Prince William Forest

Congratulations to all who came out on such a sunny day and enjoyed themselves! Course results can be seen below as well as on Attackpoint or WinSplits. Don't forget to enter your course into RouteGadget as well.

For those who did not pay in advance: you'll receive an invoice from QOC (via PayPal) by tomorrow morning. Please check your spam folder if you don't see it in your inbox - thanks.

By almost all measures, the QOC classic orienteering event at the Pine Grove Area, Prince William Forest Park, on December 7 was a success. =After a week of lousy weather with a lot of rain, Sunday dawned sunny and cool, but not bad for December and almost perfect for winter orienteering. Vido Aleksiev designed some challenging courses at all levels and discovered that our maps of the area could use some updating. We had approximately 270 participants with 210 starts and a number of folks running two courses due to the nice weather. There were several new members and first time orienteers present and they had a lot of positive comments about QOC and the sport. A huge thanks to all the volunteers, especially Scott Sharp, who shadowed me all day in preparation for his upcoming Meet Director role. He was there from “dawn to dusk.” Ben Bloschock came early and helped with setup and other tasks. Valerie Meyer and Amy Louden ran the e-punch operation effectively, as usual, with help from Sara Lemanski, Tori Campbell, and Dan Tam Do. Registration was a challenge as we were not allowed to collect payment in the park, so we had to change the procedures somewhat. Our registration volunteers, Scott Sharp, Daniel Heimgartner, John Studach, Chip Becker, and Jeff Dickey did a great job adapting. Mark Hicks and John Baker provided much needed beginner instruction with lots of new folks showing up. Jim Thull handled parking control. We had an abundance of volunteers for control pickup and, due to the condensed nature of the meet area, not all were needed, but all will be recognized: Lauren Holian, Aaron Linville, Scott Sharp, Dan Pike, Mark & Rae Ann Hicks, Charles Carrick, Matthew Knight, and John Organek. A special thanks to John Baker, Virginia VP, who helped Vido set the controls and stayed to the bitter end and took all the meet materials off my hands! And once again, thanks to Vido Aleksiev who designed and set the excellent courses, with assistance from his wife and daughter.
Bill Wright
Meet Director


Course Length: 2 km

Course Climb: 120 m

Number of Controls: 8

1Brennan StoneFUMA20:23
2Joseph Snow & ThomasQOC24:32
3Anna CampbellQOC24:34
4Zach WilliamsFUMA30:43
5Richard Chiovaro & Morgan & Anna31:17
6Tonya & Jon SnowQOC32:29
7Kerstin Canby & MathiasQOC32:34
8Coyotes Troop 422 & Joel Marquez & Christopher Kummer33:28
9Zofia LateganoQOC34:00
10Niave & Joseph Knell36:47
11Peter CampbellQOC38:40
12Black Bears Troop 422 & Luke Spittler & Joaquin Marquez46:15
13Zoila Rangel Family Grp 460:09
14Steven Canby & TaliaQOC60:28
15Joshua & Beth Greer82:07


Course Length: 2.2 km

Course Climb: 105 m

Number of Controls: 10

1Blake ChiovaroFUMA22:22
2Noah ShashatyFUMA24:07
3Alex OlsonFUMA26:50
4Alex BabikovFUMA27:47
5Rick Chiovaro29:09
6Joseph Snow & Thomas/2nd courseQOC31:38
7Nate IloriFUMA32:15
8Tom SmerlingQOC36:25
9Peter & Erik CookQOC37:50
10Matt & Carrie RatcliffQOC45:32
11Robbie Field & LizQOC46:15
12David FrankQOC46:18
13Cathy Chiovaro47:34
14 Staffords Grp 248:57
15William BryantQOC49:38
16Tim Gallotta Nick NurreQOC51:39
17Florence TanQOC51:44
18Francis DonovanQOC54:06
19John ArnoldQOC59:15
20 Pack 1967 Grp of 560:06
21 Shine Family61:15
22 Lost in the dark Grp 264:17
23May Joy GrenierQOC66:20
24Josiah SeguinQOC66:43
25Rebecca RichQOC68:50
26Miroslav Honzak & DominikQOC69:01
27Charlie Field & grandparentsQOC70:39
28Nelson StewartQOC70:44
29 Troop 1983 Grp 2 & Keerthi Roha Puvvada72:19
30Tim & Alice KleinQOC72:25
31Lewis Novak Group of 11QOC75:56
32Jana Seidlova141:43
33Adam Knell & MatthewMP (31:05)
33David ReddingQOCMP (49:23)
33Blake Chiovaro & rerun courseFUMANC (23:23)
33Anna Campbell & 2nd courseQOCNC (26:23)
33Zach Williams & 2nd courseFUMANC (29:14)
33Brennan Stone & 2nd courseFUMANC (31:10)
33Tonya & Jon Snow & 2nd courseQOCNC (33:09)


