White, yellow and orange course results are below as usual. The (advanced) Stumble Bumble courses consist of Beige (O windows), Brown (1), Mint (2), Green (3), Pink (3), Red (4) and Blue (5). In addition, all Bumble results are combined together in the Advanced listing. The last two courses shown (Brown 2 and Green 2) were NJROTC-specific.

The Bumble The second annual Stumble Bumble was a day of great fun for everyone, despite some stumbling and bumbling. Thankfully we had wonderful weather. While it caused some excess mud, it was REALLY nice not to have to be bundled up like the Michelin Man and hanging in the car to stay warm.

Congratulations to the top male and female finishers on the Bumble: Jon Torrance and Peggy Dickison. Their special prize (shown below) will surely be among their most treasured awards!

(What is a Bumble you ask? He’s the Abominable Snow Monster from the 1964 holiday classic Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Why has he become the mascot for this event? Well, he’s one of Heidi’s favorites and last year Ted Good suggested we call it the Stumble Bumble so we did. Your homework in preparation for next year’s Bumble is to be sure to watch it in December.)

We were pleased to host so many of our regular QOC members and also welcome some scout groups attending for the first time including BSA Troop 1325, BSA Troop 235, and GSA Troop 1706. Loudon, Herndon and Huntington NJROTC also came out to do specially designed courses in preparation for their trip to the NJROTC Nationals later this month.

Bumble Prize Of course, days of enjoying the woods, laughing together, and taking photos with the Bumble are only made possible with the support and dedication of our many wonderful club volunteers. Kudos to David Onkst for designing really fun courses and giving us a chance to experience Greenbelt in a different way. Many, many thanks to Valerie Meyer and Greg Lennon for managing the on-line registration, getting the maps prepared and printed, working with the e-punch system to enter and calculate the results of a complicated race. And, much gratitude to our day-of volunteers. Jeff, Fran and Mike Haskell arrived ultra-early to put out water and help with setting up. Ben Roberts arrived early too and helped Mike and Jeff put out controls on the white and yellow courses. Bob Turbyfill chipped in and took care of some miscellaneous tasks. Suzanne Izzo, Steve and Abigail Camp, Jinny Szabo and Jack Seabrook (who came all the way from the Eastern Shore!) handled the registration check-in beautifully, greeting folks and answering questions. Fran Haskell and Abigail Camp also took on the crazy task of putting the Bumble together for the photo ops! E-punch registration and clean-up was skillfully managed by Valerie Meyer and Amy Louden with special help from Mary Sneickus and Shirley Tan. Our new orienteers received excellent instruction from Pat McNeilly, John Blaisdell and Amber Tomas. Ad-hoc tasks were done by Max Ahmed, Diana and Nicole Aleksievea, Laura and Mihai (Jr.) Sirbu. Adam Szabo joined his wife Jinny in cleaning up, while son Andrew dutifully handed out “Reformed Bumble” stickers to competitors. Greg Lennon served as our photographer snapping cool pics of attendees the Bumble - check out our event album here on Flickr. We ended the day with control pick-up by Nadim Ahmed, Alex Bishop, Dan Quinn, Mike and Ryan Stasiowski, and Howie Weinstein. The last chore of organizing the e-punch boxes, wrapping up the control flags, and general clean-up was done with the added assistance of Amy Louden, Greg Lennon, Peggy Dickison and Kathleen Lennon. It really does take a village! So again many thanks to all of those who answered the call to help out.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at next week’s Manassas event and next year’s Bumble!

