Cabin John

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Please note that the Orange through Red courses had a road crossing with a control on each side. The time taken to cross the road safely was subtracted from the overall time, posted to this page. However, the splits on AttackPoint and WinSplits, and the times fed into RouteGadget include the road crossing time. -Valerie

Thank you everyone for coming together to make our meet at Cabin John today to be so successful. There were 121 starts. The day was slight wet and the ground was wet from rain the previous days but this did not deter our intrepid runners. Congratulations and thank you to Don Fish for designing his first course in such a small and challenging area. Everyone I spoke to enjoyed the courses. We had a fair number of beginners and at one point, we had 3 beginner instructors at the same time.
QOC could not do without their volunteers and all of our wonderful volunteers showed promptly, pitching in not just at their assigned jobs but at whatever else popped up that needed attention when our meet started. I am grateful that we have such dedicated volunteers that show up no matter what.
Beginner instruction: Erin Brandt, Addie Nolan, Ken Walker, Jody Landers
Registration: Rob Briber, Dasa Merkova, Cecilia Landers, Ken Walker, Glenn Pastel
EPunch: Mary Snieckus, Amy Louden, Valerie Meyer
Control Pickup: Tom Nolan, Nadim Ahmad, Jon Torrance, Ann Jepsen, Kim Jepsen
Course Setter: Don Fish
Meet Directors: Tom Nolan/Florence Tan
Thank you all for coming.


Course Length: 1 km

Course Climb: 40 m

Number of Controls: 9

1Team Jacklitch25:45
2Simona SirbuQOC32:28
3Chris & Gabe Schierkolk35:48
4Luke OliverQOC45:14
5Neala Coady49:33
6Patrick VonSchlag & Elizabeh54:42
7Eavan CoadyQOC61:28
8Malachi CoadyQOC63:08
9Nicholas TurzaQOC85:14


Course Length: 2.1 km

Course Climb: 30 m

Number of Controls: 11

1Samantha WalkerQOC29:44
2Gabe & Chris Schierkolk31:26
3Debbie FugateQOC32:15
4Boomer Linville35:06
5Reiko & Silas RagerQOC35:14
6Alena Volkova46:39
7Amy LoudenQOC52:19
8 Devore Grp of 3QOC61:53
9Anna & Sean Curran64:09
10Timothy Whaley & Michael Dola & Anna Collins66:36
11Anthony & Ava VanVuren71:47
12Oleg SchwarzmanQOC97:00


Course Length: 4 km

Course Climb: 60 m

Number of Controls: 15

1David Doherty42:37
2Christopher Clarke Grp of 351:54
3Daniel BrizuelaQOC60:11
4Ryan SquiresQOC62:19
5Warren WeberQOC63:15
6Tingjun MaQOC66:00
7Tolik Kuznetsov68:15
8Adam SzaboQOC79:26
9Team Jacklitch90:49
10Jinny Szabo96:32
11 Leap Sev-Cari 498:04
12Ken FugateQOC99:18
13Stephen O'MearaQOC103:24
14Eva MatveevaQOC104:44
15Beth Ann StasiowskiQOC106:28
16Ginny QuamQOC107:25
17Patrick BrownQOC120:03
18Eric Powell & EthanQOC147:30
19Howell DeSiertoQOCDNF
19Beatri BennettQOCDNF (105:32)
19 Kate & SamuelDNF (107:49)
19Max & Scott CarrQOCMP (134:21)


Course Length: 4.2 km

Course Climb: 110 m

Number of Controls: 18

1Ken Walker JrCSU36:31
2Chris ZbrozekQOC62:32
3Mark MaceQOC62:42
4Jody LandersQOC63:18
5Cecilia LandersQOC63:29
6Gary SmithQOC66:00
7Scott SharpQOC68:24
8David RagerQOC68:36
9Jennifer WernerQOC70:10
10David McIntireQOC76:18
11Gary QuamQOC78:50
12Andrew Szabo83:49
13Nathan TennysQOC85:38
14Tavia SullensQOC88:48
15Stephanie CoffinQOC88:56
16Steve MonesQOC89:51
17Joe PriviteraQOC92:44
18Aushu Saksena93:06
19Craig SheldenQOC100:55
20Suzanne SheldenQOC101:05
21Joe Pastel & Charlie103:49
22Don AmesQOC106:24
23Mike NewmanQOC110:35
24Richard BriggsQOC131:40
25Suzanne IzzoQOC141:36
26Josh BascomQOCDNF (102:54)


Course Length: 5.3 km

Course Climb: 150 m

Number of Controls: 19

1Gavin WeiseQOC46:14
2Rick OliverQOC47:37
3Dennis DohertyQOC55:10
4Martins Jonass56:24
5Tom NolanQOC57:31
6Cash CostelloQOC58:53
7Greg LennonQOC61:36
8Jan MerkaQOC62:07
9Erin BrandtQOC65:09
10Wayne PavalkoQOC65:24
11Addie NolanQOC65:26
12Glenn PastelQOC67:11
13Tom WellsQOC67:16
14Mihai G SirbuQOC72:02
15John OrganekQOC74:56
16Neal AttfieldQOC77:45
17Robert Rich84:13
18Mary SnieckusQOC85:53
19Kathleen LennonQOC87:40
20Rob BriberQOC88:36
21Eric DamtoftQOC90:52
22David SimpsonQOC100:30
23Michelle SvobodaQOC104:59
24Elina DesiertoQOC124:46
25Daniel QuinnQOCMP (50:41)
25Francis HogleQOCMP (81:23)


Course Length: 7.6 km

Course Climb: 235 m

Number of Controls: 28

1Boris GranovskiyQOC54:04
2Joesph BarrettQOC55:44
3Michael DickeyQOC61:52
4Ted GoodQOC67:04
5Jon TorranceQOC67:11
6Matthew StoutQOC69:24
7Eugene TcipnjatovQOC71:14
8Osmir De AssumpcaoQOC71:55
9Videlin AleksievQOC76:05
10Nick Grenier79:42
11Zach Kuder79:48
12Nadim AhmedQOC80:11
13Adam SmithQOC84:13
14Matthew KnightQOC84:49
15Diana AleksievaQOC85:37
16Kim JepsenQOC86:49
17Aaron Linville90:25
18Alexis Merka93:44
19Dave ConnollyQOC97:27
20Ben RobertsQOC102:01
21David OnkstQOC106:28
22Jared SilkQOC106:35
23Matt HolmanQOC110:24
24Michael StasiowskiQOC112:05
25Joel FordQOC154:23
26Dustine ReppuhnQOC179:15
27Dagmar MerkovaQOCMP (117:32)

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).