Mason Neck

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Just an additional thanks to everyone, many hands made light work yesterday, and I cannot think of a meet well run as yesterday’s meet was. Ken Walker laid out a great set of courses yesterday and we had 160 starts at Mason Neck. The set up time did a great job having the canopy up and ready before registration. The registration team keep wait time down to almost nothing while fielding numerous questions. Matt & Nadim did a great job with the instruction. I think Matt had one of the larger “classes” as Troop 114 of Arlington took advantage of his fine teaching skills. A big thanks to Patrick Hession who set up a pace course for the scouts. I was able to get home earlier than expected as the control up team had completed collecting the bags & epunch boxes in less than 60 minutes, making me a happy meet director.
-James Chaplin


Course Length: 2 km

Number of Controls: 9

1Matyas Minar19:37
2Daniel Minar19:47
3 Draa Family 3QOC26:38
4Sam Henrik40:46
5Harry JonesQOC44:26
6Tom BruceQOC44:29
7Ellie BruceQOC44:33
8Kristina LundbladQOC45:35
9 Adam Bremer Grp 250:56
10Luke OliverQOC57:44
11Pam DvorskyCalvert NJROTC66:41
12Roger ProvartQOC77:28
13Andrew PfeifferQOC101:13
14Daniel HeimgartnerQOC115:42


Course Length: 3.2 km

Number of Controls: 9

1Emilia Lundblad41:27
2Duncan SanterreCalvert NJROTC43:08
3Ericka GiggeyCalvert NJROTC48:09
4Patrick HessionQOC49:58
5Joe Hufnagel54:14
6Chris GiggeyCalvert NJROTC57:36
7Austin FinleyCalvert NJROTC58:12
8Kaitlyn DeVriesCalvert NJROTC62:15
9Carrie Vaughn70:03
10Henrik Sam70:41
11Group Robinson71:48
12John Pekarik79:37
13Man Nguyen87:54
14Dennis WaltersQOC98:26
15Mayowa Ijagbemi100:39
16Monette Bailey & Sonja & Robert Houck & Sarah Neal100:43
17Garrett SweeneyCalvert NJROTC109:40
18Michael BianchettaQOC144:39
19Luke RannacherCalvert NJROTCDNF
19Theodore ParkerCalvert NJROTCDNF
19Laura LinvilleDNF (82:30)


Course Length: 4.3 km

Number of Controls: 11

1Katia VolnosevichQOC53:01
2Brandon VailCalvert NJROTC53:33
3Dennis BorieQOC54:18
4Max AhmedQOC60:10
5Ginny QuamQOC64:06
6Joe Hufnagel67:55
6Tavia SullensQOC67:55
7Anthony CurtisCalvert NJROTC68:11
8Chris Schierkolk & Gabe74:58
9Conner ClementLoudoun Co NJROTC76:33
10Steve Van WinkleQOC76:49
11Thomas OsterdtQOC82:01
12Ryan ParkerCalvert NJROTC84:48
13Noel PockeyCalvert NJROTC88:02
14Reiko RagerQOC88:32
15Hannah SmithCalvert NJROTC90:32
16Beatri BennetQOC92:00
17Eva MatveevaQOC95:49
18Stephen O'MearaQOC102:12
19Ayden BeckerQOC108:52
20Chip BeckerQOC108:57
21Jane AlonsoQOC125:34
22Osmery GarciaCalvert NJROTC140:30
23Heather Niemela147:00
24DeOrta Morris & Elizabeth & Carlton & Audrey251:42
25Devon Williams & DylanDNF
25Amin Bauzid & Mustafa Qadri & Hussain AhmadDNF (232:42)
25Yousif Awad & Musa QadriMP (221:13)


