Smokey Glen

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What a perfect way to celebrate the Bumble’s 10th anniversary – a sunny, clear, cold winter day coupled with an indoor venue to keep us warm (when not on a course, of course) and lots of folks having a great time!

We had 161 total starts (all courses) for a total of 200 participants. Of that number, 134 people tackled the Bumble (both mass and non-mass starters) with 119 starts. It was super fun to have a mass once again for the Bumble, a favorite aspect of the race. This allowed us to bring back the Time Bonuses, which played into competitors strategies. Jon Torrance and Ted Good had an exciting race as they ran neck and neck in the woods of Window #1 to get the coveted 3-minute bonus. Jon snagged the prize just a few seconds before Ted! See below for more details of the various Bumble winners along with a special note from David about the courses.

As in the past, we welcomed members from sister clubs DVOA and SVO. Thanks for joining us Rob, Glenn, Janet, Steve and Julie.

And finally, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to the many awesome volunteers who made this event possible. Well before the event our VPs for Maryland – Craig Shelden and Mike Newman – secured the venue and permits and ensured that as meet director and course designer, we had everything we needed! Next, Greg Lennon worked his magic to get the website updated and pre-registration set – not an easy task especially when you have start windows that contain a mass start (plus all the edits Heidi requests.) Valerie Meyer does hours and hours of work formatting, printing, and sealing the maps, something that used to be reserved only for national meets! Amy Louden always arrives first and unloads and sets up the e-punch registration (and then loads it back up to be ready for the next event!) Then day of……Jeff Haskell, Dave Levine, and Greg Palardy came early to help set up and then run registration along with Stephanie Coffin and Dan Lathrop. Each of these folks took on other tasks throughout the day, too, as did Michelle Fish and Jody and Cecelia Landers. Ben Roberts kindly assisted Valerie and Amy with e-punch registration/downloading. Greg and Kathleen Lennon were on the spot documenting the day with their wonderful photography (photos will be posted by Thursday on QOC's Flickr site and also shared via QOC's Facebook and Instagram accounts). Then the army of control collectors added more mileage to their already tired bodies. Many thanks to those warriors Joe Barrett, Frantisek Brabec, Erin Brandt, Ted Good, Chris Gross, Jens Wira, and Tom Wells. Lastly, these folks were joined by Anne and Kim Jepsen to pack up the meet kit, controls, and e-boxes. HUGE GRATITUDE TO ALL INVOLVED. You make our events beyond fabulous!!!!
-Heidi and David Onkst (meet director and course designer)


  • First female across the line (regardless of handicap/course): Peggy Dickison / OK & QOC / Brown / 52:07
  • First male across the line (regardless of handicap/course): Eliot Hamilton / QOC /Brown / 54:29
  • Fastest Female on Red: Marie Pangracova / QOC / 99:38
  • Fastest Male on Blue: Joe Barrett / QOC / 90:27 (3x consecutive defending champion as Top Bumbler! For those who want to know, his 2020 time at Seneca Creek/Smokey Glen Farm was 83:57)
TIME BONUSES (windows numbered from farthest west to farthest east)
  • Jon Torrance – 3 minutes, Window #1, control #E
  • Diana Aleksieva – 2.5 minutes, Window #2, control #G
  • Andrew Bloom – 1.5 minutes, Window #3, control #K
  • Debbie Pederson – 2.5 minutes, Window #4, control #R
  • Tom Nolan – 3 minutes, Window #5, control #Y
Did You Have a Feeling of Déjà vu Today?
Well, that’s not surprising as the windows were the same ones we used here during the 2020 Bumble at Smokey Glen/Seneca Creek.
But today, the controls were all different from the 2020 race, save one, the Go Control, # 127.
Still, here’s what I did, although all of the controls were different, 21 of the 27 were on features that are in the original control circles from the 2020 race. And of the other 6 controls - 4 were less than 60 meters outside the original control circle, and 2 were roughly 100 meters outside the original control circles.
Essentially, you ran a slightly altered version of the 2020 race today.
  • Did you have a faster time?
  • Did you pick the same windows?
  • Did you pick the same routes?
  • Did you beat some people you didn’t the last time?
  • Quite often, orienteers say they would run a course differently or execute their run better if they had another chance at it.
  • It helps build your confidence to redo a course that you are already familiar with, and you thereby become a better orienteer.
  • People really liked the 2020 Bumble, especially the windows, and I didn’t see a better way to set-up the windows this year, so I duplicated them and just tweaked the controls a little bit.
  • It’s really cool to see how good your map memory is!
  • I’m just devious.
  • Oh yeah, and I’m still recuperating from a broken foot ☹
I hope you enjoyed it.
- Dave Onkst (Course Designer and Head Bumble)


