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Next Event: Rosaryville on Sunday Nov. 22; registration opens at noon on Monday Nov. 16.

You're Invited! Along with the course setter for this event, QOC veteran Sidney Sachs will host a Zoom meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 17 at 8 pm to review selected Fountainhead course legs and analyze the routes various orienteers took. Please contact Sid for the invite link.

The always popular Fountainhead orienteering event sold out in less than two days and was a resounding success. We all wore masks at check-in and did our best to keep separated before heading off to the woods! Rain threatened late in the day but never came; a perfect breezy warm fall day.
Thanks to everyone who volunteered and made things go smoothly. Check-in and map distro duties were expertly executed by Helen Doherty, Christine Doherty, Joe Barrett, Bill Wright, Dasa Merkova, and Tom O’Donnell. Control pick-up was flawlessly performed by Alexis Merka, David Doherty, John Baker, Kathleen Lennon, Greg Lennon, Joe Barrett and Christine Doherty, (yes Joe and Christine did two duties). Epunch duties were once again expertly managed by Amy Louden and Valerie Meyer. Also thanks to Paul Hession for help with set-up and Wendy Wroblewski for assisting with clean-up. Thanks also to Charles Carrick for general assistance and for helping to track down two unaccounted for participants (turn out they just forgot to download). Lastly, thanks to Andrew Komm for designing and setting the entire course, well done.
Event Director,
Dennis Doherty


Course Length: 1.8 km

Course Climb: 105 m

Number of Controls: 7

1Christopher Owens & Julie & Nathan & Benjamin44:31
2Kenneth McCoy & Jackson & Noah & Isabella48:06
3Chad Jones & Christy & Connor & Caiden67:29
4Jeri Rowley & Allen RowleyQOC80:43
5Mark Shoun & GavinQOC81:14
6Eva CumingsQOC130:25
7Christina SmithQOCDNF


Course Length: 2.4 km

Course Climb: 130 m

Number of Controls: 8

1Helen DohertyQOC50:44
2Boryana PeevaQOC55:45
3Evgeni PeevQOC57:08
4Kyle Bergeron60:44
5David AlexanderQOC96:54
6Shelley Grove & Jared & Brad100:35
7Cara HonzakQOC110:07
8Amy LoudenQOC114:54
9Clay Johnston & Sarah116:51
10Rita Troutman & Meg & Leira & Heidi117:59
11Leana Martin & Norah & Morgan & Ashley118:53
12Linda CorneliusQOC118:58
13Michael Kostiw & Mike VQOC146:24
14Michael Bianchetta & Christine & DanielDNF
14Seneca HonakQOCDNF (106:24)
14Andrea Fava & JamesonQOCDNF (117:17)
14Nadirah Abdus-SaburDNF (149:00)


Course Length: 4.2 km

Course Climb: 165 m

Number of Controls: 12

1Dominik HonzakQOC70:04
2Nicolas MaubertQOC83:55
3Einar OlsenQOC95:08
4Lydia AndrewsQOC96:14
5Morgan Kelly & Kristin & James97:50
6David McIntireQOC101:57
7Samantha WalkerQOC102:21
8Reiko RagerQOC111:09
9Alex Tilsley & David112:22
10Howell Desierto & ElinaQOC115:26
11Nate OConnor & WilliamQOC117:52
12Jeffrey Haskell122:10
13John SharrockQOC122:54
14Andrew Bennett124:44
15David Ayotte & Teri & Tessa & Maddox128:06
16Katia VolonsevichQOC128:14
17Art CantrellQOC129:01
18Tony Teolis & Carole & Spencer & Alexis133:17
19Misty NielsenQOC133:35
20Darren Boczar & Dina141:09
21Beatri BennettQOC145:33
22George Hornberger & SharonQOC154:08
23Radka Herndon & Veronika & DavidQOC161:27
23Vladimir Jirinec & GabiQOC161:27
24Mallory Rutkoske164:33
25Alexander Houghton206:57
26Zachary Houghton207:00
27Kenneth Fritzsche & Reagan213:36
28Melissa Rakow & Ava & Sabina & Sarah232:25
29Scott Rakow235:45
30David ThomenQOCDNF (126:14)
30Allen Wagner Family 5QOCDNF (129:02)
30Jon Ashley & Annabelle & GriffinQOCDNF (175:36)


