Patapsco Glen Artney

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The weather forecast for the day was good – in fact, so good that a whopping 326 people showed up for 273 starts. Among the runners were a substantial number of non-members and cadets from the JROTC groups Patriots, Calvert, Loudoun County, and Patuxent. Additionally, QOC co-hosted a demonstration ARDF orienteering (Amateur Radio Direction Finding radio orienteering), organized by Michael Kholodov with help from Eugene Tcipnjatov. Adventurous QOC regulars tried it out for size, and reportedly found it to be fun and challenging.

It's a pleasure to once again thank all the volunteers at the event, some of whom showed up in spite of being unable to run themselves or helped cover for fellow orienteers who couldn't make their shift for various reasons. Esben Jepsen and Rikke Jepsen helped with the setup; Aaron and Laura Linville helped with the computer display; Amy Louden ran the e-punch table all by herself. Registration was manned by John Landers, David Levine, Beatri Bennett, and Kim Jepsen; the Beginner’s Instruction shift were covered by Heidi Onkst, Ted Good and Don Fish; Control pick-up was swiftly handled by Michael Wood, Michael Dickey, Victor Lin, Hideharu Tanaka, Tom Wells, and Ted Good. Michael Wood, Don Fish, Beatri Bennett, and Heidi Onkst helped with the post-race cleanup. Finally, a search team was formed (Ted Good, Michael Wood, David Onkst, Kim Jepsen) and were out or heading out to look for a couple of missing orienteers; happily, they returned to ‘base’ in good shape before the search got going in earnest.

-Anne and Kim Jepsen


Course Length: 2.9 km

Course Climb: 100 m

Number of Controls: 11

1James Newport57:13
2Alex Hulburt57:18
3Brian Hung57:24
4Michael Wood & Kelly MillerQOC64:47
5Kaye SchienelLoudoun Co NJROTC65:02
6Turkmen Ozerol74:38
7Inara GranovskiyQOC81:37
8Christina Yuknis & William81:42
9 BSA Troop 754 & Andrew & Adam106:02
10Valentina TsypnyatovaQOC126:46
11Nguyen La & Anh & Dave & Diiana139:33
12Tirzah SomersPatuxent NJROTC158:15
13Luke OliverQOCDNF
13Emmanuel Matthews & Tiffany & Sylvia & Basant & NyleDNF
13Gaye HolmanQOCDNF
13Richard MilesDNF
13Katherine DebonsQOCDNF (46:27)
13Greg WhelanQOCDNF (55:31)
13Kelly SingerQOCDNF (77:21)
13Terray Steele & Oluwapelumi & AdeojuDNF (86:08)
13Eliska MatinezDNF (88:15)
13David & Mynai AbramMP (104:06)
13Scott & Brian IchniowskiMP (119:15)


Course Length: 3.6 km

Course Climb: 145 m

Number of Controls: 11

1Gogi and Liam KalkaQOC57:14
2Kilby Ritter & Anders Skansden62:22
3Jeff RivasCalvert NJROTC64:56
4Clara FaulkQOC65:13
5Ashley WhicherCalvert NJROTC70:29
6Kate Miller75:11
7Ivy SomersPatuxent NJROTC75:19
8Lisa Zanti & Jennifer Monaldi76:09
9Jeffrey Hemmeter & Michael76:28
10Cole ChristensenCalvert NJROTC77:15
11Jana Robinson & DavidQOC83:51
12Kiima Forshey86:29
13Carla BerardQOC87:03
14Jenita ShresthaCalvert NJROTC94:02
15Seneca HonzakQOC101:07
16Emily SchumacherLoudoun Co NJROTC106:52
17David AlexanderQOC111:07
18Charles LundQOC112:06
19Paul MorrisQOC122:09
20Maximum Effort & Scott Colleen Kenn122:25
21Jeremy Clark & Cassandra & Connor & Kiersten123:54
22David GrayCalvert NJROTC137:49
23Jordan WorthyCalvert NJROTC138:20
24David Wall & Carrie & Ramsey & Maddie Rose140:51
25Matt Halstead & Lauren & Jackson & Isaac & Charlotte141:20
26Emma Bixler & Dani Previ144:43
27Tabitha Markel & Kelly Jo Hill144:49
28Noelle O'Toole & Kerry & Leslie & Julie & Shura & Mary156:59
29TJ ParkerCalvert NJROTC464:47
30David FrankDNF
30Emily HennardLoudoun Co NJROTCDNF (60:24)
30Hunter KlotzCalvert NJROTCDNF (62:31)
30Pat KeimSVODNF (116:18)
30Mark Rubin & Jackson & BenjaminMP (141:13)
30Brian Hung & 2nd courseNC (44:52)
30James Newport & 2nd courseNC (44:58)


