UMD College Park

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Because everyone visited the controls in an unique order, there will not be the traditional report showing the splits and how much time you each spent between the controls. Instead, please enter your routes into RouteGadget.

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The Score-O College Park meet was held at Kim Plaza at the University of Maryland on April 8. We had more than 120 starts. The day was sunny and windy with temperatures in the 50s.
Runners were given 90 minutes to complete as many of the 30 controls as possible. Each control was allocated 1 point and every minute over the 90 minutes would be penalized a point per minute. Many competitors completed the north or south maps within the allotted time and some of our runners found all 30 controls in both the north and south maps under an hour! Kudos to all. Chris Silva, Alex Merka, and Jens Wira were among those who brought groups of their friends to enjoy orienteering for the first time. Shout out to them for introducing this to their friends! We also had several families. I saw an enthusiastic 6 year old who completed 6 controls.
We could not have run this meet without the army of volunteers who turned out cheerfully and willingly. Thank you to Rob Briber and Dan Lathrop for securing the venue. Amy and Valerie were at Kim Plaza bright and early to set up the registration and start area and Valerie had sealed maps all ready to go, and as usual, Amy brought her delicious cookies for our finishers. Don Fish, Joe Barrett, Sidney Dixon, and Harry Jones, greeted Tom Nolan, our course setter, and I as we drove up to Kim Plaza. Everyone quickly made quick work of assembling the tables and set out the maps, compasses, and keybox. Joe and Sidney, most importantly, erected the large flapping QOC orienteering flags and Tom stuck signs at the entrance of UMD roads to direct orienteers to the location of the plaza. Access this year was particularly challenging because of road closures around the plaza due to construction of the nearby new computer science building and other buildings on campus.
Harry Jones worked tirelessly to check off attendees and efficiently provided information to all orienteers. Richard Briggs and Tom Nolan provided beginner instruction. Three of our Control Pickup runners called in sick that day but we quickly recruited new runners. Victor Lin, Carl Lungren, John Baker stepped up to the need for control pick up along with Jane Leggett, John Cummings, Jens Wira.
Thank you, to the volunteers, who made this Score O orienteering event so well run, and thank you to all those volunteers doing the same throughout the years. I am so grateful to have this community.
-Florence Tan, Event Director

