarnerLoudoun Co NJROTC118:33
25Robert BleacherCalvert NJROTC119:07
26Nyall MeredithQOC120:41
27Gary QuamQOC121:54
28Steve Van WinkleQOC124:11
29Daniel LathropQOC126:17
30Josh BuchananLoudoun Co NJROTC127:49
31Laura LinvilleQOC130:24
32Mary SnieckusQOC132:16
33Florence TanQOC133:33
34Elina DesiertoQOC137:29
35Gabby NathanPatuxent NJROTC144:58
36Cammy IzdepskiPatuxent NJROTC148:41
37Mike DvorskyCalvert NJROTC152:54
38Beth & Isaac Greer162:05
39Pam DvorskyCalvert NJROTC163:30
40Kevin PeckCalvert NJROTC171:16
41Howell DesiertoQOC190:57
42Mark Biesiada & Greg Harmon191:58
43Beth Ann StasiowskiQOC209:24
44Karla HulettQOCDNF (100:32)
44Sidney SachsQOCDNF (114:13)
44David & Elise GedneyDNF (117:16)
44Ginny QuamQOCDNF (145:54)
44Cecilia LandersQOCMP (194:07)


Course Length: 6.7 km

Course Climb: 180 m

Number of Controls: 15

1Joseph Barrett & Road Xing = 0:21QOC43:09
2Zach Kuder & Road Xing = 1:55Patriot NJROTC64:23
3Peggy Dickison & Road Xing = 1:26QOC71:29
4Nicholas Schmidt & Road Xing = 1:07Patriot NJROTC72:15
5Alex Merka & Road Xing = 1:49QOC73:13
6Alex Suarez & Road Xing = 0:46Patriot NJROTC74:27
7Maxwell Janke & Road Xing = 3:18Patriot NJROTC77:35
8Tom Bruce & Road Xing = 0:5683:12
9Tom Strat & Road Xing = 3:27QOC83:38
10Jan Merka & Road Xing = 0:38QOC83:43
11Greg Lennon & Road Xing = 3:45QOC85:30
12Ryan Clower & Road Xing = 0:53Patuxent NJROTC86:48
13Rob Whitestone & Road Xing = 3:37QOC87:00
14Greg Palardy & Road Xing = 0:48QOC91:32
15Christopher Silva & Road Xing = 2:51QOC92:35
16Paul Hession & Road Xing = 3:26QOC94:29
17Justin Green & Road Xing = 1:46QOC94:45
18JP Landers & Road Xing = 1:35QOC94:50
19Tom Wells & Road Xing = 5:00QOC95:24
20Anne Jepsen & Road Xing = 1:30QOC96:08
21Jody Landers & Road Xing = 2:51QOC96:52
22Dagmar Merkova & Road Xing = 0:44QOC97:32
23Kris Beecroft & Road Xing = 1:37QOC97:50
23Allen Rowley & Road Xing = 1:3697:50
24Martins Jonass & Road Xing = 1:18QOC98:24
25Virginia DeBons & Road Xing = 1:10QOC98:39
26Beatri Bennett & Road Xing = 1:24QOC99:12
27Heidi Onkst & Road Xing = 3:29QOC100:58
28Julie Keim & Road Xing = 1:34SVO109:43
29Chris Zbrozek & Road Xing = 0:49QOC113:08
30Dennis Doherty & Road Xing = 5:09QOC113:10
31Austin Giggey & Road Xing = 4:05Calvert NJROTC115:20
32Paul Collinson & Road Xing = 9:30QOC118:16
33Wendy W & Road Xing = 1:49QOC124:10
34John Landers & Road Xing = 3:16QOC128:31
35Michelle Svoboda & Road Xing = 1:48QOC130:30
36Jenna Lierni & Road Xing = 3:22Loudoun Co NJROTC137:01
37Christopher Clarke & Road Xing = 0:42140:21
38Don Fish & Road Xing = 2:22QOC145:39
39William Schork & Road Xing = 1:29146:32
40Tavia Sullens & Road Xing = 1:58QOC154:22
41Jane Leggett & Road Xing = 12:27QOC158:53
42Scott & Adrienne Bey & Road Xing = 0:55160:53
43Dylan Bishop & Road Xing = 4:10Patuxent NJROTC163:17
44Vanessa Lightfoot & Road Xing = 4:11Patuxent NJROTC163:23
45John Vincent & Road Xing = 3:56Patuxent NJROTC164:23
46Thomas Teifke & Road Xing = 4:50QOC164:24
47Suzanne Shelden & Road Xing = 4:32QOC169:36
48Craig Shelden & Road Xing = 4:03QOC170:15
49Joseph Lusby & Road Xing = 4:31Patuxent NJROTC171:16
50Mike Costas & Road Xing = 4:26Patuxent NJROTC176:37
51Eugene VasilchenkoDNF (74:02)
51Rich FelicianoQOCDNF (80:22)
51Steve MonesQOCDNF (86:00)
51Ken FerrisQOCDNF (137:20)
51Richard BriggsQOCDNF (149:02)
51Dustin BrownDNF (149:55)
51David SimpsonQOCDNF (170:16)
51Kevin LearyQOCDNF (193:51)
51Bill JohnsLoudoun Co NJROTCMP (127:49)
51Miren AhedoLoudoun Co NJROTCMP (175:10)


