Thank you to all DVOA and SVO participants for attending! Write-up below and Photos here; relay results are now online in PDF and html form. Course results for the classic courses can be seen below and on Attackpoint and WinSplits. To enter your routes and see how others went, head to RouteGadget.

Next event, Sunday Nov. 22: Cabin John, near Bethesda, MD. Save the date!

From Event Director Craig Shelden:
We could not have asked for a prettier orienteering day. Clear skies, light wind, and mild temperatures combined for a great event all around as QOC defended our possession of the highly coveted Broken Compass Award for another year. We had over 200 individual orienteers and over 25 relay teams.

Course Setter Jay Gelman shared a few thoughts about the Rosaryville course design:

In the course setting clinic taught by QOC’s Francis Hogle, we learned that each course should be designed around a few feature legs that offer a variety of route choices and cover interesting terrain. For example, the green and red courses shared a similar featured leg (red 4-5 and green 3-4). There are at least two reasonable route choices between these controls. The northern route is longer but allows use of a trail while the straight line route is shorter but traverses some light green vegetation. There are similar choices to be made for other featured legs (blue 1-2, 7-8, and 14-15; red 1-2, 4-5, 8-9; green 2-3, 3-4, and 11-12; brown 2-3 and 3-4).

Major thanks go to Jay for setting a challenging and fun series of Individual courses and a great relay event – and then managing the relay. Thanks also go to David Onkst who organized QOC relay teams.
Thanks to everyone on the registration team who helped make sure each competitor got where they needed go: Iva Zicha, Jan Zicha, and Jesse Tubb.
We staffed a remote start with staggered starts and thanks go out to Jeff Dickey, Nick Grenier, Scott Sharp, and Laura Holian for making that happen.
We had some beginners come give Orienteering a try and all reported they had a lot of fun on their first time out – most plan to return. Credit for that success and our gratitude are due to our Beginner's Instruction team: John Vincent and Aaron Linville.
On the food side, Jody and Cecilia Landers served as Grill Masters and kept all carnivores happy with hot dogs as well as helping throughout the event. Courtney Shelden helped with set up and kept the snacks organized and hot water ready for runners finishing their courses.
Control pickup is always a challenge and shout outs are due to the control pickup team of John Baker, Daniel Pike, and Charles Carrick. The surge team helped cover gaps and ensured the relay controls were recovered with time to spare before dark: Special Thanks to Greg Lennon, Dave Levine, Lydia Andrews, Nadim Ahmed, Bob Hart, Michelle Fish, and Chris Gross.
Thanks for sign recovery go to Suzanne and Daniel Shelden for braving Route 301 on Sunday afternoon to bring back the signs so easily placed while most area residents slept in.
Don and Michelle Fish helped pack up and get ready for next week's event at Cabin John Park.
And last, but far from least, our epunch team started early and stayed late. Thank You Valerie Meyer, Amy Louden, Mary Snieckus, Sandy Fillebrown, and Tori Campbell!


Course Length: 2 km

Course Climb: 45 m

Number of Controls: 8

1Anna Campbell & F10QOC24:56
2Patrick Hession & M10QOC30:22
3Nathan Rodriguez & MWhite & LoudounQOC41:40
4John Staples & MWhite & LoudounQOC41:43
5Angelica Frolenko & F10DVOA42:03
6Nicole Aleksieva & F10QOC45:24
7Peter Campbell & MWhiteQOC57:27
8Ian Lowe & M12 & BSA Troop 1657DNF
8Gregory Hyson & M12 & BSA Troop ?DNF
8 The Teben Tubby's & G5DNF
8Desislava Lazarova & FWhiteQOCMP (35:43)


Course Length: 2.8 km

Course Climb: 45 m

Number of Controls: 8

1Victor Frolenko & M14DVOA31:10
2Kirsten Mayland & F14DVOA32:10
3Nicholas Schaefer & MYellow & LoudounQOC33:16
4Oriana Riley & F14DVOA34:21
5Oliana Cooley & F14 & HuntingtownQOC38:24
6John Staples & MYellow & 2nd courseQOC40:25
7Nathan Rodriguez & MYellow & 2nd courseQOC40:28
8Donald Van Hook & MYellow & LoudounQOC42:10
9Nate Rexroad & MYellow & LoudounQOC50:49
10Kati Veres & FYellowDVOA55:37
11 Ragers & G458:20
12Kathy Urban & FYellowDVOA60:18
13 The Tebben Tubby's & G560:48
14 Hermanville & G2 & Eva & Matthew62:15
15Lauren Gearhart & FYellow & LoudounQOC63:55
16Kenzie Rivenbark & FYellow & LoudounQOC65:09
17Lisa Novins & FYellowQOC67:30
18Amanda Lippert & FYellow68:13
19 Team Tataje & G2 & Megan & Francisco69:26
20Joshua Coyle & MYellow & LoudounQOC74:29
21Zachary Houghton & G2 & ElenaQOC83:01
22Alexander Houghton & G2 & MartinQOC83:15
23Andrew Toth & MYellow & LoudounQOC86:54
24Robert Zanetti & MYellow & LoudounQOC87:58
25Sammie Zeigler & F14 & HuntingtownQOC90:36
26Cara & Dash Smith & G2QOC92:10
27Jane Leggett & FYellowQOC96:31
28Jeffrey Beamer Jr & M12 & BSA Troop 1657146:24
29Austin Fowler & M14 & HuntingtownQOCDNF
29Josh Ball & M14 & HuntingtownQOCMP (92:29)


