Fountainhead West

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FH West

Fountainhead West provided another amazing day of orienteering for all who participated! Fantastic Fall weather made for nearly ideal conditions for getting out and soaking up the beautiful scenery that we love at Fountainhead. Matt Smith put together a challenging set of courses covering everything from White to Blue that gave participants a chance to exercise every skill in their orienteering arsenal. 180 intrepid individuals and groups started and battled the steep terrain and tricky navigational puzzles they encountered.
This year the volunteer team supported starts and finishes at both the event base at the Bull Run Marina end and remotely at the Kegley House on Wolf Run Shoals Road. Advanced courses (and Orange) shuttled out to Kegley house as the courses designed were put together to cover the best terrain at Fountainhead.
A huge thanks to all who helped to make the day a success!
- Harry Jones and John Organek made quick work of the registration area set up
- Harry and Lexie Brown adeptly managed all the registration work and got participants routed through all the follow-on steps so they could start successfully
- Sydney Dixon and Don Fish provided expert guidance as they help out some of our beginning groups with instruction
- Charles Carrick, Jody Landers, and Justin Green helped ensure our shuttle bus experience operated like a well-oiled machine. Chariots for Hire provided excellent shuttle bus service.
- Control Pick-up was expertly executed by Linnea Morres, Bill Wright, Aaron Linville, Kim Jepsen, Patrick Farley, Jody Landers, John Landers, and Richard Briggs, all who somehow didn’t think they had gotten enough mileage in on their earlier courses.
- Expert maps and results management was provided by Valerie and Roger Meyer
- And, we couldn’t have executed the event without our super dedicated Epunch team: Amy Louden and Valerie Meyer
It was a great day to be out in the woods!
- Paul Hession, Event Director


Course Length: 2.4 km

Course Climb: 100 m

Number of Controls: 8

1Jay ColavitaQOC112:18
2Dave StefantzQOC121:28
3Carlos GoivaesQOCDNF
3Harry JonesQOCDNF (35:17)
3Joshua Champagne & JacobDNF (129:50)
3Diane WoolheaterQOCDNF (161:00)


Course Length: 4.1 km

Course Climb: 160 m

Number of Controls: 10

1Daniel LathropQOC69:55
2Linnea MorresQOC79:20
3Frantisek BrabecQOC86:47
4Jim Moffett & James94:53
5Ilona Johnson & LeahQOC101:31
6Franklin FishQOC107:44
7Chloe Ritter & Casey & Mega & Larissa117:13
8Beth Sanchez & HermanQOC132:06
9Clara Galeazzi & Diego134:06
10Nicholas Turza & ChantelQOC134:10
11Meilynn HatayeQOC138:09
12Sidney SachsQOC141:23
13Ryan Sisco & Jack & Troop 1865149:33
14Megan ZontekQOC152:32
15Amy LoudenQOC156:23
16Grant Reynolds & Jack & Troop 1865 1159:42
17Andrew Pomerance & Eleanor & Sebastian167:46
18Daniel Fink168:29
19Daniel Fink II & Samantha & COnnor & Aislynn168:32
20Jeremiah Miller & Christina & Gannon176:41
21Joshua CiceraroQOC179:43
22Xiaofang Hataye & KeiraQOC183:34
23Ben Wilkes & Han & Troop 1865200:12
24Jace Mills & Jin & Troop 1865202:14
25Lawrence Bradley & Colin & Troop 1865203:10
26James ChaplinQOC300:11
27Dennis Walters & LoriDNF
27Mandeep Bedi & AashitaDNF
27Valerie MeyerQOCDNF (96:33)
27Mr. Brian MurphyLoudoun NJROTCDNF (101:17)
27Fallon FetterolfLoudoun NJROTCDNF (118:00)
27Linda CorneliusQOCDNF (118:35)
27Lex RoderickLoudoun NJROTCDNF (167:40)
27Alex Forbes & KriziaDNF (180:58)
27Matthew Green & JoshQOCMP
27Brady AppelLoudoun NJROTCMP (111:09)
27Mr. Dom ScuricLoudoun NJROTCMP (150:20)
27Whitney Calavenna & Alexis & MelanieMP (199:15)


Course Length: 5.2 km

Course Climb: 225 m

Number of Controls: 9

1Liam SmithQOC108:51
2Sam EdwardsLoudoun NJROTC118:59
3Jim AndressQOC125:16
4Lexie BrownQOC135:29
5Addison LarrowQOC136:20
6Dale MoreyQOC136:36
7Hannah Edwards141:53
8Alicia WootenQOC141:55
9Simon StephensonQOC147:35
10Daniel Aaron & MaxQOC147:54
11Michael TysonQOC151:05
12Hideharu TanakaQOC152:12
13Madelyn HomaLoudoun NJROTC158:50
14Michael SalsgiverQOC160:09
15Mary HomaLoudoun NJROTC161:15
16Jordan BruceLoudoun NJROTC166:36
17Matthew Knight & LynnQOC171:54
18Patrick O'SheaQOC183:25
19Ryan SquiresQOC186:50
20Tavia SullensQOC200:51
21Micah WollamLoudoun NJROTC203:59
22Christian Slavin & Nanami208:26
23Shannon FordQOCDNF
23Miles GhimDNF
23Chip BeckerQOCDNF
23Simon FalibotaTJ Patriot NJROTCDNF (121:29)
23Aaron BuxserQOCDNF (130:52)
23Tovia MuysLoudoun NJROTCDNF (149:57)
23Sander BottLoudoun NJROTCDNF (150:00)
23Jack StevensLoudoun NJROTCDNF (150:11)
23Charles GregorskiQOCDNF (172:06)
23Grace KirstenLoudoun NJROTCDNF (178:38)
23Debbie PedersonQOCDNF (183:03)
23Nik ScuricLoudoun NJROTCDNF (184:15)
23Connor ColavitaLoudoun NJROTCDNF (186:51)
23Easton PorterLoudoun NJROTCDNF (196:05)
23Cindy IngallsQOCDNF (223:03)
23Zach BellLoudoun NJROTCDNF (223:59)
23Warren WylupskiQOCDNF (225:39)
23Nyall MeredithQOCDNF (251:09)
23Shamus O'HaraLoudoun NJROTCMP (122:51)
23Mrs. Debbie deLadurantayeLoudoun NJROTCMP (176:00)


