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Bumble 2023

Bumble #11 was a BLAST! It was a day with perfect weather, 90+ mass start competitors running through five “windows”, nearly 100 other participants starting at their own pace on courses, lots of fun photos with the Bumble, and a good bit of mud (except for Michael Dickey who managed to do the Blue course with out getting his feet wet or picking up any mud! Great route choices, Michael!)
Congratulations to our Bumble Mass Start winners:

  • Peggy Dickison – first female across the finish line
  • Greg Lennon – first male across the finish line (congrats on paying attention and punching the final control, unlike Wyatt who missed it despite being a seasoned Bumbler!)
  • Joe Barrett – top competitor on Blue
  • Alex Merka – top competitor on Red
And kudos to those who snagged Time Bonuses! (windows numbered from north to south)
  • Diana Aleksieva – 3:00 min / Window #1, control D – THE (Michael Dickey visited the control first but failed to take the lanyard! again, it pays to pay attention to the instructions.)
  • Peggy Dickison – 3:00 min /window #2, control G – BUMBLE
  • Tom Nolan – 1:30 min / window #3, control M – HITS
  • Mathieu Patte – 2 :30 min / window #4, control T – JUG
  • Carl Lundgren – 2:30 min / window #5, control X – BAY
The Bumble would not be possible without the tremendous efforts of MANY volunteers both before and during the event. Maryland VPs Mike Newman and Craig Shelden made sure the permit was in place and volunteer tools provided. Greg Lennon did yeoman’s work to make sure online registration was organized to fit a mass start and notices were emailed. Kathleen Lennon pumped up the event on social media, and Valerie Meyer and hubby Roger prepped the maps. Dave Linthicum brought welcomed manpower to setting/vetting controls, and Nadim Ahmed helped figure out a last-minute Condes map challenge.
The day went smoothly with Dan Lathrop, Jane Leggett, Jen Werner, and Clair Winchester manning check-in and map distribution. Jeff Haskell and Turk Ozerol arrived early to do everything from inflating the new Bumble, putting out signage, and flagging a trail. Steve Camp, Jason Hataye, and Jeff Haskell (doing a double volunteer shift!) helped those new to orienteering learn the basics for a fun first-time outing. Steve and Jane got a the fire started for marshmallow toasting, and a cadre of folks helped pick up controls: Joe Barrett, Beatri Bennett, Michael Dickey, Chris Gross, Martins Jonass, Mark Mace, Shanna Sorrells, Sharmagh Yepremian, Howie Weinstein, and Tom Wells. Greg and Kathleen Lennon handed out t-shirts to well deserving top volunteers. And of course, Valerie Meyer and Amy Louden managed e-punch registration and results flawlessly as they do each week. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all of you. Your commitment to the club is deeply appreciated and valued.
Here’s to more fun in the woods. We look forward to hosting Bumble #12 in 2024!
- Heidi and David Onkst
P.S. The Super Bowl stats ended up this way:
Hoped To Win
Chiefs = 87
Eagles = 79
Thought Would Win
Chiefs = 94
Eagles = 72
Congrats to the 7 Eagles fans who smartly predicted that the Chiefs would win!


Course Length: 2.2 km

Number of Controls: 10

1Davi Moraes & Ana & JefersonQOC33:28
2Staci Schmidt & Colin & Josie & Lydia44:23
3Karen Mowry45:26
3 Elise45:26
4Warren Wylupski & Kate & 2nd courseQOCNC (31:01)


Course Length: 3.4 km

Course Climb: 25 m

Number of Controls: 11

1Mateus Dalla CostaQOC28:09
2Vitor Dalla CostaQOC29:46
3Kelly SingerQOC36:56
4Bailey KazeleskiPatuxent NJROTC48:33
5Avriel StowePatuxent NJROTC48:57
6Harry JonesQOC64:11
7Warren Wylupski & KateQOC66:43
8Arora LambPatuxent NJROTC68:32
9Zachary MorganPatuxent NJROTC68:55
10Gus Larsson & JennyQOC86:31
11Eve CumingsQOC95:37


