Patuxent River Trail 10K

10KThanks to all who braved the chilly weather to run this year's Patuxent River Trail 10K - we hope you had a great time!

Overall results are posted below; to see results divided by age class, head here. Results have also been posted to imATHLETE.

New: Over 2,000 race photos (!) are now posted in our 10K race album! Tagging by name and bib number to facilitate searching may continue, but don't wait for that to go check them out and find your favorites.

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Lost and found: a black right glove was found on the race course and a pair of running shoes was left in the parking area. If you think one or the other is yours, Contact Us and we'll see if we can reunite you.

10K Trail Race

Course Length: 10 km

1Ryan Stasiowski & Eldersburg MD37:20
2Andrew McLean & Huntingtown MD37:33
3Gabriel Rodriguez & Ellicott City MD38:52
4Trent Herzog & Lusby MD39:39
5Robert Dinterman & Moyock NC40:09
6Brad Byrnes & Alexandria VA40:43
7Craig Stackewicz & Baltimore MD42:25
8Peter Tango & Deale MD42:47
9Sean Fish & Washington DC42:49
10Auke Mahar-Piersma & Silver Spring MD43:00
11Stephen Rohan & Chicago IL43:09
12Andy Bacon & Arlington VA43:27
13Michael Berry & Annapolis MD43:31
14Matt Whitworth & Huntsville AL43:47
15Luis Navarro & Columbia MD43:59
16Jesse Buppert & Odenton MD44:46
17Patrick Smith & Catonsville MD44:53
18Jonathan Abrams & Arlington VA44:57
19John Miller & Arlintgon VA45:04
20Emily Ferguson & Arlington VA45:13
21Maureen Carr & Fair Haven MD45:21
22Ryan Hanna & Arlington VA45:26
23Mike Goyette & Crofton MD46:17
24Geoffrey Mason & Takoma Park MD46:22
25David Acosta & Washington DC46:41
26Michael Owens & Washington DC47:01
27Jonathon Gridley & Vienna VA47:16
28Kevin Fitzgerald & Washington DC47:21
29Stephen Skippen & Crofton MD47:27
30Rebecca Nathan & Arlington VA47:36
31Rob Hermstein & Silver Spring MD47:48
32Adam Dickerson & Oxon Hill MD47:51
33Tom Nolan & Kensington MD47:57
34Paul Weltzer & Gaithersburg MD48:00
35Bo Bland & Annapolis MD48:04
36Richard Palladino & Ellicott City MD48:05
37David Haman & Chesapeake Beach MD48:10
38Jonathan Fink & Kensington MD48:15
39Jim Froli & Alexandria VA48:22
39Alan Stacilauskas & Laurel MD48:22
40Brandon Cogswell & Arlington VA48:23
41Steven Phillips & Crofton MD48:40
42Joel Benninie & Baltimore MD48:45
43Josh Haman & Lusby MD48:47
44Ricky Furusawa & Fairfax VA48:54
45Suzanne Copping & Annapolis MD48:59
46Steven Wood & Washington DC49:08
47Vincent McDonald & Arlington VA49:18
48Scott Herzog & Lusby MD49:26
49Michael Norton & Ellicott City MD49:32
50Colin Gleason & Silver Spring MD49:37
51Joel Cahalan & Stewartstown PA49:49
52Aaron Posey & Pasadena MD49:50
53David Bonnichsen & Baltimore MD49:59
54Michael McQuarrie & Pasadena MD50:22
55Michael Bryan & Lusby MD50:25
56Tiffiney Carney & Washington DC50:33
57Megan Carney & Arlington VA50:38
58Heidi Lane & Annapolis MD50:42
59Peter Lawson & Timonium MD51:02