Course Length: 4.9 km

Course Climb: 225 m

Number of Controls: 13

1Samantha WalkerQOC77:20
2Tom StratQOC80:56
3Melia BuggTJ Patriot NJROTC86:19
4Jody LandersQOC93:05
5Robert BriberQOC110:13
6Dan BuckleyQOC130:22
7Robert FawcettQOC139:30
8John Reddick & Jason & Sheena Lyn160:54
9Rob Field & AndreasQOC161:53
10Fallon MurphyLoudoun NJROTC164:15
11Michael MillerTJ Patriot NJROTC167:10
12Anish NagalaLoudoun NJROTC173:10
13Jason HatayeQOC194:20
14Cecilia LandersQOC200:18
15Jon NadQOC246:12
16Helen DohertyQOCDNF
16Chiara DaviesDNF (52:13)
16Keg GoodQOCDNF (107:14)
16Wendy WroblewskiQOCDNF (114:34)
16William WrightQOCDNF (117:04)
16Russell DamtoftQOCDNF (130:35)
16Shanna SorrellsQOCDNF (139:24)
16Richard BriggsQOCDNF (142:17)
16Sydney DixonQOCDNF (145:55)
16Nadim AhmedQOCDNF (146:30)
16Sharmagh YepremianQOCDNF (148:01)
16Beatri BennettQOCDNF (148:04)
16Jenny KuenzQOCDNF (148:23)
16Suzanne SheldenQOCDNF (152:03)
16Craig SheldenQOCDNF (152:13)
16Tom GrissomQOCDNF (164:58)
16Josh TaylorLoudoun NJROTCDNF (166:29)
16Mark GiardinaLoudoun NJROTCDNF (176:13)
16Jayden PearsonLoudoun NJROTCDNF (176:22)
16Parker Nevenglosky & DawnQOCDNF (190:08)
16Noel Di BeneLoudoun NJROTCDNF (204:35)
16John LandersQOCDNF (211:29)
16Peggy DickisonOKMP (111:32)


Course Length: 6.1 km

Course Climb: 295 m

Number of Controls: 17

1Francielo Dalla CostaQOC70:09
2Dennis DohertyQOC81:34
3David DohertyQOC95:18
4Tom NolanQOC98:35
5Glenn PastelQOC99:44
6Adelaide NolanQOC105:23
7Bill JohnsLoudoun NJROTC117:34
8William ViennaQOC118:49
9Tom WellsQOC131:21
10Will ChesarekQOC140:17
11Greg PalardyQOC145:56
12David RagerQOC151:10
13Benjamin LierniLoudoun NJROTC169:12
14Andrew MasseyLoudoun NJROTC172:25
15Brandon CamachoLoudoun NJROTC173:10
16Sarah Sorenson & MatthewQOC184:36
17Shea JonesQOC206:28
18Francis HogleQOC207:05
19Casey MotonQOC216:09
20Esben JepsenQOCDNF
20Zach Clayton & RyanDNF
20Shawn WilliamsQOCDNF (96:50)
20Jaden GillespieLoudoun NJROTCDNF (124:43)
20Heidi OnkstQOCDNF (129:26)
20Logan deLadurantayeLoudoun NJROTCDNF (175:10)
20Dylan JohnsonLoudoun NJROTCDNF (175:15)
20Tyler JonesDNF (210:52)


Course Length: 7.8 km

Course Climb: 350 m

Number of Controls: 16

1Patrick FieldQOC104:49
2Alan CrouseLoudoun NJROTC139:33
3Charles CarrickQOC156:24
4George HornbergerQOC169:59
5Patrick FarleyQOC185:35
6John OrganekQOC206:55
7Lydia AndrewsQOC219:27
8Heather PhelpsQOC240:56
9Emerson Deni & DanieleQOC251:12
10Alexander RuegeDNF
10Luke KovacsQOCDNF
10Kim JepsenQOCDNF (95:51)
10Christopher ZbrozekQOCDNF (102:17)
10Diana AleksievaQOCDNF (152:46)
10John CumingsQOCDNF (178:31)
10Andrew WilsonLoudoun NJROTCDNF (198:04)


Course Length: 8.3 km

Course Climb: 370 m

Number of Controls: 21

1Ken WalkerCSU86:39
2Jesse Spangler87:45
3Stephen Pepe98:18
4Alex AzarovQOC103:24
5Aaron LinvilleQOC115:00
6Victor LinQOC118:20
7Samuel McAleeseQOC120:30
8Ted GoodQOC121:12
9Jared SilkQOC132:48
10Videlin AleksievQOC134:20
11Michael Du PlessisLoudoun NJROTC149:02
12Justin BrownQOC165:50
13Howie WeinsteinQOCDNF (172:45)

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).