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Despite a soggy Saturday and rain until early Sunday morning, the sun broke through and we had a great day for orienteering at Wheaton Regional Park. With 178 pre-registrations, 226 starts and 310 people, the day was enjoyed by many.
These weekly events happen due to the hard work of volunteers, both behind the scenes and day of the event. Thanks goes to quite a few people for this event! VPs Craig Shelden and Mike Newman helped with logistics of the event and permits, ensuring today could happen. Greg Lennon worked hard keeping the website updated, answering countless questions, and handling online registration. Course Designers Addie Nolan and Glenn Pastel designed and set up fun and challenging courses. Addie and Tom Nolan worked diligently Saturday (in the rain no less) to ensure controls were up and ready.
Don Fish was at Wheaton bright and early, bringing the kit, helping with set up, making sure signs were displayed properly to point attendees in the right direction, setting up start/finish, helping with beginner instruction and packing up…amongst the many, many other things he does for QOC. Thank you SO much, Don.
Ninely Murphy arrived early to help with set up (and popping to my house to pick up a forgotten item). Harry Jones, Greg Palardy and Allison Gerson (a first-time volunteer!) handled registration with ease. Joe Pastel, Jason and Meilynn Hataye (still our youngest volunteer!), Sydney Dixon and John Baker gave beginner instruction to anyone new or who wanted a refresher. Lydia Andrews stepped in and answered questions regarding maps and beginner instruction as well! Adam Smith set up a fun course for juniors and graciously opened it up to any one who wanted to test out a beginner's course.
Vido Aleksiev recruited a couple new volunteers today – we cannot stress enough how much we value our volunteers and love when newcomers express interest in volunteering. To find out more, click here:
Thanks to Matt Smith for bringing two delicious cakes to bid farewell to a friend and valued club member. Those of us who stayed later thoroughly enjoyed the sugar rush.
Control pick-up was handled by a most superb team: Michal Jarnik, Beàtri Bennett, Steve Camp, Tom Wells, Joe Barrett, Mathais Holmqvist (another first-time volunteer!), John Baker and Jared Silk. Thank you for going back out after running your own courses!
Clean-up was a breeze with the help of many: Don Fish, Jenny Kuenz, Beàtri Bennett, Michael Jarnik and Sydney Dixon.
As always, thank you to our amazing e-punch team: Amy Louden (who also makes delicious cookies for every single event) and Valerie Meyer (who prints out all the maps and clue sheets for every single event with hubby Roger Meyer).
Behind the scenes thank you: Kathleen Lennon for all her hard work on social media (did you know she runs QOC’s Facebook, Instagram and Flickr pages?), and Sid Sachs for providing stats and tallying points after every event.
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: it takes a village. Thank you to this amazing village for making QOC events such a huge success.
See you in the woods! (Please say hello!)
- Sharmagh Yepremian, Event Director


Course Length: 1.5 km

Course Climb: 30 m

Number of Controls: 6

1Kenneth Roed & GregersQOC15:52
2Matt Green & Josh18:23
3John Szydlik & Jack & Olivia19:33
4Xiaofang Hataye & KeiraQOC21:21
5Harry JonesQOC25:23
6Birame SeneJFK NJROTC26:03
7Kristen DaCostaQOC27:21
8Raley Wilkin & Audrey & GS 658929:03
9Terry Miller Troop 457 & Collin & Charlie & PaulQOC34:41
10Jonathan LambQOC35:13
11Edward Byrdy Troop 457 & Matthew & Spencer & Ben35:25
12Mahesha Wijayarathna & BSA Troop 47038:33
13Paula Hayes & KennethQOC39:43
14Keren Gutierrez-MolinaJFK NJROTC53:39
15Fernanda MelendezJFK NJROTC53:40
16Elizabeth Oka & Jimmy64:07
17Samantha Gomez-ArguetaJFK NJROTC95:16
18Camila MelendezJFK NJROTC96:51
19Dayana LeonJFK NJROTC97:14
20Margaret Giron Troop 457 & Eli & Eli & SubbiMP (40:07)