Course Length: 3.4 km

Course Climb: 145 m

Number of Controls: 11

1Peggy DickisonQOC51:52
2Daniel Ecker54:23
3John WhittyQOC55:37
4David DohertyQOC59:41
5David RagerQOC61:53
6Oleg VolonsevichQOC63:38
7Robert BriberQOC63:54
8Keg Good & KyleQOC64:02
9Christine DohertyQOC66:22
10James LingarQOC67:25
11Dagmar MerkovaQOC68:13
12Brian Preedanon & Ariana & Kevin69:04
13Russell DamtoftQOC71:38
14Nicholas TurzaQOC72:09
15Mark MaceQOC73:10
16Virginia DeBonsQOC75:38
17Jody LandersQOC75:46
18Jennifer FauthQOC76:15
19Mary SnieckusQOC76:23
20Daniel LathropQOC76:50
21Miroslav HonzakQOC80:20
22Patricia MaceQOC85:00
23David Uribe & Alex90:55
24Francis HogleQOC91:56
25Margaret PrudenQOC96:08
26Gary SmithQOC96:11
27Franklin FishQOC99:32
28Ginny QuamQOC100:04
29Nyall MeredithQOC104:14
30Gary QuamQOC104:25
31Elena Semenova107:01
32Paul CollinsonQOC111:09
33Florence TanQOC113:50
34Jonathan Barone & Barnabas & Justine117:57
35Mark Koeppen & Joy & Will & Ian129:31
36Mike Spiller132:25
37Barb & John Cymanski138:53
38Beth Ann StasiowskiQOC142:36
39Jim SargentQOC147:41
40Boyan Onyshkevych & Lukash150:00
41Valerie MeyerQOCDNF
41Karla HulettQOCDNF (61:12)
41Stephen DohertyQOCDNF (93:33)
41Sidney SachsQOCDNF (105:23)


Course Length: 4.9 km

Course Climb: 215 m

Number of Controls: 13

1Martins JonassQOC67:00
2Matt CymanskiQOC69:06
3MJ UribeQOC73:03
4Max AhmedQOC73:11
5Alex Merka75:42
6Christopher SilvaQOC78:12
7Jan MerkaQOC78:31
8Dennis DohertyQOC79:58
9Justin GreenQOC80:13
10John BakerQOC81:08
11Yevgeniy Semenova87:05
12Heidi OnkstQOC90:31
13Alyssa GodeskyQOC92:10
14William WrightQOC94:22
15Paul HessionQOC94:24
16John CumingsQOC98:58
17Bradford SingerQOC99:58
18Matt SmithQOC100:40
19Frantisek BrabecQOC103:32
20Inigo Ahedo & JulenQOC109:29
21Josh L112:04
22Wendy WQOC116:04
23Jen WernerQOC116:33
24Michael StasiowskiQOC117:58
25Matthew Dirndorfer & Nicholas122:17
26Kevin LearyQOC131:47
27Miren Ahedo & AlexanderQOC131:55
28Evgueni Belyi & Natalya133:29
29John VincentQOC134:22
30Craig McIntire & KevinQOC139:19
31Tavia SullensQOC170:30
32Tom WellsQOCDNF


Course Length: 7.3 km

Course Climb: 265 m

Number of Controls: 18

1Ken WalkerQOC75:48
2Zach Kuder81:16
3Jay GelmanQOC85:51
4Rick OliverQOC89:03
5Nadim AhmedQOC91:47
6Patrick FieldQOC94:34
7Michael ChaneyQOC99:24
8Victor LinQOC101:33
9Stu Smither WulsinQOC103:19
10Erik GrunerQOC104:57
11Thomas O'DonnellQOC104:58
12Addie NolanQOC110:27
13Tom NolanQOC113:45
14Kim JepsenQOC115:25
15Charles CarrickQOC119:27
16Hideharu TanakaQOC127:05
17Gavin WeiseQOC127:34
18John OrganekQOC136:03
19Patrick FarleyQOC144:15
20Dave ConnollyQOC151:52


Course Length: 9 km

Course Climb: 285 m

Number of Controls: 22

1Joseph BarrettQOC66:49
2Glenn PastelQOC90:08
3Michael DickeyQOC106:21
4David PrudenQOC112:06
5Evgeny TsypnyatovQOC117:09
6Andy BaconQOC125:35
7Petr MinarQOC129:38
8William ChesarekQOC137:17
9David OnkstQOC144:13
10Benjamin RobertsQOC150:24
11David Ferreira & Christopher222:40
12Barry NoblesQOC243:20
13TJ HoffDNF (177:42)

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).