Hemlock Overlook Regional Park

We had a fantastic turnout for the QOC event at Hemlock Overlook with over 150 participants running 5 courses. The weather was ideal, sunny and 77 degrees and runners reported great course conditions.

I would like to pay special thanks to our course setter Andy Britton and our volunteers: Karen, Trish and Tom Strat helping at registration & setup, Dave Onkst and Greg Lennon who helped with beginner’s training, Heidi Onkst who ran the e-punch and download, Sid Sachs who filled in for finish and download support and the Nadim Ahmed, Mihai Sirbu, Gary Smith, Tom Strat, Tim Good and Andy Britton who stayed to help with control pickup. The event would not have been a success without all your help.

Among our 150+ participants, we had several new QOC members: The Velsey and Haun Families, Paul Weber, Diego Alvarez, Vanessa Lambert, Michael Bartlett, Michelle Svobada, Kelly Stock, Antonio Arancibia and Inigo Ahedo. Welcome to a fantastic sport and we look forward to seeing you all at future events!

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Course Length: 1 km

Number of Controls: 7

1Victoria BushQOC11:40
2Marilyn AlveyPHS JROTC18:44
3Andrew Woodhouse & Charlie Woodhouse22:04
4Alexis MerkaQOC26:06
5Colin Luersen & MaritQOC27:51
6Joseph Lemus & Robert JacksonPHS JROTC28:24
7Vanessa LambertQOC31:14
8Rosa GomesQOC33:10
8Paola GomesQOC33:10
9Kofie Bryant & Douglas StevensonPHS JROTC36:58
10 Bush Family & MiskiQOC39:20
11Diego AlvarezQOC39:35
12Kaytlyn Diaz & Sharde JacksonPHS JROTC40:23
13Lisa BeckQOC43:42
14Brandon Tilley & Felicia QuinnPHS JROTC62:28
15Joel ScalzoMP (49:26)


Course Length: 1.8 km

Number of Controls: 9

1Garron Haun & Gary Haun17:27
2Michael FrawleyPHS JROTC21:40
3Andrew Woodhouse & Charlie Woodhouse24:45
4Jacob SatowPHS JROTC26:15
5Brent SulhoffPHS JROTC27:50
6Sean McIlroyPHS JROTC29:07
7Esben JepsenQOC31:29
8Rachel NorrisPHS JROTC32:23
9Samuel KussPHS JROTC33:04
10Chris LuersenQOC34:01
11Antonio ArancibiaQOC34:47
12Garrett UrsinyPHS JROTC35:18
13Nicholas LeaplyPHS JROTC36:54
14Kerri Robbins37:11
15Robert BurgessPHS JROTC38:03
16Diego AlvarezQOC38:49
17Michael HaskellQOC39:55
18Megan DeneneaPHS JROTC41:22
19Kaytlyn Diaz & Sharde JacksonPHS JROTC41:57
20Michelle Holmes43:12
21Don Velsey & Graham VelseyQOC43:21
22Kaytlynn SextonPHS JROTC46:07
23Vanessa LambertQOC46:21
24 Van Winkle Family47:00
25Jayden FritchPHS JROTC47:49
26Troy McCurry & Ashley Carter48:48
27Michael Bianchetta & MarlaQOC49:35
28Austin HopsonPHS JROTC50:55
29 Ahedo FamilyQOC51:15
30Troy LeBlancPHS JROTC53:15
31Jeffrey GregerQOC56:11
32Robert Kaczorowski, SrPHS JROTC58:56
33Sean FoleyPHS JROTC65:48
34Lyric OakesPHS JROTC73:57
35Michael Monaghan & Emily Monaghan78:42
36Joey Angeles & Narim Angeles83:55
37Lisa Beck & Scott PlebanQOC93:39
38Richard Liebl96:44
39William BonneyPHS JROTCDNF
39Robert JacksonPHS JROTCDNF
39Christopher GrosskurthPHS JROTCDNF
39Kofie Bryant & Joseph LemusPHS JROTCDNF
39Vicky Velsey & Jarrad VelseyQOCDNF (40:55)
39Nick TilleyPHS JROTCDNF (163:36)
39Michael McFarlandQOCMP (60:28)
39Stephen McFarland & Susanna McFarlandQOCMP (86:34)


