Fountainhead East

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FH East 2023

Happy New Year!
On Sunday, January 8th we held a first QOC’s event of 2023 at Fountainhead Regional Park – the eastern section of the park this time. Despite quite cold weather high 30F and with some rain showers in the forecast for the afternoon, we welcomed around 315 runners on 7 courses designed by Patrick Farley.
We were lucky, no rain at the end, so it was a nice day for orienteering!
A big thank you goes to Patrick! The course setter job requires many hours to design all courses; going to the park over several days; spending a day or two hanging controls days before; and then arriving early the day of the race to make sure all is well for the race. It’s a lot of hard work!
Many thanks to all volunteers who made this event a success! – Matyas Minar, Harry Jones, and Alex Merka at check-in and map distribution; Monika Kornhauser and Scott Sharp at beginner instruction; John Baker, Charles Carrick, Matt Knight, John Organek, Bill Wright, Joseph Barrett, Beatri Bennett, Sharmagh Yepremian, and Ritter Clevenger who all went back out in the woods to pick up the controls.
An extra thank you goes to Charles Carrick for overall support and for taking care of all the details needed for this event to happen. And, a final thank you goes to Valerie Meyer for her tireless dedication and expertise to print maps and run the epunch system the entire day by herself!
- Jana Seidlova, Event Director


Course Length: 1.6 km

Course Climb: 75 m

Number of Controls: 10

1Lucy Brown & JustinQOC33:40
2Scott Pickens BSA Troop 7369 & Scott William & Quinn & Eli33:58
3Debra Snider & Morgan40:41
4Ethan Feldman & BSA Troop 7369QOC51:29
5Colt Brown & LexieQOC52:59
6Frank Anthony BSA Troop 7369 & Hadrian & Damien57:23
7Ninely MurphyQOC64:58
8Eva CumingsQOC67:43
9Matt salter & Harrison68:36
10Darnell BucknerQOC70:58
11Harry JonesQOC72:35
12John Stann & Elizabeth & Catherine & Mary74:48
13Sheelagh Anthony AHG VA 1148 & Fyvie & Avery & Livia90:16
14Emily Smith & NehadQOC91:27
15Deapesh Misra & MehikaQOC98:37
16Andrew Kilby Troop 457 & Greg & Jonathan & Agnes122:16
17Mike Ferrara Troop 457 & Trey & Tracey122:22
18Carrie Grundmayer Troop 457 & Caleb & Joe & Ray122:27
18Matt Palermo Troop 457 & Ethan122:27
19Crystal Hillard Troop 457 & CL & Elijah & Josh122:30
20Emily PhamQOCDNF (171:04)
20Dominik Zambrana & Brianna & VincentMP (64:14)


Course Length: 2 km

Course Climb: 145 m

Number of Controls: 10

1Mateus Dalla CostaQOC35:35
2Matthew Stann & Mark & James45:59
3Nathan Renard48:59
4Vitor Dalla CostaQOC49:56
5Kashka AshfordQOC51:16
6Nicole AleksievaQOC60:58
7Rusty McCoy & Jackson & Noah & Isabella71:56
8Aaron Sanders & Jennifer & Taggart & Meadow75:41
9Susan Downie & Steve & Thor75:46
10Teresea StinerQOC77:03
11Thomas McMillen BSA & Peter & Clarke & Ryan81:08
12Michael Kato & Tanya & Joanna84:17
13Heather Walsh & ThomasQOC85:04
14Sidney SachsQOC86:28
15Caroline Dalla CostaQOC89:06
16Easton PorterLoudoun NJROTC92:08
17Geoff Wilson & StephanieQOC97:18
18Jeff Sewell97:44
19Jon Bertheussen & Kira & Naomi & FionaQOC104:50
20Charles Edwards & Carla104:53
21Megan Todd & Avani114:30
22Wendy Wickham & Heather118:39
23Maxwell Wilson & CherylQOC122:04
24Rose WilsonQOC122:09
25Ana MaureraQOCDNF
25Leta KajutDNF
25Steven MonesDVOADNF
25Debbie deLadurantayeQOCDNF (99:23)
25Susan GoodwinDNF (135:07)


