Mason Neck

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What a gorgeous day it was for orienteering at Mason Neck on Sunday, March 21! We had over 270 people out on the courses (many of whom appreciated the relatively flat terrain after the McKeldin hills). The great weather and the large turnout were good news and bad news. The bad news was that parking is limited at Mason Neck, as many of you discovered. The park management came very close to closing the park just after noon because it was at capacity, but relented when our early arrivers started leaving. The other issue we had at Mason Neck this year was the additional restrictions that park management placed on the area in the park we could use. This led to some last minute course changes and advanced courses that were shorter than normal. We will have to address these issues in the future at Mason Neck.
QOC is an all-volunteer organization and I want to recognize all those who helped out with this meet. If I omit anyone, you can blame it on my senior memory – it will not be intentional. I need to lead off with my fellow Virginia Vice President, Charles Carrick, who did at least triple duty at the meet. He arrived at before 8 AM when the park opened, helped set the final controls, returned to help out around check-in, ran the Blue course, then went out and picked up all the streamers for control points we had to drop when the park added the additional restrictions. Kudos as well to course designers and setters Tavia Sullens and Mark Thomsen, who also had to do a lot of extra work due to the last minute course changes. Also, Peggy Dickison advised them on the course design. For check-in duties, Harry Jones, Heather Phelps, and Tom Legones handled first shift and Jana Seidlova, Petr Minar and Matyas and Daniel covered second shift. Control pickers were John Baker, Rick Oliver, Howie Weinstein, Lydia Andrews, and Matt Smith. Finally, and certain not least, Valerie Meyers printed and “sleeved” all the maps and handled the e-punch, timing, and results with assistance from Aaron and Laura Linville.
As we are now over a year into the “COVID Situation,” I am frankly amazed at how QOC has been able to continue to offer quality orienteering in a safe environment. I believe that we have the most active orienteering program in the country right now and we held the only NRE meet in the US during the past year. I have not heard any reports of COVID infection attributed to a QOC event. The superb efforts of our volunteers and the cooperation and patience of our members and guests has made this possible. We are looking forward to returning to opportunities to socialize more at the meets and other functions.
-Bill Wright


Course Length: 2.4 km

Course Climb: 40 m

Number of Controls: 8

1Matyas MinarQOC21:26
2Isabelle Bruce32:20
3Harry JonesQOC42:45
4Katherine DeBons & JeremyQOC55:00
5Dorota Preysnar & Kevin & JackQOC56:36
6 Strube Family of 3 & Sarah & Lailah & Matt58:32
7Helen Walsh & Barbara Safir65:11
8Charles Kreuzberger & Patricia & Anna & Avery66:15
9Valentina TsypnyatovaQOC71:20
10Kathryn Siehndel95:53


Course Length: 3.5 km

Course Climb: 30 m

Number of Controls: 11

1Hristina PeevaQOC42:57
2George Hornberger & ZeldaQOC44:52
3Isabelle Bruce46:45
4Matyas MinarQOC48:29
5Boryana PeevaQOC51:52
6Antonio TumaQOC52:01
7Evgeni PeevQOC52:10
8Craig SheldenQOC58:51
9Natalia Best & IvyQOC65:26
10Alexander HoughtonQOC67:54
11Shanna SorrellsQOC68:36
12Zachary Houghton & MartinQOC73:48
13Blake Burket & Imelda & KathrynQOC74:49
14Sharon Drumm & Duke76:43
15Christopher Owens & Julie & Benjamin & NathanQOC77:08
16David AlexanderQOC80:00
17Conner Brightwell & Ashley84:03
18Allan Watermolen84:53
19Elyssa Klett & GrantQOC85:29
20Jana Godaire & Alexandra & Elizabeta & Daniela93:37
21Veronika Taranova & Natalie & Dana & Amalie93:45
22Chloe CumingsQOC94:32
23Susanna McFarland & MichaelQOC96:08
24John HoerlQOC102:14
25Blake Kennedy & Joe119:28
26Eva Cumings & DadQOC119:58
27Monika Miksatko & Mattias & Tobias126:27
28Chad Jones & Connor & Caiden & Joe127:11
29Joseph Williams & Lindsay & Aurora177:22
30Dexter Harris & Tawana & Xavier & SamQOCDNF (62:41)
30Barbara Saffir & Helen WalshDNF (82:34)
30Hannah Kennedy & RachelDNF (120:19)


Course Length: 5.4 km

Course Climb: 65 m

Number of Controls: 11

1Ameena Benselloum67:15
2Daniel MinarQOC68:49
3Einar OlsenQOC74:42
4Turkmen OzerolQOC75:45
5Samantha WalkerQOC77:24
6Anthony Teolis & Carole & TrevorQOC91:16
7John SharrockQOC93:10
8Reiko RagerQOC103:21
9Park WatsonQOC108:15
10Bela MorganQOC113:15
11Andy Gerald & Elizabeth113:33
12Maria TumaQOC114:34
13Stephen Kabler117:56
14Nicole AleksievaQOC118:09
15Brad Millick & Nathan121:14
16Radka Herndon & VeronikaQOC135:38
17Vladimira Reistad & ErikaQOC138:00
18Ella Weinstein138:39
19Iva Weinstein138:45
20Sara LandersQOC139:02
21Romana Rychlikova & Sarah139:29
22Josh Nichols & Christy & IanQOC140:39
23Livia Klescova & Peter & Nelka141:09
24Jacob Blanton & Oliver & Matthew & Caleb206:42
25Dave Pelkey & Bob215:44
26Brad Best & HenryQOCDNF
26Keara MooreDNF
26Johnnie PfalmerDNF (113:55)
26Dina BeattyQOCDNF (134:20)
26Vladimir Jirinec & GabiQOCMP (135:24)