Course Length: 4.4 km

Course Climb: 130 m

Number of Controls: 11

1Anthony Riley & M16DVOA34:01
2Turner Leigh & M16 & LoudounQOC42:29
3John Gasper & MOrangeUSNA43:50
4Diana Aleksieva & F16QOC57:45
5Ryan Saul & M16 & HuntingtownQOC59:20
6Andrew Allen & M16 & LoudounQOC64:10
7Christine Doherty & FOrangeQOC65:44
8Alexis Merka & F16QOC68:34
9Michelle Fish & FOrangeQOC74:30
10Laura Holian & FOrangeQOC76:09
11John Allen & MOrange & LoudounQOC78:46
12Patty Policelli & FOrangeDVOA96:54
13Joanna Tao & FOrangeQOC101:42
14Ben Zawislak & M16 & HuntingtownQOC109:40
15Ashley Hicks & FOrangeQOC110:02
16Iva Zicha & FOrangeQOC111:48
17Pat Keim & FOrangeSVO133:35
18Rebecca Rich & F16QOC137:29
19Cecilia Landers & FOrangeQOC137:41
20Ed Bee & MOrangeQOC144:33
21Courtney Shelden & F16QOC148:58
22Michelle Tran & FOrangeUSNA199:17
23Marc Largie & MOrange & Did not downloadEMPODNF
23 Van Wie & G5 & John & Andy & David & Joe & ConnorDNF (145:39)
23Sean Moon & MOrangeDNF (192:20)
23Jaehyuk Choi & MOrangeQOCDNF (192:25)
23 Smith Clan Collingwood & G2 & Winton & PierceQOCMP (104:11)


Course Length: 4.2 km

Course Climb: 75 m

Number of Controls: 7

1Francis Hogle & M70QOC44:22
2Don Davis & M70QOC49:20
3Lydia Andrews & FBrownQOC49:38
4Nikolay Frolenko & MBrownDVOA50:22
5Rob Wilkison & M65DVOA54:22
6John Landers & MBrownQOC55:15
7Brandon Bowers & MBrown & HuntingtownQOC55:58
8Carl Marcus & M70DVOA56:07
9Sandy Fillebrown & F60DVOA57:31
10Nicholas Grenier & MBrownQOC59:44
11Sidney Sachs & M75QOC65:21
12Edward Enson & MBrownQOC67:43
13Daniel Lathrop & MBrownQOC67:45
14Brian Knapp & MBrown & LoudounQOC68:50
15Shaw Smith & MBrown & LoudounQOC70:15
16Kyle Adams & MBrown & HuntingtownQOC71:17
17JP Landers & MBrownQOC72:28
18Mike Newman & M65QOC76:39
19Franklin Fish & MBrownQOC77:39
20Jeffrey Kronenwetter & MBrownQOC82:43
21Dave Urban & M65DVOA87:05
22Rae Ann Hicks & FBrownQOC87:21
23Michael Dvorsky & MBrownQOC89:02
24Eva Matveeva & F55QOC89:08
25Mary Snieckus & FBrownQOC90:45
26Don Ames & MBrownQOC92:31
27Roger Hartley & M65DVOA97:08
28Suzanne Shelden & FBrownQOC97:10
29Sara Lemanski & FBrownQOC99:02
30Andrea Hartley & F60DVOA100:15
31Pam Dvorsky & F55QOC105:16
32Karla Hulett & F55QOC110:09
33 Nyall & Sherry & G2QOC114:38
34Daniel Pike & MBrownQOC114:42
35Amy Louden & FBrownQOC117:10
36Doug White & M65DVOA117:20
37Justin Duhe & MBrown121:38
38Chris Morgan & MBrown & HuntingtownQOC143:48
39Suzanne Izzo & F75QOCDNF
39Scott Sharp & MBrownQOCDNF
39Scott Bland & MBrown & HuntingtownQOCDNF (71:39)
39Lee Todd & M65QOCDNF (91:43)
39Amy Bucci & FBrownDNF (133:31)
39Bob Hart & MBrownQOCMP (125:29)


