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NOTE: Please make sure to pick and discard (in the trash) any Wavyleaf Basketgrass seeds off of your clothes and shoes, to help prevent the spread of this invasive plant.

You're Invited! Along with the course setter for this event, QOC veteran Sidney Sachs will host a Zoom meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 24 at 8 pm to review selected course legs from this event and analyze the routes various orienteers took. Please contact Sid for the invite link.

A BIG, BIG THANK YOU!To everyone who volunteered to help out with the Rosaryville meet today. Everything went well thanks to all of you. I heard nothing but favorable comments about the courses and the map. Credit for the courses and the map updates go to Mike and Pam Dvorsky. Thanks as always to Amy and Valerie for flawlessly handling the epunch operation.
The registration went smoothly, thanks to John Paul Landers and Jessica Lopes, Dave Levine, Daniel Lathrop & Cecilia Landers the co-director. Thanks to Craig Shelden for printing the maps, and Suzanne and Courtney for delivering the banners. The control pickup went quickly, especially given the terrain that had to be covered, thanks to Dave Linthicum, Elliott Hamilton, Travis Siehndel & Friend, Frantisek Brabec, Ted Good, Gavin Weise, Tom Nolan, & John Baker.
Thanks to Mike K for providing the equipment and introducing people to ARDF/ Radio Orienteering. I also want to thank Mike Newman for handling all of the logistics with the Rosaryville Park personnel, reserving the pavilion and most importantly the porta-potties. Thanks Everyone.
-Jody Landers


Course Length: 2.7 km

Course Climb: 50 m

Number of Controls: 7

1Chen Zhou & Ethan48:49
2Barbara Saffir & Helen & Eleanor & Angela54:33
3Balogun Borie66:19
4Chloe CumingsQOC76:48
5Jeri Rowley & AllenQOC80:00
6Eva CumingsQOC107:11
7Dina Beatty & Emery & WyattQOC107:52
8Yvonne Matsko & Keri & Ann111:21
9Christina SmithQOCDNF (48:33)
9Gustavo Matheus & TaliaQOCDNF (73:43)


Course Length: 3.5 km

Course Climb: 75 m

Number of Controls: 8

1Raphael Maubert & ClementQOC64:09
2Melanie Maubert & ElioQOC64:23
3Greg Feeney & Emily66:50
4Laura LinvilleQOC77:44
5Cooper WhitestoneQOC79:37
6Mallory Rutkoske80:32
7Linda Cornelius83:09
8John Whitty & StaceyQOC84:16
9Steve Holden & CameronQOC85:43
10David AlexanderQOC97:00
11Amy LoudenQOC116:46
12John Janke & MaribethQOC121:22
13Virginia WhitestoneQOC123:53
14Zachary HoughtonQOC161:07
15Caitlin Pfeiffer & Andrew & Amadea & ZechariahQOC162:05
16Barbara Saffir & Helen & Eleanor & Angela168:54
17Adjowa BorieQOC172:41
18Kyle Matsko & Finn & Connor & PeterDNF (96:43)
18 DeArmas Family 4DNF (143:12)
18Stephanie Bruning & Spencer & SorenDNF (148:23)
18Turkmen OzerolQOCMP (73:23)


Course Length: 5 km

Course Climb: 135 m

Number of Controls: 11

1Ryan Mahony & Oscar73:49
2Alessio Van Keulen & Partner88:30
3Jay Cougnet & Andrew91:02
4Kyle Bregman & Alona92:04
5Daniel LathropQOC92:19
6Nate O'ConnorQOC92:58
7Andrew Bennett93:22
8Art CantrellQOC100:43
9Samantha WalkerQOC103:47
10Jeffrey Haskell107:03
11Beatri BennettQOC119:24
12Reiko RagerQOC120:32
13Justin RagerQOC120:34
14Daniel Jamieson & Brian126:47
15George Hornberger & SharonQOC127:21
16Nicole AleksievaQOC138:43
17Alexander HoughtonQOC139:22
18Howell Desierto & Elina167:59
19Mark MurphyQOC168:01
20Misty NielsenQOC169:20
21Darren BoczarQOC187:35
22Mike Kostiw & Mike V.QOC197:59
23Elena Lumby & Catherine & JohnQOC206:39
24Nicolas MaubertQOCDNF (99:11)
24Alena VolkovaQOCDNF (102:38)
24Mark Thomsen & Alice & ChrisQOCDNF (122:32)
24Louis Novak & friendQOCDNF (138:57)
24Julie Hudson & LucasQOCDNF (143:20)
24Safiya HamitQOCDNF (180:37)
24Mark Denome & AydilDNF (182:42)
24David RoederMP (184:49)


