Hoyle's Mill

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People came from far and wide for this event. Seven clubs, in addition to QOC, were represented at the Hoyle’s Mill NRE: Delaware Valley Orienteering Association (DVOA), Georgia Orienteering Club (GAOC), Northeast Ohio Orienteering Club (NEOOC), Hudson Valley Orienteering (HVO), Up North Orienteering (UNO), Orienteer Kansas (OK), and Cambridge Sports Union (CSU).
The weather held up quite well. It was a little breezy and overcast for most of the day. The high reached around 50 degrees which is average for this time of year in the DC area.
Four NJROTC groups participated in the NRE: TJ Patriot, Huntingtown, Loudon, and Patuxent. Combined they accounted for roughly one-third of the starts. We appreciate the patience of the JROTC orienteers who had to wait longer than usual amounts of time to start on the Brown and Green courses.
There was a total of 226 starts. All courses had double digit starts, with the exception of white. All advanced courses had more than 20 starts, with the exception of blue. Orange, brown, and green were by far the most popular courses and combined to account for almost two-thirds of the starts. The rest of the starts were almost evenly split between white & yellow courses on one end of the spectrum and red & blue courses on the other end.
This event would not have happened without the efforts of the following people:
Greg Lennon ran both the event webpage and the event online registration.
Denise Mainville, Mary Snieckus, and Adam Heifetz showed up at 8 AM and helped to get things set up and ready.
Glenn Pastel, Addie Nolan, Stephanie Coffin, Brian Florence, James Weber, and Joseph Barrett got people checked in and handed out clue sheets at the registration tables.
Joseph Pastel, Jill Bradbury, and Erin Brandt helped to point people toward the two start locations.
Joshua Pomeroy, Richard Briggs, David Gedney, Chris Puin, John Cumings, and Chloe Cumings handed out maps and monitored the start to make sure the start times were properly spaced out on the white, yellow, and orange courses.
Don Fish, Heidi Onkst, Dina Beatty, Lydia Andrews, Florence Tan, and Tom Nolan handed out maps and monitored the start to make sure the start times were properly spaced out on the brown, green, red, and blue courses.
Jon Torrance, Greg Palardy, Kathleen Lennon, Greg Lennon, Jens Wira, Kim Jepsen, and Sam Listwak picked up the controls after the courses closed. Justin Levine, Jody Landers, and Cecilia Landers, and Heidi Onkst helped to clean things up after the courses were closed.
Sam Listwak designed all the courses and placed the controls. Michael Dickey, Francis Hogle, and Nadim Ahmed vetted the courses.
Amy Louden and Valerie Meyer ran the e-punch station. Valerie also printed the maps, clue sheets, and lists of pre-registered participants.
Mike Newman worked with both the park and the SoccerPlex to get permission to hold the NRE and arranged for the all important PortaJohns.
Nadim Ahmed mapped the area and took photos during the event. Clinton Morse from OUSA also took photos.
See https://orienteeringusa.org/2021/12/hoyles-mill-nre-recap/ for photos taken by Clinton Morse.
See https://flic.kr/ps/yE9Uh for photos taken by Nadim Ahmed.
- Dave Levine, Meet Director


Course Length: 2 km

Course Climb: 30 m

Number of Controls: 7

1Jenny Kuenz & M/F-WhiteQOC18:59
2Jay Patel & Group of 2 & Jeet & Troop 79430:11
3William Bardin & Group of 3 & Hui & MarcusQOC38:04
4Xiaofang Hataye & Group of 2 & KeiraQOC47:17
5Sharmagh Yepremian & M/F-WhiteQOC68:14
6Luke Beaupre & 2nd courseLoudoun NJROTCNC (12:49)
6Nathan Beaupre & 2nd courseLoudoun NJROTCNC (13:59)