60Elliott Hamilton & Hyattsville MD51:03
61Alicia Korol & Fairfax VA51:13
62Barnaby Nygren & Baltimore MD51:41
63Douglas Errett & Reston VA51:42
64Allen Vaughan & Stafford VA51:44
65Mark Albright & Alexandria VA51:45
66Nat Keller & Arlington VA51:55
67Rob Field & Falls Church VA52:12
68Maggie Wood & Washington DC52:15
69Joseph Solosky & Arlington VA52:22
70Myron Kremer & Winchester VA52:33
71Stephen See & Pasadena MD52:40
72Rayford Payne & Baltimore MD52:41
73Jeremy DeBons & Lexington Park MD52:42
74Julia Hoppock & Washington DC53:40
75David George & Arlington VA53:50
76Sean Buckley & Silver Spring MD53:53
77Jacob Kopas & Baltimore MD53:56
78Rachel Herzog & Lusby MD53:58
79Nicole Bourgea & Silver Spring MD54:04
80Nestor Laserna & Chesapeake beach MD54:07
81Arturo Derryberry & Bowie MD54:21
82Alexander Goyette & Crofton MD54:23
83Andrew McGlone & Edgewater MD54:37
84Casey Wilson & Columbia MD54:52
85Sean Waite & Arlington VA54:56
86William Palacio & Alexandria VA55:20
87Helen Macdermott & Lexington VA55:28
88Erin Jenkins & Baltimore MD55:54
89Peter O'Brien & Silver Spring MD55:56
90Alex Bishop & Columbia MD56:12
91Christina Fink & Kensington MD56:19
92Michelle Faucher & Reston VA56:21
93Todd Durst & Waldorf MD56:24
94Andrew Wright & Indian Head MD56:28
95Marcus Hurt & Baltimore MD56:32
96Kevin Mish & Gambrills MD56:36
97Merle Arnold & Fort Washington MD57:04
98Yukyan Lam & Baltimore MD57:06
99Sarah Gottlieb & Hyattsville MD57:09
100Charlene Howard & Mount Rainier MD57:16
101Kevin Copping & Annapolis MD57:27
102Todd McDonald & Mount Rainier MD57:28
103Trey Labella & Owings MD57:48
104Erik Carlson & Elkridge MD57:58
105Allison Went & Annapolis MD58:19
106Clifton Stagnaro & Annapolis MD58:23
107Jonathan Roskenkowski & Abingdon MD58:28
108James Bonomo & Crofton MD58:32
109John Anthony & Silver Spring MD58:35
110Norah McDonald & Arlington VA58:38
111Chris Sewell & Washington DC58:40
112Bill Andrews & Upper Marlboro MD58:45
113Catherine Youngstrom & Bluemont VA59:00
114Katherine Scott & Spotsylvania VA59:04
115Malia Howe & Linthicum MD59:09
116Peter Castricone & Herndon VA59:17
117Janelle Mueller & Annapolis MD59:28
118Stephanie Foutz & Falls Church VA59:31
118Alberto Ramos & Washington DC59:31
119Heidi Keller & Washington DC DC59:37
120Heath Thomas & Alexandria VA59:39
121Dan Walsh & Rockville MD59:43
122Eric Couslin & Severn MD60:04
123Edward Mersman & Waldorf MD60:06
124Andrew Russ & Ellicott City MD60:19
125Dan Youngstrom & Bluemont VA60:32
126Patricia Brennan & Davidsonville MD60:46
127Kaori Flores & Alexandria VA60:52
128Michael Matuska & Abingdon MD60:55
129Strephen Kelly & Annapolis MD61:08
130Jonathan Joiner & Waldorf MD61:10
131Hillary Liepa & Washington DC61:11
132Charles Hubbard & Gainesville VA61:12
133John Arszulowicz & Alexandria VA61:13
134Richard Briggs & Columbia MD61:15
135Rachel Dreisch & Pikesville MD61:16
136Brian Graper & Arlington VA61:37
137Shmuel Shoham & Takoma Park MD61:42