Course Length: 3.7 km

Course Climb: 215 m

Number of Controls: 12

1Elizabeth Hadley & Margaret54:45
2Matyas MinarQOC57:44
3Lexie BrownQOC59:16
4Connor QuinnLoudoun NJROTC62:32
5Liam SmithQOC65:03
6Chris Stephenson & SophieQOC65:49
7Justin RagerQOC66:17
8Mariyan PeevQOC66:23
9Benjamin LierniLoudoun NJROTC67:12
10Logan deLadurantayeLoudoun NJROTC67:15
11Fallon MurphyLoudoun NJROTC69:24
12Hannah EdwardsTJ Patriot NJROTC70:20
13Shea JonesQOC71:00
14Giulio Monti71:52
15Reiko RagerQOC76:07
16Tucker BoosLoudoun NJROTC77:53
17Haley HuttonLoudoun NJROTC78:14
18Art CantrellQOC78:54
19Hristina PeevaQOC80:57
20Bryan Hughes & Erika & JamisonQOC82:09
21Stephen Kabler83:35
22Alexander HoughtonQOC84:53
23Martin Meravy & Elijah88:24
24Andy GerladQOC88:33
25Robin Moon & KellyQOC89:23
26Sara Wheeler & BenQOC90:37
27Alicia WootenQOC92:43
28Jana Robinson & David & OllieQOC94:09
29Radka Herndon96:31
30James Fotouhi & DianaQOC100:30
31Saleena DeVoreQOC110:37
32Beatri BennettQOC111:09
33Sharmagh YepremianQOC111:15
34Andrew McElroy & Emily112:51
35Sydney DixonQOC118:21
36Ryan Bloom118:33
37Shannon FordQOC118:57
38Suzanne SheldenQOC130:39
39Craig SheldenQOC130:51
40Ed Joseph133:17
41Morganna Elasky & Luke & Ellishar & KayQOC136:39
42Charles GregorskiQOC137:52
43Mary HomaLoudoun NJROTC153:38
44Y. Clark180:33
45Rashann DuvallQOC180:45
46T Graham181:03
46Linda Malveaux181:03
47Barbara Hemstreet & ChristineQOCDNF
47Jessica Di PaoloQOCDNF (92:54)
47Michelle JenningsQOCDNF (186:23)
47Joseph GuerreroQOCMP (90:06)
47Livia Klescova & Peter & NelaQOCMP (94:30)
47Ivana NemcovaMP (94:52)
47Anna DawsonMP (94:56)
47Romana RychlikovaMP (98:55)
47Dina Beatty & JohnQOCMP (131:15)


Course Length: 3.9 km

Course Climb: 240 m

Number of Controls: 9

1Alex MerkaQOC48:04
2Elina Breton55:03
3Christine DohertyQOC57:23
4Octavian AshfordLoudoun NJROTC57:38
5Tom StratQOC57:40
6John BakerQOC58:38
7M.J. UribeQOC61:01
8Francesco DaviesTJ Patriot NJROTC63:35
9Justin Brown & LucyQOC65:56
10David RagerQOC66:26
11Siara QuinonezTJ Patriot NJROTC68:50
12Colin Lavery70:52
13Robert FawcettQOC73:18
14Daniel LathropQOC77:17
15Franklin FishQOC80:03
16William WrightQOC85:58
17Stephen DohertyQOC87:25
18Monika KornhauserQOC89:18
19Dan BuckleyQOC91:37
20Zachary HoughtonQOC94:57
21Ginny QuamQOC96:07
22Gary QuamQOC96:43
23Jeffrey BloomQOC96:51
24Chris FultonQOC98:05
25Helen DohertyQOC98:28
26Patrick O'SheaQOC99:05
27Ruhann du plessis & Victoria & Ariella & RaphaelQOC102:40
28Wendy WroblewskiQOC103:18
29Shanna SorrellsQOC106:35
30Tyler JonesLoudoun NJROTC109:27
31Dale MoreyQOC118:48
32Angela HuesmanQOC124:13
33David Gedney & EliseQOC136:25
34Boryana PeevaQOC136:48
35Pam DvorskyQOC137:45
36Mike DvorskyQOC137:46
37Tavia SullensQOC139:31
38Evgeni PeevQOC141:55
39Beth Ann StasiowskiQOC153:02
40Ed LovinguthQOC153:34
41Sachiko FloresQOCDNF
41Samantha WalkerQOCDNF


