Kings Landing

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Today gave us the absolutely nicest early March day we could have hoped for after a chilly, damp, rainy week. Although the creeks and swamps of Kings Landing and adjacent Natural Resource Management Area were full… very full in some areas… the bright, warm day gave us an early hint of spring for 164 total participants.
This was our first use of a shuttle, taking advanced participants to the northeast part of the NRMA for a remote start. That seemed to work well with positive reviews from all our riders.
In our volunteer powered club, no event of any size or quality can happen without our volunteer team.
Here are some of the folks that made this event possible:
Mike and Pam Dvorsky - Mapping, Course Design, Event Map Preparation, and Control Hanging
John Vincent and Dave Linthicum - Control Hanging (John also helped get a bus to the starting area!)
Valerie Myer - Event Map Printing 
Greg Lennon - numerous webpage updates and served as Registrar for this event… and all our others within recent memory, too!
Kathleen Lennon and Sharmagh Yepremian -- publicized the event and arranged a fun get together afterwards.
Mike Newman - Logistics and Sanitation
Harry Jones and Michal Jarnik – event set up
Charles Gregorski - Parking
Harry Jones, Jenny Kuenz, Angela Huesman - Check in and map issue
Near and Far Bus queue Management - Casey Moton and James Fotouhi
Beginner Instruction - John and Eva Cumings took the first shift followed by Miro and Dominik Honzak
E-Punch - Amy Louden, Aaron Linville & Lexie Brown
Photographer - Francielo Dalla Costa Control Pickers - Don Fish, Suzanne Shelden, and Richard Briggs -- with special shout out to Howie Weinstein and Jens Wira for volunteering after their runs
Clean up and pack out - Tom Nolan and Florence Tan
...and a special shout out to Charlotte Banfield and Francis O'Reilly for setting up a String O course the kids absolutely loved. Look for more of these in the future!
Thank you, one and all!  It's always a privilege to work with our team.
-Craig Shelden, Event Director


Course Length: 2.1 km

Course Climb: 40 m

Number of Controls: 10

1Linnea MorresQOC40:06
2Harry JonesQOC55:46
3Hilary Maloney & Wyatt & SkylerQOC69:31

Yellow Short

Course Length: 2.5 km

Course Climb: 75 m

Number of Controls: 10

1Yana Smith54:09
2Eve Cumings98:25
3Anthony Consumano & Julia & Ronan & MiaQOCDNF
3Adam BeeQOCNC (31:09)

Yellow Long

Course Length: 3.1 km

Course Climb: 75 m

Number of Controls: 12

1Liam SmithQOC31:23
2Valerie MeyerQOC50:00
3Moshe MillerQOC55:56
4Charlotte BanfieldQOC63:58
5Lucy SpanglerCVOC69:24
6Adam Bee & JennieQOC77:54
7Jeffrey Haskell & FrannQOC81:01
8Amy LoudenQOC84:31
9Patrick O'SheaQOC84:51
9Steve Gleason84:51
10Paula Hayes & KennethQOC88:31
11Gus Larsson & JenQOC104:20
12Merrie Beth NaumanQOC105:03
13Matthew Wilson & Maxwell & RoseQOC108:10
14Suzanne SheldenQOC111:48
15Sarah OMalley111:52
16Grace Kawakami & FaithDNF (89:59)
16Madeline Fallin & MelissaDNF (90:08)
16Erika Fallin & SherryDNF (100:41)


Course Length: 4.9 km

Course Climb: 6 m

Number of Controls: 15

1Justine BrocardQOC69:09
2Tanya Hinton & Anthony97:18
3Zachary HoughtonQOC97:21
4Alexander HoughtonQOC99:49
5Stephanie CoffinQOC106:11
6Matthew Green & JoshQOC112:21
7Martin HoughtonQOC117:30
8Matthew Uecker & Jeremy & Logan136:43
9Francis Watermolen & Brandon & DorinaQOC140:20
10Justin Levine & OghaleQOC151:02
11Jane LeggettQOC152:15
12Ed Joseph & LizQOC157:04
13Joseph Ramirez-Cardenas & AmandaQOC159:58
14Margaret BeachQOC197:26
15Valerie DouglasQOC198:31
16Rashann DuvallQOC198:34
17Tony MartinoQOC203:47
18Y Clark267:36
19Anthony Teolis & CaroleQOCDNF
19Safiya BorieQOCDNF (214:10)
19Monette BaileyQOCDNF (214:12)
19Edward Zawislak & StephanieQOCDNF (512:01)
19Tiffany CrowdersQOCNC (267:46)


