Course results can be seen below. Splits are sort of available on Attackpoint. To enter your routes and see how others went, head to RouteGadget.

Another Bumble is in the books! Congratulations to our three winners: Peggy Dickison (first female to finish); Tom Nolan (first male to finish); and Wyatt Riley (fastest runner on the Blue course, which includes all of the windows). The weather held out, and we enjoyed a sunny, cool day with ground that thankfully remained frozen versus turning into a mud slide. Ninety orienteers ventured out on the Bumble courses (most participating in the mass start) and another 34 folks experienced the white and orange courses. The club’s annual pot-luck party and winter meeting got underway in the afternoon where we recognized the Bumble victors, and Nicole Aleksieva and Summer Oliver had fun drawing names for awesome swag donated by REI.

A slew of people helped make sure the day was a great success, and we want to recognize and extend our gratitude to them all. Mike Newman facilitated the rental of the CCBC venue. Greg Lennon and Valerie Meyer took care of map printing. Jeff Haskell, Wayne Pavalko, Suzanne Izzo and Frantisek Brabec came out early to put water on the course and help with set up. Registration was handled by Daniel Heimgartner, Kelly Singer, Bill Grubb, Reiko Rager, John Rosicky, and Max Ahmed. Greg Lennon helped get the mass start going and took photos along with Nadim Ahmed. Diana and Lee Todd and Michael Dickey conducted beginner’s instruction. Valerie Meyer and Amy Louden managed e-punch registration and results. Max Ahmed and Petya and Nicole Aleksieva helped with food prep. Control pick up went quickly with the help of Mike and Ryan Stasiowski, Erin Brandt, Jan Merka, Kenny Walker, and Rich and Garrett Fulton. Clean up also moved along with the helping hands of Anne and Kim Jepsen, Ted Good, Michael Dickey, and Greg and Kathleen Lennon. Again, many thanks to everyone.
-Heidi & David Onkst


Course Length: 2.2 km

Course Climb: 75 m

Number of Controls: 11

1Summer Oliver46:12
2April & David Duffey49:24
3Olivia Wells & Rachel HumbleQOC51:48
4Angela Selby58:26
5Kristina LundbladQOC59:41
6Nicole AleksievaQOC62:46
7Radka HerndonQOC66:01
8Amy & Noel ShanksQOC69:58
9 Troop 109 & 1081QOC71:57
10Christopher Artz & Lisa & Craig74:23
11James Jacklutch & Jessica & Ketzel & Emily82:03
12David Frank III & Missed #7QOCMP (72:57)


Course Length: 5 km

Course Climb: 155 m

Number of Controls: 10

1Ian EvansLoudoun Co NJROTC69:53
2Valerie MeyerQOC91:13
3Edward EnsonQOC96:02
4Chris RerigCalvert NJROTC108:26
5Reiko RagerQOC116:23
6Derrick ReddenCalvert NJROTC116:49
7Clark Morsbach144:06
8Jesse BrittonQOC150:24
9Mark Duncan & ZackQOC166:48
10Cecilia LandersQOC169:05
11Scott Huchton192:07
12 Troop 456196:08
13Richard Baker & Greg SmithQOC196:51
14Emilia LundbladQOCDNF
14Jon BertheussenQOCDNF
14Ai-lei Sun & OvertimeQOCDNF
14 Ninja Runners & Had an adventureQOCDNF
14Dan Tebben & OvertimeQOCDNF
14Stacey Morrison & BrianQOCDNF
14Ashley BeitelQOCDNF (104:09)
14Wendy AlbergQOCDNF (127:19)
14Brett Kutscher & Missed #4MP (87:16)


Course Length: 5 km

Course Climb: 165 m

Number of Controls: 7

1Peggy DickisonOK53:48
2Diana ToddQOC74:25
3Kelly CoulbyCalvert NJROTC82:55
4Janet TrysonEMPO84:34
5Kasey GiggeyCalvert NJROTC87:16
6Autumn BevardCalvert NJROTC87:20
7Tegan MortimerQOC95:14
8Gary & Ginny QuamQOC98:29
9Kelly SingerQOC103:56
10Rae Ann HicksQOC118:50
11Mike DvorskyCalvert NJROTC129:36
12Alex HartCalvert NJROTC135:50
13Darika Sukpom154:07
14Mike NewmanQOC158:27
15Steve MonesQOC162:32
16Florence Tan194:10
17Suzanne IzzoQOC240:35
18Amy LoudenQOCDNF (68:19)
18Andrew McCorisonCalvert NJROTCMP (48:02)
18Kathleen LennonQOCMP (67:42)


