Pocahontas State Park, CCC Museum

An excellent turnout of 90 people showed up to go out in 60 starts in sunshine with temps around 70 degrees at the Post Thanksgiving Orienteering Meet held in Pocahontas State Park, just south of Richmond Virginia. The 3 courses offered were Beginner (White), Intermediate (Yellow) and short Advanced (Orange). No one can take credit for the good weather but other things that went well are owed to a host of volunteers. Thanks go to Ellen Stefaniak for advertising the meet in most of the local media, to Kristi Orcutt for getting the permit, and to Ellen, Kristi, and Alec Richardson for putting the maps together. Thanks also to Ellen, Kristi, Alec, and Harlan Williams for greeting all the new people and providing instruction and to Ellen, Kristi, Harlan, Kara Chaconas, Ruth McDorman, and Wendi Lucas for picking up the 27 controls on the 3 courses. Thanks! Without your help, we could not do this! The results:


Course Length: 3.5 km

Number of Controls: 11

1 Alec Richardson1134:54
2 Sam&George Walmsley1159:15
3 Jay Huggins1161:00
4 Kim O'keefe& 2 kids1171:00
5 Tom O'Keefe& 2 Kids1172:00
6 Jennifer Parham&Dan Thompson1177:00
7 Bebhinn Lynch&Meg Glasser1182:00
8 Kara Chaconas&Ruth/Rob/Aimee McDorman1187:00
9 The Florey Family (4)1195:00
10 Kamitha/Josiah Seguin1195:35
11 Kathy Taylor1199:00
12 Mike Brinkman&Lollie Hoel11102:00
13 Carla Wilkins& 2 Kids11102:10
14 John&John Jr. Piller11103:00
15 Henry Beecroft&Allen Massie11103:55
16 Timothy/Byron Guju11104:45
17 Brian Alexander&Dianne Moore&Bob Crossman&Sandra Baker&George Wood11107:00
18 Nancy Bladhegan11108:00
19 Audrey Karnes&Peg Myrick11109:00
20 Duane Brankley11112:00
21 Julia/Georgia/Julian Briggs11115:00
22 Rachel Braxton11127:00
23 Daniel Tapia11128:00
24 Elle/Ralph/Elsie Layman11136:00
25 Doug Brooks11138:00
26 Heather/Granna/Cecilia Curran&Tammy/Sean Daffron11141:00
27 Peter Bergstrom11150:00


Course Length: 4.5 km

Number of Controls: 10

1 Brent Smith10113:00
2 Horace Basher&Ted Salas 10126:00
3 Wendi Lucas10127:00
4 Doug Conner10150:00
5 Jonathon Taylor10159:00
6 Jim/Josiah Seguin10170:00
7 Megan/Meredith/Katy Thompson&Donna/Carli Cheatham10204:00
8 Stephen Barlow10210:00
9 Mandy/Carter/Alex Wilson10249:00
10 Nicole Taylor999:00
11 Bambi/Charlie Walmsley690:00


Course Length: 4.7 km

Number of Controls: 10

1 Mark Walmsley1048:35
2 Martin Farenneld1050:00
3 Erik Beecroft1070:55
4 Erminia Farenneld1078:00
5 Shawn Callahan1083:00
6 JP Hebral1089:11
7 Jim Seguin1090:24
8 Mark Williamson&Lauren Dunn10130:00
9 Richard Briggs9151:00
10 Chris Stevens&Krader Schood8135:46

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).