Heidi Onkst, Meet Director
David Onkst, Course Designer


Course Length: 2 km

Course Climb: 35 m

Number of Controls: 10

1Jose Idler & Ana & Mateo23:21
2Callie HagermanQOC27:43
3Rebecca RichQOC30:08
4James BillingtonQOC46:55
5Lisa NovinsQOC49:37
6Szekit Hsu & David Hsu50:00
7Jay GelmanQOC59:53
8Tim Reed & Mike61:15
9Scott & Finneas Harlan & Jennifer Hembree & Kaya Rogers64:22
10Wyatt & Ralph DubayahMP (25:43)
10Jennifer HagertyMP (43:05)
10Valerie MeyerQOCNC (21:58)


Course Length: 2.8 km

Course Climb: 70 m

Number of Controls: 11

1Daniel MedinaHerndon NJROTC30:07
2Mihai & Laura SirbuQOC31:24
3Kirk KalianLoudoun Co HS NJROTC34:58
4Trevor GriffithHerndon NJROTC36:41
5Crew 2 BSA Troop 1325 & Ben Zachary Gregory & Matthew37:51
6Alec & Doug McKee & ColinQOC38:38
7Gloria LazoHerndon NJROTC40:42
8Edward YenHerndon NJROTC42:36
9Crew 3 BSA Troop 1325 & Nathan James Alex & Matthew Michael45:38
10Kat SegoviaHerndon NJROTC47:14
11Courtney SheldenQOC48:02
12Old Goat Crew BSA Troop 1325 & John Bill John Rick & Richard Andrew Bill48:12
13James Campbell & Campbell & Luke & Laura55:05
14Abigail CampQOC57:12
15Aidan Simons59:38
16Tom BrownHerndon NJROTC59:42
17James Billington59:45
18Steve ShiraQOC61:25
19Bella GeisHerndon NJROTC62:08
20Crew 1 BSA Troop 1325 & Adam Derek Geraden & Mark Shankar64:50
21Green BSA Troop 25775:37
22Alexander Houghton & MartinQOC77:12
23Zachary Houghton & Elena HerlQOC79:15
24Whirlybirds GSA Troop 170685:48
25Pinecones GSA Troop 170686:36
26Bear Cub Scout 25786:51
27Acorns GSA Troop 1706111:01
28Catherine Sexton119:47
29Elizabeth Kemp119:53
30Abigel Sexton119:58
31Blue BSA Troop 257DNF
31Brown BSA Troop 257MP
31Baxter Hamilton & Philippa GasnierQOCMP (34:15)
31Hunter & Izzy Ormsby & Cory CarterCVOCMP (55:50)
31Jennifer HagertyMP (60:44)
31Webelo Cub Scout 257MP (83:46)


Course Length: 4.2 km

Course Climb: 115 m

Number of Controls: 11

1Jared SilkQOC37:25
2Austin LenhardHuntingtown NJROTC44:37
3Brian KnappLoudoun Co HS NJROTC51:54
4Aaron Linville & Laura HolianQOC55:01
5Diana AleksievaQOC55:58
6CJ Costello & Bryan Singer56:36
7Edward EnsonQOC58:16
8Mary SnieckusQOC61:40
9Dwight JohnsonQOC62:32
10Andrew SzaboQOC64:02
11Kenneth JagersHerndon NJROTC64:36
12Melissa & Joseph DillierQOC65:13
13Daniel MedinaHerndon NJROTC66:13
14Shannon Costello & Kelly Sinver69:37
15Ryan SaulHuntingtown NJROTC74:14
16Nathan SchererHuntingtown NJROTC74:57
17Rae Ann HicksQOC77:54
18David AlexanderQOC78:22
19Matt WilsonQOC78:42
20Diego FloresHerndon NJROTC79:11
21Ian HerringHerndon NJROTC80:46
22Craig SheldenQOC80:53
23Suzanne SheldenQOC80:55
24Mike HaskellQOC82:16
25Sean SullivanHerndon NJROTC82:59
26Daniel PikeQOC90:36
27Florence TanQOC95:14
28Christina HigginsQOC96:30
29Elvis Martinez & Christine & Jeff Marovitz & Christine Kury98:54
30Jeff HaskellQOC99:03
31Iva ZichaQOC100:04
32Susan & Gregory Ose104:40
33Charlotte SuttleHerndon NJROTC104:59
34Chris GeisHerndon NJROTC105:17
35Patricia KeimSVO108:26
36Steve Huynh & Jeff Song109:53
37Clark Morsbach114:02
38Zac Ufnar & Chris Solomon & Macrina XavierQOC149:43
39Fred HartmanQOC149:45
40John FineQOC150:10
41Michael & Maddie PressQOC163:15
42Joan & Margaret Fletcher & FletcherQOCDNF
42Ralph Dubayah & WyattQOCDNF (60:57)
42Gloria LazoHerndon NJROTCDNF (77:06)
42Shirley TanQOCDNF (77:25)