Course Length: 7.5 km

Course Climb: 240 m

Number of Controls: 12

1Tom NolanQOC68:12
2Adam RidgeCalvert NJROTC76:53
3Glen TrysonEMPO89:51
4Rob BriberQOC97:36
5Bill VickersQOC102:21
6Francis HealyQOC111:47
7Jon BlankPatriots NJROTC112:49
8Dennis DohertyQOC116:16
9Mark MaceQOC116:37
10Thomas BlankQOC116:48
11Rob WilkisonDVOA117:13
12Nate BeardmoreCalvert NJROTC122:41
13William WoodCalvert NJROTC149:48
14Gary SmithQOC173:03
15Beth Ann StasiowskiQOCDNF
15Andrew KeirnQOCMP (103:17)
15Richard BriggsQOCMP (148:19)
15Don FishQOCMP (171:09)


Course Length: 7.5 km

Course Climb: 240 m

Number of Controls: 12

1Dagmar MerkovaQOC89:02
2Anne JepsenQOC92:49
3Diana AleksievaQOC115:49
4Mary SnieckusQOC134:16
5Shannon CostelloQOC135:40
6Jennifer WernerQOC153:24
7Julie KeimSVO161:19
8Jane LeggettQOC180:51
9J.M. Kitner203:00
10Alexis MerkaQOCMP (94:44)


1Peggy Dickison & W4OK53:48
2Tom Nolan & W1-2QOC68:12
3Diana Todd & W4QOC74:25
4Adam Ridge & W1-2Calvert NJROTC76:53
5Ken Walker Jr & W1-2-4CSU80:52
6Kelly Coulby & W1Calvert NJROTC82:55
7Janet Tryson & W4EMPO84:34
8Kasey Giggey & W4Calvert NJROTC87:16
9Autumn Bevard & W4Calvert NJROTC87:20
10Dagmar Merkova & W1-2QOC89:02
11Glen Tryson & W2-4EMPO89:51
12Anne Jepsen & W1-2QOC92:49
13AJ Riley & W1-3-5-4DVOA95:13
14Tegan Mortimer & W4QOC95:14
15Rob Briber & W1-2QOC97:36
16Gary & Ginny Quam & W4QOC98:29
17Wyatt Riley & AllDVOA98:52
18Glenn Pastel & AllQOC98:53
19Bill Vickers & W1-2QOC102:21
20Kelly Singer & W1QOC103:56
21Gavin Weise & W2-3-5-4QOC105:57
21Videlin Aleksiev & W2-3-5-4QOC105:57
22Addie Nolan & W1-3-2QOC106:20
23Chris Gross & AllDVOA107:14
24Angelica Riley & W1-5-4DVOA107:34
25Jon Torrance & AllQOC111:20
26Francis Healy & W1-2QOC111:47
27Jon Blank & W1-2Patriots NJROTC112:49
28Ryan Stasiowski & AllQOC114:21
29Jan Merka & W1-4-5-3QOC115:48
30Diana Aleksieva & W4-5QOC115:49
31Dennis Doherty & W4-1QOC116:16
32Mark Mace & W1-2QOC116:37
33Thomas Blank & W1-2QOC116:48
34Rob Wilkison & W1-2DVOA117:13
35Rae Ann Hicks & W4QOC118:50
36Nate Beardmore & W1-4Calvert NJROTC122:41
37Joel Ford & rootstock & AllQOC124:09
38Rick Oliver & W1-4-5QOC126:51
39Wayne Pavalko & W2-3-5QOC128:21
40Mike Dvorsky & W4Calvert NJROTC129:36
41Norbert Linke & AllQOC131:50
42Ted Good & AllQOC133:05
43David Petty & W1-2-4QOC133:14
44Karl Palm & W1-2-4133:42
45Mary Snieckus & W2-3QOC134:16
46Michael Stasiowski & AllQOC135:01
47Shannon Costello & W2-1QOC135:40
48Alex Hart & W1Calvert NJROTC135:50
49Kim Jepsen & W2-3-5-4QOC136:47
50Aaron Linville & W1-3-5-4QOC138:58
51Jody Landers & W1-2-4QOC142:49
52Jesse Tubb & AllQOC143:44
53Tom Wells & W1-2-4QOC144:04
54Mark Hicks & W1-2-4QOC149:00
55Erin Brandt & W2-3-5QOC149:44
56William Wood & W1-2Calvert NJROTC149:48
57Michael Berry & AllQOC150:17
58Cash Costello & W4-5-3QOC150:33
59Jennifer Werner & W2-4QOC153:24
60Darika Sukpom & W1154:07
61Mike Newman & W4QOC158:27
62Jared Silk & W1-3-5-4QOC160:24
63Julie Keim & W4-5SVO161:19
64Steve Mones & W4QOC162:32
65Frantisek Brabec & W1-2-3QOC162:58
66Gary Smith & W4-5QOC173:03
67David Levine & W2-3-5QOC180:11
68Jane Leggett & W4-5QOC180:51
69Florence Tan & W4194:10
70Francis Hogle & W1-2-3-5QOC195:57
71Samantha Strong & W1-2-3-4QOC198:36
72Daniel Luciani & W1-2-3-4QOC198:37
73J.M. Kitner & W1-2203:00
74Bryan Singer & W1-2-4QOC204:10
75Suzanne Izzo & W4QOC240:35
76Beth Ann Stasiowski & Overtime & W2-3QOCDNF
76Christopher Puin & Overtime & W1-2-4QOCDNF
76Roger Shanks & Overtime & W4-5-3QOCDNF
76Wendy W & Overtime & W1-2-3QOCDNF
76Shanna and Howie W & Overtime & W1-3-5QOCDNF
76John Rosicky & Did not download & AllQOCDNF
76John Organek & Overtime & W1-3-5-4QOCDNF
76Amy Louden & W1QOCDNF (68:19)
76Andrew McCorison & Missed #127 & W1Calvert NJROTCMP (48:02)
76Kathleen Lennon & Missed T- P twice & W4QOCMP (67:42)
76Alexis Merka & Missed T & W2-4QOCMP (94:44)
76Andrew Keirn & Missed #127 & W1-2QOCMP (103:17)
76Richard Briggs & Missed F & 127 & W1-2QOCMP (148:19)
76Don Fish & Missed F G H & W4-2QOCMP (171:09)


