Pohick Bay

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White Classic

Course Length: 2.4 km

Number of Controls: 7

1Samantha AhmedQOC64:15
2Alan Tolley & Will72:38
3Malachi CoadyQOC73:44
4Brooke OliverQOC79:21
5Matys MinarQOC86:44
6Travis SiehndelQOC86:55
7Michael Chaney & JamesonQOC90:40
8Seanna Izzo Grp 598:12
9Joshua Storey Grp 4101:17
10850 Troop & Andrew & Paul126:08
11850 Troop & Tyler & Brian126:23
12850 Troop & Bryce126:27
13850 Troop & Ben & George126:38
14Tim McCormick142:46
15Brad BestDNF
15Neala CoadyQOCMP (74:23)
15William ReynoldsMP (81:39)

Yellow Classic

Course Length: 3.3 km

Number of Controls: 8

1Pepper MeyerQOC53:47
2Conner Clement65:41
3Valerie MetzCAOC66:46
4Amy LoudenQOC81:50
5Radka HerndonQOC104:21
6Harrison Brooks & Ryan Bedinger113:13
7Anya Tobler & Philip Walsh117:41
8Zachary HoughtonQOC121:25
9Alexander HoughtonQOC122:02
10Michael BianchettaQOC154:02
11129 Pack & Ben & Brian & Malloy & MurpheyDNF
11129 Pack & Jack & Jessica & Graham & JohnDNF
11129 Pack & Walker & Rob & Dan & PierceDNF

Orange Classic

Course Length: 3.8 km

Number of Controls: 11

1Sam LoustaunauQOC65:04
2Justin JacksonPatuxent NJROTC80:04
3Vanessa LightfootPatuxent NJROTC81:53
4Andy BennettQOC81:55
5Reiko RagerQOC94:09
6Hugo Estrada & AlexQOC95:53
7Robert Lines & QOCQOC99:04
8Wayne ChambersQOC99:07
9Patrick And MaxQOC133:05
10Vincent MartinQOC133:53
11Stephen O'MearaQOC155:26
12Matt Phillips Grp 4 & Natasha & Summer & LoganDNF
12Matthew HoffmanPatuxent NJROTCDNF
12Michael CostasPatuxent NJROTCDNF
12 Morningstar Family of 2QOCDNF
12Douglas RaineaultQOCDNF
12Allison OConnor & AshleyQOCDNF (93:17)
12Bart OConnorQOCDNF (93:19)
12Willow MorningstarQOCDNF (176:28)
12Steve Van WinkleQOCMP (99:19)

Brown Classic

Course Length: 5.1 km

Number of Controls: 13

1Kathleen LennonQOC76:11
2Bruce MetzCAOC83:07
3Jillian DohertyQOC87:41
4Charles CarrickQOC97:51
5Robert FawcettQOC101:51
6Rob BriberQOC102:09
7Gogi KalkaQOC103:37
8Michael KaneQOC109:53
9Stephen DohertyQOC111:52
10Tegan MortimerQOC112:26
11Edward EnsonQOC117:57
12Don FishQOC119:19
13Helen DohertyQOC119:51
14Elina Desierto128:04
15Florence TanQOC128:14
16Rae Ann HicksQOC128:37
17Craig SheldenQOC136:03
18Tavia SullensQOC147:42
19Josh Fitt & Sun Park165:06
20Richard SanchezPatuxent NJROTC178:38
21Blaire BinghamQOCDNF
21John LandersQOCDNF
21Jane LeggettQOCDNF
21Sidney SachsQOCDNF
21Cecilia LandersQOCDNF (179:24)
21Chris BergeMP (119:48)
21Kim FieldQOCMP (150:51)

Green Classic

Course Length: 5.7 km

Number of Controls: 15

1Brian LoustaunauQOC64:27
2Adam SmithQOC70:36
3Dennis DohertyQOC78:17
4Patrick FarleyQOC82:03
5James MoffettQOC84:50
6Jody LandersQOC86:37
7Mark HicksQOC87:02
8Allison BrownQOC96:08
9Rob WhitestoneQOC96:48
10Heidi OnkstQOC97:29
11Bill WrightQOC99:11
12Martins Jonass100:24
13Paul HessionQOC105:07
14Patrick FieldQOC105:54
15Alexis MerkaQOC108:13
16Frantisek BrabecQOC119:00
17Anne JepsenQOC123:38
18Alex SuarezPatriots NJROTC125:39
19Mark ThomsenQOC129:03
20Doris LeeQOC129:38
21Scott SharpQOC137:00
22Michelle SvobodaQOC138:19
23Paul CollinsonQOC140:25
24Jan ZichaQOC162:41
25Lisa & David SimpsonQOC169:08
26Will DickinsonQOCDNF
26John VincentPatuxent NJROTCMP (117:56)

Red Classic

Course Length: 6.3 km

Number of Controls: 14

1Rick OliverQOC59:59
2Andrew MetzCAOC79:06
3Rob FieldQOC83:08
4Tom BruceQOC87:42
5Tom NolanQOC94:05
6Chris AmmonQOC104:11
7Jared SilkQOC112:20
8John OrganekQOC113:17

Blue Classic

Course Length: 7 km

Number of Controls: 16

1Jon TorranceQOC55:25
2Ken Walker JrCSU61:37
3Turner LeighLoudoun Co NJROTC65:35
4Victor LinQOC72:20
5Joshua SanchezPatuxent NJROTC72:51
6Videlin AleksievQOC74:44
7Kim JepsenQOC78:49
8Nadim AhmedQOC79:30
9Dave PrudenQOC79:47
10Michael DickeyQOC80:27
11Gavin WeiseQOC88:07
12Nicholas GrenierQOC90:26
13Peggy DickisonOK95:01
14Inara GranovskiyQOC100:49
15Erik GrunerQOC106:07
16William SchaeferQOC112:33
17Bill Johns138:57
18Paul NelsonQOCDNF (220:16)
18Ben RobertsQOCMP (98:10)

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).