Course Length: 4.5 km

Number of Controls: 10

1Dennis DohertyQOC46:23
2Ron PontiusQOC49:53
3John J MillerQOC52:02
4Mark MaceQOC52:28
5Eugene VasilchenkoQOC55:07
6Glenn PastelQOC57:24
7Joe Pastel57:31
8Florence TanQOC57:49
9Stephen DohertyQOC59:12
10Chris ZbrozekQOC59:53
11Dad + Son Linville62:32
12Dominic ReynoldsCalvert NJROTC63:20
13Dave ConnollyQOC65:13
14Tyler BoulaisCalvert NJROTC66:32
15David RagerQOC67:36
16Oleg VolonsevichQOC68:17
17Nyall MeredithQOC70:00
18Helen DohertyQOC70:09
19Tegan MortimerQOC71:09
20Joe Privitera71:26
21Bob FawcetttQOC72:49
22Scott SharpQOC73:40
23Thomas TeifkeQOC75:32
24Jillian DohertyQOC81:05
25Suzanne SheldenQOC83:59
26Gary QuamQOC84:52
27Petya AleksievaQOC89:16
28Bobbie VerdegaalQOC94:39
29Elina DesiertoQOC95:07
30Craig SheldenQOC101:12
31Lauriell WebbQOC103:02
32Robert BleacherCalvert NJROTC104:21
33Halie HartCalvert NJROTC108:31
34Karla HulettQOC109:29
35Beth Ann StasiowskiQOC112:03
36Kelly CoulbyCalvert NJROTC121:37
37Amy LoudenQOC124:21
38Mike DvorskyCalvert NJROTC125:13
39Salah Lfarh & Ahmed Ahaza & Ammar Alai126:21
40Warren PrestonQOC128:25
41Shanna & Howie On Time!!!130:33
42Khalil Yassi & Omar Abaza138:52
43John ForresterQOCDNF (106:01)
43Don AmesQOCMP (102:45)
43Patricia MaceQOCMP (106:28)


Course Length: 6.5 km

Number of Controls: 12

1Rick OliverQOC47:04
2Jana Seidlova62:03
3Greg LennonQOC62:39
4Nadim AhmedQOC63:27
5Martins Jonass65:19
6Tom StratQOC69:16
7Nathan BeardmoreCalvert NJROTC69:40
8John MillerQOC73:42
9Austin GiggeyCalvert NJROTC78:08
10Hideharu Tanaka78:35
11Christopher Silva82:39
12Kathleen LennonQOC83:46
13Mary SnieckusQOC85:10
14Cody MooreCalvert NJROTC85:25
15Heidi OnkstQOC85:31
16Charles CarrickQOC86:44
17Gary SmithQOC89:52
18Sarah Sorenson94:00
19Chris AmmonQOC95:03
20Matt HolmanQOC101:51
21Robert Rich102:20
22Rob BriberQOC104:02
23Derick ReddenCalvert NJROTC105:08
24Kasey GiggeyCalvert NJROTC112:55
25Thomas BlankQOC113:36
26William Schork136:33
27Kevin PeckCalvert NJROTC139:36
28David LevineQOCDNF (177:59)
28Wendy WQOCMP (103:56)


Course Length: 8.1 km

Number of Controls: 15

1Tom NolanQOC70:55
2Gavin WeiseQOC73:18
3Jan MerkaQOC81:21
4Peggy DickisonOK82:17
5Patrick FarleyQOC94:13
6Phillip WadsworthQOC101:03
7Petr Minar102:49
8John OrganekQOC103:06
9Dagmar MerkovaQOC109:38
10David SimpsonQOC120:24
11Alexis Merka148:46


Course Length: 9.7 km

Number of Controls: 18

1Joesph BarrettQOC63:35
2Jon TorranceQOC69:32
3Michael WoodQOC77:14
4Dave PrudenQOC81:25
5Eugene TcipnjatovQOC81:32
6Yuriy Bulka86:21
7Matthew KnightQOC88:46
8Videlin AleksievQOC89:40
9William ChesarekQOC96:28
10David OnkstQOC103:28
11Diana AleksievaQOC103:38
12Michael StasiowskiQOC116:28

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).