1Keg GoodQOC71:44
2Eva MatveevaQOC73:04
3Suzanne IzzoQOC141:31
4Petya Aleksieva & Skipped 148QOCMP (67:55)


1Steve CampQOC62:38
2Robert RichQOC68:05
3Erin Jenkins & Seth Murray & Laura FoxQOC82:20
4Sara LemanskiQOC83:08
5Don AmesQOC101:55
6Sidney SachsQOC105:59
7Ben BloschockQOC110:59
8JP LandersQOC117:18
9John BlaisdellQOC129:49
10Richard & Georgi BriggsQOC136:48
11Beth Ann StasiowskiQOC153:20
12James ChaplinQOC178:58
13Cathy HovisQOCDNF


1Patricia MaceQOC86:22
2Inigo AhedoQOC89:11
3Dan DoQOC118:35
4Mark MaceQOCDNF (108:09)


1Jon Torrance & Blue 5 & CBAD FIHEG KJLMN PQROS TUVWQOC58:51
3Steve Camp & Brown 1 & QPROSQOC62:38
4Peggy Dickison & Pink 3 & CBAD KJLMN QPROSOK63:03
5Ryan Stasiowski & Blue 5 & ACBD EGHFI NMLJK QPROS TUVWQOC66:16
6Tom Wells & Green 3 & ACBD KJLMN QPROSQOC66:17
7Mihai Sirbu & Red 4 & ACBD EGFHI QPROS TUVWQOC67:36
8Greg Lennon & Green 3 & CBAD QPROS VUTWQOC67:55
9Thomas Cochrane & Red 4 & CBAD EGHFI PQROS TUVWQOC67:58
10Robert Rich & Brown 1 & OQPRSQOC68:05
11Moa Nissar & Pink 3 & ABCD QPROS TUVWQOC68:42
12Nadim Ahmed & Blue 5 & ACBD EGFHI NKJLM QPROS TUVWQOC69:46
13Mark Pittman & Red 4 & CBAD GEFHI KJLMN VUTW71:04
14Alex Bishop & Green 3 & EGFHI OQPRS TUVWQOC71:18
15Keg Good & Beige 0QOC71:44
16Videlin Aleksiev & Blue 5 & BCAD EGHFI KJLMN ORQPS TUVWQOC71:54
17Eva Matveeva & Beige 0QOC73:04
18Matt Wilson & Blue 5 & CBAD EGHFI KJLMN QPROS VUTWQOC75:42
19Jody Landers & Green 3 & EGHFI KJLMN VUTWQOC76:01
20Jon & Kira Bertheussen & Green 3 & KJLMN OQPRS VUTWQOC77:01
21Joseph White & Green 3 & ABCD QPROS VUTWQOC77:36
22Frantisek Brabec & Green 3 & ABCD QPROS VUTWQOC79:00
23Erin Jenkins & Brown 1 & VUTWQOC82:20
24Sara Lemanski & Brown 1 & ABCDQOC83:08
25Patricia Mace & Mint 2 & QPRSO VUTWQOC86:22
26Mark Hicks & Green 3 & ABCD KJLMN TUVWQOC86:24
27Pat McNeilly & Green 3 & BCAD KJLMN VUTWQOC87:12
28Inigo Ahedo & Mint 2 & BCDA TUVWQOC89:11
29William Schaefer & Blue 5 & ABCD IHFEG KJLMN QPROS TUVWQOC89:42
30Paul Hession & Green 3 & ABCD EGFHI KJLMNQOC93:44
31Dmitri & Shon Kaganovich & Blue 5 & ABCD EGHFI KJLMN OQPRS TUVWQOC95:55