Course Length: 3.2 km

Number of Controls: 11

1Baiba Berzina45:12
2Heidi OnkstQOC51:16
3Jeremy DebonsQOC59:23
4Shawn Brennan68:45
5Dylan O'DonnellQOC71:31
6Andrea Ballou78:07
7Carolyn DennyPHS JROTC79:10
8Paul WeberQOC83:22
9Mike FordQOC85:01
10Mike BartlettQOC85:04
11Jeff StetekluhQOC85:12
12Addie NolanQOC91:35
13Gregory KaczorowskiPHS JROTC92:20
14Jay Rauschenbach & Jen Lennon95:53
15Jayden Fritch & Austin HopsonPHS JROTC96:03
16Kimberly DennyPHS JROTC96:31
17Ricardo FabilaPHS JROTC96:47
18Seth BearjarPHS JROTC98:21
19Frantisek Brabec & Heather MaherQOC99:10
20Karla HulettQOC100:52
21Howard Lenzer101:44
22Lydia Andrews & Alexandria FujisakiQOC108:04
23Charles GregorskiQOC110:27
24Halley PattesonPHS JROTC111:37
25Gail Edwards115:34
26Matt Stinchcomb & Leah Stinchcomb122:52
27Josh BlausteinQOC125:03
28Joshua HuntPHS JROTC126:04
29Pam DvorskyPHS JROTC126:46
30Thomas Osterhoudt & Karen140:39
31Cindy FordQOC141:57
32Christian Scheidt & Jack & ChrisQOC174:11
33Diego AlvarezQOCDNF
33Sherry SterlingQOCDNF
33Garrett Ursiny & Jacob SatowPHS JROTCDNF
33George McAleese & Kathryn & ElizabethDNF
33Amy LoudenQOCDNF
33Robert Burgess & Douglas StevensonPHS JROTCDNF (78:43)
33Jessica Hickey & Thomas & LilaQOCDNF (109:52)
33Laudeir GomesQOCDNF (120:56)


Course Length: 5.4 km

Number of Controls: 13

1Greg LennonQOC67:32
2Kim JepsenQOC69:12
3Jon BertheussenQOC69:40
4Peggy DickisonOK71:42
5Mikhail MatveevQOC76:32
6Kathleen LennonQOC84:42
7Svetlana SokolovaQOC85:41
8Gary SmithQOC92:59
9Nate & Alyssa Liefer99:44
10Nathaniel InmanPHS JROTC100:08
11Jody Landers & Noelle LandersQOC100:14
12Dave ScheidtQOC100:39
13John WhittyQOC100:48
14Tom WellsQOC107:06
15Robert KaczorowskiPHS JROTC111:20
16Reece BomholdPHS JROTC116:54
17Cory InmanPHS JROTC120:42
18Virginia StrattonVOC123:16
19Mike BerryQOC128:00
20Nyall MeredithQOC143:49
21Sidney SachsQOC149:24
22Noah DixonPHS JROTC151:48
23Brian Briggman & Renata BriggmanQOC158:15
24Tyler WisnerPHS JROTC190:15
25Beth Ann Stasiowski212:40
26Stephen ElandDNF
26Barry NoblesQOCDNF
26Kelly StockDNF
26Marit DavisQOCDNF
26Adam Heifetz FamilyDNF
26Paul StetekluhQOCDNF (63:38)
26Dan DoQOCDNF (159:19)
26Michelle Svoboda & Alexandra SiessQOCDNF (163:41)
26Loren Schmidt & James TruittDNF (190:15)
26Rhonda KrafchinQOCMP


Course Length: 7.7 km

Number of Controls: 18

1Ken Walker JrCSU73:38
2Nadim AhmedQOC81:54
3Ted GoodQOC83:46
4Jan MerkaQOC89:16
5David OnkstQOC89:44
6Jon PiferQOC95:26
7Tom NolanQOC95:38
8Mihai SirbuQOC100:30
9Scott PlebanQOC100:44
10Tom StratQOC102:13
11Sam ListwakQOC111:53
12Shane HagermanQOC112:58
13Andy Bacon113:17
14Michael StasiowskiQOC121:06
15Charles CarrickQOC127:54
16Kevin DvorskyPHS JROTC131:51
17John OrganekQOC144:24
18Kyle BondoQOC152:17
19John SawykoQOC153:59
20David LevineQOC172:42
21Tom O'DonnellQOCDNF
21Carson BennettDNF
21Howard LenzerDNF
21Jim Thull & Fred & JenniferQOCDNF
21Erik BeecroftQOCDNF
21Tim GoodQOCDNF (97:03)
21Daniel QuinnQOCMP (101:46)

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).