Mid-Atlantic Champs

The annual Battle for the Broken Compass Award (aka the Mid-Atlantic Championships) took place on a surprisingly beautiful November day at the barn by the old grass field airport at the Patuxent River Park. QOC, DVOA, and SVO met again to fight through streams, bogs, mud, and briars (and some lovely open woods too) for this coveted prize. Thanks to all who attended, particularly those DVOA members who came from the furthest north.

There were 176 starts on all the courses. Results for individual courses are posted below; results of the relays are available here. The awarding of the Broken Compass will take place at the Susquehanna Stumble on November 11. It appears likely that strength of QOC numbers, with some regrettable assistance from Hurricane Sandy’s impact on the DVOA heartland likely keeping some DVOA members away, carried the day but we’ll wait until the math has been done before declaring that to be the case. Hopefully we’ll next contest the Mid-Atlantics unaffected by natural disasters.

Update: the score appears to be 507.9 points for QOC, 162.5 points for DVOA and 35.7 points for SVO so a clear victory for QOC. Probably inevitable given that DVOA members outnumbered SVO members by a factor of 6 and were in turn outnumbered by QOC members by a factor of somewhat more than 4 but it does give rise to thoughts of how a scoring system with more competitive balance despite such disparities might be devised to use next time QOC hosts.

In addition to orienteering, there were non-stop tag and chase games, vulture sightings, visits by horse riders, kite flying, football games, and general camaraderie and course/route discussions.

Many thanks to the wonderful volunteers:

A special thank you to Francis Hogle who set the courses, planned the relays, and arranged to get the controls to Dave Linthicum. Francis could not hang the controls or attend Sunday due to the death of his mother in Florida. QOC wishes to express our deepest sympathy to Francis.

A huge thank you also to Dave Linthicum, who took over the job of hanging the controls and setting out the water. He also picked up controls following the meet.

Registration, setup and packing up: Dwight Johnson, John Landers, Jody Landers, Suzanne Izzo, Frank Sigwart, Kim Jepson, Esben Jepson, Jon Torrance.

Epunching: Amy Louden, Heidi Onkst, Valerie Meyer.

Relay Coordinator: Dave Onkst, with help from Jody Landers.

Control pickup: Dave Linthicum, Dan Tam Do, Dave Levine, Sam Listwak (two sets), Tom Strat.

Thanks also to Joe Landers, the grillmaster, and Jody and John Landers for suggesting and then arranging for the daylong barbecuing of hamburgers and hot dogs. Thanks to Amy Louden for her famous cookies, Dan Quinn for the tasty venison, and Ashley Hicks for the “dirt” cake.

Mike Newman, Meet Director

RouteGadget and splits on both WinSplits and Attackpoint are all online for this event.

If you have photos or videos you'd like to share from this event, let us know by using our Contact Us form and we'll post them or share the links.


Course Length: 2.3 km

Course Climb: 10 m

Number of Controls: 9

1AJ RileyDVOA14:43
2Warren Weber16:23
3Nicole LennonQOC19:04
4Sammy FurlowQOC19:09
5Alexis MerkaQOC20:39
6Daniel SheldenQOC22:31
7Abigail FurlowQOC26:38
8Oriana RileyDVOA27:57
9Melissa WirzburgerQOC55:43
10Susan MooreQOC57:06
10Amy MuenchFUMA57:06
11Mark Beckman & Maya Luke & JuliaQOC64:06
12Charlotte KellerQOC67:25
13Martin Fleming & w/ FatherQOC90:23


Course Length: 2.7 km

Course Climb: 40 m

Number of Controls: 8

1Ben ChiovaroFUMA22:09
2Chase KaufmanFUMA25:34
3Brad ChiovaroFUMA26:37
4Jared GiszackFUMA27:34
5Warren Weber29:00
6Diana AleksievQOC29:26
7Andrew EstesFUMA31:43
8Max Policelli & Josh PolicelliDVOA34:14
9David MuenchFUMA34:30
10Andrew SzaboQOC37:21
11Pat PrudenQOC51:36
12Angela FurlowQOC54:38
13Charlie Field & PatrickQOC55:19
14Nicole AleksievaCVOC66:07
15Abigail Camp & SkilarQOC85:36
16Julia Briggs & JulianQOC90:18
17Vanda Tamari & Alex Tamari & Wahbe Ludwig104:19
18Julian YescasFUMANC (19:57)


Course Length: 4.3 km

Course Climb: 160 m

Number of Controls: 9

1Michael RodriguesQOC53:59
2Mary ThompsonQOC71:09
3Julian YescasFUMA71:59
4Al FurlowQOC83:15
5Ben Haeffele & Juleen Lam84:53
6Daniel Lathrop & Elizabeth Paul & EmilyQOC86:23
7Michael Stinefelt & Evelyn86:48
8Joe IschSVO87:09
9Mark BaughQOC99:33
10Alison & Rebecca Rodgers105:08
11Andrew Rodgers & Edgar Bennett105:29
12Olga BaranovaDVOA105:44
13Jessica MuenchFUMA112:07
14Robin Moon & Tami Graf116:00
15Evan LinkousFUMA123:34
16Bob AugustaDVOA123:38
17Patty PolicelliDVOA129:36
18Zachary MillerFUMA130:29
19Lee ToddQOC133:40
20Petr & Kity Svec135:59
21Amy LoudenQOC138:40
22Craig Shelden & Suzanne CourtneyQOC139:03
23Sherry SterlingQOC160:01
24Ashley HicksQOC175:38
25Craig LenhardDNF
25Lisa BeckQOCDNF (113:56)
25Hieu Truong & Tracy WilliamsQOCDNF (130:25)
25Steve Camp & Kim CookQOCDNF (164:12)
25Adam BeeMP (59:57)
25Kim FieldQOCMP (126:26)
25Richard Briggs & GeorgiaQOCMP (173:01)
25Michael DoyleMP (214:58)
25Jared GiszackFUMANC (102:01)
25Ben ChiovaroFUMANC (102:13)
25Chase KaufmanFUMANC (102:18)
25Brad ChiovaroFUMANC (102:50)


