Pohick Bay

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The weather for our meet at Pohick Bay was unpromising at the start, and those who came from the Baltimore area and points north had to drive through heavy rain to get there. But by noon, it had turned into a great late-winter day that felt as though spring had arrived.

Hannah Culberg designed a great slate of courses that took advantage of the best features of both the northern part of Pohick Bay Park and Meadowood East. And the event had an unusually high total of 228 starts with the green course as the favorite, attracting 50 runners. The green and orange courses were so popular that we ran out of maps and had to send Gavin Weise on an emergency map printing mission to the Fedex store in nearby Lorton.

The basic concept of this year's Pohick event--to add some variety to the usual Pohick format--seemed to be a success. Relocating the registration/start/finish area to Camp Wilson put the shorter courses on fresh terrain and adding a road crossing into Meadowood SRMA East did something similar for Green, Red, and Blue runners. The parking spaces that the park has added along the entrance road and the shelter, storage, and power afforded by the wash house building out-of-season combine to make Camp Wilson a very viable winter meet location.

But this plan meant an increased need for volunteers, and QOC members stepped up to the task to make the meet happen. On behalf of all the participants, thanks to our corps of volunteers for their efforts: Rae Ann Hicks, Bill Vienna, Helen Doherty, Sidney Sachs, and Sarah Komm at the registration table; Mark Hicks, Gavin Weise, and John Baker on beginner instruction; Will Chesarek, Dennis Doherty, and Andrew Komm directing the parking; Patrick Farley and David Ashley ensuring a safe crossing of Gunston Road for the long courses; and Kim and Anne Jepsen, John Miller, Steve Doherty, Britt Mason, Dusty Reppuhn, Gary Smith, Rick Oliver, Sam Listwak, and Gavin Weise picking up controls. Thanks also--as always--to our world-class E-punch and meet timing crew, Valerie Meyer and Amy Louden and also to Keg Good for leading the effort to provide training on the club's defibrillator devices.

Finally, Pohick Bay Regional Park Director, Kevin Casalenuovo and his crew at Pohick Bay Region Park--Assistant Director Brad Jackson, and park specialists Scout, Meg and Eddy--provided great support to our event, as did Tim Hough, the event coordinator for the Bureau of Land Management at Meadowood.

Thanks to all!


Course Length: 2.1 km

Course Climb: 40 m

Number of Controls: 9

1Mitchell LisonLoudoun Co NJROTC18:29
2John HodnettLoudoun Co NJROTC18:32
3Lilou BosseLoudoun Co NJROTC23:43
4Jaidon DoyleLoudoun Co NJROTC23:46
5Evan StankardLoudoun Co NJROTC24:29
6Mark SiegelLoudoun Co NJROTC24:31
7Clay CurtisLoudoun Co NJROTC25:57
7Tommy DaughtreyLoudoun Co NJROTC25:57
8Jae Seong ParkFUMA26:03
9Miles FelicianoQOC27:24
10Nicole AleksievaQOC37:40
11Alexis ValleLoudoun Co NJROTC39:34
12Joseph LewisLoudoun Co NJROTC39:38
13Anthony Kellems & Michelina Pollini41:38
14William Chesarek & family cheeseQOC50:48
15Chris Buchanan & Niki52:11
16Madison NuckollsLoudoun Co NJROTC62:20
17Nico MercorelliLoudoun Co NJROTC62:22
18Matthew AndersonLoudoun Co NJROTC65:08
19Garrett BattLoudoun Co NJROTC65:10
20Jongwon YangFUMA68:42
21 Newill Family78:08
22Zach Williams & 2nd courseFUMANC (13:26)
22Dong Hun Lee & 2nd courseFUMANC (14:31)
22David Muench & 2nd courseFUMANC (14:49)
22Brennan Stone & 2nd courseFUMANC (17:58)
22Geonwoo Han & 2nd courseFUMANC (19:25)
22Josh Henriques & 2nd courseFUMANC (33:18)


