Kings Landing

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A great big THANK YOU! to everyone who volunteered to help out with Kings Landing meet today. Each of you made the event go well.
Credit for the courses and the map updates go to Mike and Pam Dvorsky. Without their solid support, neither Rosaryville (in late November) nor this Kings Landing event would have been as successful as they were, since Mike and Pam updated both maps extensively and set courses for these two events about six weeks apart – no small achievement: Thank You, Mike and Pam!
Mike and Pam were assisted in hanging the Kings Landing courses by John Vincent and Dave Linthicum.
Thanks to Amy Louden, Valerie Meyer, and Ben Roberts for flawlessly handling the epunch operation.
Our set up team included Chloe, Eva, and John Cumings.
The Check In and Map Issue teams ensured all participants got their maps and all needed information prior to starting their courses: Virginia DeBons, Richard Briggs, Reiko Rager, and Chris Zbrocek.
We weren’t sure how much traffic control would be needed, so after Chris Silva took the first shift and made sure our cones were filling the need, we were able to release him to run his course a little earlier than planned. Thanks go to Justin Rager and Daniel Shelden for being ready to step into parking control duties.
David Rager offered his support and stood by to determine in any additional positions needed filled.
Although we left the controls hanging overnight, I’d like to thank Addie Nolan, Glenn Pastel, and one walk up volunteer for being ready to brave the increasing cold rain and bring in the controls. Thanks to Dave Linthicum, Suzanne Shelden, and Mike and Pam Dvorsky for recovering the controls on Monday.
For end of event clean up, thanks go out to Reiko Rager, Wendy Wroblewski, and Don Fish who made sure our event materials were efficiently taken down and ready for the next event.
Finally, I want to offer a special shout out to QOC’s Maryland VP for Permits, Mike Newman, who successfully threaded the approval needle and handled all the logistics with the Kings Landing and Calvert County Park personnel; reserving the pavilions and ensuring the porta-potties were on-site for the event.
Thanks Everyone!
- Craig Shelden


Course Length: 2.4 km

Course Climb: 60 m

Number of Controls: 10

1Jeri RowleyQOC69:53
2Elizabeth Shafer70:03
3Safiya Hamit & BalogunQOC74:11
4Derek Cook & Carter & Alden & ArleighQOC78:21
5Eva Cumings97:09
6Cheryl Wilson & Rose & MaxwellQOC108:59


Course Length: 3.3 km

Course Climb: 105 m

Number of Controls: 11

1Gavin Santerre39:30
2Turkmen OzerolQOC73:54
3Yoko TanakaQOC74:57
4Lewis Faulk & Soosan & Clara & MiaQOC79:49
5Antonio TumaQOC101:48
6Seneca HonakQOC102:49
7Cara HonzakQOC102:50
8Christopher Owens & Julie & Nathan & BenjaminQOC108:31
9Christian Patterson & Calvert HS NJROTC113:06
10John Janke & MaribethQOC121:45
11David AlexanderQOC134:56
12Chloe CumingsQOCDNF (134:21)


Course Length: 3.8 km

Course Climb: 205 m

Number of Controls: 13

1Penn FaulkQOC58:34
2Dominik HonzakQOC59:14
3Duncan Santerre & Calvert HS NJROTC60:05
4Kelly Coulby72:11
5Aidan Lundberg & Calvert HS NJROTC73:18
6Todd GazelleQOC82:31
7Corbett Dabbs & Mackenzie & ColbyQOC91:26
8John SharrockQOC93:33
9Gregory Sesso & Calvert HS NJROTC104:11
10Justin RagerQOC107:18
11Reiko RagerQOC107:21
12Matyas MinarQOC122:00
13Craig McIntire & Kevin & AlexQOC122:18
14Bonnie Kelnberger & BrandonQOC123:28
15Osmery Garcia & Pablo124:58
16Maria TumovaQOC126:16
17Beatri BennettQOC126:17
18Gavin WeiseQOC128:20
19Tony Teolis & CaroleQOC142:21
20Suzanne SheldenQOC143:07
21Josh Pickerall143:11
22Austin Egly146:44
23Lexi Egly148:13
24Justin Levine & Oghale148:29
25Beth Ann StasiowskiQOC166:02
26Daniel MinarQOCDNF
26Christina RamiloQOCMP (133:44)


