Quantico LZ Canary

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We had a superb day at Marine Corps Base Quantico, Landing Zone Canary on Saturday. With mild temps in the low 70s and cloudy skies, runners and walkers had the opportunity to enjoy a challenging set of courses designed and set by Paul Hession on QOC’s 2017 National Championship map covering Training Area 16B. We had a terrific turnout of 142 starts, including impressive crews from both Patuxent HS and Loudoun County HS NJROTC units. Thank you all for joining us!
Many, many thanks got to an outstanding group of volunteers, who gave their time, energy, and smiles to ensure everything went smoothly. Bill Wright and Charles Carrick coordinated through early and frequent communication with MCBQ on access and permit, delivery of portable toilets, and provided on-site assistance at the VCC Saturday morning to ensure folks were able to join us on the base. Greg Lennon likewise provided tremendous advanced support as registrar and coordinated with base security on the roster of all participants. Paul Hession and Charles Carrick hung the controls ahead of our event.
Craig Shelden prepared the course maps, and Valerie Meyer printed maps and sealed cases, after Roger Meyer did the stuffing. This prep work makes map handout that much easier, saving time for participants and enhancing our Covid prevention measures!
Set up went quickly at LZ Canary (after an early navigation error on my part) thanks to Will Chesarek, Scott Sharp, Bill Wright, Matt Skowronski, Harry Jones, and Joshua Rillera. Harry Jones, Laura Linville, and Shawna Barry greeted our eager orienteers and kept the flow moving along safely at check-in. Bill Wight and Scott Sharp both managed orderly parking, and performed Range Safety Officer duties, keeping the base informed of our event status throughout the day. Janis Board was our EMT from Amphibious Medics. Amy Louden led the E-Punch operations in typical efficient fashion with assistance from Laura Linville and Shawna Barry. Aaron Linville set up the live results tracking and Valerie Meyer sent the results to multiple portals on the web.
As a result of the VCC closing a bit early, we arranged rides between VCC and LZ Canary for those not able to get through base security, thanks to the generosity of Howie Weinstein, Ted Good, Jody Landers, Paul Hession, and Charles Carrick, and likely others that I missed. Control pick-up went smoothly due to the extra effort from Justin Green, Kathleen Lennon, Greg Lennon, Paul Hession, and Charles Carrick.
Finally, Suzanne Shelden, Craig Shelden, Laura Linville, Aaron Linville, Mark Lundbald, Kristina Lundblad, Beatri Bennett, Rob Field made short work of site clean up and packing all the equipment for E-Punch, controls, and the VA event kit.
Thank you all so very much for making this a fun, safe, and satisfying event! We hope to see many of you back for upcoming events Oct. 17 at Gunston Hall and Oct. 24 at Cunningham Falls.
- John Baker, Event Director


Course Length: 2.1 km

Course Climb: 35 m

Number of Controls: 8

1Luke BeaupreLoudoun NJROTC14:23
2Levi FuchsLoudoun NJROTC22:43
3Piper YeatmanPatuxent NJROTC30:27
4Talon HockmuthPatuxent NJROTC31:30
5Debbie PedersonQOC33:14
6Miles CarlislePatuxent NJROTC38:11
7Jason Black & Lindsey41:11
8Amy LoudenQOC45:30
9Harry JonesQOC47:31
10David Uribe & Ann60:15
11Daemon HechtPatuxent NJROTCMP (47:03)
11Donavan BojorquezPatuxent NJROTCMP (53:13)


Course Length: 2.8 km

Course Climb: 60 m

Number of Controls: 11

1Luke BeaupreLoudoun NJROTC23:31
2Daniel MinarQOC29:39
3Matyas MinarQOC31:23
4Jaden GillespieLoudoun NJROTC37:03
5Savannah HallPatuxent NJROTC41:35
6Sarah ZimmermanPatuxent NJROTC43:56
7Deimien BojorquezPatuxent NJROTC44:48
8Preston CarlislePatuxent NJROTC46:02
9Maddie VettingPatuxent NJROTC52:12
10Piper YeatmanPatuxent NJROTC55:02
11Debbie Pederson & 2nd courseQOC59:48
12Miles CarlislePatuxent NJROTC62:39
13Talon HockmuthPatuxent NJROTC69:08
14Shawna BarryQOC74:20
15Laurel Neff & Mike & Aeryn & Jaycen104:26
16Robert Fawcett & Connor & JoeQOC111:30
17Nathan BeaupreLoudoun NJROTC125:24
18Donaven BojorquezPatuxent NJROTC163:03
19Daemon HechtPatuxent NJROTCDNF
19Sydney DixonQOCDNF
19Ava PietrzakLoudoun NJROTCDNF
19Alison KranzLoudoun NJROTCDNF
19Ana Garcia-SotoLoudoun NJROTCMP (129:19)


