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The Occoquan meet had great weather for the 147 starts over 8 different courses that also included 3 Boy Scout troops and a host of other people new to orienteering this past Sunday. We would like to thank all our volunteers Einar Olsen, Scott Sharp & Will Chesarek who helped with setup; Beatri Bennett, Harry Jones & Howell Desierto for running our meet registration; Map prepping and Map Run App done by Craig Shelden, Map printing, sealing and delivery & epunch area set up Laura and Aaron Linville; epunch duty lead by Amy Louden and Valerie Meyer, site cleanup John Organek, Serhot Ozturk, Wendy Wroblewski & Vido Aleksiev; control pick up done with great speed by John Vierow, Justin Green, Erin Brandt, Gary Smith, Frantisek Brabec, Tom Wells, Howie Weinstein & Victor Lin. The meet was a great success because of these volunteers stepping forward to help when asked and made the job a lot easier for myself as Meet Director.


Course Length: 1.5 km

Course Climb: 25 m

Number of Controls: 10

1Harry JonesQOC21:08
2Kevin Cobb & Ernie & Troop 111524:11
3Erik Cobb & Thomas & Clayton & Troop 111528:44
4Diane MukherjeeQOC34:43
5Andrew Frank & Elizabeth & Bethany38:56
6Michael Bianchetta & ChristineQOC40:10
7Eva Cumings44:01
8Blake Burket & KathrynQOC46:04


Course Length: 2.5 km

Course Climb: 80 m

Number of Controls: 12

1Boryana PeevaQOC33:00
2Evgeni PeevQOC33:27
3Chloe Cumings42:32
4Nicole AleksievaQOC44:21
5Rachel Hovde48:26
6Helen Brailey & Cynthia & Gilbert & Tyler49:39
7Kathy DukeQOC49:51
8Shawna BarryQOC50:59
9Rachel McBride & KellyQOC51:49
10Kristina Lundblad & IlianaQOC52:48
11Alex Lord & Jessalyn52:49
12Andrew Bennett62:33
13Amy LoudenQOC62:41
14Casey Dalton Family 562:58
15Gautam Annamalai & Aidan & Joseph & BSA Troop 188265:10
16 Troop 118565:26
17Diane MukherjeeQOC67:33
18Cheryl Wilson & Maxwell & RoseQOC76:45
19Rose WilsonQOC76:50
20Joe Minarik & Arshwin & BSA Troop 1822 -289:33
21Kathryn SiehndelQOC94:03
22Barrett WashingtonQOC116:16
23Harry JonesQOCDNF (39:12)


Course Length: 3.1 km

Course Climb: 85 m

Number of Controls: 14

1Daniel MinarQOC48:40
2Samantha WalkerQOC51:52
3Mark Shoun & BenQOC60:08
4Matyas MinarQOC65:23
5Einar OlsenQOC67:07
6Reiko Rager & Silas71:21
7Trisha Foster & Ian & Kiley80:17
8Turkmen OzerolQOC80:22
9Katie Noyes & Logan & Zach80:26
10Jay Dell & MarkQOC100:45
11Emila Lundblad & MarkQOC100:51
12Shawna BarryQOC101:27
13Jenny Starrs & Lincoln & Greg & Jill102:49
14Christie Werner & Jared & KayliQOC105:39
15Boyan Onyshkevych & RuslanQOC107:04
16Alexander HoughtonQOC117:44
17Pratik Patil123:15
18Susanna McFarland & MichaelQOC129:47
19Jana Robinson & DavidQOC134:02
20Livia Klescova & Peter & Nelka137:03
21Vladi Reistad & ErikaQOC137:20
22James Fernandes & Boy Scouts139:21
23Radka Herndon & VeronikaQOC140:24
24Erica Ashton & DorotaQOC152:05
25Carla BerardQOC179:28
26William Jacob & Hudson & SawyerQOC185:43
27Genevieve Kehoe & Abigail & AviannaQOCDNF
27John Pomfret & Luke & Boy ScoutsDNF (87:23)
27Dana Volkova & Rayan & ZakyMP (140:17)
27Veronika Zimova & DidierMP (140:19)