Course Length: 3.4 km

Course Climb: 140 m

Number of Controls: 12

1Maria Brogren55:31
2David CynamonQOC71:04
3Daniel LathropQOC72:38
4Maggie PrudenQOC73:54
5Lexie BrownQOC77:54
6Patricia MaceQOC90:55
7Mark MaceQOC93:41
8Jenny KuenzQOC110:41
9Mike NewmanQOC145:11
10Suzanne IzzoQOC163:48
11Beth Ann StasiowskiQOC166:28
12Cecilia LandersQOC168:37
13Suzanne BrownQOC175:20
14Candace CarlisleQOC175:25
15Virginia DeBonsQOCDNF (62:29)
15Steven MonesDVOADNF (91:07)
15Clara Galeazzi & DiegoQOCDNF (125:30)
15Kyle MoraMP (103:24)


Course Length: 4.8 km

Course Climb: 165 m

Number of Controls: 11

1Mathias HolmqvistQOC58:51
2Peggy DickisonOK69:11
3Robert BriberQOC88:37
4Scott SharpQOC90:41
5Gary QuamQOC92:23
6Ginny QuamQOC93:45
7Joseph PastelQOC94:32
8Jody LandersQOC98:01
9James FotouhiQOC98:05
10Tom NolanQOC105:21
11Florence TanQOC105:26
12Helen DohertyQOC113:46
13Taylor DevlinQOC113:48
14Dakota Honzak & MiroslavQOC123:33
15Kyle DvorskyQOC128:02
16Franklin FishQOC138:51
17Colby PastelQOC140:11
18John LandersQOC155:41
19Diane MukherjeeQOC209:35
20Todd GazelleQOCDNF
20Mary SnieckusQOCDNF (104:05)
20Dominik HonzakQOCDNF (153:00)
20Reiko RagerQOCDNF (166:21)
20Chris Mullen & ZaharaDNF (247:28)


Course Length: 6.1 km

Course Climb: 195 m

Number of Controls: 14

1Adam SmithQOC94:48
2Justin BrownQOC100:42
3Dennis DohertyQOC105:48
4John OrganekQOC111:59
5Neal AttfieldQOC112:01
6Brandon CamachoLoudoun NJROTC136:25
7Paul CollinsonQOC140:06
8David DohertyQOC145:38
9Fallon MurphyLoudoun NJROTC149:41
10Michal JarnikQOC152:30
11Casey MotonQOC154:53
12Steve CampQOC156:44
13George HornbergerQOC156:59
14David RagerQOC159:40
15Francis HogleQOC167:23
16Zach Shurow & Duane & Kathi197:03
17Richard BriggsQOCDNF (119:32)
17Sharmagh YepremianQOCDNF (165:31)
17Lydia AndrewsQOCDNF (165:34)
17David LevineQOCDNF (184:23)
17Sydney DixonQOCDNF (202:36)


Course Length: 8.2 km

Course Climb: 230 m

Number of Controls: 19

1Francielo Dalla CostaQOC93:18
2John CumingsA/L144:53
3Max BouchetQOC172:19
4Michael SalsgiverQOC186:50
5Luke KovacsQOC228:55
6Charles CarrickQOCDNF (159:44)
6John VincentQOCDNF (198:18)
6Turkmen OzerolQOCDNF (209:53)


Course Length: 9.9 km

Course Climb: 260 m

Number of Controls: 19

1Jesse SpanglerCVOC110:37
2Aaron LinvilleQOC142:32
3Jared SilkQOC151:48
4Matt SmithQOC169:04
5Howie WeinsteinQOC180:12
6Alan CrouseLoudoun NJROTC185:03
7Michael StasiowskiQOC198:17
8Jens WiraQOCDNF (101:14)
8David PrudenQOCDNF (113:46)
8Romain JacquetQOCDNF (151:24)
8John BakerQOCDNF (175:09)
8Alexander GrayQOCDNF (223:58)
8Ritter Clevenger & ThomasDNF (248:18)
8Christopher SongQOCDNF (310:57)

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).