1Michelle Fish - Beige & ONKLMQOC48:23
2Peggy Dickison - Brown & ONKLM QRTSP & NoonOK52:07
3Elliott Hamilton - Brown & ONKLM PQRTS & NoonQOC54:29
4Joseph Pastel - Brown & ONKLM PQRTS & NoonQOC56:38
5Jennifer Werner - Brown & ONKLM PQRTS & NoonQOC65:46
6Robert Briber - Brown & ONKLM PQRTSQOC66:37
7Jonathan Barone - Brown & ONKLM PQRTS & NoonQOC66:52
8Debbie Pederson - Beige & PQRTS & Noon & 2:30 bumble creditQOC68:26
9Dan Buckley - Brown & ONKLM PQRTS & NoonQOC71:34
10Gary Quam - Brown & ONKLM PQRTS & NoonQOC72:23
11Brock Morgan - Brown & KNOLM PQRTSQOC73:16
12Tom Nolan - Green & ONKLM UVWXY TSRQP & Noon & 3:00 bumble creditQOC73:28
13Ginny Quam - Brown & ONKLM PQRTS & NoonQOC74:18
14Rob Wilkison - Brown & ONKLM PQRTS & NoonDVOA75:29
15Katerina Zambrana - Brown & FGIJH NOMLKQOC77:59
16Samantha Walker - Brown & ONKLM PSTRQQOC80:51
17Franklin Fish - Brown & ONKLM PQRTSQOC81:04
18David Rager - Brown & ONKLM PQRTS & NoonQOC81:40
19Stephen Nichols - Brown & ONKLM PSTRQ82:56
20Glen Tryson - Green & MLKON FHGIJ STRQP & NoonDVOA83:17
21William Wright - Brown & ONKLM PQRTS & NoonQOC83:23
22Bill Grubb - Brown & ONKLM PQRTSQOC84:05
23Tom Wells - Green & ONKLM UVWXY TSRQP & NoonQOC84:11
24Mary Snieckus - Brown & ONKLM PQRTS & NoonQOC90:03
25Joseph Barrett - Blue & MLKON CBADE IGFHJ SPQRT YXWVU & NoonQOC90:27
26Ted Good - Red & DEABC GIJHF NOKLM PQRTS & NoonQOC91:52
27Nadim Ahmed - Green & ONKLM UVWXY TSRQP & NoonQOC93:21
28Ken Walker - Red & FGIJH NOKLM PQRST YXWVUCSU94:33
29Reiko Rager - Brown & ONKLM PQRTS & NoonQOC95:03
30Angela Huesman - Brown & ONKLM QRTSPQOC95:12
31George Hornberger - Brown & ONKLM QRTSPQOC95:14
32Keg Good - Beige & ONKLM PF & NoonQOC99:27
33Marie Pangracova - Red & HJIGF NKLMO PQRST YXWVU & NoonQOC99:38
34Janet Tryson - Brown & ONLKM PSTRQ & NoonDVOA100:01
35Greg Palardy - Green & KNOLM UVWXY TSRQP & NoonQOC100:31
36Davy DeArmond - Brown & KNOLM PQRTSQOC100:48
37Glenn Pastel - Blue & CBADE IJGHF NOKLM PSTRQ UVWXY & NoonQOC101:34
38Richard Chamberlin - Brown & UVWXY TSRQP & NoonQOC101:47
38Donnie Cornell - Brown & UVWXY TSRQP & NoonQOC101:47
39Serhot Ozturk - Beige & KLMON SPQOC102:15
40Dominik Zambrana - Beige & MLKNO & Vincent & NicoQOC102:20
41Justin Brown - Green & HJIGF NOKLM PQRTS & NoonQOC103:00
