UMD College Park

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The weather turned out great for our annual event at the University of Maryland. Thank you for joining us and showing your school spirit!

Many volunteers made this event possible. I would like to thank Ted Good for keeping the map up to date with all of the ongoing construction on campus, and then designing and setting the large Score-O course. Our faculty sponsors, Dan Lathrop and Rob Briber, were instrumental in interfacing with the numerous departments at the University as we prepared for the event.

Harry Jones, Suzanne Izzo, Dan Lathrop, Don Fish, and Silas Rager arrived early to make sure all the signs, registration tables, restrooms, compasses, and jelly beans were ready for the first runners of the morning. Amy Louden and Valerie Meyer took care of the maps, e-punches, live results, and cookies. Harry, Suzanne, and Jon Torrance were our registration volunteers, while Nadim Ahmed provided beginner instruction for the new to orienteering.

At the end of the day, after all the runners returned, the following people went back out across the campus to collect all the controls and pack up all the equipment for next week: David Levine, John Baker, Jason Hataye, Tom Wells, Parker Nevenglosky, and Silas Rager.

Thanks to Francielo Dalla Costa and everyone else who shared their photos from the event. And lastly, to Florence Tan who brought eclipse glasses so we can safely watch the April 8th eclipse (weather permitting). The glasses will also be available next week at the Granite event.
- David & Reiko Rager, Event Directors

Score Score

PlaceNameClubScoreTimePre-penalty ScorePenalty
1Ian DunlapOLOU4269:4342
2Ryan StasiowskiQOC4270:1642
3Ryan DunlapOLOU4270:3742
4Jens WiraQOC4274:2942
5Francielo Dalla CostaQOC4278:2142
6Stephen PepeDVOA4279:4342
7Carl LundgrenQOC4288:0142
8Matt SmithQOC3986:1739
9Max BouchetQOC3784:1737
10Michael StasiowskiQOC3786:5737
11Michael DickeyQOC3789:1837
12Bryan Hughes & Jamison3688:3136
13Elizabeth DohertyQOC3585:0035
14Christine DohertyQOC3585:0235
15Videlin AleksievQOC3585:1235
16Francis O'ReillyQOC3586:3735
17Owain Bryant3586:3935
18Diana AleksievaQOC3587:2135
19Dale MoreyQOC3486:5634
20Justin BrownQOC3489:1534
21David DohertyQOC3489:1934
22Silas RagerQOC3282:4532
23Nathan Kearney3287:5132
24Lexie BrownQOC3290:35331
25Mateus Dalla CostaQOC3176:4231
26Taylor DevlinQOC3179:3031
27Zachary HoughtonQOC3186:5331
28Roger Shanks & NoelQOC3186:5931
29Jillian DohertyQOC3187:0831
30Dennis DohertyQOC3189:2631
31Parker NevengloskyQOC3189:4431
32Nadim AhmedQOC3190:09321
33Christopher ZbrozekQOC3083:0330
34Connor QuinnQOC3083:0630
35Jared SilkQOC3085:4430
36John BakerQOC3087:5730
37Jennifer FauthQOC3088:2530
38Jana SeidlovaQOC3088:2730
39James FotouhiQOC3092:25333
40Jon TorranceQOC2968:2229
41Tate Stevens2984:5129
42Peter Foschi2987:1729
43David McIntireQOC2987:3929
44Serhot OzturkQOC2989:0629
45Tom WellsQOC2870:0328
46Daniel LathropQOC2881:2728
47Bryan Singer & KellyQOC2884:1928
48Gary SmithQOC2888:0328
49Martin HoughtonQOC2888:5328
50Nate DunlapOLOU2767:2027
51Matthew ShanksQOC2785:4827
52Victoria Emerson & RickQOC2787:3427
53Eric ChoiQOC2664:4526
54Peggy DickisonOK2675:1726
55Brayden Panazzi & Amy2678:2826
56Vitor Dalla CostaQOC2680:3626
57Francis HogleQOC2680:5026
58Julie KeimSVO2687:0526
59Casey MotonQOC2688:3726
60Nicole AleksievaQOC2575:5425
61Franklin FishQOC2586:5625
62Ed Joseph & LizQOC2477:1324
63Richard Fulton & CatherineQOC2478:5724
64Deborah Nicol & Andrew & Ben2491:58262
65Alexander HoughtonQOC2378:5123
66Po Wang2387:5423
67Michelle Liu & UMD2387:5623
68Caleb WithersQOC2286:1822
69John VincentQOC2286:5022
70Florence TanQOC2287:4522
71Tom NolanQOC2287:4822
72Patrick O'SheaQOC2185:4421
73Helen DohertyQOC2188:1821
74Sharmagh YepremianQOC2082:5820
75Mark MaceQOC2083:3420
76Jenny Kuenz & IsaacQOC2083:4420
77Paul House & Emily & Allison & AinsleyQOC2083:4720
78Shawn WilliamsQOC2086:4920
79David LevineQOC2089:5620
80Andy BennettQOC1953:2019
81Brian Ottens & Emily1981:1319
82Nicole Durkin & Jacob1982:0519
83Keg GoodQOC1990:06201
84Scott SharpQOC1863:5118
85Ian Blair & EvanQOC1873:4618
86Paul MorrisQOC1883:5118
87Petya AleksievaQOC1774:3617
88Nathan Cox & Michael & Tucker1785:2617
89Valerie MeyerQOC1789:4117
90Darcy GoodQOC1791:02192
91Craig SheldenQOC1685:5716
92Rob Son & Nora & Desmond1686:1516
93Karla HulettQOC1686:3816
94Beth Ann StasiowskiQOC1688:2816
95Richard BriggsQOC1694:39215
96Josalyn DunlapOLOU1554:2415
97Einar Olsen & KatyaQOC1583:5615
98Amy LoudenQOC1482:2114
99Kyle Brossoit1486:4114
100Carly LeannahQOC1486:4414
101Susan ShoemakerQOC1487:1014
102Mike NewmanQOC1385:3713
103Suzanne IzzoQOC1389:5713
104Steven MonesDVOA1273:1612
105Julia Consumano1277:4812
105Ronan Consumano & Anthony1277:4812
106Barbara Shanks & Levi & CatherineQOC1278:0712
107Luke Kovacs & CharlotteQOC1287:5512
108Karel SeidlQOC1290:21131
109Harry JonesQOC1073:1310
110Chanvicheka OukQOC798:16169
111Thomas Eby & Katie & Clark & Ella0111:321322
112Bernard Thompson0126:261237
113Yasmeen Holguin Villa0126:341237
114Christopher SongQOC0171:414182
115Barbara Gusack & CatherineQOC0183:411794

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).