Course Length: 5.8 km

Course Climb: 160 m

Number of Controls: 13

1Istvan Nagy & M55QOC50:31
2Nadim AhmedQOC50:54
3Rick Oliver & M50QOC51:54
4Andras Revesz & M50DVOA52:00
5Dave Linthicum & M55QOC52:42
6Mihai Veres & M50DVOA54:11
7Victoria Campbell & F40QOC56:46
8Tom Nolan & M60QOC58:34
9Petr Hartman & M50DVOA62:15
10David Onkst & M50QOC63:14
11Adam Smith & MGreenQOC64:22
12Kathleen Lennon & F50QOC70:16
13Sam Listwak & M60QOC72:01
14Len Policelli & M50DVOA73:18
15Svetlana Frolenko & F40DVOA73:25
16Paul Hession & MGreenQOC76:03
17Mark Mace & M60QOC77:57
18Mark Hicks & M50QOC79:11
19Frantisek Brabec & MGreenQOC79:18
20Jon Murphy & M18 & HuntingtownQOC82:31
21Brian Fisher & MGreenQOC84:25
22Keg Good & F50QOC84:54
23Dennis Doherty & M55QOC85:46
24Diana Todd & F50QOC86:59
25Julie Keim & FGreenSVO88:46
26Jody Landers & M60QOC91:26
27Robert Briber & M55QOC95:02
28Virginia DeBons & F35QOC96:00
29Steve Camp & M50QOC96:02
30Gary Smith & M60QOC96:56
31Anne Jepsen & F50QOC98:47
32Brody Slusher & M18 & LoudounQOC102:08
33Michelle Svoboda & F40QOC102:13
34Jennifer Werner & F35QOC107:20
35Patricia Mace & F50QOC109:00
36Jan Zicha & M60QOC112:11
37Austin Curtis & M18 & HuntingtownQOC116:31
38Petya Aleksieva & F40QOC122:18
39Stephen Doherty & MGreenQOC125:28
40Steven Mones & M55QOC126:21
41Robert Rich & MGreenQOC126:27
42Travis Green & M50130:33
43 Logansmith Inc & G2QOC131:15
44Will Dickinson & MGreenQOC138:52
45John Vincent & M50QOC140:06
46Daniel Shelden & M18QOC142:19
47 Cookie Monster & G2 & Jennifer & Allen192:24
48Bob Agosta & M60DVOADNF (92:13)


Course Length: 7.5 km

Course Climb: 210 m

Number of Controls: 15

1Vadim Masalkov & M45DVOA60:19
2Hannah Culberg & F21QOC62:13
3Amber Tomas & F21QOC62:42
4Florin Tencariu & M40DVOA68:12
5Bryan Garman & MRedQOC68:16
6Videlin Aleksiev & M40QOC69:22
7Daniel Quinn & M45QOC70:54
8Dan Mayland & M45DVOA72:17
9Jeff Dickey & M35QOC82:11
10Kim Jepsen & M45QOC83:19
11Jan Merka & M40QOC83:21
12Daniel O'Conor & MRedUSMAOC83:38
13Mark Pittman & MRedQOC86:27
14Jared Silk & MRedQOC88:05
15Anthony Warner & MRedQOC90:16
16Aaron Linville & M35QOC96:08
17John Baker & M45QOC99:27
18Charles Carrick & M45QOC99:32
19Tom Wells & M45QOC101:45
20Olga Baranova & F21DVOA105:15
21Kevin Dvorsky & MRedQOC106:33
22Matt Holman & MRed111:46
23Nathan Kearney & MRedQOC122:09
24Matthew Knight & M45QOC128:41
25 Marchi & Foster & G2QOC164:53
26Ben Bloschock & MRedQOC223:34


Course Length: 9 km

Course Climb: 235 m

Number of Controls: 17

1Jon Torrance & M21QOC58:55
2Wyatt Riley & M21DVOA63:11
3Kevin Culberg & M21QOC69:41
4Boris Granovskiy & M21QOC72:04
5Will Hubsch & M21LAOC73:53
6Jonathan Campbell & M21QOC75:18
7Christopher Gross & M21DVOA76:40
8Norbert Linke & M21QOC85:37
9William Schaefer & M21QOC87:36
10Thomas Cochrane & M21QOC92:26
11David Ashley & M21QOC96:28
12David Pruden & M21QOC99:46
13Michael Wood & M21QOC109:43
14David Levine & M21QOC209:06

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).