42Adam Smith - Red & FHJIG DEABC NKLMO PQRTSQOC105:06
43Christopher Gross - Blue & CBAED IJHGF NOKLM YXWVU QRTSP & NoonQOC106:26
44John Baker - Green & ONKLM UVWXY QRTSPQOC108:24
45Andy Keirn - Brown & ONKLM QRTSPQOC110:51
46Justin Green - Green & HJIGF NOKLM QRTSPQOC112:11
47Bryan Singer - Brown & ONKLM PQRTS & KellyQOC112:30
48Aaron Linville - Red & CBAED IJGFH NOKLM PQRTS & NoonQOC113:36
49Adelaide Nolan - Red & HJIGF NOKLM UVWXY TSRQP & NoonQOC115:16
50Wendy Wroblewski - Beige & ONKLMQOC116:07
51Anne Jepsen - Green & ONKLM UVWXY TRQPSQOC116:10
52Jeffrey Bloom - Brown & KLMON FGIJH & NoonQOC116:46
53Jody Landers - Green & ONKLM UVWXY QRTSPQOC117:13
54Diana Aleksieva - Red & HFGJI EDABC NOKLM PQRTS & Noon & 2:30 bumble creditQOC117:38
55Cecilia Landers - Brown & ONKLM PQRTSQOC118:02
56David Pruden - Green & ONKLM UVWXY TRQPS FGIJ & NoonQOC119:39
57John Organek - Green & LKNOM UVWXY QRTSPQOC120:25
58Benjamin Roberts - Red & CBADE IJGFH NOKLM PQRTS & NoonQOC120:45
59David McIntire - Green & KLMON FHJIG DEEABCQOC120:57
60Victor Lin - Red & ONKLM HFGJI EDABC PQRTS & NoonQOC121:04
61Michael Dickey - Blue & CBADE IJGHF NOKLM UVWXY QRTSP & NoonQOC121:20
62Suzanne Izzo - Beige & ONKLMQOC121:40
62Jon Torrance - Blue & CDEAB GIJHF NOKLM PSTRQ YXWVU & Noon & 3:00 bumble creditQOC121:40
63Danielle Moore - Brown & ONKLM PQRTSQOC124:21
64Darren Boczar - Brown & LKNOM QRTSP & DinaQOC126:07
65Steven Mones - Brown & ONKLM PQRTS & NoonDVOA126:43
66Safiya Borie - Brown & ONKLM PQRTS & NoonQOC126:58
66Shay Smith - Brown & ONKLM PQRTS & NoonQOC126:58
67Chip Becker - Brown & ONKLM QRTSP & AydenQOC127:41
68Ayden Becker - Brown & ONKLM QRTSPQOC127:54
69Lydia Andrews - Green & ONKLM UVWXY TRQPS & NoonQOC129:37
70Kim Jepsen - Red & FHGJI EDABC NOLKM PQRTSQOC130:04
71Videlin Aleksiev - Red & ONKLM UVWXY TRQPS JIGFH & NoonQOC131:28
72Charles Carrick - Green & CBAED GIJHF NOMLKQOC131:29
73Beth Ann Stasiowski - Brown & ONKLM QRTSPQOC131:51
74Matt Smith - Red & MLKON FHJIG UVWXY QRTSP & NoonQOC132:32
75Paul Miller - Blue & HFGJI EDABC NOKLM UVWXY TRQPS & NoonQOC133:16
76John Cumings - Red & KLMON FHGJI EDABC PQRTS & NoonQOC134:02
77Matthew Knight - Red & DEABC GIJHF NOMLK PQRTS & NoonQOC134:50
78Ariel Walcutt - Brown & PSTRQ YXWVU & Noon & WillQOC135:43
