Lake Accotink Park

The first event of QOC's 2010-2011 orienteering season was on a perfect warm 80 degree & dry day with the Redskins playing late. With an AR race scheduled earlier close by, I was happily surprised with the turn out. It was more than twice that of any other National Orienteering Day event QOC has held at this venue. However I did have wonderful volunteers - Mike and Cindy Ford and Marit Davis doing registration; Heidi Onkst and Valerie Meyer with e-punching, Michael Bianchetta at the start, our ex-co-presidents Kathleen and Greg Lennon with too many jobs to list and our president Jon Torrance along with Greg for picking up all the controls, and Charles Carrick filling in as needed. Thanks to all!

The design was a Score-o. However, you could choose to visit controls 101 to 108 in the manner of a traditional "visit the controls in order" beginner course, control 111 to 119 as an intermediate course and controls 121 to 130 as an advanced course, all without the 60min Score-O time limit. It probably would have worked better if we had each of the intermediate and advanced courses on their own maps instead of using the Score-O map but everyone seemed to have a good time.

Although I have been both a meet director and course setter for 35 years, I still learned a couple of things: Green ribbons hung a month ago to indicate where to hang the actual controls were almost impossible to find later, and, don't volunteer to run an event the day after being in services all day for Yom Kippur. The latter caused Valerie Meyer to make a special trip to hang the epunch boxes on Saturday to the controls I hung on Friday. At the end of the Yom Kippur service, everyone wished for a good year. So I pass that wish on to all of you too, including your orienteering year!


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Beginner Classic

Course Length: 1.9 km

Course Climb: 50 m

Number of Controls: 8

1Michelle Holmes21:02
2Max LennonQOC22:25
3Nicole LennonQOC23:06
3Kate Danziger23:06
4Chris SalentineFUMA23:59
5Robert BairdFUMA24:25
6Esben JepsenQOC25:56
7 Bush Family (4)32:33
8Sam Guerrero (G2)33:14
9Paola GomesQOC33:37
10Kimberly & Peter Kaestner35:20
11Lillie & Maisy Feinegold-Sachs36:17
12Anne JepsenQOC37:03
13Sammy Furlow (4)QOC37:12
14Cindy FordQOC38:16
15Ricardo Gabriel Flores (G2)38:21
16Patrick & Jake FieldQOC39:07
17Jana Jackson & Randy Kuklis42:07
18Daniel Morris (3)43:12
19 Stefanchik Family (3)43:58
20 Stefanchik (2nd)44:06
21Kelly Smith (G4)QOC46:56
22Susan Moore54:41
23Edward MooreFUMA55:13
24 Kann (G5)57:41
25Maurenn Paton Tamara Majocha58:22
26David BishopQOC60:49
27Elizabeth WeathersbeeQOC61:01
28Andrew Andrew D Howard (G2)68:20
29Kowinbany AmbouroueFUMA68:34
30EB KimFUMA73:39
31Colin BrewerFUMAMP (27:11)
31Sim BrandFUMAMP (33:02)
31Don AmesQOCMP (33:40)
31Brand & Brandon NiemannQOCMP (48:14)
31Dylan LegerFUMAMP (63:10)
31Cindy MeadowsQOCMP (78:44)

Intermediate Classic

Course Length: 4.2 km

Course Climb: 110 m

Number of Controls: 12

1Jay Gelman & Sherman the dogQOC38:07
2William SchaeferQOC48:13
3Tom WellsQOC54:57
4Garron Haun55:23
5Edward EnsonQOC75:14
6Daniel HartnettQOC78:36
7Mike FordQOC78:44
8Louis RaymondFUMA92:12
9Laura BrandQOC97:03
10Charlie & Rob FieldQOC107:28
11Patrice Wolfe Lydia AndrewsQOC107:36
12Ken Simpson108:15
13Seth Crail112:56
14Kimberly Kaestner119:17
15Laudeir GomesQOC128:32
163 kids & 2 dogs Ozarowski & KahnDNF
16Sim BrandFUMADNF (49:23)
16Robert BairdFUMADNF (49:27)
16Ken Nick & John GwynnQOCDNF (67:33)
16Robbie FieldQOCDNF (70:56)
16Marit DavisQOCDNF (94:34)
16Mary Crowe & Sherry SterlingQOCDNF (132:08)
16Jody KiddFUMAMP (86:42)
16Bambi Walmsley (G4)QOCMP (112:27)
16Don AmesQOCMP (149:20)

Advanced Classic

Course Length: 4.5 km

Course Climb: 120 m

Number of Controls: 9

1Tony GarmanQOC50:09
2Don DavisQOC52:20
3Charles CarrickQOC52:52
4Shane HagermanQOC53:46
5Michelle FaucherQOC60:30
6Tom WellsQOC61:14
7Svetlana SokolovaQOC61:45
8James HemenwayFUMA61:54
9Kyle Bondo64:14
10John BakerQOC65:41
11Ryan HannaQOC68:33
12Mark MaceQOC68:51
13Heidi OnkstQOC72:41
14Kevin McCartneyFUMA74:37
15Anthony LegerFUMA75:01
16Patricia MaceQOC76:54
17Nyall MeredithQOC94:55
18Michael PastoreQOC97:43
19David LevineQOC102:41
20Frantisek BrabecQOC117:05
21James ThullQOC125:16

Score Score

Course Length: 5.8 km

Course Climb: 150 m

Number of Controls: 29

PlaceNameClubScoreTimePre-penalty ScorePenalty
1Joham Astrom5338:5553
2Jan MerkaQOC5342:3953
3Jon TorranceQOC5344:4053
4Mark WalmsleyQOC5346:1753
5Mihai SirbuQOC5358:1653
6Jon BertheussenQOC5058:3050
7Mark Harris5059:3450
8Andy Bacon4857:2148
9Daniel QuinnQOC4765:15536
10Kim Jepsen4659:1846
11Jeff DickeyQOC4454:0044
12Pat McNeillyQOC4257:2942
13Russ DamtoftQOC4259:1342
14Tim GilbertQOC4159:5041
15Joe GarmanQOC3866:46457
16Tom NolanQOC3658:2936
17Joe Briggs Marcella Cavallaro3258:3332
18Addie NolanQOC3052:0830
19Brian DolanQOC2748:2627
20 Lathrop Family (G5)QOC2759:4727
21Steve Mones (G3)DVOA2457:5524
22John SawykoQOC2368:05329
23Linda CorneliusQOC2251:2522
24Alexis MerkaQOC2259:1122
25Chance Crail2271:163412
26Bridget Guerrero2163:25254
27Steve & Suzanna McFarlandQOC1853:1718
28Kelly Stock1755:3717
29Adam & Stephanie RuskinQOC1157:0711
30James & Emily Sun (G2)846:438
31Michael McFarland455:064
32Lewis HartQOC085:082226
33Daniel HeimgartnerQOC0133:432774

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).