Balls Bluff

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You're Invited! Along with the course setter for this event, QOC veteran Sidney Sachs will host a Zoom meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 3 at 8 pm to review selected Balls Bluff course legs and analyze the routes various orienteers took. Please contact Sid for the invite link.

The weather for the Ball’s Bluff orienteering event was as wacky as 2020 has been, ranging from wet and chill to windy and sunny as the day progressed. It was great to see the 150 individuals and groups that got out on courses. Thanks to Charles Carrick who designed and set a great round of courses that challenged competitors throughout the park.
A particular thanks to all the great QOC volunteers who helped out with the event. Getting everything setup, stations manned, competitors out on the courses and packing all up, it always helps to have a great crew. Paul Collinson helped with setup. Bill Vienna, Justin Green, Inigo Ahedo, Scott Sharp, and John Vierow ensured that check-in and map distribution went smoothly and safely. Rob Lines, Gary Quam, and Ginny Quam provided assistance out at the start locations.
Control Pick-up always deserves recognition for helping to get everything put back together after these folks have already spending time out on courses. Charles Carrick, John Organek, Art Cantrell, John Baker, Gavin Wiese, Rob Fields, and Bill Wright did a great job retrieving the flags and control boxes.
Amy Loudon and Valerie Meyer, once again, provided their exemplary management of e-Punch and results even though one pesky control didn’t want to “Fall Back” with the time change.
I’d also like to recognize Daniel Heimgartner who has worked hard over the past several years to improve the map that we have for Ball’s Bluff. He’s done a great job of updating features so that the map still resembles the terrain as it ages.
What an awesome outpouring of help to make the day fantastic. QOC has the best members! Thank you to all who came out to compete and stepped up to pitch in.
-Paul Hession, Event Director


Course Length: 2 km

Course Climb: 110 m

Number of Controls: 8

1TJ Manson & Liam Manson & Myles Manson58:45
2David Wilson & Kelly Wilson & Tori Wilson72:20
3Valentina TsypnjatovaQOC90:13
4Eva CumingsQOC114:57


Course Length: 2.6 km

Course Climb: 140 m

Number of Controls: 11

1Daniel MinarQOC30:47
2Ross Stevens & Reed Stevens38:06
3Zachary Detweiler & IsaiahQOC38:23
4Lou Lamoureux & Gary Haneline42:25
5Michelle Fish & Sean WilsonQOC42:52
6Matyas MinarQOC49:07
7Francisco TumaQOC50:34
8Art CantrellQOC50:42
9Clay Johnston55:01
10Roland Lamoureux & Charlie Freeman & Venturing Crew 157756:23
11Nicole AleksievaQOC62:57
12John Dirndorfer & Susan Dirndorfer72:01
13Veronika Zimova & Livia Klescova & Didier Montes & Nela Klescova73:39
14Radka Herndon & Veronika Herndon & David RobinsonQOC73:44
15Archie Johnson & Calvin Johnson77:22
16Mike Tuttle & Noah Tuttle82:42
17Chloe CumingsQOC85:20
18David AlexanderQOC86:06
19Yoko TanakaQOC86:33
20Nicole Wong & John Koss91:58
21Laura Haneline & Makayla Grimm & Venturing Crew 157794:02
22Joe Kilcoyne & Eddie K & Niall K & Lorrin Harvey100:10


Course Length: 4.6 km

Course Climb: 170 m

Number of Controls: 11

1M.J. UribeQOC59:11
2Christion Hunt67:46
3Samantha WalkerQOC90:58
4Nicholas Turza & HannahQOC91:42
5Mckenna Flint94:51
6Ryan Mahony & Oscar Olazo95:50
7Jennifer FauthQOC96:44
8Alessio Van Keulen & Partner In Crime100:54
9Nicolas Maubert & Clement MaubertQOC108:16
10Justin RagerQOC108:36
11Reiko RagerQOC109:00
12Lydia AndrewsQOC109:57
13Maria TumovaQOC110:44
14Charles Shell & Andrea Fisher & Jasper Colt & ElizabethQOC114:53
15Jackson Group 4 Troop 51 & Colin Jackson & Mohit Seghal & TBD115:21
16Park WatsonQOC127:43
17David McIntire & Craig McIntire & Kevin McIntire130:34
18Alex Tilsley & David GoozeQOC130:53
19Misty Nielsen & Alexander NielsenQOC135:01
20Greg Prouty135:19
21Jim Sargent & Kyle SargentQOC135:45
22Morgan Kelly & Kristin Carpenter & Jake Singer144:29
23Tony Teolis & Carole Teolis147:25
24Laura Linville & Aaron Linville & Laura Capponi & Marc Capponi155:10
25Jon AshleyQOC169:00
26Darren Boczar & Dina HartQOC171:46
27Steve HoldenQOC179:28
28George Hornberger & Sharon GrummQOC186:05
29Ayden BeckerQOC188:41
30Chip BeckerQOC189:19
31Kenneth Fritzsche & Reagan Fritzsche253:57
32Dave Pelkey & Bob Johnson297:44
33Serhot Ozturk & Liam OzturkQOCDNF
33Nicole Stone & Lizzie Stone & JustinQOCDNF
33Jose Rodriguez & Charlotte RodriguezDNF
33Mark MurphyQOCDNF (97:45)
33Michael Kostiw & Mike V. KostiwQOCDNF (118:05)
33Sarah Dirndorfer & Joseph DirndorferDNF (122:22)
33Aydil Rodriguez & Mark DeNomeDNF (143:34)
33Dohr Group 4 Troop 51 & Ethan Dohr & Zain Kaul & TBDDNF (170:11)
33Gray Group 4 Troop 51 & Jack Gray & Aaron Johnson & Ansh SeghalDNF (188:30)
33Sarah Fritzsche & Elisa FritzscheMP (217:41)