Course Length: 3 km

Course Climb: 75 m

Number of Controls: 11

1Diana AleksievaQOC34:56
2Helen DohertyQOC72:29
3Margaret PrudenQOC85:51
4Chip BeckerQOC99:32
5Becki SpieringQOC99:34
6Josh NicholsQOC118:57
7Sidney SachsQOC120:57
8Diana AleksievaQOCNC (32:00)


Course Length: 4 km

Course Climb: 145 m

Number of Controls: 12

1Peggy DickisonQOC48:05
2Elliott HamiltonQOC55:40
3Joe PastelQOC56:08
4Jonathan BaroneQOC64:07
5David RagerQOC64:14
6Robert BriberQOC68:11
7Robert FawcettQOC70:15
8David McIntireQOC80:47
9Nate O'ConnorQOC81:58
10Mark MaceQOC84:10
11Michael KostiwQOC87:01
12Paul HessionQOC87:20
13Howell DesiertoQOC88:24
14Stephen DohertyQOC89:32
15Gary SmithQOC93:02
16David ThomenQOC96:17
17George HornbergerQOC99:50
18Angela HuesmanQOC99:51
19Mark Rossetti103:13
20Martin HoughtonQOC104:08
21Dan BuckleyQOC106:40
22Beatri BennettQOC110:29
23Richard BriggsQOC118:57
24Pam DvorskyQOC119:31
25Julie HudsonQOC135:52
26Robin MoonQOC142:44
27Mike DvorskyQOC159:12
28Beth Ann StasiowskiQOC162:27
29Zachary HoughtonQOCDNF (53:01)
29Ariel WalcuttQOCDNF (124:37)
29Laura LinvilleQOCMP (115:42)


Course Length: 5.9 km

Course Climb: 200 m

Number of Controls: 16

1Ken WalkerQOC51:02
2Richard OliverQOC57:36
3Adam SmithQOC59:18
4Istvan NagyDVOA71:46
5Dennis DohertyQOC73:08
6Tom WellsQOC73:23
7Martins JonassQOC79:10
8Jana SeidlovaQOC79:13
9Jan MerkaQOC82:39
10Neal AttfieldQOC84:14
11Alexis MerkaQOC93:19
12James LingarQOC95:54
13Justin GreenQOC97:26
14John CumingsQOC103:08
15Josh L106:45
16Frantisek BrabecQOC118:56
17Inigo AhedoQOC125:07
18Oleg VolonsevichQOC127:47
19Mary SnieckusQOC133:40
20Courtney SheldenQOC178:43
21Suzanne SheldenQOC179:29
22Craig SheldenQOC179:40
23Monika KornhauserQOC195:04
24Paul CollinsonQOC196:46
25Brian LinsnerQOC196:47


Course Length: 7.8 km

Course Climb: 290 m

Number of Controls: 20

1Will ChesarekQOC109:00
2Addie NolanQOC109:52
3Charles CarrickQOC120:21
4Patrick FarleyQOC136:33
5John OrganekQOC137:12
6Jennifer WernerQOC173:20
7John Hoyt & CatherineQOC215:00
8Jesus RodriguezQOCDNF
8Zachary KuderDNF (49:11)
8Matt WilsonQOCDNF (96:59)


Course Length: 9.2 km

Course Climb: 340 m

Number of Controls: 24

1Joseph BarrettQOC71:15
2Glenn Pastel98:27
3David PrudenQOC107:05
4Victor LinQOC107:19
5Videlin AleksievQOC115:53
6Florin TencariuDVOA117:07
7Michael WoodQOC117:22
8Aaron LinvilleQOC125:39
9Howie WeinsteinQOC127:06
10Benjamin RobertsQOC132:24
11Eric GoetzQOC144:35
12Travis SiehndelQOC144:42
13Hideharu TanakaQOC165:05
14Scott SharpQOC214:51
15Dave ConnollyQOCDNF
15Michael DickeyQOCMP (102:18)
15David AshleyMP (125:01)
15Petr MinarQOCMP (140:42)

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).