Course Length: 5.8 km

Course Climb: 400 m

Number of Controls: 12

1Francielo Dalla CostaQOC58:06
2Ted GoodQOC58:58
3Dennis DohertyQOC70:13
4Tom NolanQOC74:40
5Mark Walmsley & CharlieQOC75:57
6Nadim AhmedQOC76:10
7Diana AleksievaQOC83:07
8Katerina ZambranaQOC83:36
9Peggy DickisonOK84:04
10David DohertyQOC85:35
11Andrew Bloom86:16
12Neal AttfieldQOC86:17
13Tom WellsQOC91:49
14Thomas O'DonnellQOC93:39
15Greg PalardyQOC96:07
16John OrganekQOC100:52
17Justin GreenQOC108:51
18Christopher ZbrozekQOC110:31
19Christopher OwensQOC111:38
20Zach ShurowQOC112:10
21Melia BuggTJ Patriot NJROTC112:59
22Jeremy BloomQOC118:51
23Heidi OnkstQOC120:19
24William ViennaQOC120:53
25Parker NevengloskyQOC123:01
26Michael MillerTJ Patriot NJROTC128:52
27Lydia AndrewsQOC129:26
28Scott SharpQOC129:37
29Paul CollinsonQOC132:06
30Frantisek BrabecQOC132:23
31Mark ThomsenQOC132:25
32Jennifer WernerQOC140:28
33Gary SmithQOC142:51
34Francis HogleQOC143:15
35William SchorkQOC146:08
36Turkmen OzerolQOC151:38
37Casey MotonQOC152:18
38David McIntireQOC159:36
39Martin HoughtonQOC165:23
40Kevin LearyQOC166:40
41Richard BriggsQOC180:28
42Jon AshleyQOC212:05
43Debbie PedersonQOC251:43
44Max AhmedQOCDNF (96:58)
44Jaden GillespieLoudoun NJROTCDNF (172:51)
44Karen Kohanowich & TimQOCDNF (177:48)


Course Length: 7.1 km

Course Climb: 420 m

Number of Controls: 13

1William Hubsch62:12
2Ken WalkerCSU75:39
3Adam SmithQOC85:34
4Victor LinQOC87:11
5Jayden SuarezTJ Patriot NJROTC87:13
6Jonas Hoeijer87:55
7Samuel McAleese & PatrickQOC91:58
8Yuriy BulkaDVOA93:45
9Mathieu PatteQOC97:07
10Clinton MorseWCOC99:30
11Max BouchetQOC102:13
12Videlin AleksievQOC102:52
13John CumingsQOC106:31
14Charles CarrickQOC111:11
15Rowan MendenhallLoudoun NJROTC113:22
16Matthew KnightQOC114:59
17Petr MinarQOC115:15
18George HornbergerQOC127:05
19Kim JepsenQOC139:00
20michael du plessisLoudoun NJROTC147:28
21Luke KovacsQOC166:17
22Keg GoodQOC183:52
23Paul MorrisQOCDNF (111:55)
23Bill VickersMP (163:34)


Course Length: 9 km

Course Climb: 605 m

Number of Controls: 18

1Joseph BarrettQOC70:34
2Jon TorranceQOC101:28
3gabriel du plessisLoudoun NJROTC104:43
4Michael DickeyQOC108:58
5Aaron LinvilleQOC118:20
6Matt SmithQOC122:36
7David Ashley & Shelley & NickQOC134:17
8J-J Cote134:58
9Michael StasiowskiQOC135:51
10Rob FieldQOC136:55
11Howie WeinsteinQOC139:25
12David Dalling & BRORQOC148:57
13Matthew WilsonQOC150:42
14Luke BeaupreLoudoun NJROTC170:54
15David OnkstQOC180:20
16Alexander Ruege198:24
17Doug SilkQOC223:20
18Allen WagnerQOCDNF (197:58)

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).