Course Length: 4.3 km

Course Climb: 185 m

Number of Controls: 13

1Caleb RexroadLoudoun Co NJROTC49:20
2Adam RemsbergPatriot NJROTC49:55
3Ethan MillerPatriot NJROTC50:11
4Max JankePatriot NJROTC51:18
5Christion HuntPatriot NJROTC59:14
6Allison BrownQOC61:41
7Damien HondaCalvert NJROTC62:25
8Corbett Dabbs & Angie & Makenzie71:08
9Mckenna FlintPatriot NJROTC73:29
10Duncan SanteereCalvert NJROTC74:17
11Samantha WalkerQOC76:03
12Molly AndersonPatriot NJROTC76:36
13Johnnie PfalmerLoudoun Co NJROTC79:00
14Nolan HutchisonLoudoun Co NJROTC87:51
15John GillespieLoudoun Co NJROTC88:19
16Hayden CrowellCalvert NJROTC88:47
17Osmery GarciaCalvert NJROTC90:11
18Matthew JiangCalvert NJROTC96:33
19Hannah SmithCalvert NJROTC100:17
20Edgar TrellesCalvert NJROTC101:26
21Emma SchienelLoudoun Co NJROTC101:52
22Lisa Dreisigmeyer & Cal102:52
23Aidan LundbergCalvert NJROTC103:55
24Gregg SessoCalvert NJROTC108:08
25Patirck Creighton108:18
26Christian PattersonCalvert NJROTC116:22
27Erika GiggeyCalvert NJROTC117:28
28Angela Huesman120:00
29KC Dowdell FamilyQOC121:55
30Michael Ignacio127:57
31Sheryl Ruppell128:55
32Stephen Hamilton129:42
33Patrick BrownQOC131:34
34 Team D and D132:10
35Madyson JonesCalvert NJROTC139:36
36Tom Walsh & ThomasQOC142:12
37Zachary HoughtonQOC142:41
38Alexander HoughtonQOC143:36
39Fred ClareyLoudoun Co NJROTC143:45
40Lydia AndrewsQOC150:16
41Noel PockeyCalvert NJROTC153:05
42Shanna Sorrells158:06
43Isaac Montgomery159:55
44Chris GiggeyCalvert NJROTC172:04
45Christiana LogansmithQOC177:37
46Beth Ann StasiowskiQOC197:06
47Joe HuesmanDNF
47Iana DankovaDNF
47Teresa & Jolene MurbachDNF
47Keara MooreDNF
47Ella BruceLoudoun Co NJROTCDNF (62:38)
47Katie MeekLoudoun Co NJROTCDNF (62:38)
47Beatri BennettQOCDNF (109:03)
47Elena LumbyQOCDNF (111:45)
47Donna Ueckermann & EliottDNF (162:14)
47Lilly SusallaPatuxent NJROTCDNF (163:52)
47Gabby NathanPatuxent NJROTCDNF (164:01)
47Mack TreadwayPatuxent NJROTCDNF (164:12)
47Victor VinePatuxent NJROTCDNF (166:42)
47Brandon AndradeLoudoun Co NJROTCDNF (187:36)
47Chris AlvaradoLoudoun Co NJROTCDNF (188:00)
47Josh PickerallPatuxent NJROTCMP (123:20)
47Jeremy MorganPatuxent NJROTCMP (123:28)
47Pamela CommerfordQOCMP (207:52)
47Samuel KolinsDVOANC (36:44)
47Travis Siehndel & 2nd courseQOCNC (55:51)


Course Length: 3.7 km

Course Climb: 180 m

Number of Controls: 8

1Adam SmithQOC46:03
2Kim JepsenQOC55:13
3Andrew KommQOC57:49
4Luke McMullenLoudoun Co NJROTC60:26
5Elliott HamiltonQOC61:52
6Penn DominikQOC64:02
7Mary SchmidtPatriot NJROTC65:00
8Dominic ReynoldsCalvert NJROTC72:32
9Ginny QuamQOC75:48
10Zach AycockLoudoun Co NJROTC78:11
11Rob WilkisonDVOA78:47
12John LandersQOC78:56
13Daniel LathropQOC80:27
14Helen DohertyQOC80:28
15Gary Klaben80:59
16Bryan SingerQOC84:11
17Pace MaddenQOC86:35
18Daniel LopezPatuxent NJROTC89:04
19Laura LinvilleQOC90:34
20Mark MaceQOC93:45
21John CumingsQOC97:08
22Shannon CostelloQOC99:58
23David McIntireQOC100:25
24Patricia MaceQOC101:08
25Gary QuamQOC102:01
26Vanessa LightfootPatuxent NJROTC102:08
27Cammy IzdepskiPatuxent NJROTC102:24
28Ryan MukherjeeQOC103:32
29Halie HartCalvert NJROTC108:06
30Robert BleacherCalvert NJROTC109:31
31Kelly CoulbyCalvert NJROTC109:56
32Rob BriberQOC110:03
33Casey MOtonQOC113:28
34Pam DvorskyCalvert NJROTC115:39
35Don FishQOC119:26
36Gabby WarnerLoudoun Co NJROTC120:44
37Kevin PeckCalvert NJROTC121:07
38Ryan Stasiowski & Erica PirolliQOC121:32
39Mike CostasPatuxent NJROTC121:40
40Mark Biesiada & Greg Harmon121:55
41Mike DvorskyCalvert NJROTC123:22
42Cecilia LandersQOC128:40
43Judy CritzerQOC128:58
44Heather WalshQOC139:15
45Josh BuchananLoudoun Co NJROTC147:06
46Boyan OnyshkevychQOC148:49
47Dwight JohnsonQOC157:12
48Suzanne IzzoQOC211:00
49Mike NewmanQOC216:51
50Richard BriggsQOCDNF (144:31)