Course Length: 9 km

Course Climb: 325 m

Number of Controls: 17

1Ken Walker JrCSU80:52
2Victor LinQOC108:40
3Jan MerkaQOC115:48
4Rick OliverQOC126:51
5Wayne PavalkoQOC128:21
6David PettyQOC133:14
7Karl Palm133:42
8Jody LandersQOC142:49
9Tom WellsQOC144:04
10Mark HicksQOC149:00
11Cash CostelloQOC150:33
12Frantisek BrabecQOC162:58
13David LevineQOC180:11
14Bryan SingerQOC204:10
15Shanna and Howie WQOCDNF
15John RosickyQOCDNF
15Christopher PuinQOCDNF
15Roger ShanksQOCDNF


Course Length: 9 km

Course Climb: 325 m

Number of Controls: 17

1Addie NolanQOC106:20
2Angelica RileyDVOA107:34
3Erin BrandtQOC149:44


Course Length: 10 km

Course Climb: 440 m

Number of Controls: 22

1AJ RileyDVOA95:13
2Videlin AleksievQOC105:57
2Gavin WeiseQOC105:57
3Kim JepsenQOC136:47
4Aaron LinvilleQOC138:58
5Jared SilkQOC160:24
6Francis HogleQOC195:57
7Samantha StrongQOC198:36
8Daniel LucianiQOC198:37
9John OrganekQOCDNF


Course Length: 12 km

Course Climb: 490 m

Number of Controls: 27

1Wyatt RileyDVOA98:52
2Glenn PastelQOC98:53
3Chris GrossDVOA107:14
4Jon TorranceQOC111:20
5Ryan StasiowskiQOC114:21
6Joel Ford & rootstockQOC124:09
7Norbert LinkeQOC131:50
8Ted GoodQOC133:05
9Michael StasiowskiQOC135:01
10Jesse TubbQOC143:44
11Michael BerryQOC150:17

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).