79Julie Keim - Green & ONKLM UVWXY QRTSP & NoonSVO136:15
80Samuel Prestidge - Brown & ONKLM PSTRQ137:07
81Martins Jonass - Red & ONKLM UVWXY QRTSP HJIGF & NoonQOC146:02
82Florence Tan - Brown & OMLKN QRTSPQOC148:30
83Andrew Bloom - Green & KLMON FGIJH PSTRQ & Noon & 1:30 bumble credit149:53
84Justin Levine - Brown & MLKNO FGIJHQOC151:12
85Stephen Kelley - Blue & ONKLM UVWXY TRQPS JIGFH DEABCQOC151:37
86Beatri Bennett - Green & ONKLM QRTSP HJIGF & NoonQOC155:02
87Jens Wira - Blue & KLMON CBADE IJGFH UVWXY TRQPS & NoonQOC156:36
88Paul Collinson - Green & KLMON FHJIG PQRTS & NoonQOC157:08
89Gabriel du plessis - Blue & ONFHG CBADE IJKLM PQUVW XYTRSQOC159:21
90Shanna Sorrells - Brown & HFGIJ NKLMO & NoonQOC162:36
91Robert Sterling - Green & CBAED IJGFH NOKLM & Noon & Mark162:49
93Travis Siehndel - Blue & OMLKN FHJIG DEABC UVWXY TRQPSQOC164:13
94David Levine - Brown & CBAED NKLMO & NoonQOC164:38
95Chequella Cooper - Brown & ONKLM PQRTSQOC170:25
96Sherry Outen - Brown & ONKLM PQRTSQOC170:31
97David Gedney - Red & CBAED IJGHF NOKLM PQRTS & DustinQOC171:53
98Britt Mason - Green & MLKON FHJIG DEABC & NoonQOC172:02
99Jen Tillman - Green & MLKON FHJIG DEABC & NoonQOC172:08
100Dedan Bruner - Brown & MLKNO PQRTS & Noon & JavazQOC178:24
101Fred Jones - Brown & ONKLM PQRTS & Noon & Lataska178:51
102Karen Robillard - Brown & ONKLM PQRTS & Noon178:52
103Malachi Outen - Brown & ONKLM PQRTS & NoonQOC179:06
104Mike Newman - Beige & KLMON IGFQOC186:07
105Flora Le - Green & KLMON FHJIG DEABC & Will190:45
106Howie Weinstein - Blue & CBAED GIJHF NOKLM PQRST YXWVU & NoonQOC196:08
107Paul Barnes - Green & KLMON FHJIG DEABCQOC196:18
108Roger Shanks - Green & CBAED IGFHJ NOKLMQOC201:01
109Mary Foster - Blue & ONKLM PSTRQ YXWVU CBAED IJGFHQOC233:58
110Christopher Puin - Brown & MLKNO FHGIJQOC251:51
111Misty Nielsen - Blue & ONKLM PSTRQ UVWXY DEABC GIJHFQOC255:07
112Frantisek Brabec - Green & HFGJI EABCD NKLMOQOCDNF
112Michael du plessis - Green & ONFHG IJKLM PQRST & skipped 2 mandatory & window order flawedQOCDNF (109:52)
112Miguel Perez - Brown & KLMON HFGJI & Ibrahim & LaroielDNF (172:58)
112Daniel Alder - Red & ONKLM FHJIG PQRST UVWXY & Michael & AngelinaQOCMP
112Kristina Lundblad - Beige & KLMNO & iliana & Skipped OQOCMP (118:41)


