Lake Needwood

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We had another beautiful day in the woods again this Sunday. Over 150 people enjoyed challenging and fun courses of Michael Dickey on the grounds of the Lake Needwood park with some assistance from course setter in training, Alexis Merka. Thanks to them, people could also enjoy improved refreshments after their run. Amy Louden, Heidy Onkst, Mary Snieckus, and Michael Wood were managing e-punch equipment, Daniel Heimgartner, Don Fish and Jana Saidlova handled registration, Monika Kornhouser clean-up and at the end of the day, controls were collected by Mike Dickie, Tom Strat, Dan Quin, Matthew Knight, and Charles Carrick. Instructions for newcomers were given by Mike Dickie and Miro Honzak, and their first time in the woods turned out to be fun, and we hope to see them again soon!


Course Length: 2.1 km

Course Climb: 60 m

Number of Controls: 10

1Dominik Honzak & Penn FaulkQOC16:30
2Matyas MinarQOC24:32
3Linda Liepaskalna & Howel NikoletteQOC35:42
4Kelly SingerQOC39:39
5Horejsova Teresa & Prokop Horejs42:17
6Helena Taylor & Sophie Romana & Sara Katarina & Ondrej47:54
7Stephanie Walder & Stan55:46
8Seneca HonzakQOC83:56
9Jocelyn Harris & Laith Harris-Watts & Dante Caracter93:46
10Katherine Sundstrom & McKayla LinQOCDNF (132:46)


Course Length: 2.9 km

Course Climb: 65 m

Number of Controls: 12

1Dominik Honzak & PennQOC33:08
2Debbie FugateQOC42:17
3Juliana Bilowich & Carter Hall45:39
4Ken FugateQOC48:42
5Rich GerenQOC54:16
6Hannah Quay-de la Vallee55:12
7Christrianne AllenQOC68:13
8Alena VolkovaQOC72:02
9Matthew Weeks & Peter John Alex & RobertQOC72:07
10Melissa Weeks & Zach Stephen BradyQOC73:40
11Mandeep Bedi & Michelle TrempelQOC77:41
12Roberta Bernhard & UrsQOC80:13
13Elise DenningQOC82:46
14Jessica LopesQOC85:13
15Dennis Burimski90:25
16Constantin Vasilyev96:38
17 Mayotte ImasenQOC111:34
18Michael Bianchetta & ChrisQOCDNF (98:29)
18Amy LoudenQOCMP (93:42)
18Kyle Zencey & Allyson VersprilleMP (117:37)


Course Length: 5.2 km

Course Climb: 140 m

Number of Controls: 13

1Oleg VolonsevichQOC84:48
2Hugo EstradaQOC88:27
3Jeff Hughes94:56
4John WhittyQOC103:01
5Chrisopher ClarkeQOC105:34
6Einar OlsenQOC110:45
7Eugene VasilchenkoQOC123:08
8Philiip Walsh & Loretta Doan161:57
9David AlexanderQOC170:27
10Patrick BrownQOC172:11
11Beatri Bennett & Michelle TalbotQOC181:06
12Mark Mazur & Elizabeth Mazur183:36
13Tim McCormickQOC213:23
14Stephen O'MearaQOC213:42
15 Murphy FamilyQOCDNF
15Reiko RagerQOCDNF
15Heather WalshQOCDNF (123:08)
15Petr Tuma & Maria Magdalena & AntonioQOCDNF (149:01)
15Christina Barbuck & Spenser WilkersonQOCDNF (150:03)
15Adam & Caleb HeifetzQOCMP (106:08)


Course Length: 4.3 km

Course Climb: 145 m

Number of Controls: 12

1JP LandersQOC59:30
2Cash CostelloQOC63:35
3Heidi OnkstQOC76:06
4Shannon CostelloQOC76:23
5Rob BriberQOC77:54
6Nicholas TurzaQOC83:17
7Mark MaceQOC83:54
8John LandersQOC90:22
9Michelle SvobodaQOC90:24
10Richard BriggsQOC92:53
11Mary SnieckusQOC96:36
12Tingjun MaQOC97:55
13Casey MotonQOC98:21
14Bryan SingerQOC98:32
15David RagerQOC100:38
16Nyall MeredithQOC102:27
17Chris ZbrozekQOC106:49
18David McIntireQOC109:38
19Irina IsakovaQOC109:47
20Cecilia LandersQOC122:56
21Elena Semenova124:15
22Stephanie CoffinQOC124:21
23Monika KornhauserQOC129:16
24Pam DvorskyCalvert NJROTC136:13
25Suzanne SheldenQOC144:19
26Christopher PuinQOC147:33
27Mike DvorskyCalvert NJROTC155:54
28Josh BascomQOCDNF
28Juliana Bilowich & Carter HallQOCDNF (98:30)
28Beth Ann StasiowskiQOCDNF (158:22)
28Elina DesiertoQOCMP (106:41)
28Suzanne IzzoQOCMP (186:25)


Course Length: 6.3 km

Course Climb: 260 m

Number of Controls: 14

1Rick OliverQOC80:24
2Dennis DohertyQOC85:35
3Daniel QuinnQOC86:50
4Martins Jonass92:28
5Tom StratQOC93:48
6Joey Schandall94:56
7Hideharu TanakaQOC95:19
8Jody LandersQOC99:40
9Kathleen LennonQOC102:24
10Tom WellsQOC106:05
11Grace SuhockiColt's Neck115:33
12Bill ViennaQOC116:46
13Gogi KalkaQOC121:42
13Don FishQOC121:42
14David SimpsonQOC125:36
15Gary SmithQOC127:28
16Virginia DeBonsQOC128:49
17David LevineQOC136:06
18Ryan MukherjeeQOC141:36
19Andrew KeirnQOC147:58
20Frantisek BrabecQOCDNF
20Neal AttfieldQOCDNF (91:03)
20Anders SundstromQOCDNF (102:35)


Course Length: 7.8 km

Course Climb: 265 m

Number of Controls: 21

1Gavin WeiseQOC92:15
2Adam SmithQOC100:34
3Aaron LinvilleQOC111:11
4Charles CarrickQOC127:17
5Jared SilkQOC135:09
6Matt HolmanQOC142:27
7Patrick FarleyQOC143:05
8Tom O'DonnellQOC147:11
9John OrganekQOC147:48
10Craig SheldenQOC217:08
11Phillip WadsworthQOCDNF
11Michael WoodQOCDNF (85:46)


Course Length: 9.4 km

Course Climb: 315 m

Number of Controls: 25

1Jon TorranceQOC95:11
2Matthew KnightQOC141:22
3Ben RobertsQOC147:33
4Inigo AhedoQOCDNF (155:05)

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).