Jug Bay

RouteGadget and splits on both WinSplits and Attackpoint are all now online for this event.

It was a great day to be in the woods as temperatures in the mid-70s, a few puffy clouds and a cool breeze from Jug Bay set the stage for QOC’s season ending Chase at Jug Bay. Approximately 145 orienteers walked, jogged or ran the famous loops or classic courses.

The featured Long Chase was a 6.4 kilometer nail-biter right to the end. After quaffing their first drink and picking up the loop 1 map, US Team member Ken Walker, Jr., QOC’s Johan Aström and QOC President and Canadian stalwart Jon Torrance exchanged turns in the lead, accompanied by DVOA’s Clem McGrath and QOC’s Ted Good part of the way. The start of loop 2 almost resulted in disaster for Ken: “We picked up the second map, which had loops 2 and 3 on opposite sides, and I almost ran off on loop 3, but luckily was still following Jon when I realized the mistake,” he said. Going into the last control on loop 2 the three were within a second of each other. That’s when Ken made his winning move to gain a scant 4 second advantage by turning on the speed at the edge of the meadow from 11 to 12 into the beverage station while Jon and Johan took the trail along the bay. Ken increased his lead to 6 seconds going into loop 3 with a nice chugging split time. Johan worked hard to register blistering times to controls 14 and 15 to get within a single second of Ken. Jon pulled ahead of Ken after control 15 but didn’t hold the lead for long.

“It all came down to the moderately long leg to the second last control, a hundred meters or so north of the finish,” said Jon. That’s where Jon misjudged and had to detour around the community garden fence and Johan was hindered slightly by tall grass. Ken managed to navigate to the control unscathed, sprinted in for the last drink, then on to punch the Finish for a three second win over Johan and 17 seconds over Jon.

SVO’s Eddie Bergeron fought back after losing time going to control 4 with a flurry of top splits but came up a minute short to place 4th. QOC’s Dan Quinn was stalking the leaders the entire race to come in 5th. Aussie Amber Tomas from QOC paced the women and came in 7th overall.

QOC’s Mike Berry led wire-to-wire to win the 4.5k Short Chase. Videlin Aleksiev and Linus Hamilton, both from QOC, took 2nd and 3rd . Kattis Aström from QOC was the top women’s finisher and 8th overall.

Lots of food and refreshing drinks by the bay were enjoyed by everyone after the race. In addition, meet directors and course designers from the second half of the season were rewarded for their efforts with a custom QOC Beer Glass. Congratulations to Sam Listwak, who was recognized as QOC’s “Volunteer of the Year”.

This event would not have been a success without the many people who pitched in to help. Appreciation goes out to Glen Schorr, Anne Jepsen, and Elliott and Linus Hamilton for helping with set-up. Don Fish, Luisa Bishop and Kim Jepsen made sure registration ran smoothly. Eric and Joan Lyness and Amber Tomas helped with ePunch registration. Of course, it would not be the “Beverage Chase” without the frosty keg of Sam Adams provided by John and Jody Landers. Andrew Bishop and Florence Tan made sure the cups were full for the runners at the beverage station. Control pick-up was a breeze thanks to Johan and Kattis Aström, Tom Nolan, Don Ames and John Baker. Lisa Beck hung around to help with clean-up. Thank you to Dave Linthicum and Peggy Brosnan for allowing access to this great venue.

Thank you to Dasa Merka for setting-up and running the Silly Obstacle Course. It was a fun challenge that had people going for bragging rights on the surprisingly difficult “canoeing leg”!

Special thanks as always to Valerie Meyer for her ePunch expertise. Also, thank you to Heidi Onkst for providing the soft drinks for the picnic, John Baker and David Onkst for the music, and Kathleen Lennon for the QOC Jersey Survey & Sizing Station. Finally, thank you to course designer Francis Hogle for laying out the fantastic courses.

- Alex Bishop, Meet Director

Short Advanced

Course Length: 4.5 km

Course Climb: 105 m

Number of Controls: 11

1Mike BerryQOC43:36
2Videlin AleksievQOC45:33
3Linus HamiltonQOC49:00
4Elliott HamiltonQOC49:40
5Jody LandersQOC51:20
6Addie NolanQOC56:26
7Mark MaceQOC58:18
8Kattis AstromQOC62:25
9John LandersQOC68:00
10Frantisek BrabecQOC71:05
11Heidi OnkstQOC71:07
12Jennifer Stern78:39
13Don AmesQOC82:33
14Evgenia MatveevaQOC84:19
15George McAleeseQOC87:02
16Don FishQOC93:08
17Sidney SachsQOC105:57
18Amy LoudenQOC111:31
19Erica EllisQOC117:19
20David AlexanderQOC119:26
21Mike NewmanQOC140:55
22Lisa BeckQOC159:09
23Suzanne IzzoQOC166:46
24Diana ToddQOCDNF (41:05)
24Ben SwansonDNF (105:46)