Course Length: 1.8 km

Course Climb: 35 m

Number of Controls: 10

1MK Barnet & Sylvan24:22
2Diane MukherjeeQOC25:45
3Charlie Haggart & William & Oliver51st Bluestone63:44


Course Length: 2.1 km

Course Climb: 40 m

Number of Controls: 9

1Valerie MeyerQOC26:54
2Craig SheldenQOC33:13
3Spencer ClarkQOC34:40
4Chris Hillbruner & Meaghan & Paul & Ceiran51st Bluestone37:18
5Diane MukherjeeQOC38:28
6Nicole AleksievaQOC38:30
7Sydney DixonQOC41:31
8Shannon Dietrich & Lisa45:58
9Amy LoudenQOC48:56
10Barbara Pastel & LauraQOC52:24
11Sadie LynchQOC52:32
12Keryn Gedan & Max & Anne & Elliot51st Bluestone56:23
13Pete Scott & Henry & Ingrid & Jesse51st Bluestone56:42
14Lisa PetersonQOC69:03
15Chris GeorgeQOC82:39
16Sharmagh YepremianQOC88:33
16Ninely Murphy88:33
17Harry JonesQOCDNF (75:39)


Course Length: 4.6 km

Course Climb: 120 m

Number of Controls: 7

1Matt WilsonQOC60:52
2Kevin OelschlaegerQOC65:19
3Shawn WilliamsQOC77:37
4Stephanie CoffinQOC79:37
5Josh Bascom & LucyQOC81:43
6Jeffrey HaskellQOC86:05
7Christopher Owens & NathanQOC93:39
8Mariama Dryak & Dustyn Vallies97:44
9Petya AleksievaQOC106:35
10Paul Avellino108:05
11Andy Gerald116:50
12Eric Brittain & TiffanyQOC123:09
13Zoila Rangel Grp 1 & Sebastian & Selah & Edward136:11
14Anna Padlan176:03
15Candace Carlisle & SuzanneQOC204:09
16Becky PattersonQOCDNF
16Daniel LathropQOCDNF
16Pamela CommerfordQOCDNF (130:40)
16Barbara Gusack & KimQOCDNF (137:12)
16Morgan Arnone & ShaneDNF (158:13)
16Andrew Garrett & AdelineMP (208:23)


Course Length: 3.1 km

Course Climb: 40 m

Number of Controls: 7

1Michelle FishQOC48:23
2Debbie Pederson & 2:30 bumble creditQOC68:26
3Keg GoodQOC99:27
4Serhot OzturkQOC102:15
5Dominik Zambrana & Vincent & NicoQOC102:20
6Wendy WroblewskiQOC116:07
7Suzanne IzzoQOC121:40
8Mike NewmanQOC186:07
9Kristina Lundblad & iliana & Skipped OQOCMP (118:41)


