Jug Bay

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We wrapped up another QOC season with our forty-fourth annual chase at Jug Bay on a beautiful late spring day along Patuxent River. Although the temperature got warm, the light breeze from the river kept things cool for the 109 individual and group starts, including a Girl Scout Troop.

This meet combined with QOC's annual picnic celebrating the completion of another successful season. The volunteers which made this great event happen included:

  • Infrastructure arrangement – Dave Linthicum and Mike Newman
  • Setup and Registration – Dasa Merkova, Richard Briggs, and Tegan Mortimer
  • E-punch – Valerie Meyer and Amy Louden
  • Beginner Instruction – Mike and Pam Dvorsky
  • Parking – Dave Linthicum and Daniel Shelden
  • Picnic Coordinator – Kathleen Lennon and Heidi Onkst (from afar)
  • Volunteer Recognition – David Onkst
  • Last minute map revisions – Valerie Meyer, Charles Carrick, and Courtney Shelden
  • Control Hanging – Suzanne Shelden
  • Beverage Team – Jody Landers, John Landers, Cecilia Landers, Jana Seidlova, Lenka Kralova, and Kieran Landers
  • Control Pickup – Dave Linthicum, Tom Wells, Courtney Shelden, Daniel Shelden, with special shout out to on site volunteers Greg Lennon and Sam Listwak who helped cover last minute gaps.
  • …and our hosts: Dave Linthicum and Peggy Brosnan, who once again welcomed QOC into their little spot of heaven along Patuxent River.
    -- Craig Shelden event director / course setter

    Very Short Advanced

    Course Length: 3.4 km

    Course Climb: 100 m

    Number of Controls: 12

    1Broyana PeevaQOC64:16
    2Suzanne SheldenQOC97:38
    3Ryan MukherjeeQOC108:47
    4Tavia SullensQOC118:05
    5Cecilia LandersQOC118:14
    6Don AmesQOC123:13
    7Eva MatveevaQOC134:58
    8Stephanie CoffinQOCMP (102:56)

    Short Advanced

    Course Length: 5.7 km

    Course Climb: 120 m

    Number of Controls: 21

    1Rick OliverQOC60:17
    2Addie NolanQOC62:25
    3Martins Jonass64:41
    4Max AhmedQOC66:21
    5Ken Walker SrCSU67:00
    6Rob FieldQOC71:01
    7Kathleen LennonQOC74:21
    8Mihai G SirbuQOC77:40
    9Allison BrownQOC79:16
    10Jody LandersQOC82:55
    11Kris BeecroftQOC83:38
    12JP LandersQOC85:45
    13Virginia DeBonsQOC88:15
    14Scott SharpQOC91:42
    15Don FishQOC91:43
    16Mark MaceQOC93:01
    17Sam ListwakQOC93:24
    18Frantisek BrabecQOC103:00
    19John LandersQOC105:20
    20Mark HicksQOC106:43
    21Florence TanQOC107:37
    22Glenn PastelQOC107:40
    23Bill WrightQOC111:39
    24Daniel SheldenQOC114:49
    25Petya AleksievaQOC117:40
    26Gary SmithQOC118:55
    27Maggie PrudenQOC127:15
    28Chris ZbrozekQOC149:59
    29Stephanie & Stan WalderQOCDNF
    29 Greg LennonQOCDNF (77:00)
    29Sidney SachsQOCDNF (114:47)
    29Oleg VolonsevichQOCDNF (115:20)
    29Suzanne IzzoQOCDNF (187:20)

    Medium Advanced

    Course Length: 7.9 km

    Course Climb: 185 m

    Number of Controls: 24

    1Gavin WeiseQOC87:06
    2Diana AleksievaQOC104:44
    3Tom WellsQOC108:28
    4Victor LinQOC113:04
    5Mark ThomsenQOC113:06
    6Alexis MerkaQOC116:50
    7Phillip WadsworthQOC132:19
    8Charles CarrickQOC136:53
    9Jennifer LaughlinDNF
    9Christiana LogansmithQOCDNF (88:37)
    9Paul MorrisQOCDNF (104:42)
    9Christopher PuinQOCDNF (166:51)
    9Richard BriggsQOCDNF (174:14)
    9Daniel QuinnQOCMP (105:38)
    9David LevineQOCMP (195:38)

    Long Advanced

    Course Length: 10.6 km

    Course Climb: 185 m

    Number of Controls: 33

    1Ken Walker JrCSU77:23
    2Boris GranovskiyQOC81:14
    3Jon TorranceQOC82:14
    4Joseph BarrettQOC89:31
    5Matt StoutOther96:15
    6Tom NolanQOC96:22
    7Ted GoodQOC98:55
    8Osmir De AssumpcaoQOC106:20
    9Videlin AleksievQOC106:29
    10Nadim AhmedQOC111:28
    11Eugene Tcipnjatov114:11
    12Aaron LinvilleQOC116:00
    13Jan MerkaQOC119:09
    14Howie WeinsteinQOC124:06
    15Peggy DickisonOK125:14
    16Yuriy Bulka133:57
    17Dagmar MerkovaQOC166:44
    18David OnkstQOC183:56
    19Dave PrudenQOCDNF (119:27)


    Course Length: 2.9 km

    Course Climb: 35 m

    Number of Controls: 16

    1Daniel MinarQOC27:55
    2Matyas MinarQOC28:03
    3Karla HulettQOC49:46
    4Steve LogansmithQOC50:20
    5Lou Novak & MasaQOC65:18
    6Ezekiel Delacruz & Sam Ramirez & Clemencia71:41
    7Seneca HonzakQOC75:38
    8Robert May85:44
    9Valentina Tsypnyatova88:57
    10Jessica LopesQOC91:20
    11Simona SirbuQOC92:15
    12Michael MassiahQOC137:52


    Course Length: 3.3 km

    Course Climb: 45 m

    Number of Controls: 14

    1Evgeni PeevQOC58:53
    2Nicole AleksievaQOC75:56
    3Courtney SheldenQOC79:39
    4Matt Strube & SarahQOCDNF
    4Katherine & Jere DebonsDNF (61:22)
    4Daniel HeimgartnerQOCDNF (70:30)
    4Martiin QuezadaDNF (171:10)
    4Latoya & Evan RogersOtherDNF (171:54)
    4Troy BoddyDNF (172:15)


    Course Length: 4.1 km

    Course Climb: 60 m

    Number of Controls: 18

    1Katia VolnosevichQOC70:46
    2Laura LinvilleQOC84:59
    3Beatri BennettQOC97:55
    4Michelle Talbot97:57
    5Hugo EstradaQOC106:38
    6Rick Baker114:11
    7Shanna Sorrells139:34
    8Man NguyenQOC143:14
    9Katerina ZambranaQOC150:08
    10Radka HerndonQOC150:27
    11Patrick BrownQOCDNF
    11Mark BrazaDNF
    11 Troop 7DNF (120:59)

    Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).