Course Length: 9.7 km

Course Climb: 245 m

Number of Controls: 20

1Rick Oliver & Road Xing = 2:41QOC98:00
2Aaron Linville & Road Xing = 2:26QOC108:47
3Victor Lin & Road Xing = 1:56QOC113:59
4Kim Jepsen & Road Xing = 1:39QOC116:10
5Matthew Jones & Road Xing = 1:53QOC128:08
6Bobbie Verdegaal & Road Xing = 1:32QOC133:16
7John Miller & Road Xing = 1:20QOC133:39
8Patrick Farley & Road Xing = 0:59QOC136:20
9Jared Silk & Road Xing = 0:54QOC138:32
10Travis Siehndel & Road Xing = 2:05QOC143:13
11Adin Freese & Road Xing = 3:22Loudoun Co NJROTC147:42
12Bill Vienna & Road Xing = 2:37QOC148:37
13John Organek & Road Xing = 1:23QOC150:20
14Antonio Robles & Road Xing = 2:30Loudoun Co NJROTC152:04
15Hideharu Tanaka & Road Xing = 1:51QOC152:58
16Gary Smith & Road Xing = 7:06QOC183:16
17Evgeni Belyi & Road Xing = 3:34197:27
18Will DickinsonDNF
18Mathew LawsonDNF (235:28)
18Mike ChaneyQOCMP (121:19)
18Gabriel Du PlessisLoudoun Co NJROTCMP (166:38)


Course Length: 12.4 km

Course Climb: 275 m

Number of Controls: 26

1Jon Torrance & Road Xing = 0:53QOC111:46
2Dave Pruden & Road Xing = 0:30QOC132:46
3Mark Walmsley & Road Xing = 1:09CVOC134:48
4Videlin Aleksiev & Road Xing = 0:54QOC135:27
5Michael Dickey & Road Xing = 1:48QOC135:46
6Eugene Tcipnjatov & Road Xing = 2:16QOC140:29
7Howie Weinstein & Road Xing = 0:27QOC141:11
8Michael Stasiowski & Road Xing = 1:55QOC146:42
9David Ashley & Road Xing = 0:45QOC148:58
10Kevin Baldauf & Road Xing = 0:56150:55
11David Onkst & Road Xing = 1:13QOC165:29
11Ben Roberts & Road Xing = 1:20QOC165:29
12Caleb Rexroad & Road Xing = 0:43Loudoun Co NJROTC173:52
13Matt WilsonQOCDNF (102:06)
13William ChesarekQOCDNF (131:47)
13Ricardo FloresDNF (185:51)
13Francis HogleQOCDNF (229:00)

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).