Route Gadget

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Maintained by Greg Lennon and Valerie Meyer

We have now installed the latest version of RouteGadget, which uses a new Java-free user interface. This update also supports the use of tablets and mobile devices (in 'Touch Mode'), plus a few other new features we'll let you discover. You probably will need to clear your browser cache and history before the new version can load.

Let us know what you discover - and to answer the first question almost everyone has, to make the map easier to see, just uncheck the 'Dim' box located towards the far right/lower part of the screen. Here's another suggestion: watch what happens when, after selecting several "asterix'd" orienteers on a given course and clicking View Routes, you mouse over their names, or, individual split times as shown in the upper right table.

Developed by Finnish orienteer and programmer Jarkko Ryyppö, RouteGadget allows orienteers to draw and compare their routes online. It is also a great training and teaching aid, and quite useful to course setters. RouteGadget can also replay a race showing any combination of orienteers.

Please note that maps and courses shown in RouteGadget are made available by QOC for personal use only, and are not to be distributed or copied in any form without explicit permission from QOC.

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