138Kara Reese & Pasadena MD61:43
139Dana Moen & Fort Riley KS61:47
140George Adams & Hyattsville MD62:02
141Gabriel Cahalan & Rockville MD62:11
142Amy Bucci & Silver Spring MD62:19
143Corinne Porter & Washington DC62:31
144Erin Bzymek & Washington DC62:37
145Nathan Vorachack & Brookeville MD62:45
145Jeff Dimo & Boca Raton FL62:45
146John Bennett & Frederick MD62:52
147Michael Neumann & Alexandria VA62:54
148Pam Smith & Rockville MD62:59
149Yannick Ramond & Annapolis MD63:10
150Mike Devine & College Park MD63:11
151Mike Furlow & Ft. Meade MD63:13
152Tracie McDowell & Waldorf MD63:22
153Sara Baldwin & Duluth MN63:24
154Anthony Hesselius & Washington DC63:26
155Yu-Han Yang & College Park MD63:27
156Susan Murray-Wood & Washington DC63:29
157Douglas Meade & College Park MD63:32
158Jennifer Edwards & Washington DC63:41
159Daniel Kallemyn & Upper Marlboro MD63:48
160Matt Lambert & Washington DC63:49
161Jared Silk & Washington DC64:01
162Mark Mace & Odenton MD64:09
163Claire Carlin & Washington DC64:10
164Gerald King & Dunkirk MD64:11
165Truong Nguyen & Bowie MD64:42
165Kathryn Weir & Bowie MD64:42
166James Rabaduex & Batlimore MD64:44
167Addie Nolan & Kensington MD65:05
168Tom Carroll & Silver Spring MD65:08
169Colin Phillips & Washington DC65:17
170Abigail Potter & Arlington VA65:20
171Beth Yandow & Crofton MD65:23
172Tonny Tang & Laurel MD65:29
173Lorenzo Maneechai & Reston VA65:43
174Meg Ruane & Silver Spring MD66:06
175Mike Gwathmey & baltimore MD66:18
176Laura Buppert & Odenton MD66:21
177Vatthana Chanthavong & Brookeville MD66:41
178Kimberly Walsh & Stewartstown PA66:49
179Alan Kierstead & Arnold MD66:52
180Melissa Laughrey & Dunkirk MD66:56
180Kelly Lesnick & Alexandria VA66:56
181Kira Wilson & Springfield VA66:58
182Jon Bertheussen & Springfield VA66:59
183Christine Kimmerle & Laurel MD67:05
183Jacquelyn Ethredge Busch & Laurel MD67:05
184Miriam Bizup & Hollywood MD67:18
185Virginia DeBons & Lexington Park MD67:30
186Kim Whittington & Dunkirk MD67:31
187Janel Pidgeon & Berryville VA67:49
188Melissa Rothstein & Washington DC67:59
189Jennie Stitzinger & Annapolis MD68:19
190Julie Arnold & Fort Washington MD68:21
191Erik Pelton & Falls Church VA68:26
192Jonathan Levine & Arlington VA68:28
193Christine Artman & Eldersburg MD68:29
194Kate Lambert & Washington DC68:40
195Megan Mueller & Washington DC68:41
196Adam Hurst & Rockville MD69:02
197Alison Montgomery & Reisterstown MD69:05
198Brian Mutschler & Reisterstown MD69:07
199Amanda McDaniel & Washington DC69:29
200Jeff Jennings & Upper Marlboro MD69:30
201Joshua Shaffer & Clinton MD69:31
202Katherine Diop & Cheverly MD70:01
203Jeanette Kaufmann & Hollywood MD70:18
204Jenn Augsburger & College Park MD70:31
205Britney Weidenthal & Ft. Meade MD70:46
206Diana Lawless & Owings MD70:59
207Jeannette Wolter & Hollywood MD71:02
208Julie Keim & Lancaster PA71:11
209Kelly Bacon & Arlington VA71:20
210David Newman & Bowie MD71:24
211Charles Ide & Springfield VA71:33
