Lake Accotink

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Temperatures in the high 70s, down from the mid/upper 80s, and reduced humidity gave us an enjoyable mid-September Washington-area day on which to begin our 2021-2022 season and also managed to generate 215 total starts.

QOC was happy to welcome back the Loudoun County, Calvert and Great Mills NJROTC units after a year of COVID-induced absence from our events.

Thanks, as always, to the many volunteers at the event, and also behind the scenes, who got us off on a great start to the season:

Greg Lennon devised a variant of our existing Wufoo-based pre-registration protocol that achieved balance between the need to distribute NJROTC starts over the course of the event with simplicity of execution and flexibility for JROTC leaders to finalize their attendance plans.

Valerie Meyer furthered that effort by preparing map packages for each participating NJROTC unit, streamlining the process for NJROTC leaders to get cadets out on their courses. Valerie's pre-bagging and sealing of maps the day before the meet, an innovation carried over from last season, has also radically simplified the process of checking in all of our runners.

Once again, Daniel Heimgartner helped us remotely from his home in New York with selected map updates and good advice.

Craig Shelden prepared the course maps for printing and distribution to participants.

On the ground, Greg and Kathleen Lennon came down from Maryland to put out course controls on Saturday afternoon.

On the actual day of the event, Einar Olsen and Nic Turza showed up early to help with set-up.

Radka and Veronika Herndon and Tim McCormick checked in our participants over the course of the day.

Scott Sharp, Helen Doherty and Gary and Ginny Quam helped ensure social distancing at the starts and ensured that starters understood the basics of the e-punch and how to use it.

On control pick-up, Erik Gruner, Tom Strat, Steve Doherty, Nadim Ahmed, Keg Good, Alex Merkova and Lucy Kosatova did the hard work of going back out into the woods after having already taken on challenging courses.

Amy Louden was, as always, almost the first to arrive and one of the last to leave the event, setting up the e-punch station in the morning and resetting all the controls after they had been retrieved in the evening. Ben Roberts and Michael Wood also pitched in at the epunch station. And Valerie took time out from working the adventure race at Fountainhead to help us as well.

Keg Good and Sidney Sachs spearheaded the Northern Virginia Senior Olympics orienteering championships hosted by QOC at Lake Accotink.

Thanks also in advance to Sidney Sachs for hosting the course review for this event this coming Tuesday night at 8pm on Zoom.

A great start to our 2021-2022 season. See you at Cabin John and LZ Canary!

-Charles Carrick, Event Director


Course Length: 1.6 km

Course Climb: 30 m

Number of Controls: 9

1Jordan GillespieLoudoun NJROTC15:49
2Declan KellyLoudoun NJROTC15:54
3Jaydon PearsonLoudoun NJROTC15:57
4Tyler JonesLoudoun NJROTC29:29
5Jaden GillespieLoudoun NJROTC29:30
6Nancy MoellerNVSO33:49
7Ayden Van Der SmissenGreat Mills NJROTC34:13
8Dalea WashingtonGreat Mills NJROTC34:54
9Amy LoudenQOC35:34
10Harry JonesNVSO35:44
11Deavon LokeyGreat Mills NJROTC36:24
12Michael BrownGreat Mills NJROTC39:01
13Charlie WilliamsNVSO39:12
14Breanna ShewbertGreat Mills NJROTC39:18
15Ava PietrzakLoudoun NJROTC39:32
16Katherine DeBons & JeremyQOC43:18
17Jennifer Atkinson & Audrey53:02
18Eric Lacey & Genevieve & Emory & Benjamin53:33
19Nancy Nunan & Caroline & Val60:24
20Michael BianchettaQOC62:26
21John EwingNVSO68:00
22Aaron Murphy88:05
23Eva Cummings & SammiQOC88:20
24Robena ReidNVSO90:18
25Roger Provart99:22
26Omoniyi Adekanmbi101:09
27Rashann Duvall101:19
28Herb LevitanNVSOMP (70:40)


