Mid-Atlantic Champs

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November 4

QOC Needs You! It's time for the Mid-Atlantic Championships, an annual event including QOC, DVOA, SVO and WPOC, including regular courses and a relay race. This year, it's our (QOC's) turn to host, so we want to see a great turnout of QOC members! Registration will be at the event; course details for the classic courses are below.

Event Chronology: For classic courses, register at the event from 9:45am - 12:45pm, start anytime between 10am - 1pm, and if you're running on a relay team, be back in time for it, and even if not, be back no later than 3pm. We anticipate starting the relay race at 2:30pm.

Scoring to determine which club wins the exalted Broken Compass Award. Similar but of course not perfectly identical to any previous algorithm, this year the total club score will be composed of 3 parts: courses, relay and attendance. The finishing scores are somewhat 'flatter' to spread the points out over each entire club. For the regular courses: 10 points for the winner down to 1 point for 10th place – maximum total of 385 points (7 courses). For the relay: 50 pts for the winner down to 5 for 10th place – maximum total of 275 points. For attendance: (200 x #club members present and participating) / total club membership (with fractions included so ties are almost impossible). Clear enough?

Update: maybe not, so some clarifying statements seem in order. Only people running the appropriate course color for their competitive class according to OUSA rules (here) or running up to a harder course, and running on behalf of a Mid-Atlantic club count for scoring purposes on each course - all others are invisible to the scoring system and can neither score points themselves nor prevent others from scoring points by finishing ahead of them. Also, if someone runs more than one course only the first one they run counts. There is no separate scoring for men and women on the individual courses. Note that, to keep the burden of computing the scores manageable, it is each competitor's responsibility to make sure the results list them as competing for the correct club and in the correct competitive class (though the latter isn't so crucial if you're running down from your OUSA competitive class).

Relay Details: The relay is composed of four loops (advanced level loops of 2.6k and 2.3k, and beginner/yellow-level loops of 2.0k and 1.8k) and thus a relay team will have FOUR (4) members. Anyone can form a team and a club can enter as many teams as it likes. The rules are: SIX (6) point (or above) teams start on time and the other teams start with a 3 minute delay for each point below SIX (6). There will be mass starts for 2nd, 3rd and 4th leg orienteers who haven't already been tagged 20 minutes after the lead runner on the leg in question starts. We will count each runner’s full time in the result. Below are the points according to YOB and gender.

  • 1942 and earlier – Male - 2 points; Female - 3 points
  • 1943 to 1957 – Male - 1 point; Female - 2 points
  • 1958 to 1993 – Male - 0 points; Female - 1 points
  • 1994 to 1997 – Male - 1 point; Female - 2 points
  • 1998 and after – Male - 2 points; Female - 3 points

    There will be no charge for entering relay teams, provided all the team members ran an individual course. If they didn't, they'll be charged as for an individual race.

    BBQ for You! Grillmeisters John & Jody Landers, well known from their past BBQ's at QOC events, have deputized Jody's son to man the grills and cook up a storm. We will be offering hamburgers and hot dogs to all orienteers mid-day-ish. Feel encouraged to bring your own personal beverages or additional (or veggie) food to complement the offerings, and perhaps a picnic blanket, ground cloth, lawn chair or the like as well.

    Time Change Reminder: Remember to set your clocks back one hour by Sunday morning! Time officially changes from 2am to 1am Nov. 4.

    TRAFFIC ADVISORY: The Redskins game against the Carolina Panthers is scheduled to begin at FedEx Field at 1pm, ending around 4pm. Be wary of associated nearby traffic on I-495/I-95, especially between exits 15, 16 and 17 (Hwys 214 & 202). Seek alternative routes if possible.

    QOC Members: Absolutely all members, especially beginners, are welcome at this event, and to both the regular and relay courses. The QOC Team Captain for this event is David Onkst; please email a short note to him with your name, gender, year of birth, typical course level (beginner, intermediate, advanced), and the courses you'll likely run (classic courses, relay, or both) so we can do a bit of team/club strategizing. This is highly encouraged but absolutely optional, so you're not committed in any way, and you should feel free to show up at the event and have a great time even if you didn't email him.