Course Length: 2.9 km

Course Climb: 75 m

Number of Controls: 8

1Radka HerndonQOC31:47
2Hayden DunnLoudoun Co NJROTC33:15
3Lauren Ross & Edward Moe38:31
4Scott Bey & Adrienne39:47
5David MiddletonFUMA42:54
6 Seaton & Walsh45:00
7Harrison BradfordLoudoun Co NJROTC45:24
8Sofia D'ErricoLoudoun Co NJROTC50:01
9Brendan PerkinsQOC50:05
10Nathan JensenLoudoun Co NJROTC50:11
11Logan LandavereLoudoun Co NJROTC55:50
12Edward BrownQOC56:04
13Carrie Bergstrand61:05
14Laura Sirbu & PeterQOC62:52
15Mia & Jasper Estes69:45
16Megan Salverian69:56
17Jacob WilsonLoudoun Co NJROTC71:11
18Scott MeyersLoudoun Co NJROTC71:12
19William Powers80:00
20David SongQOC86:52
21Michael BianchettaQOC99:38
22Daniel HeimgartnerQOC116:18
23Noah LokeyLoudoun Co NJROTCMP (55:56)
23Matthew Anderson & 2nd courseLoudoun Co NJROTCMP (60:27)
23Lilou Bosse & 2nd courseLoudoun Co NJROTCMP (60:32)
23Tommy Daughtrey & 2nd courseLoudoun Co NJROTCMP (61:28)
23Madison Nuckolls & 2nd courseLoudoun Co NJROTCMP (103:16)
23Alexis Valle & 2nd courseLoudoun Co NJROTCMP (103:22)
23Garrett Batt & 2nd courseLoudoun Co NJROTCNC (42:56)
23John Hodnett & 2nd courseLoudoun Co NJROTCNC (42:58)
23Clay Curtis & 2nd courseLoudoun Co NJROTCNC (57:03)
23Mitchell Lison & 2nd courseLoudoun Co NJROTCNC (57:05)
23Evan Stankard & 2nd courseLoudoun Co NJROTCNC (58:48)
23Jaidon Doyle & 2nd courseLoudoun Co NJROTCNC (58:48)
23Mark Siegel & 2nd courseLoudoun Co NJROTCNC (61:48)
23Nico Mercorelli & 2nd courseLoudoun Co NJROTCNC (61:55)
23Jae Seong Park & 2nd courseFUMANC (85:25)


Course Length: 3.8 km

Course Climb: 110 m

Number of Controls: 9

1Josh HenriquesFUMA52:30
2Trey StroupeLoudoun Co NJROTC52:57
3Zachary AycockLoudoun Co NJROTC53:47
4Alexis MerkaQOC54:22
5Robert FawcettQOC57:04
6Casey MotonQOC57:10
7Oliver OlsenLoudoun Co NJROTC57:24
8Stephen DohertyQOC58:05
9Nathan RodriguezLoudoun Co NJROTC58:45
10Max FulgenziLoudoun Co NJROTC60:46
11Gary QuamQOC63:06
12Scott Bey & Adrienne & 2nd course63:08
13Matthew BabaLoudoun Co NJROTC65:20
14Jane LeggettQOC66:01
15Jordan RyanLoudoun Co NJROTC66:26
16Michelle Fish & Sean WilsonQOC66:27
17David Rager & SilasQOC67:22
18David Middleton & 2nd courseFUMA68:28
19Nathan BrandPatuxent NJROTC68:45
20Reiko Rager & JustinQOC70:14
21Devin PrestonPatuxent NJROTC71:37
22Christian TschidaLoudoun Co NJROTC71:43
23 Seaton & Walsh & 2nd courseQOC75:18
24John Walsh75:34
25Joshua TroutPatuxent NJROTC78:31
26Asher FreeseLoudoun Co NJROTC78:46
27Brian MazzonePatuxent NJROTC80:09
28Doris LeeQOC81:59
29Michael Kane84:39
30Mike Spiller & Cole90:12
31Ayden BeckerQOC95:22
32Chip BeckerQOC95:29
33Dimitris PatargiasQOC96:11
34Peter NelsonQOC97:24
35Suraya Omar97:56
36Withers CalebPatuxent NJROTC102:40
37Jade GohQOC106:07
38Paul Grosser & Jeremy109:05
39Ginger & Bill Arnold & Myra & KPQOC109:21
40Andrew Patterson112:30
41John Fitzmaurice & Emily Norwood124:28
42Michelle Jennings & Maureen & EdenQOC138:56
43Anthony Kellems & Michelina Pollini & 2nd course140:22
44Jennifer Furlano171:14
45Jopesh Lewis & 2nd courseLoudoun Co NJROTCDNF (77:31)
45Rich HallQOCDNF (104:03)