Course Length: 2.5 km

Course Climb: 40 m

Number of Controls: 8

1Micah Cosgrove & M-14TJ Patriot NJROTC18:28
2Francesco Davies & M-14TJ Patriot NJROTC21:17
3Michael Miller & M-14TJ Patriot NJROTC21:34
4Gage Bubb & M-14TJ Patriot NJROTC24:48
5Dylan Cunningham & M-14TJ Patriot NJROTC27:28
6Talon Hockmuth & M-14Patuxent NJROTC28:24
7Donavan Bojorquez & M-14Patuxent NJROTC31:06
8Marissa Huffman & F-14Huntingtown NJROTC32:55
9Scott Boger & M-YellowLoudoun NJROTC33:17
10Nathan Beaupre & M-YellowLoudoun NJROTC33:22
11Nicole Aleksieva & F-14QOC34:40
12Sydney Dixon & F-YellowQOC35:45
13Braeden Tiralla & M-YellowHuntingtown NJROTC36:39
14Stanley Karwoski & M-YellowPatuxent NJROTC37:27
15Jason Hataye & Group of 2 & MeilynnQOC39:50
16Chloe Cumings & F-14QOC40:15
17Kayla Freeman & F-YellowHuntingtown NJROTC42:24
18Faith Balderson & F-YellowHuntingtown NJROTC45:08
19Harry Jones & M-YellowQOC46:08
20Jason Eshleman & M-Yellow48:01
21Cameron Kimble & M-YellowPatuxent NJROTC48:33
22Elena Huffaker & Group of 2 & Lucas50:23
23Mary Jane Ross-Lee & Group of 2 & PeteQOC53:12
24Dina Beatty & Group of 3 & Wyatt & EmeryQOC53:49
25Amy Louden & F-YellowQOC54:15
26Daemon Hecht & M-YellowPatuxent NJROTC54:26
27Chris George & M-Yellow64:27
28Dedan Bruner & Group of 2 & JavazQOC66:48
29Ashleigh Catlett & F-YellowHuntingtown NJROTCDNF (58:42)
29Juliana Huffman & F-14Huntingtown NJROTCMP
29Joseph Tafe & M-14Loudoun NJROTCMP (53:24)
29Rashann Duvall & F-YellowQOCMP (62:35)


Course Length: 4.6 km

Course Climb: 60 m

Number of Controls: 11

1Krystian Davis & F-OrangeTJ Patriot NJROTC40:14
2Melia Bugg & F-16TJ Patriot NJROTC40:43
3Noah Riley & M-16TJ Patriot NJROTC42:07
4Samantha Walker & F-16QOC44:36
5Preston Carlisle & M-OrangePatuxent NJROTC49:13
6Madeline Vetting & F-16Patuxent NJROTC49:37
7Michelle Fish & F-OrangeQOC50:15
8Siara Quinonez & F-16TJ Patriot NJROTC53:17
9Jessica Mayfield & F-16Huntingtown NJROTC53:48
10Elijah Stone & M-16TJ Patriot NJROTC53:51
11Miles Carlisle & M-16Patuxent NJROTC56:08
12Stephanie Coffin & F-OrangeQOC59:14
13Aidan Sales & M-16Huntingtown NJROTC59:24
14Maggie Pruden & F-OrangeQOC59:51
15Johnny Blouir & M-16Patuxent NJROTC60:08
16Martin Houghton & M-OrangeQOC61:46
17Logan Abbott & M-OrangeHuntingtown NJROTC61:57
18Tanner Vogel & M-16Loudoun NJROTC65:09
19Adin Fitzgerald & M-16Huntingtown NJROTC66:16
20Noah Perez & M-OrangeHuntingtown NJROTC68:44
21Ethan Boger & M-16Loudoun NJROTC70:02
22Zachary Houghton & M-16QOC70:13
23Daniel Lathrop & Group of 2 & PatQOC71:37
24Piper Yeatman & F-16Patuxent NJROTC74:30
25Nathan Hartman & M-16Loudoun NJROTC77:54
26Josh Pomeroy & Group of 3 & Margaret & HelenQOC78:43
27Reiko Rager & Group of 2 & SilasQOC79:00
28Alexander Houghton & M-16QOC80:17
29Ava Pietrzak & F-16Loudoun NJROTC82:59
30Sadie Lynch & Group of 4 & Daniel & Alexa & MaxQOC87:12
31Adam M Heifetz & M-OrangeQOC88:32
32Christopher Puin & M-OrangeQOC89:59
33Rene Dolder & M-OrangeGAOC90:29
34Tyler Jones & M-16Loudoun NJROTC92:41
35Haley Hutton & F-16Loudoun NJROTC94:34
36Louis Novak & Group of 4QOC95:18
37Justin Levine & Group of 3 & OghaleQOC95:34
38Allison Kranz & F-16Loudoun NJROTC96:27
39Spencer Verhalen & M-OrangeLoudoun NJROTC96:51
40David Johnson & M-16Huntingtown NJROTC98:35
41Mark Murphy & M-OrangeQOC99:51
42Noah Slate & M-16Loudoun NJROTC100:27
43Ella Bruce & F-OrangeLoudoun NJROTC100:33
44Diane Mukherjee & F-OrangeQOC102:51
45Candace Carlisle & Group of 2 & Bill105:32
46Fahad Pasha & Group of 2 & Charles106:43
47Klara Tselenchuk & F-OrangeQOC126:41
48Jordan Garman & F-16Loudoun NJROTCDNF
48Jenny Kuenz & F-Orange & 2nd courseQOCNC (99:40)