212Janet Meador & Owings MD71:47
213Kathryn Kienast & Davidsonville MD71:53
214Nicole Roberts & Upper Marlboro MD72:04
215Kurt Doehnert & Springfield VA72:28
216Tim Tuten & Washington DC72:56
217Joseph Pooranmal & Upper Marlboro MD72:57
218Amanda Cook & Laurel MD73:03
219Jennifer Eldridge & Cheverly MD73:06
220Annalisa Cooper & Deale MD73:46
221Michele Mutschler & Hunting town MD73:51
222Susan Walker & Chevy Chase MD73:55
223Miranda Bureau & Arlington VA74:21
224Steven Neumann & Berwyn Heights MD74:24
225Andrea Hoover & Owings MD74:38
226Elizabeth O'Connell & Silver Spring MD74:41
226Matthew Garvey & Baltimore MD74:41
227Sean Conlan & Garrett Park MD75:21
227Elizabeth Keohan & Crofton MD75:21
228Christopher Homhouane & Beltsville MD75:32
229Candi Bryant & Alexandria VA76:04
230Michael Granger77:29
231Gretchen Kallemyn & Upper Marlboro MD77:46
232Erica Greene & Germantown MD78:08
233Maryamm Muzikir & Silver Spring MD78:18
234Jamie Williams & Falls Church VA78:40
234Samuel Nugent & Falls Church VA78:40
235Tanja Crk & Arlington VA79:03
236Tim Van Vranken & Columbia MD79:04
237Eric Glasgow & Bethesda MD79:28
238Allyson Perleoni & Washington DC79:42
239Luke Martin & Washington DC79:43
240Joshua Harding & Bowie MD79:45
241John Reinhart & Chambersburg PA79:48
242Kristin Ferreira & Huntingtown MD80:07
243Thadine Wright & Indian Head MD80:18
243Liza Craig & Upper Marlboro MD80:18
244Jennifer Manner & Bethesda MD80:48
245Erica Templeton & Culpeper VA81:10
245Adam White & Culpeper VA81:10
246Carole O'Connor & Alexandria VA81:17
247Jessica Gatton & Washington DC81:19
248Kathy Tuttle & Churchton MD81:27
249Kelly Sharpe & Pasadena MD81:31
250Jared Feldman & Alexandria VA81:37
250Emmy Phelan & Alexandria VA81:37
251Amanda Ruther & Baltimore MD81:39
252Dawn Sherman & Washington DC81:44
253Jamesa Lewis & Takoma Park MD83:18
254Bonnie Templeton & Culpeper VA84:14
255Deborah Brautigam & Alexandria VA84:32
256Skip Auld & Davidsonville MD84:50
257Tom Huffman Jr & Keedysville MD85:18
258Crystal Riley & Cheltenham MD85:19
259Javon Daffeh & Windsor Mill MD85:30
260Beth Ann Stasiowski & Eldersburg MD85:44
261Patricia Keim & York PA86:18
262Melissa Gross & Port Tobacco MD86:38
263David Hirschmann & Arlington VA87:19
264Lori Murphy & Alexandria VA87:35
265Sharon Lipovsky & Washington DC89:30
266Tammy Means & Owings MD89:35
266Tabatha Kanney & Beltsville MD89:35
267Sharena Payne & Washington DC89:39
268Jenna Cambria & Hyattsville MD90:20
269Walter Feurtado & Centreville VA90:53
270Reem Sahad & Woodbridge VA92:17
270Gustavo Placeres & Silver Spring MD92:17
271Leilani Ireland & Mechanicsville MD95:04
272Maheswari Pidugu & Laurel MD97:21
273Tina Drake & Rockville MD98:29
274Maxine Norcross & Lothian MD99:35
275Vimi Pooranmal & Upper Marlboro MD99:36
276Daniel Froggett & Arlington VA102:13
276Pat Schuetz & Bowie MD102:13
277Debbie Reed & Gainesville VA116:51

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).