2024 Gambrill SP Rogaine

RouteGadget for this event is available. To enter your routes and see how others went, head to RouteGadget.

Flickr photo album for the Rogaines is here.


It was a beautifully sunny day for a Rogaine! And in no particular order, we'd like to thank the following folks for all their help in making this event such a success:

  • Michael Dickey, mapper and course setter extraordinaire!
  • Gambrill State Park staff for opening early for us and Austere Medical Professionals for on site medical support and tracking down 3 hour participant that left with out downloading;
  • Greg Lennon for running registration and emailing the pre-Rogaine briefs;
  • Amy Louden for all day e-punch and Valerie Meyer for transport and phone help all day;
  • Don Fish and Michael Dickey for cooking and food and drink;
  • Stephanie Coffin, Harry Jones and Ninely Murphy for help with registration;
  • After doing the 3 hour Rogaine, these folks still had the energy to pick up controls: Nadim Ahmed, Jody Landers,Taylor Delvin and Dennis Doherty; and these folks volunteered to as well: Sydney Dixon, JP Landers, Charles Gregorski, Gus Larsson and Victoria Emerson; and
  • Kathleen Lennon for collecting and editing the event photos.
  • See you next year,
    -John Landers, Event Director

    3 Hour Rogaine

    Course Length: 16 km

    Number of Controls: 22

    PlaceNameClubScoreTimePre-penalty ScorePenalty
    1Ryan StasiowskiQOC58180:37591
    2Romain Jacquet & Rodrigo Gramajo & Los companerosQOC47181:08492
    3Zach Shurow & Harry SchrickxQOC43179:5043
    4Ted GoodQOC42188:31519
    5Dennis DohertyQOC41181:05432
    6Nadim AhmedQOC39178:4539
    7David DohertyQOC38173:1738
    8Glenn PastelQOC33178:2833
    9Bonnie Hartmann & Matt Hartmann & Retired Frog Stomper33178:5333
    10Joseph PastelQOC32180:28331
    11Kevin LearyQOC31176:0631
    12John WhittyQOC31185:42376
    13David McIntireQOC30176:5230
    14John CumingsA/L30179:3230
    15Justine Brocard & Justine Colom & Las companerasQOC29174:4729
    16Kathleen LennonQOC28163:3428
    17Paul Miller Gettysburg Colleg & Emily Lyons & Riley Noland & Saiman AdhikariDVOA28179:4528
    18Jody LandersQOC26168:0426
    19Lexie BrownQOC26171:2326
    20Richard Chamberlin & Donnie Cornell & CorvusQOC26174:4026
    21Shawn WilliamsQOC26176:5826
    22Zachary Detweiler UltraWhy & Nicole Detweiler & Isaiah Detweiler & Jackson DetweilerQOC25168:3325
    23Taylor DevlinQOC25177:0825
    24David Rager & Reiko Rager & We're here for the mQOC22169:1522
    25Francis O'Reilly & Charlotte Banfield & Compass MentisQOC22175:0122
    26Daniel LathropQOC22177:0422
    27Margaret BeachQOC22178:5822
    28Linnea MorresQOC21168:1821
    29Molly Hanrahan & Kelsey Schoeman & Oozma KappaQOC21178:2621
    30Ed JosephQOC20170:4120
    31Liz JosephQOC20171:5920
    32Martin Houghton & Zachary Houghton & Alexander HoughtonQOC20183:51244
    33George Hornberger & Angela HuesmanQOC19163:1719
    34Ginny & Gary QuamQOC18162:1718
    35Keara Moore & Brian BergerQOC18177:1018
    36Franklin FishQOC18179:4718
    37Jane LeggettQOC17163:3517
    38Gary SmithQOC17165:4517
    39Thomas Jamerson & Erik Michalski & Team Gladstone - Tea17169:5217
    40Morgan Arnone17170:0717
    41Diane MukherjeeQOC17174:5617
    42Anthony ConsumanoQOC17175:0317
    43Robert Huebner & OUtah16113:4716
    44Helen Doherty & Lisa McDermott & Copper Ridge RamblerQOC16165:1416
    45Jeffrey BloomQOC15170:1415
    46Susan Summers & Joe Dirndorfer15171:3415
    47John OrganekQOC14173:1114
    48Jason Hataye & Meilynn HatayeQOC14182:52173
    49David Levine & Justin LevineQOC13174:2713
    50Tammy Barlet & Becky Patterson & Brittany Dymond & 2 Sailors & a CoastiQOC11158:2611
    51John James & Danielle Charette & Hume's Hooligans11173:2111
    52Paul CollinsonQOC10179:5610
    53Sachiko Flores & Keith Doane & SaKeQOC9185:11156
    54Justin BrownQOC8120:558
    55Jonathan Thiel & Dmitry Thiel & Thiel and Thiel AssoQOC7138:157
    56April Marrone & Zane Marrone7170:507
    57Patrick FarleyQOC7195:552316
    58Justin Nunez & Faye Berdoff & Steak and Cake5195:382116
    59Stephanie CoffinQOC4174:414
    60Xiaofang Hataye & Keira HatayeQOC2166:332
    61Harry JonesQOC114:111
    62Vincent Pham0209:56830
    63Francis HogleQOC0257:042178
    64Tessa SimondsQOC0DNF0