Course Length: 2.6 km

Course Climb: 75 m

Number of Controls: 10

1Andrew BruceLoudoun NJROTC26:13
1Rowan MendenhallLoudoun NJROTC26:13
2Octavian AshfordLoudoun NJROTC30:07
3Lorelei MurphyLoudoun NJROTC30:14
4Matyas MinarQOC31:17
5Ruhann Du PlessisQOC32:42
6Jeff RivasCalvert NJROTC34:18
7Ava PietrzakLoudoun NJROTC34:37
8Fabrizio FloresLoudoun NJROTC36:14
9Hunter KlotzCalvert NJROTC38:24
10Michael Du PlessisLoudoun NJROTC38:55
10Lance GarmaniLoudoun NJROTC38:55
11Ethan BogerLoudoun NJROTC40:29
12Nevin Fry & LilyQOC40:32
13Cole ChristensenCalvert NJROTC41:10
14Dorian JonesCalvert NJROTC45:04
15Jenita ShresthaCalvert NJROTC52:30
16Corben CHS group 1Calvert NJROTC53:28
17Brian DavisCalvert NJROTC54:48
18Marissa CHS group 3Calvert NJROTC56:09
19Kevin Rohleder & Marcus56:37
20Dwight ReedQOC57:52
21Addie Nolan & ChristinsQOC61:59
22Nolan Baltas & Susana62:43
23Nick CHS group 5Calvert NJROTC63:09
24Tim McCormickQOC66:00
25Fahad Pasha & Wedad & Charles & Louisa68:18
26Sarah DavisCalvert NJROTC68:22
27Mark Shaffer & Evan & KristinQOC69:54
28Javaz Huntington & DedanQOC70:02
29Savanna CHS group 2Calvert NJROTC71:53
30Alex BastCalvert NJROTC74:11
31Sidney DixsonQOC78:33
32Candace Carlisle80:40
33Jon Bertheussen & Kira & Naomi & FionaQOC84:09
34Jay Gelman & RemyQOC84:19
35Stephen Cazayoux & William & Zac84:43
36Jordan WorthyCalvert NJROTC87:04
37Bradley Sarnell & JenQOC93:17
38Laurel Neff & Mike & Aeryn & JaycenQOC98:58
39Jason Hataye & Xiaofang & Meilynn & KeiraQOC102:07
40Christopher Nelson & Alexandria & LynnQOC102:57
41Ed Messina & Tyler111:32
42Hing Choi & Karen & Vincent126:27
43William Bardin & Hui & MarcusQOC126:32
44Teresa AbneyQOCDNF
44Seneca HonzakQOCDNF (69:41)
44Juliette Gurley & Andrea CallowayQOCDNF (138:41)
44Alan CrouseLoudoun NJROTCMP (24:27)
44Olivia Hill & Kacy & Cherisse & ErnestMP (148:54)


Course Length: 4.1 km

Course Climb: 170 m

Number of Controls: 13

1Duncan SanteereCalvert NJROTC57:36
2Christion Hunt65:27
3Lucie KosatkovaQOC78:32
4Samantha WalkerQOC85:18
5Andrew Bruce85:33
6rowan mendenhall86:19
7Einar OlsenQOC86:29
8Edgar TrellesCalvert NJROTC88:49
9Aidan LundbergCalvert NJROTC92:58
10Hugo Estrada & AlexanderQOC95:20
11Park WatsonQOC95:51
12Greg Feeney & Emily96:03
13Damien HondaCalvert NJROTC98:13
14Matthew JiangCalvert NJROTC99:26
15Radka Herndon & VeronikaQOC99:59
16Elena Ulianova101:06
17Gregg SessoCalvert NJROTC105:18
18Bonnie KelnbergerQOC112:29
19Fred ClareyLoudoun NJROTC112:51
20Justin Levine & Oghale114:37
21Anthony CurtisCalvert NJROTC118:04
22Molly Anderson118:28
23Christian PattersonCalvert NJROTC119:01
24Robin MoonQOC122:58
25Hannah SmithCalvert NJROTC124:56
26Chip Becker & AydenQOC127:26
27Gus Larsson & Kevin127:58
28Reiko Rager129:57
29Heather WalshQOC130:32
30Nevin Fry & LilyQOC132:12
31Beatri BennettQOC136:50
32Josh BuchananLoudoun NJROTC138:14
33Ella BruceLoudoun NJROTC138:53
34Shanna SorrellsQOC140:46
35Stevenson Gion & Joseph149:54
36Vlad JirinecQOC157:16
37Vladi Reistad & ErikaQOC158:12
38Romana RychlikovaQOC158:24
39Osmery GarciaCalvert NJROTC165:21
40Jim SargentQOC175:15
41Elena VolkovaDNF
41Alan CrouseLoudoun NJROTCDNF (82:07)
41Jaydon PearsonLoudoun NJROTCDNF (82:13)
41Declan KellyLoudoun NJROTCDNF (82:14)
41Jordan GillespieLoudoun NJROTCDNF (82:15)
41Emilia LundbladQOCDNF (104:30)
41Kristina Lundblad & IlianaQOCDNF (104:33)
41Jean Schwab & DonnaQOCDNF (130:52)
41Mike Jerue & Tiffany & DylanDNF (133:06)
41Austin WilliamsGreat Mills NJROTCDNF (229:04)
41Fabrizio FloresMP (88:26)
41Michael Du PlessisQOCMP (89:49)
41Stephen CruzGreat Mills NJROTCMP (140:44)