Course Length: 4.9 km

Course Climb: 85 m

Number of Controls: 11

1Brett SherankoPatuxent NJROTC48:02
2Griffin AnthonyPatuxent NJROTC67:20
3Stefan FernandezPatuxent NJROTC71:11
4Miles CarlislePatuxent NJROTC84:01
5Patrick O'SheaQOC88:51
6Ed JosephQOC91:44
7Jeffrey HaskellQOC95:42
8Talon HockmuthPatuxent NJROTC100:32
9Shawn Williams & AliciaQOC105:53
10Tom GrissomQOC106:18
11Nicole AleksievaQOC109:50
12Suzanne BrownQOC109:56
13Petya AleksievaQOC110:01
14Alena VolkovaQOC110:49
15Chanvicheka OukQOC117:11
16Leah Nichols & BrianQOC125:17
17Charles GregorskiQOC127:43
18Zachary Maldonado & Wilfred & Nathan136:23
19Susan LeonardQOC146:27
20Mark MammelQOC146:29
21Jan ZichaQOC149:44
22Claire WinchesterQOC150:50
23Ivy Somers & Cassie & Nathalie150:55
24Stephen KelleyQOC153:33
25Donovan BojorquezPatuxent NJROTC170:01
26Keara MooreQOC181:04
27Erica Ashton & DorotaQOC181:48
28Devon Haneline & Makayla & Ethan & Venturing Crew 1577182:37
29John Koss & Marybeth227:32
30Liam SmithQOCDNF (97:07)
30Avian GonzalezPatuxent NJROTCDNF (102:11)
30JJ FurlanoQOCDNF (292:17)
30Lisa RendelmanMP (211:17)


Course Length: 3 km

Course Climb: 70 m

Number of Controls: 7

1Valerie MeyerQOC74:38
2Daniel LathropQOC76:06
3Savannah HallPatuxent NJROTC78:41
4Chloe CumingsQOC82:03
5Jason HatayeQOC93:23
6Franklin FishQOC97:41
7Kristina LundbladQOC106:25
8Mark Lundblad & MarkQOC106:31
9Sydney DixonQOC115:00
10Sharmagh YepremianQOC121:42
11Cecilia LandersQOC121:43
12Michaela Stephenson & SophieQOC131:10
13Debbie PedersonQOC137:40
14Amy LoudenQOC173:39
15Denise Baker199:17
16Y ClarkQOC199:21
17TL Washington199:28
18Tara Hall199:34
19Tam Graham199:37
20Daniel BrennanQOCDNF (69:16)


Course Length: 4.3 km

Course Climb: 85 m

Number of Controls: 12

1Peggy Dickison & 2:30 Time Bonus & 45:53OK48:23
2Elina BretonQOC54:01
3Greg LennonQOC58:37
4Joseph PastelQOC59:18
5Patrick FieldQOC70:36
6Jonathan BaroneQOC71:31
7Tom Nolan & 1:30 Time Bonus & 70:25QOC71:55
8JP LandersQOC72:04
9Kathleen LennonQOC72:27
10William WrightQOC72:49
11David RagerQOC73:45
12Elliott HamiltonQOC77:23
13Rob WilkisonDVOA78:43
14Bryan SingerQOC79:33
15Ginny QuamQOC93:22
16Gary QuamQOC95:18
17John VincentPatuxent NJROTC109:46
18Taylor DevlinQOC111:07
19Justin LevineQOC112:47
20John LandersQOC113:45
21Shannon CostelloQOC117:16
22Jane LeggettQOC121:44
23Julie KeimSVO122:21
24Reiko RagerQOC124:28
25Hugo Estrada & AlexanderQOC127:47
26Robin MoonQOC131:06
27Charles CarrickQOC132:16
28Shanna SorrellsQOC141:57
29Helen DohertyQOC152:10
30David LevineQOC155:55
31Donnie CornellQOC159:25
32Florence TanQOC162:57
33Bill JohnsQOC178:27
34Beatri BennettQOC181:11
35Suzanne SheldenQOC181:23
36Craig SheldenQOC182:43
37Diane MukherjeeQOC230:33
38Mike NewmanQOC234:11
39Wyatt Riley & Missed 127DVOAMP (56:23)
39Madeline Vetting & Skipped OPatuxent NJROTCMP (91:14)
39Mark Mace & Skipped NQOCMP (129:10)
39Andrew Massey & Skipped TLoudoun NJROTCMP (166:07)
39Tucker Boos & Skipped TLoudoun NJROTCMP (171:23)
39Suzanne Izzo & Missed 127QOCMP (268:31)