    Patuxent River Park, Barn parking area, Upper Marlboro, MD (Mid-Atlantic Champs)

    RegistrationNo advance registration required. Just show up and have fun!
    Start TimesSee 'Event Chronology' above for all event timing details.
    ScheduleSunday, November 4
    10:00 am - 4:00 pmMid-Atlantic Champs:
    Event Director:Mike Newman
    Course Designer:Francis Hogle
    Location Details

    Mid-Atlantic Champs
    Patuxent River Park
    Barn parking area
    Upper Marlboro, MD
    Google Map

    From the MD. Rt. 4 Capital Beltway exit, head south/east on Rt. 4 for 3 miles. Exit onto Woodyard Rd (Rt. 223) south. Immediately turn left at the light onto Osbourne Rd. After 3 miles you'll reach a traffic light and a junction with US Rt. 301. Turn left on 301 then immediately turn right at the next light onto Croom Rd. (Rt. 382). Signs for Patuxent River Park begin at this turn. After 3.5 miles, turn left on Croom Airport Road and continue for 2 miles to the park entrance, passing the junction with Duvall Rd. on the way. At the park entrance, continue straight towards the Group Camp Area (do not turn left towards the park's visitor center). Turn right onto the driveway leading to a barn and picnic pavilion when you reach a large field on the right hand side of the road. The parking, registration, start and finish areas are shown below on the arena map.

    Alternatively, from the Capital Beltway (I-495), take Exit 11A, (Pennsylvania Ave), Route 4 east for 8 miles. Take Route 301 south for 1.7 miles. Turn left on Croom Station Road and continue for 1.6 miles. Turn left on Croom Road (Route 382) and proceed for 1.5 miles. Turn left on Croom Airport Road and proceed to the park entrance as described above.

    From the junction of Route 50 and Route 301, take Route 301 south for 15 miles. Turn left onto Croom Station Road and go 3.5 miles before turning left again onto Croom Airport Road. Follow it to the park entrance and proceed as described above.
    Google Maps Link
    Apple/iPhone Link

    Course DetailsMid-Atlantic Champs
    Course NameLength (km)Climb (m)No. Controls
    White 2.3109
    Yellow 2.7408
    Orange 4.31609
    Brown 3.61508
    Green 5.319010
    Red 7.227012
    Blue 934016
    Course NotesMid-Atlantic Champs

    Map Scale & Size Notes: For the regular courses, the white and yellow course maps are 1:7500 and of letter size; orange, brown and green are 1:10000 and are also 8.5x11 inches; and the red and blue courses are 1:10000 but printed on legal size paper. All relay maps are on letter size paper and are 1:7500; loops 1 and 3 are the yellow/beginner level loops.

    Entry FeesIndividual Entries

    Non-Member: $10/adult, $6/junior (under 21 years old)

    Member: $6/adult, $4/junior (under 21 years old)

    Team or Group Entries

    Participants are welcome to compete together as a single team entry. Teams containing one or more nonmembers are charged the nonmember individual rate. Teams containing one or more adults are charged the adult individual rate. For teams to receive member or junior rates, all members of the team must be members or juniors, respectively. Each extra team map beyond the first is an additional $2. Individuals or teams desiring to compete on a second course can do so for a reduced fee of $2/map.

    Relay Teams

    Free for teams consisting only of members who ran an individual course. People running on a relay team but not on an individual course will be assessed a fee as for an individual entry.

    Important Notes
    • At the event, we can only accept payment in cash or check; online, you may use a credit card or PayPal account.
    • Most of our events use electronic timing. We will provide you with an electronic timing chip (aka e-stick, finger dibber, or SI-card) for free if you don't own one. Loaned e-sticks that are lost incur a $40 replacement fee.
    • Compasses are available at no charge, but if lost incur a $15 replacement fee.
    • Please provide collateral (driver's license or car keys) when borrowing a compass or e-punch.
    • For additional safety, whistles are available for sale at $1/each.
    • Free beginner instruction is always available - just ask at the registration table.