Course Length: 3.3 km

Course Climb: 185 m

Number of Controls: 13

1Alex BabikovFUMA30:24
2Patrick FieldQOC36:48
3Noah ShashatyFUMA39:09
4Diana AleksievaQOC39:24
5Nate IloriFUMA44:00
6Alexis MerkaQOC44:32
7 Field & RutkoskeQOC44:41
8Maggie PrudenQOC45:13
9Valerie MeyerQOC46:25
10Alex OlsonFUMA48:13
11Sara Lopez49:04
12Daniel LathropQOC52:02
13Sara LemanskiQOC53:46
14Xiwen LiQOC54:20
15Jessica MuenchFUMA56:13
16Evgeni PeevQOC58:49
17Rae Ann HicksQOC60:14
18Willilam Reed & Sam JacksonChambersburg NJROTC61:53
19Tom SmerlingQOC63:02
20Blake ChiovaroFUMA63:41
21Kelsey Thornton & Kadence Myers & Steven WarnerChambersburg NJROTC64:35
22Helen KleinQOC67:46
23Daniel SheldenQOC69:21
24Adam & Caleb HeifetzQOC69:28
25Chip BeckerQOC71:37
26Nathan TenniesQOC72:00
27Jared Macary & Avery ShattuckQOC73:00
28Noah Rhodes & Jack PattersonChambersburg NJROTC73:36
29 Fullwood Family Grp 3QOC76:27
30Royce RatcliffQOC81:38
31 Harrington Grp 2QOC87:07
32Gabriel Ortiz & RebeccaQOC89:11
33 Perkins Family Grp 4QOC95:03
34Charles LateganoQOC95:10
35 Lost in the Dark 296:05
36Meg DoppeeQOC142:34
37Family Alvarado Grp 4QOC143:35
38Jessica Muench & rerun courseFUMADNF (47:47)
38Steve ShiraQOCDNF (52:30)
38 Sherlock family Grp 2QOCMP (75:51)
38Sherry SterlingQOCMP (92:20)
38Julian Yescas & 2nd courseFUMANC (25:51)


Course Length: 4.4 km

Course Climb: 190 m

Number of Controls: 14

1Ken Walker JrCSU39:05
2Adam SmithQOC54:51
3Zach MillerFUMA56:18
4Jeff DickeyQOC56:27
5Jack WeiselFUMA63:04
6Mark HicksQOC73:50
7John StudachQOC75:25
8Mary ThompsonQOC75:26
9John LandersQOC75:28
10Boryana PeevaQOC78:09
11Gavin Weise & Hani ZQOC78:42
12Robert HartQOC79:29
13Edward EnsonQOC81:02
14Mary SnieckusQOC82:47
15Monika Lategano & Avery JonesQOC85:16
16George MinarikBAOC85:23
17Bob FawcetttQOC87:32
18Daniel PikeQOC92:26
19Robert RichQOC97:16
20Sidney SachsQOC97:25
21Jared Macary101:28
22David Johnston103:20
23Kevin LearyQOC105:49
24JP LandersQOC106:09
25Eva MatveevaQOC116:16
26Dan Tam DoQOC119:42
27Patrick FarleyQOC121:48
28 Fleet Feet Grp 2QOC130:50
29Craig SheldenQOC141:31
30James MacDougallQOC149:20
31James ThullQOC152:02
32Jack Anderson & Ainsley Adams153:17
33Shawn KossQOC162:37
34Jack Weisel & rerun courseFUMADNF (59:28)
34Zach Miller & rerun courseFUMADNF (60:32)
34Christine Kury & JeffQOCDNF (118:27)
34Bill ViennaQOCMP (69:13)
34Scott SharpQOCMP (93:54)
34Edward MooreFUMAMP (100:14)
34Wendy WQOCMP (102:35)
34Dwight JohnsonQOCMP (103:08)
34Avery ShattuckMP (122:10)
34Karla HulettQOCMP (128:27)
34James DoppeeQOCMP (200:45)