32Howie Weinstein & Blue 5 & CBAD EGFHI NMLJK QPROS TUVWQOC97:03
33Lukas Eklund & Red 4 & ABCD KJLMN ORPQS TUVWQOC97:11
34Robert Briber & Green 3 & CBAD ORQPS TUVWQOC98:04
35Don Ames & Brown 1 & ADCBQOC101:55
36John Baker & Red 4 & BCAD EGHFI KJLMN QPROSQOC105:12
37William Woodford & Green 3 & ABCD EGFHI QPROSQOC105:39
38Sidney Sachs & Brown 1 & KJLMNQOC105:59
39Michael Stasiowski & Blue 5 & CBAD EGHFI KJLMN QPROS VUTWQOC107:51
40Shane Hagerman & Blue 5 & ADCB GEFHI KJLMN QPROS VUTWQOC108:05
41Ben Bloschock & Brown 1 & ABCDQOC110:59
42David Levine & Blue 5 & ABCD GEFHI KJLMN PQROS VUTWQOC113:15
43Greg Palardy & Blue 5 & BCAD HIFEG KJLMN OQPRS UVTWQOC113:55
44Charles Fletcher & Green 3 & EGFHI KJLMN QPROSQOC114:48
45JP Landers & Brown 1 & EGHFIQOC117:18
46John Landers & Green 3 & EGHFI KJLMN OQRPSQOC117:54
47Dan Do & Mint 2 & ACBD EGFHIQOC118:35
48Elizabeth Louis & Blue 5 & ABCD EGFIH KJLMN ORPQS VUTWQOC125:31
49Barry Nobles & Blue 5 & BCDA EGFIH KJLMN ORPQS VUTWQOC125:33
50John Blaisdell & Brown 1 & OQPRSQOC129:49
51Mark Baugh & Green 3 & NMLJK ORPQS UVTWQOC136:29
52Richard & Georgi Briggs & Brown 1 & BCADQOC136:48
53Suzanne Izzo & Beige 0QOC141:31
54Benjamin Greenspon & Green 3 & GEHFI RPQOS TUVWQOC142:34
55Sean Nolan & Blue 5 & ADCB EGHFI KJLNM ORPQS UVTW150:17
56Beth Ann Stasiowski & Brown 1 & TUVWQOC153:20
57Cole Flaherty & Green 3 & BCDA EGHFI NMLJKQOC157:39
58Steve Mones & Green 3 & BCAD EGFIH TUVW & Kevin RussellDVOA171:50
59Jan Zicha & Green 3 & CBAD EGFHI VUTWQOC177:43
60James Chaplin & Brown 1 & QPROSQOC178:58
61Cathy Hovis & Brown 1 & EGFHQOCDNF
61Mark Mace & Mint 2 & BADC EGHIFQOCDNF (108:09)
61Victor Lin & Blue 5 & ACBD EGHFI KJLMN QPRS TUVW & Skipped OQOCMP (61:40)
61Tom Nolan & Red 4 & ACCD EGHFI QPROS VUYW & Skipped BQOCMP (64:58)
61Elliott Hamilton & Green 3 & EGFH QPROS VUTW & Skipped IQOCMP (67:03)
61Petya Aleksieva & Beige 0 & Skipped 148QOCMP (67:55)
61Daniel Quinn & Red 4 & FIHG KLMN QPROS TUVW & Skipped E & LQOCMP (72:01)
61Benjamin Roberts & Blue 5 & CBAD EGFHI KJLMN QPROS TUVW & Skipped 148QOCMP (104:04)
61Franklin Fish & Green 3 & EGHI NMLKJ TUVW & Skipped FQOCMP (108:07)