Course Length: 4.5 km

Course Climb: 220 m

Number of Controls: 10

1Chris GrossQOC50:30
2Zach KuderPatriot NJROTC57:32
3Alex SuarezPatriot NJROTC62:49
4Cody MooreCalvert NJROTC63:57
5Nicholas SchmidtPatriot NJROTC65:56
6Angelica RileyDVOA66:21
7Austin GiggeyCalvert NJROTC67:30
8Tom WellsQOC70:23
9Nate BeardmoreCalvert NJROTC75:04
10Wayne PavalkoQOC75:05
11Jan MerkaQOC76:07
12Ryan ClowerPatuxent NJROTC81:35
13Dennis DohertyQOC82:15
14Joe PickerallPatuxent NJROTC83:34
15Jody LandersQOC83:38
16Svetlana FrolenkoDVOA88:40
17Allen Rowley88:48
18Erin BrandtQOC89:22
19Cash CostelloQOC90:29
20River DanversPatuxent NJROTC91:08
21Trevor GravesCalvert NJROTC92:19
22Hideharu TanakaQOC94:20
23Greg PalardyQOC95:03
24Tyler BoulaisCalvert NJROTC97:14
25Ryan MooreCalvert NJROTC97:21
26Chris ZbrozekQOC98:49
27Oriana RileyDVOA99:33
28John WhittyQOC100:54
29Tom NolanQOC102:52
30Jose Parra109:20
31Heidi OnkstQOC112:22
32Virginia DeBonsQOC112:37
33Wendy WQOC113:43
34Bill JohnsLoudoun Co NJROTC117:50
35Francis HogleQOC118:09
36Jennifer WernerQOC121:41
37David LevineQOC127:04
38Tegan MortimerQOC127:14
39Joey LusbyPatuxent NJROTC127:15
40Thomas BlankQOC128:12
41Steve CampQOC129:23
42David SimpsonQOC139:15
43Craig SheldenQOC146:12
44Jenna LierniLoudoun Co NJROTC158:33
45Christopher PuinQOC204:05
46Anthony CurtisCalvert NJROTCDNF (137:40)
46Roger & Barbara ShanksQOCDNF (151:19)
46Phillip WadsworthQOCMP (93:03)
46Dagmar MerkovaQOCMP (108:33)
46John VincentPatuxent NJROTCMP (137:25)


Course Length: 6.7 km

Course Climb: 360 m

Number of Controls: 13

1Boris GranovskiyQOC70:06
2Rick OliverQOC83:49
3Victor FrolenkoDVOA84:42
4Joshua Sanchez86:51
5Victor LinQOC92:20
6Kirsten MaylandDVOA98:37
7Stu Smither WulsinQOC100:51
8Travis SiehndelQOC104:13
9Alex MerkaQOC110:42
10Michael ChaneyQOC122:39
11Neal AttfieldQOC131:44
12John OrganekQOC133:35
13Matt HolmanQOC133:52
14Jared SilkQOC145:34
15Adin FreeseLoudoun Co NJROTC153:32
16Lena KushleyevaDVOA153:53
17Gabriel Du PlessisLoudoun Co NJROTC158:09
18Sami SfeirQOC167:19
19Steven Bartimo & Miguel & Perez212:27
20Caleb RexroadLoudoun Co NJROTCDNF (52:27)
20Megan JensenDNF (192:10)
20Daniel Sanford & Izumi SakaiDNF (220:59)


Course Length: 8.2 km

Course Climb: 395 m

Number of Controls: 16

1Joseph BarrettQOC73:14
2Samuel KolinsDVOA77:04
3Wyatt RileyDVOA83:06
4Florin TencariuDVOA100:24
5Joel FordQOC100:36
6Michael DickeyQOC104:15
7Danny RileyUSMAOC108:29
8Dave PrudenQOC111:54
9Michael StasiowskiQOC118:13
10Kevin BaldoufQOC120:39
11Howie WeinsteinQOC123:46
12Inigo AhedoQOC147:38
13James Curran & Iana & Ed190:25
14David OnkstQOCDNF (138:20)
14Glenn PastelQOCMP (120:10)

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).