QOC National Event

For Royal Romp results, see https://www.royalromp.org/results
For Royal Romp photos, see the QOC Flickr Royal Romp Album.

Royal Romp, QOC's two-day classic national event at Prince William Forest, was a regal success. There were 451 total starts over the two days, with orienteers from 18 clubs from around the US and Canada. They braved the cold, wind, snow, and terrain on courses designed by Ted Good and Nadim Ahmed on new maps by Jon Torrance. The consensus was that the courses were challenging but fair, and the maps were outstanding.

On Saturday evening, around 40 participants from numerous clubs gathered for a happy hour organized by Sharmagh Yepremian. It was an excellent opportunity to catch up with old friends and make new ones. Thanks to Sharmagh for setting up the event.

Obviously, an event of this magnitude requires many dedicated volunteers, all of whom are listed below. Thank you to all who pitched in to make this festive event a reality. We would also like to extend our gratitude to Chief Ranger Brendan Bonner and his team at Prince William Forest Park for all of their assistance in setting up and staging this event.

With a bit of help from ChatGPT, QOC member Dennis Doherty wrote the following poem that perfectly captures the spirit of the weekend.

Ode to the Romp

In the heart of prince forest, so brown,
Where the sunlight's rays dance around
The Royal Romp meet had begun,
with eager competitors out to run.

Maps and compasses in hand,
They all navigated unfamiliar land,
Marking their way past flags and hills,
Through subtle contours with map-reading skills.

The silence was broken by rustling leaves,
As runners moved past towering trees,
The forest floor crunching beneath their feet,
Would their time be the one to beat?

The race was fierce, with no time to rest,
Each runner striving for their best.
Going past the river bend,
Pushing to the very end.

Finally, the finish flag in sight,
Each runner giving all their might,
They reach to hear that final beep,
Knowing how well tonight they'll sleep.

Now hope springs eternal on the second day,
Another chance to cleanly make your way.
Competitors arrive with a spring in their step.
Though daylight savings took away some pep.

The slate is clear, the forest new,
Now, the only one to beat is you!


Nadim Ahmed, Neal Attfield, Videlin Aleksiev, Petya Aleksieva, Lydia Andrews, John Baker, Joe Barrett, Beatri Bennett, Richard Briggs, Justin Brown, Lexie Brown, Steve Camp, Charles Carrick, Paul Collinson, John Cumings, Francielo Dalla Costa, Michael Dickey, Sydney Dixon, Dennis Doherty, Helen Doherty, Patrick Farley, Jennifer Fauth, Rob Field, Sandy Fillebrown, Don Fish, Keg Good, Ted Good, Elliott Hamilton, Paul Hession, Frances Hogle, Karla Hulett, Suzanne Izzo, Anne Jepsen, Kim Jepsen, Martins Jonass, Harry Jones, Matt Knight, Jody Landers, John Landers, Jane Leggett, Greg Lennon, Kathleen Lennon, David Levine, Aaron Linville, Laura Linville, Amy Louden, Dasa Merkova, Clinton Morse, Valerie Meyer, Addie Nolan, Einar Olsen, David Onkst, Heidi Onkst, John Organek, Debbie Pederson, Heather Phelps, Gary Quam, Ginny Quam, David Rager, Reiko Rager, Scott Sharp, Craig Shelden, Jared Silk, Matt Smith, Tom Strat, Mark Thomsen, Jon Torrance, Michelle Wilson, Jens Wira, Bill Wright, and Sharmagh Yepremian