1Tom WellsQOC66:17
2Greg LennonQOC67:55
3Alex BishopQOC71:18
4Jody LandersQOC76:01
5Jon & Kira BertheussenQOC77:01
6Joseph WhiteQOC77:36
7Frantisek BrabecQOC79:00
8Mark HicksQOC86:24
9Pat McNeillyQOC87:12
10Paul HessionQOC93:44
11Robert BriberQOC98:04
12William WoodfordQOC105:39
13Charles FletcherQOC114:48
14John LandersQOC117:54
15Mark BaughQOC136:29
16Benjamin GreensponQOC142:34
17Cole FlahertyQOC157:39
18Steve Mones & Kevin RussellDVOA171:50
19Jan ZichaQOC177:43
20Elliott Hamilton & Skipped IQOCMP (67:03)
20Franklin Fish & Skipped FQOCMP (108:07)


1Peggy DickisonOK63:03
2Moa NissarQOC68:42


1Mihai SirbuQOC67:36
2Thomas CochraneQOC67:58
3Mark Pittman71:04
4Lukas EklundQOC97:11
5John BakerQOC105:12
6Tom Nolan & Skipped BQOCMP (64:58)
6Daniel Quinn & Skipped E & LQOCMP (72:01)


1Jon TorranceQOC58:51
2Ted GoodQOC61:21
3Ryan StasiowskiQOC66:16
4Nadim AhmedQOC69:46
5Videlin AleksievQOC71:54
6Matt WilsonQOC75:42
7William SchaeferQOC89:42
8Dmitri & Shon KaganovichQOC95:55
9Howie WeinsteinQOC97:03
10Michael StasiowskiQOC107:51
11Shane HagermanQOC108:05
12David LevineQOC113:15
13Greg PalardyQOC113:55
14Elizabeth LouisQOC125:31
15Barry NoblesQOC125:33
16Sean Nolan150:17
17Victor Lin & Skipped OQOCMP (61:40)
17Benjamin Roberts & Skipped 148QOCMP (104:04)

Brown 2

Course Length: 4.7 km

Course Climb: 85 m

Number of Controls: 13

1Monika LateganoLoudoun Co HS NJROTC81:31
2Brody SlusherLoudoun Co HS NJROTC90:35
3Alex HughesLoudoun Co HS NJROTC91:29
4Fallon FulgenziLoudoun Co HS NJROTC110:16
5Chris MorganHuntingtown NJROTC113:45
6Tu TruongHerndon NJROTC114:21
7John VincentQOC115:35
8Virginia MurphyHerndon NJROTC119:18
9Thomas IacoponelliLoudoun Co HS NJROTCMP (136:37)

Green 2

Course Length: 6 km

Course Climb: 115 m

Number of Controls: 10

1Patrick FieldsLoudoun Co HS NJROTC77:09
2Marshall WilkinsHerndon NJROTC81:55
3Louis BethgeHuntingtown NJROTC82:28
4Zack TershakHerndon NJROTC88:05
5Wilfredo BautistaHerndon NJROTC94:16
6Derek McNamaraHuntingtown NJROTC105:35
7Travis LangtryHerndon NJROTC110:51
8Jeremy GillespieLoudoun Co HS NJROTC112:12
9Dylan SullivanHerndon NJROTC135:32
10Amy LoudenQOC142:09
11Matt JonesLoudoun Co HS NJROTCMP (64:21)
11David ClarkLoudoun Co HS NJROTCMP (81:28)
11Joe LaRosaHerndon NJROTCMP (114:08)
11Andrew GillespieLoudoun Co HS NJROTCMP (137:14)

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).