Course Length: 5.3 km

Course Climb: 60 m

Number of Controls: 11

1David Doherty & M-BrownQOC57:25
2Thomas Strat & M65+QOC62:40
3Peggy Dickison & F60+OK67:13
4Stephen Tarry & M70+UNO71:46
5Joseph Pastel & M-BrownQOC77:53
6Alex Merka & F-18QOC78:36
7Robert Briber & M60+QOC79:25
8Mary Snieckus & F-55QOC82:18
9Michael Callow & M-BrownQOC83:29
10Michal Jarnik & M60+QOC83:56
11Jody Landers & M65+QOC87:44
12Heidi Onkst & F55+QOC88:33
13Bruce Zeidman & M75+DVOA91:32
14Mark Mace & M70+QOC91:55
15Helen Doherty & F55+QOC94:08
16Nadya Popova & F70+HVO99:22
17Gary Smith & M60+QOC100:00
18Petya Aleksieva & F-BrownQOC102:38
19Rob Wilkison & M70+DVOA103:20
20Ginny Quam & F60+QOC104:34
21Fabrizio Flores & M-BrownLoudoun NJROTC105:06
22Molly Anderson & F-18TJ Patriot NJROTC106:10
23Franklin Fish & M60+QOC106:50
24Florence Tan & F55+QOC107:44
25John Organek & M75+QOC108:17
26Richard Briggs & M-BrownQOC114:17
27Beatri Bennett & F55+QOC115:33
28Charles Shell & M-BrownQOC116:17
29Jaden Gillespie & M-BrownLoudoun NJROTC116:47
30Wendy Wroblewski & F-BrownQOC118:13
31Jaydon Pearson & M-BrownLoudoun NJROTC120:18
32David McIntire & M-BrownQOC120:26
33Jeffrey Bloom & M-BrownQOC128:09
34Russell Damtoft & M65+QOC128:46
35Turkmen Ozerol & M-BrownQOC137:31
36Savannah Hall & F-18Patuxent NJROTC140:13
37Cecilia Landers & F65+QOC140:50
38Alfred Dolder & M75+GAOC148:53
39Beth Ann Stasiowski & F55+QOC149:19
40Gary Quam & M65+QOC153:28
41Angela Huesman & F-BrownQOC164:01
42Keg Good & F60+QOC171:22
43Erica Ashton & Group of 2 & Dorota175:56
44Miguel Perez & Group of 3 & Laroiell & Ibrahim180:20
45Suzanne Izzo & F80+QOC216:22
46Hugo Estrada & Group of 2 & HugoQOCDNF
46Mike Newman & M70+QOCDNF
46Anthony Teolis & Group of 2 & CaroleQOCDNF
46Jill Bradbury & Group of 4 & Chris & Bill & BrianDNF (112:29)
46Jordan Gillespie & M-BrownLoudoun NJROTCDNF (125:51)
46Gabby Warner & F-18Loudoun NJROTCDNF (149:54)
46Boyan Onyshkevych & M-BrownQOCDNF (174:09)
46Tom Nolan & M65+QOCMP (59:34)
46JP Landers & M-BrownQOCMP (109:29)