Course Length: 4.2 km

Course Climb: 180 m

Number of Controls: 11

1Max AhmedQOC52:20
2Jan MerkaQOC56:48
3John BakerQOC70:55
4Mary Schmidt73:07
5James LingarQOC83:55
6William WrightQOC88:24
7Inigo Ahedo & Julen & Gregory & BenQOC89:48
8Scott SharpQOC89:55
9David RagerQOC93:27
10Brian Preedanon & Sarah D & Kevin J94:59
11Joseph PastelQOC95:09
12Gary QuamQOC104:54
13Petya AleksievaQOC109:31
14Helen DohertyQOC112:37
15Virginia DeBonsQOC113:09
16Robert BriberQOC113:44
17Kevin OelschlaegerQOC114:23
18Ginny QuamQOC118:02
19Mary SnieckusQOC123:10
20Franklin FishQOC125:53
21Florence TanQOC140:46
22Katie Brown & Scott Goetzinger164:46
23Tavia SullensQOC169:37
24Nyall MeredithQOC175:53
25Beth Ann StasiowskiQOC240:20
26Mike NewmanQOCDNF
26Margaret PrudenQOCDNF
26Kathleen LennonQOCDNF (61:27)
26Sidney SachsQOCDNF (62:31)
26Sherman Baggarley & Quinn DetwilerDNF (98:27)
26Peggy DickisonQOCMP (72:45)


Course Length: 5.9 km

Course Climb: 220 m

Number of Controls: 14

1Ken WalkerQOC59:23
2Rick OliverQOC60:44
3Patrick FieldQOC67:49
4Nadim AhmedQOC68:39
5Tom NolanQOC71:24
6Martins JonassQOC73:02
7Dennis DohertyQOC77:10
8Glenn PastelQOC80:17
9Rob FieldQOC81:23
10Maxwell JankeQOC82:28
11Jana SeidlovaQOC85:35
12Tom WellsQOC87:42
13Matt SmithQOC91:53
14Hideharu TanakaQOC93:17
15Michael BerryQOC96:04
16Daniel Sanford104:15
17William ViennaQOC105:31
18John CumingsQOC105:37
19Justin GreenQOC105:55
20Christopher SilvaQOC110:46
21Matthew DirndorferQOC112:47
22Heidi OnkstQOC114:27
23Chris ZbrozekQOC124:09
24Anne JepsenQOC131:12
25Keg GoodQOC134:35
26Blaire BinghamQOC154:37
27Josh L162:51
28Paul Collinson & Rick Bosl & Jack Lapidus178:59
29Greg LennonQOCDNF


Course Length: 7.1 km

Course Climb: 260 m

Number of Controls: 16

1Zachary Kuder70:55
2Petr MinarQOC98:23
3Jared SilkQOC107:14
4Erik Gruner & Jim WeberQOC108:48
5Kim JepsenQOC118:19
6Addie NolanQOC122:14
7Adin Freese126:39
8John OrganekQOC135:41
9Heather PhelpsQOC145:42
10Sam McAleeseDVOADNF (77:16)


Course Length: 8.9 km

Course Climb: 290 m

Number of Controls: 18

1Joseph BarrettQOC62:36
2Michael WoodQOC97:36
3Joel FordQOC103:13
4Evgeny TsypnyatovQOC112:26
5Videlin AleksievQOC121:54
6Michael StasiowskiQOC130:41
7David OnkstQOC146:06
8Mary FosterQOC157:17
9David PrudenQOCDNF
9Howie WeinsteinQOCDNF (141:41)
9Ben RobertsQOCMP (144:25)

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).