Course Length: 6.6 km

Course Climb: 110 m

Number of Controls: 17

1Francielo Dalla CostaQOC66:36
2Dennis DohertyQOC76:09
3Justin BrownQOC77:24
4Nadim AhmedQOC77:35
5Angelica RileyDVOA77:56
6Zachary ShurowQOC88:48
7John CumingsQOC92:06
8Justin GreenQOC106:39
9Tom WellsQOC110:10
10James PartlowTJ Patriot NJROTC110:50
11Neal AttfieldQOC111:32
12Jennifer WernerQOC118:47
13Ian InmanPatuxent NJROTC119:05
14Preston CarlislePatuxent NJROTC121:11
15Jody LandersQOC121:45
16Lydia AndrewsQOC123:47
17Dagmar MerkovaQOC125:29
18Paul CollinsonQOC129:55
19Steve CampQOC130:12
20Luke BeaupreLoudoun NJROTC130:28
21Cash CostelloQOC137:45
22Jeffrey BloomQOC151:26
23Deimien BojorquezPatuxent NJROTC158:38
24Turkmen OzerolQOC162:30
25Mary SnieckusQOC162:58
26Gary SmithQOC166:02
27Richard ChamberlinQOC171:38
28David GedneyQOC188:54
29Peter SchwartzQOCDNF
29Chris Stephenson & LeaQOCDNF (214:26)
29Adam Smith & Skipped TQOCMP (74:39)
29Jaremy Morgan & Skipped OPatuxent NJROTCMP (151:02)
29Jamison Spicer & Jamie & Graham & Missed 101 & 127MP (182:28)
29Luke Kovacs & Ankur & Skipped TQOCMP (212:41)


Course Length: 9.4 km

Course Climb: 155 m

Number of Controls: 22

1Alex MerkaQOC108:23
2Max AhmedQOC115:54
3Jared SilkQOC119:45
4Yuriy BulkaDVOA120:38
5Videlin AleksievQOC127:09
6Carl Lundgren & 2:30 Time Bonus & 128:08QOC130:38
7Mathieu Patte & 3:00 Time Bonus & 135:17QOC138:17
8John BakerQOC140:42
9Jan MerkaQOC164:29
10Michael SalsgiverQOC220:20
11Breno RibieroQOC235:45
12Jon AshleyQOC311:08


Course Length: 11.8 km

Course Climb: 190 m

Number of Controls: 27

1Joseph BarrettQOC90:39
2Christopher GrossQOC106:57
3Jon TorranceQOC112:16
4Ted GoodQOC116:22
5Michael DickeyQOC123:08
6Martins JonassQOC127:57
7Jens WiraQOC140:11
8Jesse TubbQOC147:02
9Howie WeinsteinQOC149:06
10Diana Aleksieva & 3:00 Time Bonus & 150:13QOC153:13
11Joel Ford164:24
12Eric GoetzQOC194:39
13Misty NielsenQOC199:05
14Bela MorganQOC213:27
15Brock MorganQOC214:18
16Matthew Focht259:40
17Francis HogleQOC307:15
18Saleena DeVoreQOCDNF (237:25)
18Matt Smith & Skipped QQOCMP (135:48)

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).