Course Length: 2.5 km

Course Climb: 60 m

Number of Controls: 13

1Calvin SmithTJ Patriot NJROTC17:16
2Jack BarrTJ Patriot NJROTC20:24
3Alex Marsh-BrandesTJ Patriot NJROTC21:22
4Daniel FinkTJ Patriot NJROTC21:26
5Simon FalibotaTJ Patriot NJROTC23:46
6Connor PerryTJ Patriot NJROTC25:50
7Chiara DaviesTJ Patriot NJROTC26:06
8Emerson TaylorPatuxent NJROTC28:10
9James SpriggsTJ Patriot NJROTC28:27
10Donovan BojorquezPatuxent NJROTC28:34
11William WoodPatuxent NJROTC28:55
12Addison PageTJ Patriot NJROTC30:18
12Darya TarlanTJ Patriot NJROTC30:18
13Kashka AshfordQOC31:20
14Dominick MangonaJFK NJROTC32:49
15Moshe MillerQOC33:00
16Zoey DelongPatuxent NJROTC33:09
17Eric ChoiQOC34:07
18Jeanette StairQOC36:08
19Ben MauldinTJ Patriot NJROTC36:51
20John Lovar & Kasey & Kelly40:23
21Jan Guillermo & Agron41:07
22Wilson LiuPatuxent NJROTC41:29
23Sigrid Roed & Gregers & KennethQOC41:38
24Xiaofang Hataye & KeiraQOC41:52
25Darius ButlerPatuxent NJROTC42:01
26Jeffrey HaskellQOC43:22
27Clemence Papin & LeonardQOC43:39
28Iva ZichaQOC43:55
29Victoria Ganev & Abraham45:38
30Danica CraigTJ Patriot NJROTC46:55
30Abigail McbeanTJ Patriot NJROTC46:55
31Sawa Tanda & Mai48:04
32John Whitty & Stacey & Nicholas & TBDQOC48:07
33Christian Slavin & Nanami48:15
34Brian Fisher & Julian48:23
35Oliver Renkema & BSA Troop 457 & Jennifer49:11
36Blaze SpencerPatuxent NJROTC49:24
37Cedric Signoret & Timothe49:47
38Henry GibsonPatuxent NJROTC50:15
39Adam Bee & JennieQOC54:07
40Barbara Pastel & LauraQOC55:23
41Michael Manteuffel & Marie & GiaQOC60:37
42Bademba Barry & JolynQOC63:24
43Camerin BojorquezPatuxent NJROTC65:48
44Heather Schiller & Samantha66:47
45Alyssa MarblePatuxent NJROTC70:39
46Joshua CiceraroQOC76:59
47Erin Jenkins & Morgan78:08
48Lisa Novins & HudsonQOC78:16
49Joshua Lee & Noah & Jon & Mekhi85:38
50Nathan ReadPatuxent NJROTC96:48
51Jorge ZavalaJFK NJROTCDNF (127:55)
51Miles GhimTJ Patriot NJROTCMP (19:31)
51Madeyln HomaLoudoun NJROTCMP (23:35)
51Christian BeltranTJ Patriot NJROTCMP (29:20)
51Dylan CarterPatuxent NJROTCMP (46:05)
51Kristin DaCosta & 2nd courseQOCNC (35:58)
51John Szydlik & Jack & Olivia & 2nd courseNC (46:41)


Course Length: 4.3 km

Course Climb: 105 m

Number of Controls: 12

1Calvin SmithTJ Patriot NJROTC57:00
2Colby PastelQOC75:53
3Mary HomaLoudoun NJROTC78:28
4Justine Brocard80:57
5Micah WollamLoudoun NJROTC81:11
6Aaron BuxserQOC86:29
7Rory PerkinsQOC86:35
8Emerson TaylorPatuxent NJROTC87:49
9Addison LarrowQOC95:33
10Hannah EdwardsTJ Patriot NJROTC104:28
11Thomas KovarikQOC105:32
12Kendall KovarikQOC108:34
13Jenny KuenzQOC111:09
14Avriel StowePatuxent NJROTC112:37
15Patrick O'SheaQOC112:49
16Dale Morey & PoshenQOC115:15
17Simon FalibotaTJ Patriot NJROTC115:31
18Beatri BennettQOC117:45
19Justin Levine & OghaleQOC117:58
20Daemon HechtPatuxent NJROTC122:32
21Diane MukherjeeQOC124:17
22Debbie PedersonQOC124:32
23Caleb MassaroPatuxent NJROTC127:01
24Ed Joseph & Anna MarieQOC130:21
25Stanley KarwoskiPatuxent NJROTC133:35
26Bailey KazeleskiPatuxent NJROTC135:07
27Sarah ZimmermanPatuxent NJROTC137:01
28Zoe Bogus138:41
29Zoila Rangel & Selah & Sebastian & Edward139:25
30Clara Galeazzi & DiegoQOC148:24
31Dwight Martin & CalebQOC152:48
32Charles GregorskiQOC154:03
33Madeyln HomaLoudoun NJROTC156:15
34Connor ColavitaQOC181:33
35David Foster & Thu188:43
36Tiffany Kranz & AllisonLoudoun NJROTC198:20
37John Lovar & Kasey & Kelly201:24
38Ken Simpler & Owen223:56
39Candace CarlisleQOC248:30
40Blaze SpencerPatuxent NJROTCDNF
40Lindsey FossDNF
40Jessica LawDNF
40Chiara DaviesTJ Patriot NJROTCDNF (100:00)
40Nathan PalmerQOCDNF (113:23)
40Angel MartinezJFK NJROTCDNF (145:04)
40Shatrevia WhitfieldTJ Patriot NJROTCDNF (148:28)
40Zoey DelongPatuxent NJROTCDNF (154:30)
40Kristy Sundberg & Chris & QuinnQOCMP (154:52)
40Charles Lund & John MarshallQOCMP (159:51)