Course Length: 5.9 km

Course Climb: 235 m

Number of Controls: 17

1Colin BeverageFUMA67:43
2Greg Lennon70:14
3Brian FisherQOC71:34
4Tom WellsQOC73:16
5Kathleen LennonQOC73:51
6Brett SidelingerQOC80:25
7Petya AleksievaQOC87:48
8Jody LandersQOC88:23
9Helena Mora-JensenQOC92:45
10Mark MaceQOC99:17
11Heidi OnkstQOC101:40
12 Privateers Grp 2QOC108:22
13Brian PreedanomQOC109:27
14Robert BriberQOC111:20
15Bryan & Drew GarmanQOC115:21
16Stephen DohertyQOC117:03
17Josh SmolevitzQOC117:47
18Franklin Silva NettoQOC118:50
19Patricia MaceQOC120:11
20Marit & Bob LuersenQOC121:01
21Michelle SvobodaQOC121:32
22Kathryn MichelsQOC123:30
23Pavol PopovicQOC125:17
24Josiah Seguin & Jim Seguin145:35
25Paul WeberQOC146:58
26Jennifer WernerQOC149:19
27Amy LoudenQOC191:49
28Ron PontiusQOCDNF
28Colin Beverage & rerun courseFUMADNF (57:30)
28Anne JepsenQOCDNF (78:29)
28Dennis DohertyQOCMP (102:24)
28Ben ChiovaroFUMAMP (120:10)
28Julian YescasFUMAMP (127:54)


Course Length: 6.6 km

Course Climb: 230 m

Number of Controls: 19

1Amber TomasQOC65:33
2Sam ListwakQOC88:25
3John BakerQOC88:56
4Clay RoFUMA91:46
5Alan OprsalSMOC92:11
6Zimu LiFUMA94:43
7Matthew KnightQOC103:44
8John OrganekQOC104:47
9Ben BloschockQOC138:40
10Erin BrandtQOC161:27
11Jeff DickeyQOCDNF (56:04)
11Nicholas GrenierQOCMP (79:34)
11Tom NolanQOCMP (94:42)
11Gary SmithQOCMP (121:16)
11Glen GibsonQOCMP (123:15)


Course Length: 8.4 km

Course Climb: 310 m

Number of Controls: 25

1Jon TorranceQOC67:44
2Ted GoodQOC81:59
3Paul ThorntonQOC85:45
4Jonathan CampbellQOC87:59
5Dave PrudenQOC89:45
6Kim JepsenQOC91:02
7Victor LinQOC102:08
8Jan MerkaQOC104:12
9David OnkstQOC104:26
10Shane HagermanQOC105:22
11William Schaefer113:26
12Thomas CochraneQOC113:56
13Victoria CampbellQOC117:36
14Francis HogleQOC119:56
15T.J. Hoff152:09
16Benjamin Hornung155:40
17David LevineQOC199:34
18Beverly Richardson & John CloutierQOCDNF (151:48)
18Mark BeckerQOCDNF (170:57)
18Benjamin RobertsQOCMP (108:44)
18Charles CarrickQOCMP (110:45)
18Dustine ReppuhnQOCMP (147:01)

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).