Course Length: 6.3 km

Course Climb: 65 m

Number of Controls: 12

1Andras Revesz & M55+DVOA60:12
2Elliott Hamilton & M60+QOC69:36
3Dennis Doherty & M60+QOC73:19
4Anders Sundstrom & M-Green77:18
5Kim Jepsen & M55+QOC80:19
6Istvan Nagy & M60+DVOA83:39
7James Lingar & M60+QOC89:35
8Greg Palardy & M55+QOC91:38
9Bill Johns & M55+Loudoun NJROTC95:18
10Daniel Ellis & M-18Loudoun NJROTC98:15
11Ian Inman & M-18Patuxent NJROTC98:17
12John Vincent & M55+Patuxent NJROTC104:24
13John Baker & M55+QOC105:43
14Paul Collinson & M55+QOC107:17
15John Whitty & M60+QOC107:51
16Ryan Collins & M50+QOC114:07
17Christion Hunt & M-18TJ Patriot NJROTC121:56
18Logan Barger & M-18Huntingtown NJROTC125:16
19Alexander Wooge & M-18Huntingtown NJROTC128:54
20Steve Camp & M55+QOC129:44
21George Hornberger & M50+QOC131:04
22Tom Wells & M50+QOC135:21
23Misty Nielsen & Group of 2 & AlexanderQOC139:50
24Craig Shelden & M55+QOC143:17
25Rowan Mendenhall & M-18Loudoun NJROTC144:42
26Josh L & M-GreenQOC145:22
27Suzanne Shelden & F50+QOC147:06
28Luke Beaupre & M-18Loudoun NJROTC147:29
29Jackson Leache & M-18TJ Patriot NJROTC149:14
30Christopher Clarke & M-Green150:18
31Jennifer Fauth & F35+QOC153:01
32Andrew Wilson & M-18Loudoun NJROTC157:11
33Antonio Robles & M-20Loudoun NJROTC166:05
34Charles Lund & M-GreenQOC199:01
35Jaremy Morgan & M-18Patuxent NJROTCDNF
35Virginia DeBons & F40+QOCDNF (100:15)
35Frantisek Brabec & M50+QOCDNF (118:26)
35Link Houldsworth & M-18TJ Patriot NJROTCDNF (125:55)
35Lydia Andrews & F35+QOCDNF (130:13)
35Jayden Suarez & M-18TJ Patriot NJROTCDNF (153:39)
35Collin Scribner & M-18Patuxent NJROTCDNF (159:10)
35Andrew Bruce & M-18Loudoun NJROTCDNF (159:55)
35Fred Clarey & M-18Loudoun NJROTCDNF (194:01)
35Octavian Ashford & M-18Loudoun NJROTCDNF (196:14)
35Adam Smith & M-GreenQOCMP (94:56)
35Deimien Bojorquez & M-18Patuxent NJROTCMP (146:05)
35Nadim Ahmed & M60+QOCNC (66:18)


Course Length: 8.2 km

Course Climb: 80 m

Number of Controls: 16

1Florin Tencariu & M45+DVOA82:23
2Videlin Aleksiev & M35+QOC85:50
3Victor Lin & M35+QOC103:07
4Aaron Linville & M40+QOC104:10
5Jonathan Boyer & M45+NEOOC107:55
6Marie Pangracova & F21+QOC112:19
7Jan Merka & M45+QOC112:21
8Martins Jonass & M40+QOC112:52
9Diana Aleksieva & F21+QOC116:30
10John Cumings & M45+QOC119:53
11Adelaide Nolan & F21+QOC120:01
12Matt Smith & M45+QOC132:56
13Stina Bridgeman & F21+QOC136:08
14Alan Crouse & M-20Loudoun NJROTC141:54
15Christopher Owens & M40+QOC160:17
16Bryan Hughes & Group of 2 & Jamison161:43
17Justin Brown & M40+QOC178:16
18Ben Ahlswede & M35+DNF (114:32)
18Spencer Johnson & M-RedQOCDNF (127:20)
18Christopher Silva & M35+QOCDNF (135:13)
18Scott Sharp & M45+QOCDNF (175:14)
18Michael DuPlessis & M-20Loudoun NJROTCDNF (197:03)


Course Length: 11 km

Course Climb: 150 m

Number of Controls: 19

1Joseph Barrett & M-21+QOC71:20
2Greg Ahlswede & M-21+DVOA78:07
3Albert Mollen & M-21+82:19
4Ken Walker & M-21+CSU93:48
5Jon Torrance & M-21+QOC95:03
6William Hubsch & M-21+115:05
7Brian Mayer & M-21+118:15
8Glenn Pastel & M-21+QOC125:28
9Gabe DuPlessis & M-21+Loudoun NJROTC152:39
10Rob Field & M-21+QOC153:23
11Michael Stasiowski & M-21+QOC160:40
12David Pruden & M-21+QOCDNF
12Omer Regev & M-21+QOCDNF
12Jens Wira & M-21+QOCDNF (155:25)
12Heather Phelps & M-21+QOCDNF (180:08)

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).