Course Length: 4.7 km

Course Climb: 55 m

Number of Controls: 9

1Peggy DickisonQOC46:01
2David DohertyQOC50:06
3Robert BriberQOC52:16
4Elena Semenova52:38
5Jennifer FauthQOC58:51
6Stephen DohertyQOC63:35
7Gary QuamQOC74:50
8Robin MoonQOC75:45
9Todd GazelleQOC76:35
10Jody LandersQOC76:36
11Robert FawcettQOC80:15
12Nicholas Turza & FurughQOC82:29
13Martin HoughtonQOC82:42
14Bill GrubbQOC83:30
15Pam DvorskyQOC86:38
16Nyall MeredithQOC87:13
17Monika KornhauserQOC89:03
18Ginny QuamQOC89:32
19Angela HuesmanQOC94:14
20Jeffrey BloomQOC95:51
21Natalie W95:53
22Laura LinvilleQOC97:48
23Matt SmithQOC98:36
24Tegan MortimerQOC98:52
25John LandersQOC100:13
26Mike DvorskyQOC100:36
27Florence TanQOC101:59
28Gabby WarnerQOC109:49
29Courtney SheldenQOC109:53
30Neal Attfield & Jade & AleasaQOC113:00
31Julie HudsonQOC122:10
32Boyan Onyshkevych & RomanQOC126:15
33Justin Levine & Oghale129:12
34Suzanne SheldenQOC135:38
35Cecilia LandersQOC140:43
36Beth Ann StasiowskiQOC148:43
37James ChaplinQOCDNF
37Margaret PrudenQOCDNF
37Alena VolkovaQOCDNF
37Karla HulettQOCDNF (140:12)
37Darren BoczarQOCDNF (157:39)


Course Length: 5 km

Course Climb: 60 m

Number of Controls: 11

1Patrick FieldQOC39:49
2Martins JonassQOC40:12
3Daniel Ecker40:21
4Tom WellsQOC44:18
5Dennis DohertyQOC47:03
6Thomas StratQOC51:19
7Jana SeidlovaQOC53:42
8John CumingsQOC57:34
9Robert WhitestoneQOC57:42
10Elliott HamiltonQOC59:14
11Max AhmedQOC61:12
12Oleg VolonsevichQOC61:25
13Keg GoodQOC63:19
14David RagerQOC64:10
15Gary SmithQOC67:56
16Matt Strube68:33
17Frantisek BrabecQOC69:51
18Lydia AndrewsQOC70:18
19Virginia DeBonsQOC72:01
20Wendy WQOC74:24
21John VierowQOC77:11
22Misty Nielsen & AlexanderQOC77:20
23Helen DohertyQOC77:23
24David Thomen & John & KatieQOC81:26
25Tom LegonesQOC82:18
26Elena Makarevich83:17
27Michael KostiwQOC85:39
28Richard BriggsQOC97:53
29Jesus RodriguezQOC99:57
30Sonephet Vichith & Tony & Daniel101:00
31Ben Freiberg & ChrissQOC103:50
32Jeff Moore & Mike & Carrie127:07
33Franklin FishQOC134:08
34 Moore 2 & Ryan & Dennis & Diane201:11
35Christopher SilvaQOCMP (54:40)
35Steve CampQOCMP (72:26)
35Mary SnieckusQOCMP (89:55)
35Massimo Giusti & Amy & Dennis & GianlucaMP (155:10)


Course Length: 5.6 km

Course Climb: 75 m

Number of Controls: 10

1Rob FieldQOC48:59
2Jeremy Bloom51:36
3Addie NolanQOC56:16
4Jared SilkQOC57:40
5Richard OliverQOC61:57
6Bill Vickers63:30
7Diana AleksievaQOC65:16
8Erik GrunerQOC66:41
9Heidi OnkstQOC71:58
10James LingarQOC74:54
11Bill ViennaQOC77:55
12Patrick FarleyQOC84:23
13Heather PhelpsQOC84:54
14Josh L90:29
15Jonathan Kehoe & Liam & Tony & AbigailQOC107:25
16Jennifer WernerQOC109:21
17Dave ConnollyQOCMP (89:06)


Course Length: 7.5 km

Course Climb: 115 m

Number of Controls: 17

1Joseph BarrettQOC40:36
2Ken WalkerQOC48:56
3David PrudenQOC59:56
4Glenn PastelQOC60:18
5Michael WoodQOC61:00
6Nadim AhmedQOC61:07
7Michael DickeyQOC61:09
8Videlin AleksievQOC64:26
9Petr MinarQOC65:18
10Tom NolanQOC66:08
11Aaron LinvilleQOC68:20
12Mike StasiowskiQOC70:08
13Howie Weinstein71:21
14Zachary Kuder72:11
15Evgeny TsypnyatovQOC72:28
16Hideharu TanakaQOC83:27
17David DallingQOC83:31
18Doug SilkQOC83:54
19Bill JohnsQOC84:10
20Charles CarrickQOC84:24
21Mary FosterQOC85:15
22Benjamin RobertsQOC86:50
23Inigo AhedoQOC88:14
24John OrganekQOC90:52
25John BakerQOC92:36
26Travis SiehndelQOC114:13
27Bryan Alger & Anders125:43
28Brock MorganQOC186:34
29David AyotteQOCDNF (194:28)
29Blaire BinghamQOCMP (96:21)
29Scott SharpQOCMP (117:51)

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).