Course Length: 3.5 km

Course Climb: 60 m

Number of Controls: 8

1Joseph PastelQOC75:04
2Daniel LathropQOC76:10
3Chris FultonQOC81:55
4Jon WollamLoudoun NJROTC87:35
5Heather WalshQOC117:53
6Reiko RagerQOC123:52
7John Reddick & Jason127:58
8Heather PhelpsQOC129:00
9Jason Hataye & MeilynnQOC149:25
10Daniel Aaron & MaksimQOC165:34
11Boyan Onyshkevych & RomanQOC172:39
12Suzanne IzzoQOC238:28
13Nicholas TurzaQOCDNF (42:17)
13Sophia ZimmermanMP (128:59)


Course Length: 4.1 km

Course Climb: 100 m

Number of Controls: 10

1Micah CosgroveTJ Patriot NJROTC49:44
2Miroslav HonzakQOC52:18
3Melia BuggTJ Patriot NJROTC52:29
4Siara QuinonezTJ Patriot NJROTC59:24
5Helen DohertyQOC81:28
6Ben LierniLoudoun NJROTC82:02
7Madeline VettingPatuxent NJROTC82:07
8Lexie BrownQOC83:38
9James FotouhiQOC88:00
10Arora LambPatuxent NJROTC89:19
11Gary QuamQOC91:26
12Keg GoodQOC91:39
13Megan IntronaQOC92:03
14Mark MaceQOC102:27
15John LandersQOC105:47
16Tom GrissomQOC106:34
17Andy KeirnQOC109:27
18Tyson PatrickQOC111:35
19Shea JonesQOC112:48
20Robert BriberQOC113:04
21Franklin FishQOC117:00
22Nathan HartmanQOC117:13
23Florence TanQOC117:36
24Ginny QuamQOC118:28
25William Schaefer & SydneyQOC136:42
26Amy LoudenQOC161:15
27Craig SheldenQOC165:05
28Steven MonesDVOA165:26
29Robert HarrelsonQOC166:51
30Mike NewmanQOC175:13
31Suzanne SheldenQOC178:07
32Valerie MeyerQOCDNF (78:56)
32Kobie TalmoudJFK NJROTCDNF (171:55)


Course Length: 5.4 km

Course Climb: 160 m

Number of Controls: 15

1Jayden SuarezTJ Patriot NJROTC56:42
2Mathias Holmqvist & SwedenQOC64:21
3Tom WellsQOC73:54
4Francesco DaviesTJ Patriot NJROTC78:28
5Samantha WalkerQOC78:43
5Greg PalardyQOC78:43
6Adam SmithQOC79:09
7David DohertyQOC83:32
8Dennis DohertyQOC84:01
9John BakerQOC84:49
10Octavian AshfordLoudoun NJROTC90:52
11David CynamonQOC96:19
12Lydia AndrewsQOC98:30
13Shawn WilliamsQOC103:12
14Neal AttfieldQOC104:44
15Scott SharpQOC110:38
16David RagerQOC114:41
17Nestor EstradaJFK NJROTC116:08
18Frantisek BrabecQOC117:53
19Tucker BoosLoudoun NJROTC118:38
20Stefan FernandezPatuxent NJROTC122:11
21Brandon Camacho135:36
22Ryan ColavitaQOC139:54
23Connor QuinnLoudoun NJROTC139:55
24Justin Doubleday & AndrewQOC142:15
25Emerson Deni da Silva & DanieleQOC152:34
26Miles CarlislePatuxent NJROTC155:26
27Steve CampQOC158:53
28John VincentPatuxent NJROTC159:04
29Jon NadQOC235:22
30Christopher PuinQOC249:57
31Griffin AnthonyPatuxent NJROTCDNF
31Michal JarnikQOCDNF
31Talon HockmuthPatuxent NJROTCDNF (129:10)
31Max BouchetQOCMP (91:35)
31Tyler JonesLoudoun NJROTCMP (169:42)


Course Length: 7.3 km

Course Climb: 200 m

Number of Controls: 19

1Francielo Dalla CostaQOC75:47
2Ken WalkerCSU78:20
3Romain JacquetQOC85:23
4Ted GoodQOC90:08
5Videlin AleksievQOC92:42
6Matt SmithQOC94:29
7Jared SilkQOC97:02
8Tom NolanQOC109:33
9Diana AleksievaQOC111:02
10Justin BrownQOC115:25
11Benjamin RobertsQOC118:43
12Charles CarrickQOC161:46
13Florian Lepetit168:52
14David LevineQOC189:07
15Victor LinQOCMP (88:25)

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).