Course Length: 4.9 km

Course Climb: 75 m

Number of Controls: 12

1Peggy DickisonOK52:07
2Elliott HamiltonQOC54:29
3Joseph PastelQOC56:38
4Jennifer WernerQOC65:46
5Robert BriberQOC66:37
6Jonathan BaroneQOC66:52
7Dan BuckleyQOC71:34
8Gary QuamQOC72:23
9Brock MorganQOC73:16
10Ginny QuamQOC74:18
11Rob WilkisonDVOA75:29
12Katerina ZambranaQOC77:59
13Samantha WalkerQOC80:51
14Franklin FishQOC81:04
15David RagerQOC81:40
16Stephen Nichols82:56
17William WrightQOC83:23
18Bill GrubbQOC84:05
19Mary SnieckusQOC90:03
20Reiko RagerQOC95:03
21Angela HuesmanQOC95:12
22George HornbergerQOC95:14
23Janet TrysonDVOA100:01
24Davy DeArmondQOC100:48
25Richard ChamberlinQOC101:47
25Donnie CornellQOC101:47
26Andy KeirnQOC110:51
27Bryan Singer & KellyQOC112:30
28Jeffrey BloomQOC116:46
29Cecilia LandersQOC118:02
30Danielle MooreQOC124:21
31Darren Boczar & DinaQOC126:07
32Steven MonesDVOA126:43
33Safiya BorieQOC126:58
33Shay SmithQOC126:58
34Chip BeckerQOC127:41
35Ayden BeckerQOC127:54
36Beth Ann StasiowskiQOC131:51
37Ariel Walcutt & WillQOC135:43
38Samuel Prestidge137:07
39Florence TanQOC148:30
40Justin LevineQOC151:12
41Shanna SorrellsQOC162:36
42David LevineQOC164:38
43Chequella CooperQOC170:25
44Sherry OutenQOC170:31
45Dedan Bruner & JavazQOC178:24
46Fred Jones & Lataska178:51
47Karen Robillard178:52
48Malachi OutenQOC179:06
49Christopher PuinQOC251:51
50Miguel Perez & Ibrahim & Laroiel & Skipped 2nd mandatoryMP (172:58)


Course Length: 7.8 km

Course Climb: 145 m

Number of Controls: 17

1Tom Nolan & 3:30 bumble creditQOC73:28
2Glen TrysonDVOA83:17
3Tom WellsQOC84:11
4Nadim AhmedQOC93:21
5Greg PalardyQOC100:31
6Justin BrownQOC103:00
7John BakerQOC108:24
8Justin GreenQOC112:11
9Anne JepsenQOC116:10
10Jody LandersQOC117:13
11David PrudenQOC119:39
12John OrganekQOC120:25
13David McIntireQOC120:57
14Lydia AndrewsQOC129:37
15Charles CarrickQOC131:29
16Julie KeimSVO136:15
17Andrew Bloom & 1:30 bumble credit149:53
18Beatri BennettQOC155:02
19Paul CollinsonQOC157:08
20Robert Sterling & Mark162:49
21Britt MasonQOC172:02
22Jen TillmanQOC172:08
23Flora Le & Will190:45
24Paul BarnesQOC196:18
25Roger ShanksQOC201:01
26Frantisek BrabecQOCDNF
26Michael du plessis & skipped 2 mandatory & window order flawedQOCMP (109:52)


Course Length: 10.9 km

Course Climb: 190 m

Number of Controls: 22

1Ted GoodQOC91:52
2Ken WalkerCSU94:33
3Marie PangracovaQOC99:38
4Adam SmithQOC105:06
5Aaron LinvilleQOC113:36
6Adelaide NolanQOC115:16
7Diana Aleksieva & 2:30 bumble creditQOC117:38
8Benjamin RobertsQOC120:45
9Victor LinQOC121:04
10Kim JepsenQOC130:04
11Videlin AleksievQOC131:28
12Matt SmithQOC132:32
13John CumingsQOC134:02
14Matthew KnightQOC134:50
15Martins JonassQOC146:02
16David Gedney & DustinQOC171:53
17Daniel Alder & Michael & Angelina & Skipped 2 mandatoryQOCMP


Course Length: 13.8 km

Course Climb: 230 m

Number of Controls: 27

1Joseph BarrettQOC90:27
2Glenn PastelQOC101:34
3Christopher GrossQOC106:26
4Michael DickeyQOC121:20
5Jon Torrance & 3:00 bumble creditQOC121:40
6Paul MillerQOC133:16
7Stephen KelleyQOC151:37
8Jens WiraQOC156:36
9Gabriel du plessisQOC159:21
10Eric GoetzQOC163:54
11Travis SiehndelQOC164:13
12Howie WeinsteinQOC196:08
13Mary FosterQOC233:58
14Misty NielsenQOC255:07

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).