Course Length: 3.2 km

Course Climb: 50 m

Number of Controls: 10

1Elliott HamiltonQOC35:42
2Valerie MeyerQOC64:09
3Helen DohertyQOC70:49
4Katie Brown & Scott78:33
5Caleb WithersQOC83:03
6Ayden BeckerQOC108:37
7Chip BeckerQOC108:56
8Justin Levine +1113:22
9Boyan Onyshkevych126:55
10Ed BeeQOC128:58
11Kyla Gregoire & Greg & Madeleine129:58
12Suzanne IzzoQOC174:42
13James ChaplinQOC243:18


Course Length: 4.8 km

Course Climb: 120 m

Number of Controls: 11

1Peggy DickisonQOC53:02
2Thomas StratQOC55:59
3Dennis DohertyQOC56:22
4Jan MerkaQOC57:00
5Jillian DohertyQOC57:08
6Thomas O'DonnellQOC64:44
7David DohertyQOC65:45
8Paul MorrisQOC67:24
9Kathleen LennonQOC70:39
10David RagerQOC71:17
11Joseph PastelQOC75:18
12James LingarQOC75:54
13JP LandersQOC76:47
14Mary SnieckusQOC77:16
15Nicholas TurzaQOC78:39
16Dennis BorieQOC78:48
17Dagmar MerkovaQOC83:22
18Russell DamtoftQOC85:16
19Lydia AndrewsQOC87:26
20Franklin FishQOC94:40
21Florence TanQOC95:47
22Scott Sharp & CharlesQOC101:57
23Gabby WarnerQOC101:58
24Petya AleksievaQOC104:09
25Margaret PrudenQOC106:18
26Jonathan BaroneQOC106:27
27Jennifer FauthQOC106:30
28Nyall MeredithQOC106:49
29Gary QuamQOC110:11
30Gary SmithQOC111:53
31Christian WithersQOC116:54
32Ginny QuamQOC133:16
33Steven Mones135:34
34Richard BriggsQOC138:08
35Paul Collinson & Nicole & Steve & NicoleQOC139:01
36Suzanne SheldenQOC142:15
37Courtney SheldenQOC143:38
38Robbie FieldDNF (68:11)


Course Length: 5.9 km

Course Climb: 145 m

Number of Controls: 13

1Max AhmedQOC58:56
2Gavin WeiseQOC60:56
3Martins JonassQOC63:57
4David LinthicumQOC64:11
5Tom WellsQOC68:44
6Christion Hunt70:28
7Tom NolanQOC70:30
8Alex Merka76:13
9Mark ShounQOC77:08
10John CumingsQOC78:06
11John BakerQOC80:40
12Justin GreenQOC87:56
13Heidi OnkstQOC88:35
14Hideharu TanakaQOC91:31
15Greg PalardyQOC93:26
16Wendy WQOC93:52
17Anne JepsenQOC94:59
18Oriana RileyDVOA97:10
19Frantisek BrabecQOC100:23
20Matt SmithQOC101:51
21Bill JohnsQOC102:46
22Rob WhitestoneQOC102:51
23Keg GoodQOC103:37
24Steve CampQOC109:16
25Sami Sfeir113:48
26Blaire BinghamQOC113:52
27Jen WernerQOC121:16
28Chris ZbrozekQOC126:10
29David LevineQOC151:23
30Michael Wood & KellyQOC153:26
31Paul Troiani155:33
32Kevin LearyQOC156:47
33John VincentQOC184:35


Course Length: 8.3 km

Course Climb: 180 m

Number of Controls: 17

1Glenn PastelQOC73:20
2Ken WalkerQOC74:03
3Angelica RileyDVOA85:14
4Rick OliverQOC85:53
5Kim JepsenQOC87:37
6Addie NolanQOC93:01
7Nadim AhmedQOC99:57
8Rob FieldQOC105:03
9Diana AleksievaQOC107:41
10Patrick Farley116:02
11Charles CarrickQOC120:10
12Dave ConnollyQOC129:47
13Paul HessionQOC147:52
14Zach KuderDNF (83:00)
14Eric GoetzDNF (106:41)
14Travis SiehndelQOCDNF (107:47)
14Jared SilkQOCDNF (126:00)


Course Length: 9.8 km

Course Climb: 230 m

Number of Controls: 20

1Anthony RileyDVOA66:49
2Joseph BarrettQOC68:20
3Wyatt RileyDVOA90:56
4David PrudenQOC90:59
5Videlin AleksievQOC96:21
6Ted GoodQOC99:31
7Jon TorranceQOC100:48
8Victor LinQOC102:25
9Michael DickeyQOC121:13
10Aaron LinvilleQOC134:04
11Benjamin RobertsQOC136:19
12Caleb Rexroad138:58
13TJ Hoff182:58

ARDF Score

Number of Controls: 5

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).