Course Length: 3.4 km

Course Climb: 165 m

Number of Controls: 10

1Zachary KuderQOC38:06
2Addie NolanQOC44:54
3Miroslav HonzakQOC47:11
4Jana SeidlovaNVSO47:33
5Robert BriberQOC57:52
6Jonathan BaroneQOC58:12
7Nadim AhmedQOC59:08
8Daniel LathropQOC59:13
9Ryan MooreCalvert NJROTC63:26
10Eugene Vasilchenko64:49
11DeBons VirginiaQOC66:35
12Robert FawcettQOC67:24
13Antonio RoblesLoudoun NJROTC69:54
14Scott Sharp & JohnQOC69:55
15Josh LQOC77:44
16Katherine GoodNVSO80:11
17William SchorkQOC80:52
18Nicholas TurzaQOC81:41
19John LandersQOC84:08
20John VincentQOC84:17
21Helen DohertyQOC85:14
22Bill JohnsLoudoun NJROTC90:23
23Johnnie PfalmerLoudoun NJROTC92:46
24Jody LandersQOC93:20
25Bill GrubbQOC100:18
26Dan BuckleyQOC102:29
27Angela Huesman114:35
28Ginny QuamQOC114:53
29Sidney SachsNVSO125:03
30Todd GazelleQOC127:03
31Boyan OnyshkevychQOC132:43
32Gary QuamQOC136:45
33Florence TanQOC141:17
34Cecilia LandersQOC141:54
35Kevin PeckCalvert NJROTC145:12
36Edward WyseNVSO178:04
37Stephen DohertyQOCDNF (65:19)
37Dagmar MerkovaQOCDNF (82:41)
37Christian WithersQOCDNF (148:06)
37Jennifer WernerQOCMP (81:39)
37Amy MoroneyQOCMP (110:41)


Course Length: 5.1 km

Course Climb: 215 m

Number of Controls: 15

1Austin GiggeyCalvert NJROTC65:40
2Martins JonassQOC66:57
3Cody MooreCalvert NJROTC71:22
4Glenn Pastel77:39
5Thomas StratQOC85:41
6Tom WellsQOC86:48
7Jared SilkQOC91:59
8Gabriel Du PlessisLoudoun NJROTC92:37
9Max AhmedQOC93:13
10John CumingsQOC93:46
11Jan MerkaQOC96:07
12Justin GreenQOC99:13
13Christopher SilvaQOC103:26
14Tom NolanQOC105:46
15David McIntireQOC110:11
16Paul HessionQOC111:50
17David RagerQOC125:46
18James LingarQOC130:21
19David LevineQOC136:34
20Lydia AndrewsQOC146:51
21Steve CampQOC167:03
22Mary SnieckusQOCDNF (129:19)
22Wendy W & SamiQOCDNF (131:10)
22Tavia SullensQOCMP (192:12)


Course Length: 7 km

Course Climb: 270 m

Number of Controls: 21

1Joseph BarrettQOC73:20
2Ken WalkerQOC75:17
3Victor LinQOC87:51
4Rob FieldQOC97:12
5Michael WoodQOC99:34
6Alexis MerkaQOC108:00
7Patrick FieldQOC111:22
8Benjamin RobertsQOC114:29
9Peggy DickisonQOC115:45
10Kim JepsenQOC122:25
11Lukas HayterQOC123:24
12Erik GrunerQOC131:24
13Greg ProutyQOC132:54
14Misty NielsenQOC132:56
15Mary FosterQOC132:57
16John OrganekQOC144:33
17Kevin PadillaQOC209:19
18Aaron RawDNF
18Daniel LucianiQOCDNF (142:43)

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).