White Bank Canoe/Kayak-O

On Saturday, 13 August, the annual Kayak Orienteering Event was held on a NEW map about 20 miles south of Richmond, Virginia on the East edge of I 95. The venue was a 20 point score-o with controls ranging from white thru orange to provide a challenge to all. The under water controls required precise navigation and the wildlife was remarkable. The course was set on the Swift creek conservation area-a 450 acre wetland newly acquired by Chesterfield County with the start/finish at the White Bank Park Boat Launch. The cloud cover and temps in the low 80s was enjoyed by all. 35 people went out in 23 starts. Thanks to Kristi Orcutt for getting the permit, coordinating the map, and bringing 13 kayaks for those that needed them. Thanks to Ellen Stefaniak and Alec Richardson for putting the maps together and picking up the controls after running the course. Finally, thanks to Harlan Williams for loading and unloading the kayaks and then patroling the course to provide paddling assistance and safety patrol. The results:

Score Canoe And Kayak

Number of Controls: 20

1 Ellen Stefaniak2094:00
2 Joseph Flynn20102:00
3 Dwight&Allyn Hood20120:00
4 Nitin Paliwal20130:00
5 Sandra Anderson/Clinton Boze20137:00
5 Janice Jones/Dustin Grefe20137:00
6 Francis Konig20140:00
7 Katie Hathaway/Greg Miller20143:00
7 Anthe Koelpin/Cathy Hughes20143:00
8 Paul McCrosky20148:00
9 Werner Novak20162:00
10 Brenda Kerns20177:00
11 Don Yu20182:00
12 Barbara Kerns/Kylie McLaughlin20188:00
13 Jeremy Harden20196:00
14 Ted Abbott20201:00
15 Holly Kuestner/Bryan Gasto19114:00
16 Kimmy Anderson19133:00
17 Sara Fleming/Jared Dieffenbach19160:00
18 Janine&Abi Dodson18120:00
19 Alec Richardson18130:00
20 Duane Brank15199:00
21 Steven&Natalia Potter12121:00
22 Mark Lipschultz868:00
23 John Francecion1127:00

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).