Course Length: 3.4 km

Course Climb: 120 m

Number of Controls: 9

1Zach WilliamsFUMA42:22
2Miles GrahamQOC44:51
3David MuenchFUMA45:34
4Valerie MeyerQOC51:10
5William Chesarek & upgrade & 2nd courseQOC52:34
6Jeremy Debons & KatherineQOC54:02
7Brennan StoneFUMA58:10
8Robert HartQOC60:16
9Keg GoodQOC60:25
10Ian EvansLoudoun Co NJROTC60:52
11John VierowQOC62:56
12Helen DohertyQOC63:56
13Daniel LathropQOC64:32
14Virginia DeBonsQOC64:48
15Edward EnsonQOC68:46
16Michelle & Tara HolmesQOC68:56
17Michael PerkinsQOC69:31
18John VincentQOC70:04
19Scott SharpQOC70:44
20Kenzie RivenbarkLoudoun Co NJROTC74:46
21Andrew GillespieLoudoun Co NJROTC74:54
22Sidney SachsQOC75:34
23John StudachQOC77:39
24James ThullQOC78:50
25Kevin LearyQOC83:04
26Florence TanQOC86:11
27Don FishQOC86:33
28Richard SanchezPatuxent NJROTC96:29
29Steve Van WinkleQOC98:58
30Jennifer & Fred Cooper100:53
31Warren PrestonQOC103:01
32Tavia SullensQOC108:07
33Amy LoudenQOC117:17
34Adam BeeQOC120:34
35Rae Ann HicksQOC122:51
36Katie KoerperPatuxent NJROTC138:56
37Iva ZichaQOCDNF (119:49)
37Dallas Shaw & SamiDNF (158:55)


Course Length: 6.2 km

Course Climb: 165 m

Number of Controls: 17

1Rick OliverQOC52:13
2Boris Granovskiy & BarneyQOC55:55
3Adam SmithQOC56:29
4Joshua SanchezPatuxent NJROTC59:19
5Andrew KommQOC60:07
6Dave ConnollyQOC64:02
7Gavin WeiseQOC64:43
8Ron PontiusQOC64:57
9David McCombsFUMA65:04
10Greg LennonQOC65:58
11Tom WellsQOC66:00
12Mihai G SirbuQOC66:34
13James Moffett67:41
14Nathaniel RexroadLoudoun Co NJROTC70:14
15Jan MerkaQOC71:56
16Dennis DohertyQOC72:52
17Kathleen LennonQOC74:30
18Sam ListwakQOC75:06
19Anne JepsenQOC76:17
20JP LandersQOC77:01
21Joe Sehnal79:15
22Bill ViennaQOC79:46
23Jeff Pullinger80:24
24Diana AleksievaQOC80:29
25Frantisek BrabecQOC81:49
26Dagmar MerkovaQOC83:41
27Dong Hun LeeFUMA83:57
27Nick VettingPatuxent NJROTC83:57
28Mark HicksQOC84:50
29Geon Woo HanFUMA84:58
30Bob RushQOC85:13
31Kyle CashmanPatuxent NJROTC86:57
32Heidi OnkstQOC87:01
33Patrick FarleyQOC87:14
34Thaddeus LawQOC91:56
35Jared KalinsPatuxent NJROTC93:02
36Travis SiehndelQOC94:36
37Jeroen Van strien96:54
38Dominick AltherPatuxent NJROTC97:03
39Travis Reznik & Lisa Taylor103:28
40John LandersQOC105:44
41Shaw SmithLoudoun Co NJROTC109:25
42Michelle SvobodaQOC110:33
43Gary SmithQOC114:47
44John J MillerQOC121:19
45Britt MasonQOC121:45
46Petya AleksievaQOC148:07
47Steve MonesQOC157:09
48Ikdoo KimFUMA158:03
49Laura Gaul178:04
50Mark MaceQOCMP (83:44)


Course Length: 7.8 km

Course Climb: 215 m

Number of Controls: 18

1Turner LeighLoudoun Co NJROTC67:04
2Ted GoodQOC73:36
3Matthew Halverson82:34
4Kim JepsenQOC86:29
5Tom NolanQOC93:13
6John MillerQOC96:43
7John StaplesLoudoun Co NJROTC110:14
8Rory WelchQOC110:19
9Colin McKeeQOC135:43
10Brythnie & Ryne Tobar203:06


Course Length: 9.1 km

Course Climb: 230 m

Number of Controls: 21

1Jon TorranceQOC63:22
2Ken Walker JrCSU69:26
3Chris GrossDVOA74:50
4Videlin AleksievQOC79:26
5Michael WoodQOC83:01
6Petr TsypnyatovQOC84:14
7Nicholas GrenierQOC89:19
8Michael DickeyQOC91:17
9Yuriy BulkaQOC93:59
10David OnkstQOC117:13
11Ben RobertsQOC118:03
12Glen BrakeQOC133:01
13Inigo AhedoQOC138:59
14Rolemberg Cunha154:12
15Sami SfeirQOC169:53
16Paul NelsonQOC198:27
17William DickinsonQOCDNF (101:56)
17Ross RahnDNF (173:46)
17Victor LinQOCMP (103:58)

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).