Long Advanced

Course Length: 6.4 km

Course Climb: 130 m

Number of Controls: 16

1Ken Walker JrCSU38:49
2Johan AsromQOC39:02
3Jon TorranceQOC39:06
4Eddie BergeronSVO40:01
5Daniel QuinnQOC41:09
6Clem McGrathDVOA42:04
7Amber TomasQOC50:29
8Ted GoodQOC52:16
9Nadim AhmedQOC54:44
10David OnkstQOC54:52
11Gonzalo Fernandez56:16
12Victor LinQOC60:50
13Karen StratQOC62:10
14Jeremy DeBonsQOC62:11
15Greg LennonQOC62:20
16Peggy DickisonOK62:30
17Tom WellsQOC62:35
18Tom StratQOC62:42
19Tim GoodQOC62:45
20Kim JepsenQOC62:58
21Tom NolanQOC65:34
22John BakerQOC65:45
23Bryan GarmanQOC67:43
24Sam ListwakQOC72:11
25Joshua HilbergQOC81:27
26Kathleen LennonQOC82:19
27Gary SmithQOC85:20
28Bob RushQOC89:39
29Josh BlausteinQOC105:20
30David LevineQOC116:03
31Matthew Leybold159:26
32Bruce JohnsonDNF (128:21)
32Demetrius HollisQOCDNF (128:22)
32Dagmar MerkovaQOCMP (71:59)


Course Length: 1.25 km

Course Climb: 25 m

Number of Controls: 8

1Marc Blanquart10:04
2Catherine Hetmansqi12:40
3Sherry Hilberg18:35
4Max AhmedQOC18:47
5 Bianca24:50
6 Thiara24:56
7 Julia24:59
8 Olivia25:01
9Mihail Todorov30:58
10Kseniya TcipnjatovQOC42:04
11Samanta Anup50:50
12Indy & Cambria LynessQOC52:49


Course Length: 1.8 km

Course Climb: 30 m

Number of Controls: 8

1Derek Macnamara17:14
2Marc BlanquartQOC24:11
3Mike Stepanek29:37
4Diana Aleksiev & PetyaCVOC30:50
5Glen SchorrQOC32:36
6Yury & Daniel Kalish35:16
7Stephen Coffin36:32
8Charlie Field & Kirpaul KhalsaQOC40:22
9Bob Lyness42:29
10Florence TanQOC42:30
11Brian & Theo Norledge42:36
12Richard BriggsQOC43:10
13Christina Young & Gregory SalerianQOC62:15
14Adam IssenbergQOC68:05
15Robert Herschbach & Michael107:42
16Heidi Herschbach & Yihra108:29
17Pat Reeves124:01
18Peter WardDNF (60:01)
18Petr TcipnjatovQOCMP (67:06)


Course Length: 3.6 km

Course Climb: 45 m

Number of Controls: 10

1Marc BlanquartQOC47:13
2Anne JepsenQOC49:44
3Michael TonerQOC58:31
4Mike Sirten62:24
5Lydia AndrewsQOC63:06
6Deborah DoyleQOC64:27
7Jack LogansmithQOC71:23
8Chris TonerQOC73:17
9Christiana Logansmith & LauraQOC78:20
10Paul Smith & Adriana Smith79:10
11Geoff KronenwetterQOC79:13
12Lee ToddQOC79:22
13 BSA Troop 18981:37
14Jacob FieldQOC81:44
15Joan & Eric LynessQOC82:34
16Matt RatcliffQOC84:15
17Cynthia Lin & Darren Verploegen & Vera Pfeiffer85:30
18Richard BriggsQOC88:19
19Charles & Margar Fletcher90:01
20Ross Brinson110:52
20Steve CampQOC110:52
21Neil ArnoldQOC125:14
22Frank SigwartQOC125:40
23 GS Group 2125:56
24Steve Hershey & Wendy HersheyQOC126:51
25Daniel SheldonQOC166:29
26Craig & Courtney SheldonQOC185:11
27Karla HulettQOCDNF (59:05)
27Trish StratQOCDNF (61:53)
27Darcy GoodQOCDNF (61:53)
27Michael Mattson & Pete MitchellMP
27Patrick Field & Kim & Indra KhalsaQOCMP (66:46)
27Stephanie CoffinMP (131:21)

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).