Course Length: 3.6 km

Course Climb: 150 m

Number of Controls: 8

1Addie NolanQOC45:35
2Don DavisQOC48:52
3Linus HamiltonQOC49:35
4John OrganekQOC51:45
5Rob WilkisonDVOA54:10
6Mark HicksQOC57:02
7Sandy FillebrownDVOA59:15
8Mark BeckmanQOC62:27
9Mark MaceQOC62:57
10Diana ToddQOC64:03
11Patricia MaceQOC64:46
12Chuck FergusonQOC67:07
13Ed ScottDVOA67:48
14Robert IV FieldQOC69:24
15Chris HemusQOC70:35
16Ann MacMullanDVOA71:03
17Lydia AndrewsQOC71:35
18Tom WellsQOC71:36
19Rob Briber72:02
20Virginia DeBonsQOC76:21
21Adam SzaboQOC78:43
22Edward EnsonQOC79:58
23Aaron SzaboQOC80:21
24Dan DoQOC86:10
25Esben JepsenQOC87:42
26Jeffrey Greger & Pixie the dogQOC94:16
27Eva MatveevaQOC95:02
28Edward MooreFUMA106:23
29Karla HulettQOC114:39
30Brett SidelingerQOC115:32
31Don FishQOC116:59
32Marit DavisQOC117:08
33David UrbanDVOA121:58
34Frank SigwartQOC134:01
35Rae Ann HicksQOC143:00
36Steve MonesDVOA145:55
37Kevin Morales & Gary K.185:38
38Dwight JohnsonQOCDNF
38Sandy AhlswedeDVOADNF
38Ioana FlemingQOCDNF (60:23)
38Brian FlemingQOCDNF (62:25)
38Kathy UrbanDVOADNF (154:27)
38Suzanne IzzoQOCDNF (170:46)
38Fred HillmannQOCDNF (175:04)


Course Length: 5.3 km

Course Climb: 190 m

Number of Controls: 10

1Tom NolanQOC53:56
2Tom StratQOC54:08
3Tom OverbaughDVOA54:45
4Amber TomasDVOA56:19
5Petr HartmanDVOA57:37
6David OnkstQOC59:02
7Karl AhlswedeDVOA62:28
8Tim GoodQOC63:42
9Ryan HannaQOC65:39
10Jeremy DebonsQOC67:38
11Corinne PorterQOC67:46
12Mihai SirbuQOC68:55
13Sam ListwakQOC70:16
14Peggy DickisonOK70:21
15Greg LennonQOC70:24
16Carl MuenchFUMA71:08
17Will PhillipsFUMA71:20
18Tom DelaneyQOC73:08
19Jody LandersQOC73:39
20Robert KinsleySVO74:39
21Dasha BabushokDVOA74:46
22Robert BairdFUMA77:28
23John WirzburgerQOC78:57
24Kathleen LennonQOC80:42
25Dagmar MerkovaQOC83:45
26John BakerQOC83:55
27Mike Rodgers & Beverley Bennett85:59
28Guy OlsenHVO88:27
29Heidi OnkstQOC88:48
30Gary SmithQOC89:18
31John LandersQOC93:41
32Julie KeimSVO94:21
33John SawykoQOC115:46
34Josh BlausteinQOC123:24
35Bob LuersenQOC125:36
36Austin LenhardHuntingtown HS NJROTC135:15
37Marit LuersenQOC139:23
38Nyall MeredithQOC150:47
39Brian FisherMP (73:22)


Course Length: 7.2 km

Course Climb: 270 m

Number of Controls: 12

1Vadim MasalkovDVOA59:15
2Iliana ShandurkovaQOC62:49
3Ted GoodQOC64:33
4Nadim AhmedQOC68:56
5Jay GelmanQOC73:43
6Victor LinQOC74:28
7Videlin AleksievQOC75:33
8Angelica RileyDVOA80:08
9Jan MerkaQOC87:14
10Daniel QuinnQOC88:28
11Tony GarmanQOC91:52
12Charles CarrickQOC92:45
13Bryan GarmanQOC92:47
14Kim JepsenQOC94:57
15Len PolicelliDVOA104:30
16Neal AttfieldQOC114:13
17David LevineQOC131:13
18Howie WeinsteinQOCDNF (120:09)


Course Length: 9 km

Course Climb: 340 m

Number of Controls: 16

1Ken Walker JrCSU67:58
2Eddie BergeronSVO68:38
3Wyatt RileyDVOA68:47
4Jon TorranceQOC70:44
5Clem McGrathDVOA73:15
6Dave PrudenQOC84:26
7Scott PlebanQOC85:01
8Michael StasiowskiQOC101:52
9Ryan StasiowskiQOC128:30
10Erik GrunerQOC159:46

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).