Course Length: 3.3 km

Course Climb: 220 m

Number of Controls: 11

1Daniel Lathrop & JohnQOC68:07
2Daniel SheldenQOC73:42
3Gabby WarnerQOC77:23
4Cara HonzakQOC83:44
5Robert BriberQOC86:22
6Mark MaceQOC89:36
7Wendy WQOC91:40
8Gary QuamQOC104:13
9Richard BriggsQOC114:52
10Caleb WithersQOC118:16
11Halie Hart & Robert & Calvert HS NJROTCQOC120:04
12Ginny QuamQOC121:56
13Katie Brown & Scott125:56
14Kevin Peck & Calvert HS NJROTCQOC172:55
15Laura LinvilleDNF (95:34)


Course Length: 5 km

Course Climb: 310 m

Number of Controls: 16

1Zachary Kuder61:28
2Josh SanchezQOC63:49
3Austin Giggey & Calvert HS NJROTC66:04
4Max AhmedQOC72:29
5Adam SmithQOC73:21
6Peggy AhmedQOC76:50
7Cody Moore78:30
8Neal AttfieldQOC94:17
9Bill VickersQOC103:33
10Ryan Moore109:51
11Max Janke & Patriot NJROTCQOC114:32
12Hideharu TanakaQOC125:09
13Tom WellsQOC127:30
14Vanessa Lightfoot127:31
15Joseph PastelQOC127:57
16Joe Lusby137:01
17Bill JohnsQOC138:22
18Joe Pickerall140:53
19Paul Collinson & ZephrenQOC146:06
20Blaire BinghamQOC147:18
21Jody LandersQOC161:45
22John VincentQOC164:05
23Christian WithersQOC167:17
24Nyall MeredithQOCDNF
24Kathleen LennonQOCDNF
24David PrudenQOCDNF (51:50)
24Alexis MerkaQOCDNF (74:14)
24Dagmar MerkovaQOCDNF (87:11)
24Gary SmithQOCDNF (103:25)
24Franklin FishQOCDNF (130:29)
24David LevineQOCDNF (158:02)
24Scott Brown & Laura & Lindsay & CiaraDNF (206:17)


Number of Controls: 30

PlaceNameClubScoreTimePre-penalty ScorePenalty
1Joseph BarrettQOC30061:50300
2Martins JonassQOC30090:16300
3Michael WoodQOC30091:44300
4Michael DickeyQOC30099:54300
5Aaron LinvilleQOC300102:29300
6Michael StasiowskiQOC300104:48300
7Nadim AhmedQOC300106:08300
8Addie NolanQOC300110:53300
9Kim JepsenQOC300111:14300
10Theodore GoodQOC29087:15290
11Glenn PastelQOC28085:56280
12Matt WilsonQOC280118:49280
13Howie WeinsteinQOC27088:54270
14George HornbergerQOC270104:40270
15Jana SeidlovaQOC25088:36250
16John MillerQOC25090:57250
17Benjamin RobertsQOC25096:16250
18James LingarQOC25097:35250
19John BakerQOC250101:45250
20David RagerQOC250113:35250
21Steve CampQOC250114:37250
22Jennifer FauthQOC240100:30240
23Keg GoodQOC240101:20240
24Tom NolanQOC240101:27240
25Scott SharpQOC240106:17240
26Jared SilkQOC240107:46240
27Davy DeArmond240115:20240
28Petr MinarQOC23095:35230
29Paul HessionQOC22094:11220
30Misty Nielsen & AlexanderQOC220111:01220
31Lydia AndrewsQOC220114:10220
32Marichu ReevesQOC220114:16220
33Charlie Fulton220115:32220
34Mary SnieckusQOC220117:34220
35Jesus RodriguezQOC210107:44210
36Frantisek BrabecQOC210109:43210
37Christopher ZbrozekQOC20088:50200
38Virginia DeBonsQOC190104:05190
39Josh L190104:38190
40John LandersQOC190113:34190
41Francis HogleQOC190118:31190
42John CumingsQOC190123:1023040
43Francis HealyQOC180112:50180
44Justin GreenQOC170121:5419020
45Dennis BorieQOC16073:22160
46Inigo AhedoQOC160125:1322060
47Angela Huesman140102:53140
48Zoe Huesman130100:13130
49Florence TanQOC130125:4419060
50Suzanne IzzoQOC100105:10100
51Christopher SilvaQOC20147:22300280
52Karen Kohanowich & Tim & Did not downloadQOC0DNF0

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).