Patuxent River Park

Full write-up coming soon .. as soon as the Meet Director returns from the woods (48+ hours and counting .... he's still out on the Orange course, but is determined to finish!)

RouteGadget and WinSplits are now online and we highly encourage all to draw their routes, add comments especially if constructive or instructive, or just look at how others moved around this pretty flat - except when it was quite steep - and fine terrain while hunting for the occasionally elusive controls.


1Gabriel EwachiwQOC34:12
2Baxter HamiltonQOC34:52
3George Waxter & BriceQOC39:03
4Abbey FurlowQOC45:46
5Lisa Beck (second course)QOC49:15
6Cliti Shafer & QuentinQOC50:04
7Janet Delaney53:04
8John Wirzburger & Melissa & EvanQOC60:08
9Celcelia Borges & Melisssa & Art61:59
10Ana Lima66:14
11Alexis MerkovaQOC67:31
12Danielle Crittenden & GeorgeQOC70:01
13Josephine Crittenden & JonQOC70:03
14James Trembly & Karen70:43
15Robert Shafer & Emily MonaghanQOC75:11
16Finn & Adian DolanQOC88:18
17Courtney NurreQOCDNF (73:28)


1Valerie MeyerQOC50:31
2Jake VickersQOC64:38
3George WaxterQOC74:40
4Team 2 BSA Troop 1018 & Mark & Daniel83:25
5Kim FrankQOC87:08
6Lisa BeckQOC91:27
7Sergio Lima92:07
8Peter TsypnyatovQOC100:46
9Mason Baugh106:13
10Janet Delaney118:15
11Matthew Laskowski118:21
12Michael HaskellQOC119:09
13Andrew SzaboQOC121:31
14Nicholas NurreQOC122:34
15Joe & Jason Huesman126:15
16Team 1 BSA Troop 1018 & Jonathan & Benjamin127:05
17Elizabeth O'Connell & JustineQOCDNF
17Susanna McFarland & Stephen McFarlandQOCDNF (96:11)
17Chris AmmonDNF (112:32)
17Melissa HandyDNF (135:37)
17Team 3 BSA Troop 1018 & Bill & GavinDNF (146:41)
17Michael McFarlandQOCMP (95:24)


1Dave PettyQOC82:22
2Justin McDowell109:54
3Ben Maerzke109:56
4Donald Nicholas152:11
5Josh BlausteinQOC156:33
6Michelle HolmesQOC161:45
7Don ShockeyQOC171:56
8Amy LeechQOC204:50
9Alexandra SiessQOCDNF
9Baiba Berzina (DSQ/OVT)DNF (113:28)
9Briggs FamilyQOCDNF (120:34)
9Christiana Jack LogansmithQOCDNF (121:31)
9Parents Lathrop FamilyQOCDNF (124:29)
9Kids Lathrop FamilyQOCDNF (132:48)
9Chris HemusDNF (135:55)
9Meri WicksteedQOCDNF (136:37)
9Addie NolanQOCDNF (153:57)
9Gil TadmorDNF (155:52)
9Aaron SzaboQOCDNF (156:04)
9Troy McCurry & Ashley CarterDNF (159:52)
9George McAleese & Katherine & ElizabethDNF (180:18)
9Christina CoxQOCDNF (182:54)
9Sherry SterlingQOCDNF (223:41)
9Amy LoudenQOCDNF (225:56)
9Frank SigwartQOCMP (185:00)


1Linus HamiltonQOC64:00
2Elliott HamiltonQOC69:58
3Renam Cunha80:24
4Adam BarrettQOC85:07
5Brian DolanQOC85:17
6Michael PastoreQOC87:32
7Gail Edwards99:16
8Emily Clark Adam Trapp100:14
9Edward EnsonQOC103:13
10Jeremy DebonsQOC108:46
11Michelle SvobodaQOC112:40
12John & Todd Trapp113:10
13Dan DoQOC150:58
14Pat McNeillyQOCDNF (114:52)
14Mike & Pam Dvorsky (DSQ/OVT)PHS JROTCDNF (148:52)


1Greg LennonQOC77:09
2Andre Novaes80:14
3Mihai SirbuQOC80:31
4Nick MortonQOC84:09
5Ioana FlemingQOC86:55
6Jessica HickeyQOC98:31
7Dagmar MerkaQOC98:50
8Allvaro Lima101:14
9Heidi OnkstQOC103:23
10Jody LandersQOC106:26
11Bill ViennaQOC111:15
12Kerry ShannonHVO115:24
13Rolemberg Cunha116:46
14Tom WellsQOC117:35
15Mark MaceQOC121:39
16Patricia MaceQOC121:57
17John WirzburgerQOC122:07
18Daniel HartnettQOC123:01
19John LandersQOC135:21
20Nyall MeredithQOC140:41
21Mike FordQOC152:43
22Paul CammarotoQOC189:37
23George SchinkQOC219:54
24William SchaeferQOCDNF
24Colin Kelly & Alexander RomanDNF (115:54)
24Virginia StrattonQOCMP (107:14)


1Ted GoodQOC95:29
2Tom StratQOC101:47
3Daniel QuinnQOC103:27
4Jonathan Burnham122:47
5Tom NolanQOC124:04
6Shawn Brennan138:18
7Scott DrummCROC166:07
8Brian FlemingQOC167:19
9David LevineQOC212:14
10Joseph WhiteDNF (98:17)
10Michael FurstDNF (139:57)


1Scott PlebanQOC105:53
2David OnkstQOC112:21
3Victor LinQOC137:24
4Jan MerkaQOCDNF (73:06)
4Svetlana SokolovaQOCDNF (170:50)

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).