Course Length: 4 km

Course Climb: 140 m

Number of Controls: 13

1Jan Zijp72:50
2Heather WalshQOC103:49
3Justin Levine & Oghale111:26
4Nicole AleksievaQOC115:04
5Fabrizio FloresLoudoun NJROTC121:15
6Mark LundbladQOC133:49
7Jordan GillespieLoudoun NJROTC134:52
8Kristina LundbladQOC135:36
9Craig McIntireQOC135:37
10Collin ScribnerPatuxent NJROTC137:06
11Michael Wood & Kelly137:34
12Adrienne BeyQOC140:19
13Jaremy MorganPatuxent NJROTC140:22
14Ian InmanPatuxent NJROTC144:23
15Bela Morgan & Colin147:18
16Sarah ZimmermanPatuxent NJROTC149:30
17Savannah HallPatuxent NJROTC149:35
18Maddie VettingPatuxent NJROTC149:39
19Scott BeyQOC156:29
20Preston CarlislePatuxent NJROTC159:10
21Deimien BojorquezPatuxent NJROTC167:12
22Shanna SorrellsQOC170:58
23Matt SkowronskiQOCDNF
23Jayden PearsonLoudoun NJROTCDNF
23Byron TraftonQOCDNF
23Samuel SorrellsDNF
23Fahad Pasha & CharlesDNF
23Daniel EllisLoudoun NJROTCDNF (74:46)
23Jaden GillespieLoudoun NJROTCDNF (80:52)
23Tegan Riloff & MattDNF (82:07)
23Nathan HartmanLoudoun NJROTCDNF (145:20)
23Liberty LandavereLoudoun NJROTCDNF (152:46)
23Octavian AshfordLoudoun NJROTCDNF (227:46)
23Beatri BennettQOCMP (110:03)
23Chip BeckerQOCMP (115:12)
23Darren BoczarQOCMP (144:13)


Course Length: 3.5 km

Course Climb: 80 m

Number of Controls: 10

1Robert BriberQOC43:35
2James LingarQOC45:05
3Joe PastelQOC45:28
4M.J. UribeQOC50:50
5Luke BeaupreLoudoun NJROTC54:16
6William WrightQOC55:51
7Daniel EllisLoudoun NJROTC60:02
8Francis HogleQOC61:53
9Angela HuesmanQOC68:25
10George HornbergerQOC68:28
11Michael Du PlessisLoudoun NJROTC72:47
12Nicholas TurzaQOC74:14
13Helen DohertyQOC81:32
14Rowan MendenhallLoudoun NJROTC83:16
15Florence TanQOC85:12
16Jody LandersQOC85:16
17Andrew WilsonLoudoun NJROTC101:16
18Ginny QuamQOC120:42
19David McIntireQOC126:16
20Gary QuamQOC136:25
21Bryan ButlerQOCDNF
21Sidney SachsQOCDNF
21Andrew BruceLoudoun NJROTCDNF (62:20)
21Nolan HutchisonLoudoun NJROTCDNF (97:51)
21Cecilia LandersQOCDNF (111:52)
21Johnnie PfalmerLoudoun NJROTCMP (78:44)
21Ella BruceLoudoun NJROTCMP (132:24)


Course Length: 6 km

Course Climb: 180 m

Number of Controls: 13

1Mark WalmsleyQOC69:48
2Jana SeidlovaQOC73:14
3Addie NolanQOC81:01
4Diana AleksievaQOC83:25
5Tom NolanQOC86:42
6John Whitty & StaceyQOC99:56
7Justin GreenQOC104:34
8Keg GoodQOC115:53
9Steve CampQOC140:42
10Christopher ZbrozekQOC145:12
11Bill JohnsLoudoun NJROTC150:19
12Neal AttfieldQOC159:09
13John VincentQOC163:10
14Wendy W & SamiQOC168:22
15Scott Sharp & JohnQOC178:41
16Suzanne SheldenQOC179:47
17Craig SheldenQOC180:28
18Casey MotonQOC193:56
19Tavia SullensQOCDNF
19Tom WellsQOCDNF
19Gabriel Du PlessisLoudoun NJROTCDNF (130:19)
19Bill ViennaQOCDNF (156:12)
19Jan ZichaQOCDNF (202:45)
19Joshua RilleraQOCDNF (239:10)


Course Length: 7.8 km

Course Climb: 230 m

Number of Controls: 15

1Videlin AleksievQOC85:09
2Dennis DohertyQOC95:49
3Martins JonassQOC99:03
4Petr MinarQOC101:03
5Kim JepsenQOC128:11
6John OrganekQOC141:00
7Jared SilkQOC142:54
8John CumingsQOC166:05
9Jesus RodriguezQOCDNF
9Charles CarrickQOCDNF (125:03)


Course Length: 10.2 km

Course Climb: 290 m

Number of Controls: 17

1Joseph BarrettQOC78:02
2Glenn Pastel100:22
3Ted GoodQOC116:25
4Aaron LinvilleQOC141:23
5William Chesarek & Jason150:15
6Howie WeinsteinQOC155:47
7Brock MorganQOC228:26
8Victor LinQOCDNF (101:31)
8Inigo AhedoQOCDNF (153:00)
8Lukas HayterQOCDNF (177:43)

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).