    8 Hour Rogaine

    Course Length: 32 km

    Number of Controls: 38

    PlaceNameClubScoreTimePre-penalty ScorePenalty
    1Brennen HallDVOA114471:46114
    2Jesse Tubb & Jens WiraQOC104487:511128
    3Francielo Dalla CostaQOC100453:00100
    4Stephen PepeDVOA90469:5190
    5Victor LinQOC90472:4490
    6Michael StasiowskiQOC89459:4389
    7Howie WeinsteinQOC78473:3878
    8Thomas Lane78483:34824
    9Stina BridgemanQOC68473:5168
    10Matthew KnightQOC67475:0967
    11Greg LennonQOC66479:3766
    12Ken Walker Sr & Charlie Leonard & Phast GenerationCSU60461:2160
    13Christopher Silva & John Ganzar & Not that kind of docQOC58462:5358
    14Jennifer FauthQOC57444:3357
    15Parker NevengloskyQOC55392:5655
    16Corbett Dabbs & Matt Barrett & EC TrekkersQOC54387:5454
    17Gary MaslankaQOC54452:5654
    18Alexander Gray & ForLokoQOC51299:5351
    19Jennifer WernerQOC49333:2749
    20Mike ChaneyQOC49333:2849
    21Richard Madden & Sydney Madden & uberTurtle and the H49432:3449
    22Dagmar MerkovaQOC49446:0549
    23Amy Grable & Jeff Radgowski & Speedy Sentinels48473:4448
    24Casey MotonQOC44460:1944
    25Michal JarnikQOC43505:376926
    26John BakerQOC41488:23509
    27Sharmagh YepremianQOC39479:5139
    28Mary SnieckusQOC39479:5739
    29Dawn SavageQOC38392:5738
    30Macy Krishnamoorthy & Tayler Peters & Safari Sisters38432:2838
    31Beatri BennettQOC38480:04391
    32Lydia AndrewsQOC38480:10391
    33Christopher SongQOC37492:555013
    34Robert Koehlmoos36493:025014
    35Megan Introna & Ann IntronaQOC34465:2634
    36Rob Field & Shannon Ford & F-F-FunQOC32466:5132
    37Luke KovacsQOC26503:595024
    38Christopher PuinQOC24458:4024
    39Jenny KuenzQOC19479:1319
    40Steve CampQOC18307:3618
    41Joshua Peters & Kumar Krishnamoorthy & Woods Wanderers13268:1613

    Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).