Score Score

Course Length: 8 km

Number of Controls: 30

PlaceNameClubScoreTimePre-penalty ScorePenalty
1Joshua SanchezQOC3052:4630
2Jens WiraQOC3055:1230
3Francielo Dalla CostaQOC3059:0730
4Ryan StasiowskiQOC3060:2330
5Ken WalkerCSU3061:0830
6Samuel McAleeseQOC3061:5130
7Christopher SilvaQOC3067:1430
8Victor LinQOC3067:3130
9Martins JonassQOC3067:5630
10Carl LundgrenQOC3071:2130
11Justin BrownQOC3074:1930
12Matthew KnightQOC3075:1430
13Aaron LinvilleQOC3075:4730
14Peggy DickisonOK3075:5330
15Jamison Spicer & Bryan3075:5630
16David DohertyQOC3080:3430
17Sigrid RoedQOC3080:4330
18Oriana RileyDVOA3081:2030
19Nadim AhmedQOC3081:3030
20Haley Hunter-ZinckQOC3081:4230
21Max Ahmed & JosieQOC3083:1130
22Mihai SirbuQOC3083:3830
23Greg LennonQOC3087:4530
24Elishka Martinez & Milan & Carson3088:4130
25Steve CampQOC3088:4730
26Joseph BarrettQOC2944:4629
27Jared SilkQOC2966:5229
28Anders Sundstrom2967:4029
29Matthew WilsonQOC2969:3329
30Matt SmithQOC2970:4329
31Dennis DohertyQOC2976:5229
32Alex MerkaQOC2882:4228
33Elliott HamiltonQOC2884:1228
34Alicia WootenQOC2885:1428
35Lexie BrownQOC2887:2728
36Adam Martinson & UMD2888:1928
37John CumingsQOC2776:1627
38Kathleen LennonQOC2789:1027
39David RagerQOC2790:18281
40Jennifer WernerQOC2679:0626
41David McIntireQOC2685:3526
42Mark ThomsenQOC2686:1126
43Casey Moton & KellyQOC2686:5026
44Julie KeimSVO2687:4326
45Roger Shanks & BarbaraQOC2690:46271
46John BakerQOC2579:5425
47Serhot Ozturk2588:1525
48Nicolas Valbuena & American University2588:4025
48Michael Lewis & American University2588:4025
49George McAleese & Will2588:5425
50Heidi OnkstQOC2593:04294
51Silas RagerQOC2480:2624
52JP LandersQOC2382:4423
53Dale MoreyQOC2383:0323
54Reiko RagerQOC2285:0922
55Justin GreenQOC2292:02253
56Helen DohertyQOC2294:41275
57Patricia MaceQOC2184:5021
58David LevineQOC2186:4721
59Peter Kirchner & American University2189:4721
60Zhennan Lu & American University2085:5120
61Flemming Slok & American University2085:5220
62Franklin FishQOC2090:06211
63Debbie PedersonQOC1987:0019
64Po Wang & Michelle1988:4419
65Patrick FieldQOC1842:3118
66John LandersQOC1882:2918
67Jane LeggettQOC1892:04213
68Carole Teolis & TonyQOC1759:3717
69Mateus Dalla CostaQOC1770:4917
70Miranda Judd & Brenden1783:2317
71Kim Lopez & AlfredoQOC1784:4217
72Linnea MorresQOC1784:4617
73Abraham Glasser & Victoria1785:1717
74Patrick O'SheaQOC17100:332811
75Claire WinchesterQOC1685:0816
76Kevin Rohleder & Marcus1569:5915
77Mark MaceQOC1577:2315
78Vitor Dalla CostaQOC1586:0315
79Gunnar Bruning & Soren & Bennett1588:5915
80Sharmagh YepremianQOC1589:4615
81Melissa Carraway & Stephen1589:4815
82John Wehner1475:2514
83Jessica LopesQOC1476:1514
84Maeve Gallagher & American University1489:4714
84Renee Gopon & American University1489:4714
85Julienne Emmons & American University1489:4914
86Diane MukherjeeQOC1378:5413
87Simona Sirbu & Guillaume & LigiaQOC1389:0313
88Audrey Shen & AndrewQOC1391:36152
89Gary SmithQOC13106:073017
90Ella Lane & American University1269:4212
90Shoshana Coleman & American University1269:4212
91Dalvin Perez & American University1269:5112
92Steven MonesDVOA1276:5612
93John BlaisdellQOC1277:4712
94Nicolas Engestrom1165:2511
95Virginia Gomes1165:3611
96Teresea StinerQOC1185:5811
97Amy LoudenQOC1193:28114
98Terrance WellsQOC11103:162514
99Sydney DixonQOC1060:5210
100Eve CumingsQOC1077:5710
101Karla HulettQOC1093:36144
102Mary SnieckusQOC10108:472919
103Katherine Sundstrom & Lin970:139
104Cheryl Wilson & Maxwell & RoseQOC864:168
105Jonah Dunchak & Maia & Abigail883:398
106Beatri BennettQOC897:32168
107Lee Dunchak & TriciaQOC795:26136
108Virginia DeBons & KatherineQOC646:006
109Harry JonesQOC545:115
110Amy FriendsQOC574:565
111Michael Manteuffel & Marie & GiannaQOC456:474
112Ninely Murphy & JamesQOC375:003
113Jenny KuenzQOC0101:381012
114Richard BriggsQOC0102:221213
115Stephen Kelley & ChristineQOC0109:481520
116Joshua Ciceraro & CeciliaQOC0110:04421
117Wanda SalzerQOC0115:211026
118Fatmata Kamara & Daniel & J0117:091328
119Douglass Lee & JuliaQOC0143:292954
120Barbara Gusack & MoiraQOC0207:5826118
121Mitch Assurian & Did not download0DNF (92:07)0

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).